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Just Over Eighteen 2

Just Over Eighteen 2

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Barely Legal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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snowman872's ratings for Just Over Eighteen 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Just Over Eighteen 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Just Over Eighteen 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Just Over Eighteen 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Just Over Eighteen 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Just Over Eighteen 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Just Over Eighteen 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Just Over Eighteen 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by snowman872  on  7/30/2002

JUST OVER 18 #02


This is the second feature in the "Just Over 18" series which is Red Light District's flagship line in the Barely Legal genre. This popular new category features fresh girls who are only eighteen or nineteen years old.

SCENE ONE (Snowman's Pick for Best Scene!)
Jenna Haze with one guy (Mark Ashley)

The lovely Ms. Jenna Haze breaks out of the box first in "Just Over Eighteen #02." I can't imagine a nicer way to start off this disc. Jenna looks seriously cute and fresh as a daisy here. She has that "too sweet" for porn look that can be irresistible to me and makes for great casting in a disc like this. The scene starts off with a brief interview on a sofa. We learn that Jenna was born on 02.22.82 and before she was a porn princess, used to make a living peddling pies to old folks at Marie Callender's.

Jenna is dressed simply, but sexy. She's wearing a pink tank top and jean cutoffs. The interview ends prematurely when Jenna begins to rub Mark's cock and then begins to suck it. Jenna makes great eye contact with the camera and looks fabulous with Mark's large cock in her mouth. She sucks energetically and generates some nice popping and other sucking sounds. When Mark stands up, Jenna says "I like to suck cock... very much so" with great sincerity. I'm sure no one was disappointed to hear that confession.

The scene cuts, and now Jenna is nude except for her tennis shoes and lying down on the sofa. Mark's face is buried in her crotch. He licks her pussy a bit, but pays most attention to her rosebud. Her pussy and ass are shaved, but she has a closely cropped triangle of hair up top. The oral sex goes on for a little while and then Jenna is treated to the "main course" which is Marks cock. Mark pumps her pussy effectively and Jenna gets excited. She's positioned on her back with one leg up. After a few minutes she switches to cowgirl. In this position Mark begins to finger her butthole gently with one digit. Nice shots of Jenna's backside here and she makes an effort to turn around and face the camera most of the time. Next Jenna is seen on her knees getting boinked doggy style. She's got an attractive pink pussy, so this position is flattering.

The scene cuts to Jenna saying "Stick your fingers in my ass". Mark doesn't have a problem with that, so he proceeds to fill her request. He starts with one, and moves up to two. Jenna says she "thinks" she can handle it. Then there's another cut, and we see Mark's cock slowly penetrating Jenna's starfish. Jenna is positioned on her back and seems to struggle a bit as her ass adjusts to the sizable sausage inside her. Mark slowly pumps her butt with rapid, short strokes. Jenna rubs her pussy, moans a lot and says the occasional comment or two. After a couple of minutes he works up some speed and Jenna is determined to take it. The scene cuts and now Jenna performs doggy anal for viewers. This position looks really hot and Jenna's face is visible. Mark fucks her fairly hard and Jenna says she came. Then Mark whips his dick all the way out of her ass and viewers are treated to a couple of super nice views of Jenna's freshly fucked butthole. Marks fucks her until he is ready to cum and then pulls it out. Jenna sits up and opens her mouth to receive his jungle juice. He jacks off a bit and shoots his spunk directly in her mouth and on her lips. Jenna appears to swallows it and giggles. Jenna babbles a bit about how she likes boys and Director Lugar asks her if her ass hurts. Jenna says it doesn't spreads her cheeks to show viewers what it looks like after the romp. (28 minutes)

Jenna shines in this scene and demonstrates why she's one of the best newer girls in the industry. It's appropriate that she's the cover girl here.

Snowman's scene grade: A- , Raincoat Points: 47

Alexia Riley and two guys (Mark Ashley & Darren Jones)

Alexia is an very attractive brunette with fairly long hair that is combed back for this scene. She is slender and has nice medium sized (natural) breasts. Nice DSL too! Like Jenna, Alexia has a youthful appearance and comes off as relatively innocent, fresh and eager to please. At the beginning of the scene she is wearing a black t-shirt with jean shorts. Lugar interviews her very briefly and she strips out of her clothing.

