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Just Over Eighteen 3

Just Over Eighteen 3

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Just Over Eighteen 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Just Over Eighteen 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Just Over Eighteen 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Just Over Eighteen 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Just Over Eighteen 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Just Over Eighteen 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Just Over Eighteen 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Just Over Eighteen 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  8/7/2002

Just Over Eighteen #3
Red Light District
Directed by David Luger
Starring: Taylor Rain, Lexi Mathews, Lisa Parks, Elizabeth Delmar, Lil Bit More, Sugar Kane, Peaches, Mark Davis, Lee Stone, Brandon Iron, Brett Rockman, Joel Lawrence, Sledge Hammer

David Luger at the controls for another round of Red Light's pretty sound teen series. Naughty young women who know it's good to be bad…

Taylor Rain
Taylor is a slim, petite brunette who looks pretty cute on that box cover and indeed as the scene starts with some playful chitchat between her and David. However, her appeal gradually waned on me as the scene progresses - I think her incessant ear-piercing moans had something to do with it. If she says "oh yeah, oh fuck" once, she says it a million times and I feel it gets a little bit wearing.

Anyway, what transpires is that after she's done teasing, Lee Stone, this big bear of a man, comes in and gets his paws all over her, kissing her and going down on her. She sucks down as much as she can of his large, bendy dick with almost alarming intensity, and then the sex begins. The physical contrast is striking - her whole body is about the size of one of Lee's beefy thighs! On one level, it's quite amazing how she can actually take his immense tool inside her slender frame, but on another there's not enough variety in the sex to keep my interest. Lee just pounds away at her, including a hefty slice of anal action, and she moans her head off. Which sounds fine, but there's some thing about it, just this disconnected look in her eyes - rather than a dreamy, faraway look - and her pale face that makes me think twice. Whatever. The finale sees Lee ejaculate on her face.

Sugar Kane
A Marilyn Monroe fan, no less, named after her character in Some Like it Hot. It was also a cool tune by Sonic Youth, but I digress. Sugar Kane is a (very) buxom blonde beach bunny, not quite the archetypal sculpted Baywatch beauty, but her ample curves and sunny disposition make her pretty damn sexy to me. In a brief tease and chat session, she shows off her big boobs, traced with tan lines, and then gets down to action with two chaps who were previously unknown to me - Brett Rockman and Sledgehammer.

This is apparently her first time with two guys - not that you'd know it. Her enthusiasm and ability are a delight to watch. She's vocal and is always wanting more, and harder too, but her squeals and giggles show that she's (mainly) having some fun. The two well-hung fellows reward her oral expertise with some great pounding sex. Again, I feel they stay in one position a little two long, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this hearty helping of sex. Both guys fuck her pussy while she sucks, she gets it in her ass before some DP and a final round of anal action leads on to two loads of come fired onto her tits and happy smiling face. Nice. Sugar Kane also appears in Digital Sin's Young As They Cum #4, which I'll be reviewing shortly.

Elizabeth Del Mar
Another full figured teenager, Elizabeth is paired with Brett for this scene - his eyes are bulging out of his head as he ogles her boobs during the preliminaries. She's not a real glamour girl but I like her look and demeanour, and more importantly I certainly can admire her abilities. Her facial expression when she spies Brett's long schlong is priceless, the way she gamely sucks him hands free even better.

The ironic thing is that despite the fact that Elizabeth eschews anal, this scene actually has better variety. She's a more active performer, there are more positions (not that this always helps, there's a happy medium) and she particularly likes to ride on top - she's a self-confessed sex fiend, don't you know - as well as being drilled from behind. Elizabeth seems to get off a few times, and Brett ends this exciting, energetic encounter by coming on her face.

Lil Bit More
There's no way I can discuss this scene without mentioning the hilarious build-up, as Lil Bit (a new performer, the "More" distinguishing her from the previous Lil Bit) reveals that, at some suspiciously young age, her mother instructed her on how to give a blowjob and, in the interests of equality, told Lil Bit's teenage beau how to give head too! Brandon Iron, Lil Bit's partner for the scene, has a good laugh at this revelation (I might almost suggest he looks shocked, but I doubt it), and naturally responds in the only way possible - by giving her a smack, or twenty, on her skinny white butt. It seems like she's happy to play it like this, and there's no way Brandon's going to say no to the chance to take advantage of this slightly-built (she's virtually flat chested, but those nipples are positively edible) blonde's willingness to be nasty.

