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Just Over 18 (Pink Visual)

Just Over 18 (Pink Visual)

Studio: Pink Visual
Category:  Barely Legal
Starring: , , , ,
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Leeroy Magic's ratings for Just Over 18 (Pink Visual):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Just Over 18 (Pink Visual) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Just Over 18 (Pink Visual) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Just Over 18 (Pink Visual) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Just Over 18 (Pink Visual) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Just Over 18 (Pink Visual) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Just Over 18 (Pink Visual) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Just Over 18 (Pink Visual) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Leeroy Magic  on  6/26/2007

Just Over 18

studio: Pink Visual

Starring: Addison, Christina, Nilla, Nicole, Sandy

1 Bonus Scene: Phoebe


The scene opens with Addison walking outside and getting picked up by an “independent film maker”. She enters the van wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and jeans and has shoulder length straight brown hair. You can hear them driving in the van and the wind blowing in the background as they talk. She’s a little nervous but turns around and shows off her amazing little ass in blue jean pants. She takes her blue shirt off and has a black bra and nice handful sized tits. She’s a really cute 18 year old girl with an amazing little body.

The sex starts with her blowing the guy in a POV angle in the van which looks nice. She then rides the guy in the van reverse cowgirl which looks really hot. She’s then on all fours in the van getting fucked showing off more of her amazing ass. She gets fucked really nicely for a good raincoater moment. She then sits on his lap with a nice view of her ass for another great raincoater moment. The action moves to her on her back on the van floor that moves into some spoon fucking that looks really nice before he pulls out and cums on her face and tits.

The scene was really nice but had some sound problems. Mostly the wind and the camera guy yelling and talking during the entire sex scene was very annoying.

(Scene Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 stars)


The scene opens with Christina outside at a table waiting for her food. They pick her up and take her to a room where she sits on a bed with an older blonde girl and a guy. She has really long hair past her tits, a pretty face and skinny petite body. She’s wearing a gold and black top and has jeans on.

After the oral intro, she’s laying on her back on the bed getting fucked all nude. She has very small tits and a small skinny white body. She turns around and is head down ass up getting fucked for a nice raincoater moment of her curled up with her ass in the air getting fucked. The guy then fucks the other blonde chick. She has big fake tits and really brings down the momentum of this “18” flick. The guy also has his dick pierced which is a little distracting. The action moves to the skinny 18 year old girl riding it with a view of her ass from behind but the camera guy is focused on a close-up of the blonde sitting on the guys face. Finally we move out to see the 18 year old girl riding it before he pulls out and cums in the girl’s mouth and it drips out which looks pretty hot as more than usual cums out.

The camera guy is quiet in this one but I would have liked to see more focused on Christina and not the older girl with the fake tits.

(Scene Rating: 2 ½ out of 5 stars)


The scene opens with Sandy outside walking in the cold. She’s got straight messy brown hair and has a dirty exotic teen look with bluish grey eye liner on under her eyes. They bring her to the bedroom and talk to her some. She’s wearing a long sleeve grey sweater and blue jeans. She takes off the grey sweater and blue undershirt to show off her tits poking out a little red bra. She has a really small petite body like the pornstar Melissa Milano.

The action begins with a guy walking in and fucking her face with a nice aerial POV style view of her lying on her stomach sucking it. He licks her clit before she is on all fours getting fucked on the bed. After he pops out you can see he is wearing a clear condom. They get back into it and he fucks her really good. She then sits on it straight up as he fucks her for a nice view of her ass from behind for an amazing raincoater moment and she looks to be squirting on him which is hot. She turns around for some reverse cowgirl and squirts some more as she rubs her clit. She’s fucked some more before she’s on her stomach sucking his cock while he fingers her pussy which looks really nice. Just when you think it’s over we get some reverse cowgirl of her squatting on it with a view of her ass from behind for another good raincoater moment. After some more fucking her while she lays on her back he pulls out and cums on her face.

I really enjoyed this scene and liked the angles of her getting fucked. No annoying camera guy, good angles, the squirting was really nice. The only negative was the condom which wasn’t that distracting in my opinion.

(Scene Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 stars)


The scene opens with Nilla on a couch looking nervous and shy. She’s got a trashy blonde girl look, with dirty blonde hair and freckles on her face and is wearing a white top and pink skirt. She’s kind of average and isn’t as pretty as the other girls. She’s 18 and says she doesn’t like black people when asked. She says she doesn’t like black guys and says the thought of fucking a black guy makes her a little sick. She takes her top off and has really white skin and nice plump round tits and a thick body. The camera guy then has her put on a blindfold for a surprise. In walks two black guys with giant black dicks and masks on. One says “You never touched black guy’s dick before?” And she replies “no never will.”

She takes the blindfold off and is shocked and refuses to touch the disgusting black dicks. The black dicks are around 12 inches+ long and look fake. She starts sucking both of them before she’s on her knees getting fucked by one and sucking the other. She’s then on her back, reverse cowgirl, then spoon fucked before they both cum in her mouth.

The girl wasn’t that hot and the sex was really bad. Lots of bended cocks and fucking with just the tip in that looked stupid.

(Scene Rating: 1 ½ out of 5 stars)


Nicole is outside in an orange bikini. She has straight blonde hair and is cute. They bring her back to their place and talk. The sex start with her on the couch on all fours getting fucked from behind by one guy and sucking the other one off. Then reverse cowgirl, spoon fucking, then her on her back before they cum on her.

The scene was average. She was cute but the sex was boring.

(Scene Rating: 2 ½ out of 5 stars)

Bonus Scene


Teens for Cash #10

Two old guys see a cute girl outside promoting her brothers band. She’s got redish brown hair in pigtails and shades on with a blue shirt and a blue jean skirt. She’s 18 and says yesterday was her birthday. They talk to her a little outside and zoom in on her nipples that are hard in her blue shirt. They take her inside and she takes her clothes off and has a really nice little teen body. They take turns face fucking her and talk some about pricing.

The action begins with her riding one of them with a nice view of her little round white ass. The angle moves to the front showing her nice tits and tight body as she rides it for a great raincoater moment. She has a really nice ass and we get a good angle of her legs squeezed and pinned to her ass. She then looks really cute in reverse cowgirl for another great raincoater moment as she gets a little loud. The action moves to her face down on a cock and ass up getting fucked. We get a nice view of her getting faced fucked as she lays on her back with her mouth open. The scene ends with them cumming on her face.

The scene was really hot and the girl was a really cute teen.

(Scene Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 stars)

(Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars)

Overall there were 2 good teen scenes with Sandy and Phoebe in the bonus. Addison’s scene was also good but the camera guy talked too much during the scene and you could hear wind in the van from a window being cracked. Overall this DVD was a 2 ½ but the bonus scene, which is a scene from another DVD pushes it to a 3.

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