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morbidthoughts Just Over Eighteen 10 4.5 starsJust Over Eighteen 10 4.5 starsJust Over Eighteen 10 4.5 stars
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Just Over Eighteen 10
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Just Over Eighteen 10

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Selena Silver's ratings for Just Over Eighteen 10:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Just Over Eighteen 10 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Just Over Eighteen 10 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Just Over Eighteen 10 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Just Over Eighteen 10 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Just Over Eighteen 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Just Over Eighteen 10 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Just Over Eighteen 10 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Selena Silver  on  12/1/2004

Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" #57

The Inside View with Selena Silver - December 1, 2004

The Inside View is published once weekly by porn actress Selena Silver.  Each week, Selena brings you an inside look at a movie good enough to be  deemed a Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" with the goal of adding the perspective of someone who has worked with the studio, director, or stars of the movie. 


"Just Over Eighteen #10"

a David Lugar Production from Red Light District

Just Over Eighteen #10:  "At a Glance"


Overall Rating: 4.25
Director David Lugar
Studio: Red Light District
Cast: Teagan Presley, Eva Angelina, Melissa Lauren, Cris Taliana, Jessica Sweet, Sally Rodeo, Dave Hardman, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Ashley, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, Steve Holmes
Release Date: 26th July, 2004
Total Run Time: 3hrs 15mins
Total Scenes:  6 Scenes
Fetish Summary: [NO CONDOMS - SHOES ON/OFF ] - Fingering, Kissing, BJ, 2-Cock BJ, Deep Throat, Foot Job, Tit Slapping, Tit-Sucking, Pussy Licking, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Anal Sex, DP. DPP, ATM, Gape, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Facial, Cum Swallowing,

 Front Cover

Just Over Eighteen #10: Selena Silver's "Inside View"
Just Over Eighteen #10 is loaded with a lineup of hot, hot new girls which mostly ended up as porn stars with a name.  This movie has Teagan Presley's first ever scene, as well as the unveiling of Eva Angelina, Melissa Lauren, and Chris Taliana paired with the usual All-Star male cast that RLD always delivers.  It is almost as if director David Luger was seeing the future stars of porn when he cast these girls.  What a lineup...

The action doesn't disappoint either.  The cast delivers some very strokable porn that was very well-shot.  This is a movie I highly recommend to those that love hot teen girl action or those who want to see some of porn's hottest girls today in their early scenes.  This would be a must addition to any Teagan fan collection.

Just Over Eighteen #10: The Story



Scene Length: 24:08
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Fingering, Kissing, BJ, Pussy Licking, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Facial
Sex Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Doggie,
Rating:   4.0

Delving into a bit of Porn History here - this is Teagan Presley's first scene.  I hardly recognize this timid little girl with light brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

Teagan talks about her expectations for the scene and that she only lost her virginity in the last year.  We see her world famous ass as she walks inside.  She's so cute :)  She's wearing black thigh-high stockings with a sheer bikini style top and high cut booty shorts with a baseball cap.

It is amazing how much more confident she's become since this film.  It is fun watching this now after knowing Teagan and seeing her develop into the contract star she is today.

As the scene begins, Teagan sticks her finger inside her pussy and pulls it out sucking it clean - it's the first time she's tasted her own pussy she tell us.  She plays with her tits  and sits down to finger herself.  Joel enters and they kiss as he asks her if she's "going to be a naughty girl today."  As he starts down on her pussy Teagan tries out some of her dirty talk - still looking a bit unsure. Loved that.  :)

We cut and Teagan's on her knees sucking Joel's cock.  He tries to get her to deep throat him and she shakes her head and says no, still sucking the head - 'Ok' says Joel laughing.  She continues cranking the shaft with one hand and sucking the head with the other.  It's a perfect 'teen' Blow Job :)

They move onto the couch to fuck with Teagan sliding down his cock, bouncing on his lap as they fuck.  She gets off a few one liners in the sweet soft little voice that seems to contradict the very words coming over her lips.

Joel comes up for some PTM and a change of position.  Finally my favorite - he puts her in doggie and we get a great view of her ass as he pounds he pussy and spanks her ass red.  Joel bends her over a stool to further take advantage of that lovely view.

