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Just Jenna

Just Jenna

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Just Jenna:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Just Jenna overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Just Jenna Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Just Jenna Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Just Jenna Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Just Jenna Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Just Jenna DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Just Jenna A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/22/2010
Well fans I have a big treat today and that's giving you a few words on the newest dvd from performer/ director Jenna Haze. She went beyond the call of duty here putting herself in each and every scene giving you 9 all told, 5 with guys and 4 steaming solo teases. If you remember back a few years Jenna made a big return splash with the Jenna Haze Darkside dvd, well it's been awhile so she's come back with another title on her own this time showcasing all her talents. Anyone who's watched porn and in particular her work over these last several years know that talent/ appeal is considerable so having a new work that gives us multiple chances to enjoy these is one not to be missed and I have no doubts her rabid fanbase will snap this bad boy up when it's available.

Jenna Haze with Kieran Lee:

So we get this party started with Jenna wearing black/white bar, panty combo. The fuck me eyes are working their magic right off as the camera moves in close. Jenna shows off the heels too but I was much more keenly interested when the shot moved to her ass or back around to that mesmerizing face. Jenna also lets a few fingers dip in to lightly touch her cookie. I don't think there can ever be enough ass footage captured of Jenna Haze's backside-- seeing perfection like that has a way of staying with you! Kieran joins in and Jenna wastes little time in working his cock into her mouth. Besides giving great tease Jenna is also known for some amazing head, Kieran is the lucky recepient here. Kieran is cool with some reciprocal oral, getting that already pussy ready for a bit more aggressive action. As you might expect we receive a healthy dose of cowgirl when the sex commences and we don't forget anal either plus Jenna's honey tongue is working the dirty talk quite a bit here. Wow nearly an hour into the scene we arrive to the pop which finds its desired destination within Jenna's mouth, cleanup too.

Jenna solo:

Well after that sizzling start we need some alone time to recooperate! Jenna, however, has different ideas tempting us right away with pink lingerie and there are more superb ass shots as we enjoy this bit of 1-1 with just us and Jenna. The footage keeps on coming as we move around the house following Miss Haze who pipes in with a few choice words as her body is revealed. The picture quality is excellent too and this really comes into play with those juicy closeups!! I was surprised she did all this hot tease and not one toy used.

Jenna with Jules Jordan:

We go from one hot tease to another with Jenna now changing colors from pink to predominantly blue with traces of black including the mesh stockings. Well the tease is short this time but we replace that with some hot footage of Jenna working in Jules's cock. Those pretty eyes staring out to us as she's taking care of business! There's more awesome cowgirl footage captured with multiple P2Ms too from Miss Haze as they hit a couple other shots. This scene seemed a little shorter but what a finish as Jules stands over Jenna and blasts off nutting all over that cute face but plenty also reaches inside her mouth.

Jenna solo:

Well we reach the second solo scene and what a view too as the camera slowly pans over finding a familiar target, Jenna's ASS!! The outfits are showing a nice variety too as we go from scene to see, this one is a print of black/white sorta like a dalmations spots. Jenna's working some shades this time too but pushed down slightly so we still get a look into those piercing eyes. Holy shit the view then returns to the backside but working in a ground view and we get more hot looks from Jenna as she looks down upon us, sorry Jenna but we're perving on your booty!! Pussy lips say hello and Jenna works in a toy this time sucking on it as well as letting it slip inside, lucky piece of rubber! Another fine pause in between the harder action we're enjoying.

Jenna with Manuel Ferrara:

We move to the finale on disc one and it's another sexy outfit for Jenna, in three parts with a nice white lace stocking covering those legs. The lighting was a little darker here, perhaps it was just using natural light but it gave a slightly different view- not a bad one mind you!! Jenna rocks it per usual letting a few fingers dip inside, in anticipation of Manuel! Well he joins in and the lighting changes back to normal and Manuel is all over it, kissing his way down to her pussy. Jenna's purring in no time as the frenchman works his magic, the ladies love Manuel and tonguing their ass just might have something to do with it!! After that rocking oral/ ass tongue bath Jenna is more than willing to return the favor engulfing Manuel, deep throating as much as she can. The oral perhaps was a bit short by Jenna's standards but still great. The scene keeps the momentum going into the fucking, lots of good pussy pounding here including more cowgirl plus there's P2M. Manuel closes this side firing off several ropes to Jenna's waiting face/ mouth. I'd say that was pretty good but wait there's more! Disc two awaits.