A couple of minutes into the scene, Alexia is on her knees with a large cock on each side of her. She goes immediately to work pleasuring the guys orally. She does a good job, but goes back and forth between the two cocks a bit too much. Good eye contact with the camera. After a bit she starts to drool more and the cocks get nice and wet. A couple of streams of drool hang from her chin as she works on the cocks. Then the scene cuts to sideways pussy fucking plus oral. Alexia's pussy is totally shaved but she has a faint rectangle of hair above her slit. At this point she's totally nude. Great eye contact with the camera as she sucks Mark's dick. Darren fucks her adequately with his large black cock. This sequence goes on for several minutes.

For the next act, Alexia is seen riding Mark's cock cowgirl style. At the same time she sucks Darren. Alexia looks cute from this angle and still remembers to look at the camera. Nice roving camera camera work covers the action. Good full body framing and close-ups. Several minutes later, Alexia finally gets some good bounce going when she bends way over and actually begins to grind her pussy on the cock. The scene cuts to more sideways action plus oral and ball licking. Then the guys rotate and Darren takes a turn. The scene cuts and it's back to doggy with Mark in her twat. Then Darren again.

For the cum shot, Darren pumps her pussy, and then pulls out. Alexia hops off the sofa and quickly gets on her knees to receive her prize. She opens her mouth and Darren squirts a large amount of gooey cum inside of her mouth. The splooge oozes out of her mouth and makes a big mess on her chin. Then Mark approaches her, holds her head back and delivers another load on her mouth. A surprising amount of cum drips down her chest. David Luger has her say "I'm bathed in cum." (23 minutes)

I'd like to see more of this girl and hope she gets nastier in the future.

Snowman's scene grade: C+, Raincoat Points: 27

Marie Mandalay with two guys (Brandon Iron & Tony Michaels)

The next barely legal teenager is Marie Mandalay who alleges she just days over eighteen. Apparently this is one of her first jobs -- not only in the adult business, but ever! When pressed, she did come up with one other job she worked -- a hostess. Marie is a step down in starlet quality from the first two scenes. She has medium length, straight hair that is flat and badly cut. Her body is clearly not toned and she has a flabby stomach, pierced tongue, and tattoos. She's wearing an unattractive pink tube top with straps and cheesy purple glitter panties. I'm sorry to say, she reminded me of a guest on Jerry Springer.

When the sex begins, the guys right off the bat treat her in a more aggressive manner, confirming my theory once again that skankier women in porn usually have to work harder for their money. The guys stand on each side of Marie and direct her suck their cocks deep without hands. Marie makes eye contact with the guys and camera. To her credit, Marie does a good cocksucking job here. The guys enjoy "training" her to take a cock all the way down her throat. Marie is game, but sort of a wimp about it. They try to get her to make a mess, but it doesn't really happen. When the guys ask her to spit on their cocks, she sort of resists the idea. The BJ sequence is rather long, about six minutes or so.

The scene cuts and now Marie is riding a cock reverse cowgirl style. She makes a good effort to bounce despite her lack of fitness. Unlike most porn girls these days, Marie's pussy is not shaved. She has quite a bit of hair that appears recently trimmed. At the same time, the other guy is blown. Marie gets tired of doing all the work so the guys toss her on the sofa so they can fuck her on her back. Then they proceed to fuck her sideways. At the same time she continues to suck off the other dude. After a few minutes, Marie is seen getting fucked doggy style and Brandon sticks his thumb up her butt at the same time. Then it's time for the cum shot. Tony strokes his cock and cums inside Marie's open mouth as she squats in front of the sofa. Then Brandon does the same thing but lets his jizz drip from above. (20 minutes)

Despite a good effort by Marie, she just doesn't cut the mustard. She probably only has a chance of making it big if she gets in shape, obtains a make over and performs in raunchy scenes.