Finally he dumps a big load on her face - "oh, come on, cum"

I so enjoyed watching this scene.  Marveling at how far Teagan has come.



Scene Length: 24:22
Scene Type: Boy/Girl/Boy
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ON] - Fingering, Tit-Sucking, Kissing, Pussy Licking, BJ, 2-Cock BJ, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, Tit-Slapping, Anal Sex, Facial
Sex Positions: Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl Anal, DP
Rating:   4.5

Jessica is 18 year old blonde.  She tells us she's a little slut - that's what we like :)

She stands up and takes her bra off and jumps up and down and swings from side to side bouncing her big boobs.  The guys enter and you can see Jessica's excitement.  This little slut truly does love dick :)  Her total eagerness for the cocks soon has me reaching for my vibrator. 

After an impressive 2-cock BJ, Sean slides his huge cock into her little pussy as she busies herself sucking Mark.  They swap and Jess goes to town gagging on Sean's cock as Mark pounds her pussy.  For the record, having worked with Sean - getting him balls deep is no small feat.

Jessica sits on Sean's cock, but shakes her head when they try to get her to sit all the way down.  She puts her feet up on his knees and slides on the head her tight ass spread to capacity - Sean being the gentleman he is lets her control the pace and depth.

Jessica moves off and sucks him clean before taking Mark in her ass.  After she's settled Sean slides into her pussy for a DP.  Thus begins the torrents of dirty talk from Jess - I'm surprised the guys didn't blow their loads right there.  They turn her over and continue the DP, Jess diddling her clit as the guys pound both her holes.

Finally they both drop their loads on her face.

Great scene.  Jessica truly comes off as a girl who loves cock and there's nothing hotter to watch than that.




Scene Length: 21:21
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ON] - Fingering, Pussy Licking, BJ, Vaginal Sex, Facial
Sex Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl,
Rating:   4.0

I first met Eva on the set of Brandon Iron's 'Ten Little Piggies 4' and quickly fell in love with her that day.  She has recently returned to porn after a brief break.  I had marked her before her porn break as one of the hottest new girls to watch out for and am glad she is back.

Eva is wearing a gorgeous black mesh bra and panty set with pink ribbon.    She plays with her pussy as she talks to the camera - it is just me or does she just drip 'come fuck me?'  Mark enters to keep her company, introducing her little pussy to his egger lips before she takes on his cock. 

Eva wraps her luscious lips round Mark's cock, sliding them up and down.  He tells her how he likes it and being a quick study it's not long before he lays her on her back to get at that tight little pussy.

Mark pounds her pussy within an inch of it's life, his unique curve probably hit Eva's g-spot nice and hard.  The pounding continues as they change positions - some nice close shots of Eva's face here.  Finally, Mark dumps a nice thick load on Eva's face.

Good Scene.  Eva is sexy as always and I really like her interview at the start (Who could resist that smile?).



Scene Length: 23:15
Scene Type: Girl/Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ON] - Masturbation, Pussy Licking, BJ, 2-Cock BJ, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, ATM, Facial, Cum Swallowing
Sex Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl Anal, DP,
Rating:   4.5

Melissa is a petite blond from France who burst onto the American porn scene this year with breakneck speed and has not looked back.  She has quickly earned a reputation for her sexually aggressive style and to die for looks.

Melissa is wearing a baby pink bra and panty set.  She walks into the room and sits down on a black leather couch where she begins to finger herself into a state of bliss.  The camera goes in tight on her face and when it comes out again in place of her fingers is Mark's face.  We pan up her body as a cock presents itself to her mouth.  Loved it - great camera work!

Melissa gets to work on a smoking, dribbly wet 2-Cock Blow Job.  The spit streams off her face and drips down the two cocks and her chest. Nice.  Mark comments that "it looks like someone's already cum on her face." Soon she's riding a cock in a truly hot Reverse Cowgirl while she sucks the other to it's base.  Man this girl can Deep Throat :)

They switch up again before heading into some anal - wow, Melissa is so beautiful, I could watch her get fucked all day :)  Then, my favorite, a DP!  Love the sexy close-ups of Melissa's face as she pants and then back to the two cocks stuffed inside her holes.  They change into a further DP position pounding her senseless.

