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Linus Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars 4.5 starsJulian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars 4.5 starsJulian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars 4.5 stars
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Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars

Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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MD James's ratings for Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  1/3/2005

Title: Julian’s POV All-Stars
(A.k.a. "POV All-Stars" or "Julian’s POV Pin-ups All-Stars")
Released by: Platinum X Pictures
Reviewed by
MD James

One of the big things about a Point-Of-View (POV) video is giving the viewer the illusion of actually being there with the girl. What is it really like to have sex with this beautiful woman?

Well if you could only get just ONE of these videos… THIS is the one to get!

There are three key things that set this video apart from any other that this reviewer has seen.

First, obviously, the women. Julian’s POV All-Stars is just that… nothing but first person POV sex with some of the hottest names in the industry. There are no fresh-off-the-bus women in this group. If you haven’t seen them in a video, you’ve at least heard about them.

Second, the surrogate playing "you". That’s Julian. Hey, this is fantasy, right? Well if we’re going to have the illusion of having sex, then why not have someone representing the viewer who HAS something substantial down there? And he’s smart enough to not interrupt the scene with some narration. Yes, we know he’s a lucky SOB for being able to have sex with all of these beautiful women, and he doesn’t rub that tidbit in.

Third, it’s pretty clear that the women are the ones that set the tone in this one. You don’t hear too much from Julian other than a quiet announcement of his imminent orgasms.

Okay, so the first lovely lady is Jewel De’Nyle. Since this is one of the last videos before Jewel retired from being in front of the camera, I was hoping that Jewel would make this one memorable, and she certainly did not disappoint this reviewer! Starting out in maroon bra and panties, she plays with the viewer for a while, slowly taking off her clothes and getting herself ready for fucking. She plays with herself and brings herself to a nice orgasm before demanding to suck on "your" cock. It’s a great view to look down and see this beautiful woman suck cock, and to do so with a purpose. After she sucks on that cock for a while, she demands to get fucked… and of course "you" (Julian, actually) are eager to oblige.

The great thing about this little sex romp is that we get to see Jewel have an orgasm… not just once, but multiple times. She’s not shy about letting the viewer know it either. We go through several positions, including one anal, before she jerks "you" off into her mouth. Watching her dribble it back out of her mouth isn’t really appealing, but just seeing the look on her face through it all is really the best part of this video.

Our next girl is Holly Body. Now this reviewer remembers Holly quite well from those early "Babewatch" series… and she wasn’t hard to miss because she had great breasts. But it looks like Holly paid another visit to the plastic surgeon, because her lips are a little bit puffier than before. She also looks a little confused at first, but once she moves to a big metal chair in the living room, she seems to know what she wants to do. She shows us her big breasts, talking dirty to us as she works herself out of her white little shorts and then plays with her pussy. She brings herself to a modest orgasm before demanding "your" cock to suck on. She goes to down on it for a while before spinning around and demanding it be shoved into her doggie-style. There’s a lot of footage of "your" cock and her butt, bringing her to another nice orgasm, before taking a quick break. She sucks on it for a while, then sits down on the sofa and lets you take her missionary. Some nice close-ups of her face and breasts in this position. Then "you" sit down, and she sits down on your cock. She’ll even spin around and do you in reverse cowgirl for a while before jerking "you" off for the pop-shot. Not too bad.

Next up, we have a beautiful blond woman wearing fishnet pants and a matching fishnet top walking down a flight of stairs. This is Jessica Darlin, and she also lives up to her name. She leads us down the rest of the stairs into a nice living room with a roaring fireplace. She gets on the sofa and pulls the fishnet clothing just far up her breasts and just far down her legs so she can play with herself. She pulls the pants completely off, and we get to see a nice close-up view of her playing with herself. She gets herself off, and then she goes after "your" cock.

It’s here that the POV perspective seriously takes a backseat here. In previous scenes the POV view gets the occasional third person (3PV) shot, especially when the POV perspective would be basically more of the same. But these usually were close enough to give the impression of it still being a POV view. Here, with Jessica, we clearly see Julian playing "you" as she takes his cock so far in it hits her gag reflex. (It’s not really appealing.) She does that again after the view switches back to the POV perspective and then goes for some doggie-style fucking. Julian likes to keep the POV view tight on his cock and her ass, so we again switch over to 3PV for a bit to see Jessica’s face as this is going on. We go from doggie to missionary, and he brings her to another orgasm. Then we switch on over to cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl, then anal-doggie, before she does the two-fisted jerk-off to completion. It wasn’t AS good as Jewel’s scene, but still pretty good.

Our fourth POV All-Star is Teri Weigel, and she is in her super-sultry mode as she steps out wearing a black bustier and matching panties. She lays down on the rug and starts taking off her clothes, talking dirty as she does. Once she crawls to the couch and plays with herself, it doesn’t take long for her to get to a modest orgasm. Then, of course, she needs some dick. She sucks on it at first, then takes it from behind. She’s quiet about it at first, but she soon brings up the decibels as she reaches her second orgasm. From there we go to missionary, then to the floor for cowgirl, and then reverse cowgirl, and then back to cowgirl, then back to reverse cowgirl for one more vocal orgasm, then she jerks "you" off to completion. Definitely the best scene next to Jewel’s steamy romp.

Then we have Amber Lynn, wearing a nice crisscrossed red-and-white swimsuit. She quickly takes off the swimsuit and plays with herself standing up. She brings the action over to a chair and brings herself to a modest orgasm. Then, of course, it’s time for some cock. Again, much like Jessica’s scene, we are put back into a clearly 3PV perspective for no clear reason. But after some sucking, it’s time for some fucking, and Amber crawls up on a bed and lets Julian takes her from behind. Again we jump back and forth between POV and clearly 3PV views. After getting fucked to orgasm, she pulls out and turns around so she could be taken in missionary position. You can probably guess the pattern after that, right? Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and then she jerks him/"you" off. Good, but not as good as either Jewel’s or Teri’s romps.

Our last girl in this video is Dee, and this time we start off outside with her wearing a nice black-and-pink dress. She walks us over to a lounge chair and slowly works herself out of her dress and black panties. Then she sits up at the edge of the chair and plays with herself, talking dirty along the way. Then she gets up and leads "you" into the house. She kneels down in front of "you" (sitting on a sofa) and starts sucking on "your" cock. Again, a couple of 3PV shots, but it’s mostly still POV. Then she gets on your lap and brings you inside her in cowgirl position. Then she switches to reverse cowgirl, and we switch between POV and 3PV views. Then Dee demands to be taken from missionary, so of course we gotta change positions. Nice view of her having an orgasm from this position. Then she crawls off the bed for some doggie action before we see her jerk "you" off for the required facial shot.

In terms of extras, we have some nice behind-the-scenes video with each of the stars, including a nice Q&A with Holly and Teri, some quick video of four of the stars doing a photo shoot, a cumshot recap of each of the stars, a photo gallery with music, five trailer videos, and a link to the Platinum X Pictures website. Definitely above and beyond your typical fare of extras.

In terms of a POV video, it comes up a little short, with too many clearly 3PV perspectives in the mix. That is the only thing that keeps this reviewer from giving a full "best" rating. But as an adult video, in and of itself, it is definitely one to get, especially with the stellar sex scenes with Jewel, Teri, and Dee. It is definitely worth paying full price for.

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