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zarinafan Juicy White Booty 3 3.5 starsJuicy White Booty 3 3.5 starsJuicy White Booty 3 3.5 stars
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Juicy White Booty 3

Juicy White Booty 3

Studio: Black Ice
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Juicy White Booty 3:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Juicy White Booty 3 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Juicy White Booty 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Juicy White Booty 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Juicy White Booty 3 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Juicy White Booty 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Juicy White Booty 3 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Juicy White Booty 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  6/8/2008

The Little Details

Running Time: 123 min.

Production Date: 2 / 5 / 2008

Director: Lee G.

Cast: Amber Peach, Brianna Love, Miss Lady, Phyllisha Anne, Ricki White, Nat Turnher, Prince Yahshua, and Rock

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: With Brianna Love and Amber Peach I can't help but have some expectations for this one.

Initial Reaction: Yawn.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting white girls and black guys

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting anything that feels the least bit creative.

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is clear and well balanced. Although there aren't many background noises, you do get to hear the cast being given a few directions. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks okay. There's a little extra softness to it that just doesn't work for it, and something about the lighting just seems a little off.

Music: There's music with a definite urban feel to it during the tease sequences, but it quickly disappears when the main action begins. Sadly, the few times there is a little dialogue starting out the scenes it's so loud you can't really make it out.

Menus: The main menu blends a couple stills with a clip from the movie with a very cheesy and kind of sloppy look that didn't do anything for me. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a scene number. Once you choose a scene you're given the name of the girl in the scene and allowed to choose where you want to go in the scene sexually.

The Feature

Juicy White Booty 3 goes with the standard interracial porn formula. Let the girls show off a bit then give them a black guy to work them over.

Scene 1 Ricki White and Prince Yahshuh

Ricki, a brunette with small titties and ample ass, starts out showing off her ass in a little pink swimsuit before heading into the shower. She washes up and plays with herself, and when Prince Yahshuh shows up at the door and there's no answer he peeks in on her through the window. She chews him out telling him to get in there when she sees him peeping and then chews him out before having him strip down and join her in the shower. He drops down to worship her ass and lick her holes from behind before she has him sit down so she can suck his cock. They head to the bedroom where they work on each other orally a bit more before Ricki gets up to ride him cowgirl style. She turns around to ride him reverse cowgirl style before letting him take her doggie and missionary. They roll it around into another cowgirl ride, and finally Prince Yahshuh pulls out and dribbles a decent load onto her ass.

This scene doesn't come close to making it to the average mark. Ricki's ass is okay, but far from 'juicy' and her tits are small and saggy. Throw in a mole piercing that's an instant turn-off for me and Ricki's looks did nothing for me. Then add in average at best chemistry with little or no apparent direction and lackluster editing and you're sure to have a scene that makes you glad to have a remote control. This scene lasts almost a half hour and feels like it's much longer.

Scene 2 Amber Peach and Prince Yahshuh

While at the car wash, Prince Yahshuh can't help but notice brunette Amber and her big booty. He takes her up on her offer to help clean her car, and then takes her up on her invitation and follows her back to her place where she slowly strips down as he rubs oil into her back, ass, and legs. Prince Yahshuh moves on to worship her ass and tongue her holes from behind before Amber turns around to suck his cock. Amber gets up to ride him cowgirl style, and puts out plenty of energy as well as some nice vocals with Prince Yahshuh going the extra mile to pick her up and fuck her cowgirl style in midair before setting her back down to fuck missionary style. After he fucks her a bit Amber has him slide on what looks like the disposable Omazing vibrating cockring, and they continue in missionary, reverse cowgirl, and doggie with the cockring never being used to provide her the pleasure it can as well. They go back to fucking cowgirl style before Prince Yahshuh pulls out and pops on Amber's ass.

This scene hovers around the average mark. Amber's nicely vocal and energetic, and also has a nice big ass. Sadly, she's also starting to look a little out of shape which doesn't help her big ass too much. Once again the overall direction and editing is lacking, and the scene dragged a bit rather than having a smooth flow to draw me in. The toy use was almost a joke, and the pop lacked due to being the same thing as in the previous scene. Amber had the potential to make this a great scene, but everybody else held it back.