Snowman's scene grade: C, Raincoat Points: 24

Scarlet and one guy (Mark Ashley)

Scene four stars Scarlet, who is a fairly cute girl with strawberry blond hair and light freckles. She says she is eighteen and does appear youthful. Scarlet has a petite body with decent sized breasts given her body size. She's wearing a black top with straps, plaid school girl type skirt and black panties. Scarlet has a shaved pussy. She makes good eye contact with the camera.

The sex action begins with Scarlet on her knees sucking cock. The newbie starlet is totally nude. Mark is rock hard and Scarlet services his rocket pop eagerly. The scene cuts and Scarlet slowly impales herself on Mark's cock in cowgirl fashion. The couple is on a leather sofa. She's got a nice looking pussy and tiny little bunghole. Scarlet makes a lot of noise as she gets fucked -- both moaning and comments. The next position is on her back.

A couple of minute later the scene cuts and Scarlet's anal debut is about to occur. Mark is seen fingering her butthole with lots of clear lube. Scarlet is positioned on her knees in front of the court with her head turned back to face the camera. At first Mark uses one finger, but he moves up to two after a minute. Scarlet seems to get quite alarmed judging by her face, and I'm wondering if she can even handle a cock up her butt. Mark fingers her pussy at the same time for a mini DP. Mark feeds her the finger that was just up her butt and she sucks it. When asked how it tastes, she says "it tastes good", which seems to be the universal answer given in porn movies.

The scene cuts again, this time to Mark forcing his cock up her tiny butt. His cock really does look pretty big as it slides in her poop chute. Scarlet faces the camera the whole time with a deer in the headlights look. Mark starts off slow but builds up speed with short pumping stokes. Perhaps it was getting to be more than she could take as the scene cuts to reverse cowgirl anal. The cock is definitely in her ass, but just the top quarter of her cock. Mark is barely moving it, and Scarlet urges him to go "slower, slower." Mark spreads her bright pink pussy wide as he fucks her ass. He tries to work up some speed, but Scarlett seems ill at ease. Scarlet asks "Can I suck it" and then dismounts Mark's cock and tastes it A2M. I believe she was truly happy to do so. She sucks for a little while and then briefly rides the guy's cock in her ass again.

The scene cuts at this point to the cum shot. Scarlet is on her knees leaning against the sofa. Mark whacks off and cums directly in her mouth. Scarlet looks at the camera with great concentration. She doesn't swallow, instead she expels the semen and it runs down her chest and onto her thigh. (20 minutes)

Scarlet is kinda cute here and shows some real potential. Thumbs up.

Snowman's scene grade: B-, Raincoat Points: 44

Mariella and one guy ("Cock Boy" - i.e. her boyfriend)

Mariella is a cute blond appearing for the fifth time in front of the camera. Although she worked as a dancer, she doesn't appear hard or jaded. Mariella's hair is fairly long and sort of back in an old fashioned bun. She's wearing a red tank top and jean shorts during her interview segment on the sofa. She has fairly large sized, natural breasts that look nice. Mariella is appearing with her boyfriend who might be acting as her suitcase pimp. Amazingly, this young fellow let Vince Voyeur talk him into taking the screen name "Cock Boy." These two apparently plan on making a career out of porn now, as they both quit their day jobs.

During the interview Mariella sticks her hands down Cock Boy's pants and rubs his cock. Then the scene cuts to blowjob action. Mariella is on her knees and stares intently into the camera. Her top is still on but pulled over her breasts. Although she sucks the guy's cock pretty good, Mariella seems sort of stiff and uneasy. The blowjob sequence is comparatively short. It isn't long before the scene cuts to Cock Boy going down on Mariella. Cock Boy diligently moves his tongue across her clit like a snake and Mariella moans and gazes into the camera.

