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Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads

Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  6/15/2006
I am guessing US Male had some spare change so they decided to put it to use and produce Jr. Dads ‘n Athletic Lads. Paul Baressi is the producer, writer, and director and I am not sure if he just sucks at this or was he working with a dollar store budget when it came to sets, script and casting models. Having seen his films before I knew to expect a low budget film and one with little imagination when it came to directing, but one can still hope for a cast that is at least hot to watch.

In the first scene, it becomes apparent they are using the same set and weight equipment used in the first scene of Dads and Lads. Nick Young, an athletic built guy is working out at the universal machine and is joined by Pete Ross. Both of these guys are featured on the DVD box cover. Pete is a cute blonde with some body piercings—his nipples, his dick, his scrotum, and navel. He has a hole in his nose where apparently a piercing had been. Aside from the piercings he has a nice athletic built body. Nick is a bit more ripped. Pete convinced Nick to get up from the machine and he jumps down to start sucking Nick’s huge uncut dick. They skip the kissing or any other type of foreplay. The sucking goes on for quite a while and then Nick bends over for Pete to lick his ass and suck his dick more. He slides up under Nick’s dick to suck on it. On the box cover, it says that Pete was nominated in the GayVN awards for Best Newcomer and Best Performer, but I am not impressed with his work here. He is all over the place moving around. We are 14 minutes into this scene and all we have seen is Pete sucking and rimming. Nick has really done nothing but stand and bend until they move over to the weight bench and does some rimming and then shoves his monster dick in Pete’s hole to fuck him doggy style. They do some position changes and Pete rides Nick's dick cowboy and reverse cowboy style. They finish with Nick straddling Pete’s face and Nick shoots on Pete’s chest. Pete is still soft, but manages to shoot his load.

Just when I thought the first set was so lame, we get Stonie being massaged by Jack Sanders to open the second scene. The massage is taking place on what appears to be a large coffee table with a big cushion on it. Stonie is a small-framed guy who has done dozens of films. He is wearing only a pair of briefs. Jack is a daddy type with an average looking frame. Jack does the massage thing to Stonie who is laying on his front. He pulls off the briefs to work Stonie’s glutes and show off Stonie’s hot ass. His ass is definitely his best feature. Jack takes off his own shirt and begins working more on Stonie’s ass shoving his tongue up in there to lick it. Jack does seem to have the erotic massage thing down pretty well. Jack rims Stonie for quite some time and Stonie looks relaxed through it all. Jack finishes undressing himself and puts his cock in Stonie’s face and the little guy starts sucking the big dick staring at him. Jack appears to have trouble getting any wood here, even with a cock ring on. We are 15 minutes into this scene and Stonie has yet to get up from the table or turn over. The scene finally changes and Stonie is pumping away at Jack’s ass fucking him doggy style. I am normally used to seeing Stonie on the receiving end of a fuck. The fucking is pretty monotonous with only the doggy style and a flip over to do missionary style fuck. Stonie pulls out and moves over to stand over Jack. Jack shoots his load first and the camera barely catches it in time to see Stonie’s cumshot.

In the third scene, Daniel Vale and Steven Richards are introducing themselves to each other in front of a couch in a living room. Whose house is this and how did they get in without anybody knowing each other? Steven begins asking Daniel about his goals in getting into shape. I am guessing that Steven is playing the role of a personal trainer. Note to Paul—if you are going to write a script involving something like this, first of all find a guy who looks like he could be a personal trainer and find a set that would resemble a gym. Steven begins to put Daniel through some exercises and its obvious neither one knows what he is doing. He finally has him stop and Steven stands and pulls out a big dick and Daniel begins sucking it. Steven’s shirt disappears and he pulls off Daniel’s. They mysteriously move to the couch and Daniel is still sucking Steven’s cock. Steven is more of a daddy looking with a slim build and Daniel is much younger and also with a slender build. Daniel comes out of his clothes and Steven sucks his big piece of meat. These guys in this video may not be much to look at or show much interest in each other, but they definitely are packing some big meat sticks. Both of these guys are having trouble getting hard, but they must have taken a break or something because the scene changes and Steven is pounding away at Daniel’s ass fucking him doggy style. They fuck for a bit and Steven pulls out shooting a big gob of cum over Daniel’s back. Daniel does not shoot.

In the final scene Patrick Ives is sitting on a bench that appears to be a locker room; however, poor cameraman attention will later show us it is some old lockers placed up against a fake wall. Rico Pierre walks in and begins rubbing Patrick’s shoulders. Patrick is a beefy stud with probably over 100 films to his credit. Rico is this dark skinned twink that looks like he may weigh 95 pounds. Rico stops rubbing the shoulders and is down sucking Patrick’s dick. They do a couple of different positions before settling with Patrick laying back on the bench and Rico sucking away. Patrick almost looks like he has fallen asleep while Rico sucks feverishly. Patrick gets up and Rico continues sucking. I am a big fan of Patrick’s but this is one of his worst performances. He never sucks Rico’s dick and he has definitely sucked a lot of cock in his previous films. Rico moves to get into position to take Patrick’s fucking doggy style and you notice this huge donkey dick hanging off Rico—a big dick that goes unattended to in this scene. These two say little to each other and there is no background music in this scene so it’s a quiet scene, and boring. The intensity picks up about a minute before Patrick is ready to blow his load. Rico lays back while Patrick stands over him. Patrick squeezes out a small cum shot and Rico delivers the biggest cum shot in the entire film. It’s a huge load of jizz.

Extras include trailers from numerous videos in the US Male library, website info, photo gallery, and some cast interviews. These are a little interesting, however, Stonie sits there in his sunglasses wearing his earbuds from his mp3. Patrick and Rico do not participate in the interviews. Stonie might as well not have showed up for it.

This video was pitiful. The set was pitiful, the script was pitiful, the acting was pitiful, the directing was pitiful, the guys were not into each other, and they were not attractive. The one redeeming factor is that these guys had huge dicks on them, even if some of them got little or no attention. The video is not even worth renting.

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