Scene 3 Phyllisha Anne and Prince Yahshuh

As dirty blonde Phyllisha shows off and strips down from a red bikini in a pool, Prince Yahshuh moves in to start licking her underwater. She plays with her ass underwater before coming out to help Prince Yahshuh out of his shorts and into her mouth. Phyllisha gets up to ride him in the pool before Prince Yahshuh flips her over for a little missionary work and then takes her inside to get his knob gobbled and ridden a little more. She turns around to ride Prince Yahshuh with each of her holes, and has him keep fucking her ass doggie style. Phyllisha sucks him clean before letting him fuck her pussy missionary style. They go back to fucking cowgirl style, and finally Prince Yahshuh busts a nut in her ass for Phyllisha to push back out, but it never comes and they don't seem like they want to try.

This scene didn't do much of anything for me. Phyllisha has an old white trash vibe about her that didn't do anything for me, and having Prince Yahshuh in three scenes in a row also didn't help anything. There is some decent chemistry between them and the anal cream pie is a dud. They act like they try to find it, but Prince Yahshuh barely had the head of his cock in her ass and he didn't show any velocity with his previous pops. This looks more like Prince Yahshuh was having problems popping and they were covering for it with an anal cream pie. This is another scene that can't get past the average mark.

Scene 4 Miss Lady and Nat Turner

When Nat sees smoke coming out from under Miss Lady's door, he goes in to find her laying on the floor in some sexy black and pink lingerie. He moves in to drag her away from the smoke machine and to the bedroom, and then starts massaging her pussy and slapping her thighs to bring her back around. She sucks his cock in return before letting him fuck her missionary style, and then gets up to ride him cowgirl style. They keep it doing doggie style and spooning before Nat pulls out and pops on Miss Lady's pussy.

This is one of the best scenes in the movie. Miss Lady has a very nice body and puts out some nice vocals and decent energy. She also has nice chemistry with Nat, who in addition to being a nice change of male talent just plain brings more to the scene. This is a nice scene despite the usual problems behind the camera.

Scene 5 Brianna Love and Rock

After showing off her big booty kneeling on a stool, mega-babe Brianna is found in bed waking up and grabbing a black dildo to work on herself with. Rock watches her work herself over before Brianna busts him and invites him over, and then moves in to tongue her as she fucks herself with her toy. They head to the bedroom where Brianna sucks his cock and lets him eat her a bit more before getting on all fours for him to take her from behind. Brianna keeps showing off her big beautiful booty riding Rock cowgirl style before they go back to fucking doggie style. Finally Rock pulls out and pops on Brianna's asshole.

This is possibly the best scene in the movie. As usual the camera work and editing leaves a bit to be desired, but as always Brianna puts out some nice vocals as well as a great body. Rock also adds a bit of humor to the mix watching her work herself over, and provides a decent hard cock and a bit of chemistry. This is an above average scene, but for those wanting to see Brianna take on black dick I doubt they'll be disappointed.

Juicy White Booty 3 is a pretty forgettable release, which is too bad. There's some nice talent here, namely Brianna Love, Amber Peach, and Miss Lady, and the three of them put up a valiant effort to save the movie. Unfortunately, the direction, camera work, and editing are completely uninspired and often left the scenes dragging or just plain feeling like nobody cared about them that much. There is a good attempt to focus on the asses here, but it also does so in a way that avoids the rest of the body making you think that the girls must be hideously ugly or horribly deformed in some way. Juicy White Booty 3 has potential, but doesn't come close to harnessing it.

The Extra Stuff

Two photo galleries are included, one a glamour gallery lasting bout three and three quarter minutes and the other a hard gallery lasting almost four and a half minutes. In each case you get about five seconds per good looking snapshot. Trailers are included for New Luvas For Da Brothas, Black Bubble Butt Hunt 3, Whole Lotta Azz 2, and Black Ass Orgy 2. There's also cumshot recaps and a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts almost a minute and a quarter. After a little shower footage from Ricki you get Amber helping her man with a sexy toy to help get her off. This featurette is so minimal that it not only doesn't add anything to the overall release, but almost seems like an insult to those who watch it.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, masturbation, interracial, rimming (male > female), toys, anal, ass to mouth, and cream pie (anal)

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most of Black Ice's DVDs can be found online for between about $16 and $25 with a few stores offering them near the lower end. Rent this one first or aim low. The asses are okay, and while the sex is okay the camera work and editing are often very uninspired. The technical aspects are okay, while the extras don't show enough effort to get past the average mark. This release doesn't come close to living up to its potential.

Note to Black Ice: If you're going to use girls like Brianna Love, please have people competent enough behind the camera that the talent doesn't seem wasted.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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