A couple of minutes later, Cock Boy penetrates her pink triangle with his cock. Mariella is positioned on her back with one leg up. She's pretty passive when she gets fucked except for moaning and an occasional comment ("oh yes"). Mariella has some hair on her mound, but it looks recently cut. This is followed by pussy fucking in the reverse cowgirl position. Toward the end of the scene without much warning or fanfare, the scene cuts and Cock Boy proceeds to stick his cock in Mariella's ass. He just sort of crams it in there and starts poking away, but is careful not to penetrate her deep. For her part, Mariella reacts much the same way as when she was getting screwed regularly. She just sort of lays there and provides lots of evenly paced moaning of questionable authenticity. During this assfuck, Mariella is on her back. She begins to finger herself as Cock Boy probes her butt. Toward the end of the scene she does say something, "go slower" but then changes that to "go faster." I don't think Cock Boy varied it much in either case. He pretty just does his own thing.

The scene cuts to the finale. Again Mariella is on her knees and sucking Cock Boy's cock intensely. She uses her hand to jack him off at the same time. Cock Boy comes right in her mouth and Mariella lets the jizz run out and drip on her breasts. (18 minutes)

Mariella is a promising young starlet, but she needs to relax more and go with the flow. It might be a good idea to lose Cock Boy. A more experienced woodsman might bring out a better performance.

Snowman's scene grade: B-, Raincoat Points: 36

SCENE SIX (Snowman's Pick for Honorable Mention!)
Brooke Balentine and two guys (Brandon Iron & Mark Ashley)

The last scene is set in Las Vegas. In the beginning of the scene 19 year old newbie Brooke Balentine is walking on the casino floor of what appears to be the old section of the Rio. Brooke is an attractive brunette with fairly short hair. She's wearing black hot pants and a tight blue half top without a bra (causing her nipples to poke through). Brooke seems to have a bubbly personality and displays a toothy smile often.

Unfortunately, the uptight management cuts the opening casino sequence short by informing David Luger that no cameras are allowed. The scene cuts to the a hotel elevator. As the elevator ascends, David feels up Brooke's breasts and she exposes them for a little bit. Then they playfully make their way to their room but no further public flashing. The scene cuts and now Brooke is inside the room and sitting on the sofa. David interviews her further and Brooke alleges she has sex 30 times a week because she doesn't have a "regular job." Huh? She also implies she often takes it up the ass during these romps. Brandon Iron is on the scene.

Brandon pops up with some strawberries and rubs her pussy with one, then he feeds it to her. Brooke begins to disrobe and Brandon feeds her more strawberries. Now Mark Ashley appears and the guys explore her body with their hands. Brooke bends over the sofa and the shows off her asshole. Brandon slowly inserts a finger up her butthole and finger her briefly. Then he has her taste his finger A2M. Brooke says "I'm a nasty little bitch."

Next Brooke is on her knees with one guy standing on each side of her. She polishes their knobs well. Even the guys comment she has good technique. Brooke spits on their cocks by request and they encourage her to be nasty. Brandon slaps his cock on Brooke's face and then. Mark jams his pole deep down her throat and then Brandon does the same. He tells her to take a deep breath and holds her nose. Brooke gets a little teary eyes, but really seems to be enjoying herself. Then Brandon grabs her by the neck and tosses her on the sofa.

At this point, the guys begin to fuck her pussy. First position is on her back on the sofa. Brandon tries to insert his cock and Brooke struggles a bit, but is a good sport. She also takes Mark in her mouth at the same time. Brooke still has her half shirt on, pulled up over her tits and black boots. They switch to doggy style and Brooke seems to be getting off. Her ass cheeks are very rosy, but how they got that way is a mystery for the most part. Brandon fucks her deep and she sucks his toe at the same time. Brooke is quite vocal, squealing almost constantly. Brandon continues to pump away and places his foot on her head. More oral action for the other guy. The scene cuts, and now Brooke is riding Brandon cowgirl style. Brandon has two fingers jammed in her asshole at the same time. Brooke continues to suck off Mark. Brandon spreads her butthole slightly using both hands. The starlet begins to bounce hard during this hot sequence. Brandon slaps her cheeks periodically to keep them nice and red.