Finally they both cum in her mouth and she swallows it all down.

Great scene.  I always love watching Melissa perform and this scene didn't let me down at all.




Scene Length: 23:55
Scene Type: Boy/Girl/Boy
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Fingering, PTM, Tit-Slapping, Spanking, BJ, Deep Throat, Foot Job, Hair Pulling, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Facial
Sex Positions: Doggie, Spoon, Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
Rating:   4.0

Cris enters wiggling and jiggling for the camera "do you wanna see Ms Cris Taliana get fucked today?" - um, yes please :)  She takes her shoes off as she sits down on a bed to play with herself - nice shot of her doing that for all the feet fans out there.    Once she's made herself nice and wet Manuel and Sean enter to help her out.  Wow Cris must have been a good girl to deserve these two studs :)

They slap her little ass as she bounces it high in the air.  Manuel lays her head over the side of the bed and fucks her face.  She gets on her knees for a 2-Cock BJ.  From there it's all on as Manuel uses her feet for a quick foot job and then it's all pussy.

Sean fucks her pussy as Manuel fucks her face.  They continue to trade off fucking and getting sucked until Manuel goes down on her one more time making her cum.  Then it's the boys turn to cum as one after the other they drop their load on her face.  Manuel ties her stockings in her mouth holding it open - interesting maneuver -  and drops his load on her tongue.

Good Scene.  The guys are awesome - loved the pairing and Cris did a good job of keeping them both busy.



Scene Length: 22:26
Scene Type: Boy/Girl/Boy
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Kissing, Fingering, Pussy Licking, BJ, Hair Pulling, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, ATM, 2-Cock BJ,  Gapes, PTM, Facial
Sex Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, DP, DPP, Doggie Anal,
Rating:   4.0

Sally gazes at herself in the mirror (she looks allot like Pason!).  She's in for a treat today as Steve Holmes is ready to take her on. 

Steve plays with Sally's pussy before kissing her neck.  She attempts to unlock his pants, but he takes her by the hair making her crawl to the bed.  He removes her panties and places them in her mouth as he kisses her pussy before turning her over to Dave.

Soon the pants are off and Steve's cock is half way down Sally's throat as he gently fucks her face.  Dave meanwhile buries his face in her pussy.  Sally tells us she wants to "get fucked" and Dave obliges. 

The boys sweetly enquire whether Sally would like another cock in her pussy to which she replies "no, I want one in my ass."  Sally gets her wish and we're treated to a lovely DP.  Wow, after a lengthy DP Sally proceeds to take both cocks in her pussy at once - and she's only 18 - it's a wonder they even fit in there.

After a brief one-on-one anal Sally decides she's really more a 2-cock girl and they move into yet another DP.  Finally they both dump their loads on her face.  With cum dripping off her face she tells us this was her first DP and first DPP and before today she'd only been with 5 guys!! Way to step in off the deep end :)

Great scene.  I have a feeling Skeeter Kerkove will want to get his hands on this little devil :)

*Note:  There is a watermark present during the entire movie.  Personally, I understand the issues producers are facing with the theft of their movies and it was small enough it didn't really bother me.  But, I know that some people feel pretty strong about this - so I mention it as an "FYI".
Just Over Eighteen #10: The Extras

  • Boner Footage
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Web Access (website address)


Boner Footage 38:46
  • Jessica doing a director's special with David (?).  He can't take his hands off her boobs, she strokes his cock, sucks over and over.
  • Cris does a director's special - lucky you. BJ, Ass Licking, Vaginal Sex

Behind the Scenes 11:13
  • Eva's Photo Shoot, close-up of her bruised butt
  • Eva's "catch of the day" interview: was watching porn at 10yrs old! Then decided to do porn.  Lost her virginity at 13.  Got her bruise snowboarding.
  • Water break during Eva's scene
  • Robbie Fischer taking Eva's sex stills
  • A take of Teagan's pre-scene interview
  • Teagan stills

Gallery   26 pics
Slide show to music; no controls.

That is why "Just Over Eighteen #10" from Red Light District
is the Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" for December 1, 2004.


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