After wetly demonstrating those oral skills, Lil Bit wriggles her way onto Brandon's dick, and Mr Iron really nails her, especially during doggy. Even though she declares her asshole to be "off-limits", it's no surprise that a scene with Brandon in it has a little bit of an edge, but as she bites her trembling bottom lip with this pouty expression on her face, it's kind of irresistible! At one point, as Brandon bends her pliable body this way and that, he goes to finger her pussy and she tells him she can fit her whole hand in there. He manages four fingers and his dick - four fingers and a thumb would be obscene, of course! In the end of this stimulating scene, she's in a sort of piledriver position as Brandon draws a "come moustache" on her face. She giggles.

Lexi Mathews and Lisa Parks
Directed by Corey Jordan, not David Luger, this scene seems more like one that could have been in 2 on 1…sorry, I mean Cum Swapping Sluts, with two twenty-year-olds joining Mark Davis on the bed. The preliminaries are short - in a flash, they're tag-teaming the veteran Englishman's dick. With equal swiftness, the action speeds through several positions where Mark fucks the slim blondes as they're piled together on this rickety bed. There's a little girl-girl contact in there, with cum-spattered kissing to finish, but in the end neither girl really grabs me, though it could be said that they hardly get a chance to shine in a scene that's been edited so briskly as to make it obvious filler. It's almost as though they had to rush to get to the next scene, which as it happens is no bad thing…

A Southern Belle from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Peaches is a slim, pretty and pale brunette, whose easy drawl belies a girl who knows that she's hot stuff. "Horny bastard" Joel Lawrence is the man who has the delightful task of taking her through only her second scene - after being "broken in" by Vince Vouyer - and doesn't she do well.

There's some chat, teasing - Peaches reveals small boobs with tiny candy-coloured pink nipples - and more spanking on the cards. Joel then gets some great-looking head, but he needs more and trains her to deep throat his cock. It's the only time that she looks less than sure of herself - a minor criticism is that, like in one too many of the scenes here, she has all the dirty talk off pat, even if some of her comments are pretty funny. That said, the energy and commitment in the scene is not in doubt as Joel gives her one seriously relentless shafting, and she takes it all. Only one finger makes its way into her anus, but that's of little concern in the face of some highly entertaining, no-nonsense sex with a continual repartee between these two randy people. Naturally, a come-sprayed facial finish is the only way to wrap it up. I suspect, and indeed hope, that I'll see more of Peaches, even if her performance and the end-credit outtakes suggest she might become too much of a "performer" rather than a natural too quickly. We shall see.

Just Over Eighteen #3 is another solid collection of teen-themed scenes, even if the repeated reminders about girls' ages, or the way they're coached to make smutty remarks, gets to be a touch wearing. Not all the girls really did it for me, nor is it consistently exciting. Sometimes the sex gets into too much of a rut, ramming away mindlessly, which is fine if you're doing it, but remember people are watching! Generally, I really enjoyed it, there are some lovely, healthy young women in hearty sex action and that's primarily why I can give it a thumbs up. David Luger's camerawork and direction is not too shabby either, it's all bright and colourful and just nasty enough. And I don't recall seeing any little plaid skirts, so that's something positive at least! Seriously, it's good, basic porn with no pretences.

DVD Comments
I am sure the good, clear picture contributes to my view of this movie as being colourful. The sound is good enough to pick up all those squidgy noises rather well! In terms of extras, there's a fair old selection of trailers, a modest picture gallery and some web links. The pick of the bunch, however, is a bonus scene consisting of two POV blowjobs performed on David (I presume) by sex pixie Taylor and then Lil Bit More. It's good stuff - arguably it would have made as much sense in the movie as the Lexi & Lisa scene.

One black mark, however, is the sneaky way the disc is set up to install PC Friendly DVD software on your PC - it is not made clear enough that if you accept the license agreement to access the PC-only features on the disc, you will automatically install PC Friendly. It's a piece of software that caused conflicts on my system before, and I'd rather not have it back, thank you very much!

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