There's another edit and now Brooke's ass is facing the camera. Brandon slowly forces his hard cock up her butthole. This is an example of a really fine insertion shot -- very nice angles, camera work and lighting. Once inside, the camera moves back and shows her face reaction. Brandon pulls out but her butt doesn't gape much. Then he climbs on top more and penetrates the starlet's butt deeper. Brooke sucks on his fingers much as a cowboy would bite a bullet in the old days. She seems to be experiencing some discomfort but is a real trooper and is determined to stick with the plan. Brandon takes his cock all the way out in an attempt to make Brooke's a-hole gape. Then he asks her "what tastes sweeter than a strawberry" and has her scream out to taste his cock. Brandon removes his cock from her ass slowly and Brooke turns around to suck it without any hands. Now the scene cuts to some sticky reverse cowgirl anal. This time Mark is in her butt. Brandon is still busy pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Mark fucks her ass fast and hard until he is too out of breath to continue. He catches his breath and then does it again. Brandon aggressively kisses and licks her face and then directs Brooke to jump off and suck Mark's cock now. The nasty, young starlet complies and performs another good instance of A2M with great eye contact.

Now Brandon is seen pumping her ass so he can climax in the doggy position. When he is ready to shoot his wad, he pulls out, Brooke hops off the sofa and opens her mouth wide. He shoots his cum inside her mouth and all over her face. Brooke swallows the jizz in her mouth. Then it's Mark's turn. He also cums in her mouth and she cleans him off. Brooke licks up some stray cum juice on his leg and even a drop on the carpet. Brooke opens her mouth and she has a big glob of cum stuck to her tongue. She swallows the nasty mess and giggles a lot. To top off the scene, she gets back on the couch with her ass toward the camera lens and then both guys slap her ass for being such a bad girl. Then they slap her boobs. Brooke seems to love it. (28 minutes)

This is a good scene -- probably the second best on this disc after Jenna's. Brooke is one to watch in the future.

Snowman's scene grade: B+, Raincoat Points: 56

As the credits roll, there's a funny outtake with Jenna Haze taking about her date expectations when it comes to dinner.


The root menu is attractive and well laid out. The choices are "Play Movie", "Chapters", "Trailers", "Behind the Scenes", and "Photo Gallery". Chapters allows the viewer to go to any of the scenes on the disc and there are small moving previews to assist with the selection. "Trailers" offers viewers a generous selection of previews from other Red Light District releases -- eleven in all! I watched the trailer to "Me Luv You Long Time" and it appeared to be lifted from the opening credits sequence plus some cum shot footage tacked on. Running time was about three minutes for this trailer. The "Photo Gallery" appeared to be 20 shots taken from set of this film.

The "Behind the Scenes" footage is a notable extra here, especially for fans of Jenna and Scarlett. The footage all relates to this feature is runs for about fifteen minutes. It starts off with an informal Jenna Haze interview on the patio. Jenna smokes on camera during this sequence. Then she skips around the patio and jumps on a trampoline. She's quite a ham and giggles nearly the entire time. Next up is footage with Mariella. The guys interview her and "Cock Boy" for a couple of minutes. A very short bit with Brooke and then a long tease & masturbation sequence with Scarlet is included.

Technical qualities of the disc were very good. Picture and sound judged very good. Excellent illumination of the sex action. No major glitches were noticed.

My inexpensive KOSS DVD player from Target I used to review this movie did have trouble tracking the last scene at a few points and the bonus features (trailers and behind the scenes). I noticed this player does the same thing on many (but not all) discs, including some mainstream titles. I did not test the disc on my Sony or computer DVD-Rom drive at this time.


I enjoyed "Just Over 18 #02" quite a bit -- more than I expected to in fact. Of the three Red Light District discs I've reviewed so far, I liked this one best. The female casting on this disc is one of the key reasons why it worked so well. All but one of the girls were very attractive, fresh and had perky personalities. Plus, most were pretty darn nasty for newbies and seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. Consistently good direction and technical qualities contribute to the success of this disc. Recommended.

Feature Grade Point Average: 2.78 (B-)
Total Raincoat Points: 210, Average Raincoat Points Per Scene: 35.00

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