Jenna solo:

On we go opening with Jenna doing some solo luving. The outfits top is see thru, nice and the bottom gives just enough booty to keep you interested. Jenna's working the dirty talk on us too as she bends over- you don't stand a chance!! The bottoms go leaving just the black mesh stockings between us and that ass which is shown off in yet another amazing close up. Jenna's teases us so badly here too, this video is the closest we'll actually get to having her, ouch! But so true!!! Dirty talk overdrive here fans as Jenna lets us have it while still providing a vital service showing that sizzling hot body.

Jenna with Charles Dera:

Moving to the next scene we join Jenna at the start as she's walking up some stairs. Pink thong on and we get some early ass luv as we go ground level. Jenna works her way to the big living room and onto a couch where her fingers get that pussy ready for action. Charles comes striding into frame, shirtless and with black pants on. He leans down to say hello kissing and touching those titties. Jenna's hands are still busy down below soon joined by Charles's tongue. A quick dip with the cock in her pussy gets those juices on it so Jenna gets some early P2M in. How about a little POV head too, just a bit and she gets in a few ball sucks too, Jenna being nasty for us. There is some good power face fucking captured in this but it comes at the price of to much man ass, lol. Reverse and cowgirl highlight the fucking with more P2M from Jenna. It's a mish finish leading to Charles splooging up Jenna's belly, what no facial, that's to bad as it was a good load too.

Jenna solo:

We get one last chance here to appreciate Jenna in solo action. We again get her in pink with some white as well, lace stockings. As the music pipes in we get Jenna walking into the house and we watch from a short distance as she strikes a pose, then working her way confidently towards us. If you can possibly stand it and your cock isn't numb there's more ass quivering as we yet again get that booty showcased. The music stops eventually replaced by Jenna's sounds as she works another orgasm from her pretty pussy, the picture has throughout been a strong point of this dvd and more closeups only help that here. Jenna taking her thong off and tasting it was a new one on me, luved that! Jenna brings a purple toy in for a little help in getting off.

Jenna with Erik Everhard:

So we get one last scene and this one is a little different from the others. Jenna starts off in front of a computer doing some work-- she's in a nice white shirt and skirt outfit. Jenna then receives a call and goes to get Erik from his office. But things go bad when Erik sits Jenna down. I guess she's not been doing the best job for him, bringing the wrong file and I think she charged some shoes on his Visa-- not good!! I guess she's taken some naughty pics too and copies found their way into the files Erik was given so at least the two have a point of negotiation they can go from in remedying this situation. Erik gets a good hands on take on her ass before moving down to face dive between her thighs. The cock then comes out through the trousers with Jenna pouncing on it as we get a side bj view. Erik then gets a few more licks in with finger play too before replacing each with his cock, piston fucking Jenna in mish. A good cowgirl ride is captured too and this finale also offers up some anal for Miss Haze, some breathy dirty talk too as Erik eases in her backdoor. Cowgirl anal, nuff said! You get reverse and spoon anal too- the spoon shot has Jenna's ass turned facing out to us as opposed to the normal way this is shot. Jenna does A2M too, alright! Pretty good open mouth pop to close it with cleanup from Jenna.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a great chance to appreciate the talents of Jenna Haze, no doubt about it. Lots of sexy outfits, lots of tease with some great emphasis on her ass. I was a little surprised to see not a lot of anal but we get plenty of pussy fucking with no shocker strong focus on her ass in cowgirl/ doggie. As for extras you get some BTS and there's a bonus scene so hello one final chance to indulge your Jenna Haze obsession! Ass tease, POV bj and a swallowed pop-- well done Miss Haze! No surprise this is a must have for Jenna Haze fans.

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