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Selena Silver Just Over Eighteen 10 4 starsJust Over Eighteen 10 4 starsJust Over Eighteen 10 4 stars
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Just Over Eighteen 10
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Just Over Eighteen 10

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Barely Legal
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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morbidthoughts's ratings for Just Over Eighteen 10:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Just Over Eighteen 10 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Just Over Eighteen 10 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Just Over Eighteen 10 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Just Over Eighteen 10 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Just Over Eighteen 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Just Over Eighteen 10 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Just Over Eighteen 10 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by morbidthoughts  on  8/15/2004

So the main highlight of this movie is Teagan's first ever scene. I had no idea who she was when I first met her at AEE 2004 but I kept coming back to see her because she was so friendly and I liked listening to her voice. I'm so easy. AEE is also the scene where I got my well documented kiss from the very lovely Cris Taliana, squeaked hello to the french beauty Melissa Lauren, and gazed upon the classy bespectacled Eva Angelina. This dvd can only remind me of good times. Warning: for those who don't like watermarks there's a small watermark on the bottom right screen at all times.

Teagan & Joel Lawrence:

David Luger catches Teagan walking around outdoors. She's 18.5 at the time of this scene which was shot. She's wearing a nice black bikini ensemble and a cute baseball cap. She first had sex when she was 17 and she's never tasted her pussy juice before so Dave makes her do it. The thing I like about Dave's movies is that he talks to the girl and lets is know more about her in a very casual interview.

Okay, for those of you who have been hiding under a rock, Teagan is the biggest newcomer this year. She has a very similar look to the young Britney Spears with her hair, eyes, nose, and smile. Hell that's almost everything. One thing she has over Britney though is the great ass. I prefer her brownish hair in this scene compared to her current blonde.

Joel Lawrence gets the honor of taking her porn virginity. She's wearing great thigh high black socks here. He loosens her up with a fingering/eating exercise. She shows only average blowjob skills in her first scene never venturing that far beyond the tip despite Joel's attempts to nudge her head in deeper. She doesn't eye the camera nor Joel, just the base of his cock. Guess she's bored cause she says she wants to fuck.

Her pussy must be real tight cause on the insertion cause Joel's groaning in pleasure. I feel guilty upon gazing upon Teagan's very youthful body in the RC. I could be looking at a fourteen year old mallrat and not know any better if not for the 2257 laws. Her talk is just a complete turnon. Her eyes glisten and sparkle when they look at the camera. I like the way she just holds on to Joel's hands when he's fucking her sideways. Her best position is ass up straight in the air in the doggy. She takes a facial. Beautiful scene. I like the way the sunlight was used.

Jessica Sweet, Mark Davis, and Sean Michaels:

First time that I've seen Jessica, David's already groping at her tits. So in the words of Teri Hatcher, they're real and they're spectacular. Jessica's a cute blonde with pale skin and a somewhat crooked smile looking like Kelly Rutherford of Melrose Place. David's really loosening her up with this casual but still a pervert interview.

She's an eager blowjobber but Sean may be a little too big for her mouth. She's makes sick gagging noises and spits on the cocks quite often for easier lubrication. One guy would bone her while the other gets a blowjob and switch off. She gives up the butt first to Sean and then cleans it up ATM. Then she switches to Mark. Then comes the DP. Her moans become sort of exasperated. All of a sudden, Sean starts slapping her tits and face. She retaliates by kicking him but not too hard. Heh, he puts away her feet but he stops with the chicanery. She takes two facials in the end. I dig this chick and this scene. Gotta look for more of her.

Eva Angelina & Mark Ashley:

Eva is wearing the same split panties that she wore in Ten Little Piggies 4. Surprisingly she's without her glasses for this scene. I can imagine why. I mean I think Eva wears those glasses because she doesn't have perfect vision, not as a fashion statement. So it must suck to have those glasses to be used as target practice and to constantly think you have cum in your vision despite all the times you try to wash it off the lenses. Eva, darling, you are ssssooooo beautiful. She has perfect teeth and those Alba lips....

She has good blowjob skills but mainly keeps her eyes clothes. Well, if you can't see without your glasses, might as well keep those eyes clothes, eh? In the mish position reveals an unsightly dark bruise on her left butt cheek. It doesn't look like it was slap induced, it looked like she fell on her ass to get that kind of contusion. Eva's a screamer and the vicious looks she gives while she is being porked is electrifying. A little heart shaped non-tan on her left breast shows that she goes to the tanning salon. Cumshot goes down the hatch. Great scene. Her glasses made her look cute. Without them made me realise her incredible beauty.

Melissa Lauren, Dave Hardman, and Mark Davis:

I've reviewed Melissa before in POV Pervert 3. I do prefer the shorter hairstyle she used in this scene rather than the current long tresses I see her sporting now. She's diddling herself in the beginning of this scene instead of the interview. What's wrong Dave? Don't want the viewer to know that she's FRENCH?

Cueball Mark and crewcut Dave Hardman join in. Imagine that a British-American coalition against a french woman. Her pussy must taste like a freaking pastry cause Mark spends most of the day on it. Melissa's blowjob skills are incredible. Such enthusiasm and plenty of spit. Her drool is smeared down her body. She gives up the butt of course and follows that with some ATM. The DP is then thrown in for good measure. One cumshot goes down the hatch. The other is splattered on this chin. The scene? C'est magnifique.

Cris Taliana, Sean Michaels, and Manuel Ferrara:

Cris Taliana wants to get fucked today. Her underwear and socks look great. She has such a playful personality that I've confirmed in person. If I think Eva was the porn ultimate in half-asian beautiful, I think Cris is porn ultimate in half-asian cuteness. Just two different spectrums. I must commend the makeup person and the hair stylist. Never seen her look better.

Cris is a great blowjobber taking Sean deep. Looks at the camera and smirks, "Look at what I got. Two cocks. Good for me." Told you about the personality. She practices holding her breath on the cocks and tries her best with Sean trying hard not to gag. She's just as great being fucked in the pussy literally bouncing off the cocks. One facial from Sean hits the mouth. The other facial from Manuel is while she is gagged by her hair band.. Incredible fucking scene.

Sally Rodeo, Dave Hardman, & Steve Holmes:

I've reviewed Sally before in Bust My Hole and thought she was similar looking to a natural Pason. Steve Holmes looks downright goofy with his slicked back hair but not like Fonze in Fresh Meat 18. Steve drags Sally by the hair and makes her crawl off a kitchen counter onto a bed. None of it is really rough however. He slips her hosiery into panties into her mouth. Dave Hardman finally joins in. Sally is so freaking fine. Long legs.

Her blowjobs are slower but sensual. Not going as deep as she was forced to in Bust My Hole. Some vaginal before the guys activate the Wonder Twins powers in the form of a DP. Her sex faces are a turn on especially with her fucked up crooked teeth. She takes two facials and then laughs them off. Great scene.

Parting Thoughts:

I would give this movie a perfect score if not for that fucking watermark. The girls were all hot. The locations were more than just a blank wall. The lighting was great. The sex was... well almost perfect. Okay, there's that but it's excusable given Teagan's first scene. Boner footage is of Jessica Sweet giving Dave a great blowjob POV style. Then it's Cris Taliana blowing him and also giving him her pussy POV-style. The way she gyrates those hips... This one's a keeper. If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email.

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