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BIGmike Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 4 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 9 4 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 9 4 stars
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Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9

Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  6/11/2003
Service Animals 9
Evil Angel
Joey Silvera
Sugar Kaine, Jeanie Rivers, Kacey, Bisexual Britni, Fiona Cheeks, Faith Evans, Felix Vicious, Mark Davis, Brandon Iron, Darren James, Joey Silvera, Billy Glide, Justin Slayer
Running time:
2hrs 13mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

I don't know quite why, but when it comes to a choice, Joey Silvera all too often gets muscled down my wants list by the usual suspects. So finally he has my undivided attention, and with some really nice natural girls and some serious sexual athletes on the roster, Service Animals 9 looks like a fine place to get in deep.

Faith and Jeanie
The movie opens on a knockout shot of Jeanie Rivers' tights-clad ass as she crawls up stairs…

...I interrupt this review to bring you the news that Joey Silvera is god. I have seen the light and it shines from Jeanie Rivers' ass…

If anyone was to ask me what it is that I really want to see in a porno movie, top of the list would be shots like this of Jeanie's perfect full butt and rounded thighs all irresistibly wrapped in shimmering sheer nylon. Then she turns round and reveals tan lines tracing her perky tits. Oh boy. This is too much. Add to this the gorgeous, vivacious Faith having naughty fun in a boiler room with Mark, and we have the makings of a superb scene - Mark has his hands full with this mischievous duo.

Both girls are nicely curvy and eager in attitude, though dark-haired Faith shades the match with her impressive deep throating ability. Lots of cock sucking and some really hot kissing help build a smouldering mood. The girls kiss properly for once and Faith really gets her face into Jeanie's pussy. There's a little playful choking (which may sound like an oxymoron, but believe me, it's just fooling around compared to what comes later in the movie) and simply one great shot after another of butts and tits and all that good stuff.

The trio move to a couch in another room. My sole (no pun intended)complaint about this scene is that Jeanie's tights are completely removed, but then that does reveal her sweet feet so it's far from the end of the world. This is, after all, a very specialised area of attraction! I guess this is all about those great little details that really set it apart, no more so than the way Faith just rides and rides on Mark's dick - I don't know if she really comes, but it sent shivers up my spine. I felt it anyway.

Mark nails sweet blonde Jeanie (who is so pretty and has such beautiful eyes, but is wearing way too much make-up) and then gives each girl a good doggy fuck over the end of the couch. Faith's exceptional oral skills are much in evidence too - she can really take it down without gagging and her bright, open attitude to this sort of sex makes for much less nerve-racking viewing. Mark finally spunks on their faces and they have a little kiss, but I could have done with lingering just a little longer after. Otherwise, I thought this was exceptional: the girls, the mood, the outfits, and the sex all come together so well. It's hard without being spiteful and that makes it great fun in my book.

Bisexual Britni and Felix Vicious

On the other hand, this scene is anything but light-hearted. I certainly think you'd need a strong character to play this rough, but I am not going to nanny these tough chicks. If this is the way they like to play, then so be it. It's hard to fathom how ones so young can be quite so nasty or so, for want of a better word, "sophisticated" in their sexual preferences. That is presuming, as it would appear, that they like to do this and not just because Mr Silvera's pay cheque says so. There are plenty more issues to debate around this sort of sex and my attitude is far from set.

What am I babbling about? Well, I shall attempt to provide a very mild flavour of
what happens. Extremely pale blonde Britni isn't my poster girl, let's be clear, but her attitude is interesting to say the least. She's posing about in a little plaid skirt and nothing else, showing Joey her ass and tits, when her friend - tall, tan, pretty Felix - shows up. Both girls have lots of tattoos and quite a few piercings between them (not to my taste - Felix has a particularly ugly piercing in her cheek). Britni, jealous of Felix's height and wannabe cool attitude, grabs her by the hair and forces her to eat pussy, bending the leggy girl down and slapping her face and tits as she berates her in crude terms. Felix seems to get a little tearful - no wonder, as she appears quite dazed by the vicious treatment at Britni's little hands. Felix gets the chance to dominate the smaller girl but her heart doesn't seem to be in it, even though Britni readily switches to the submissive role and whines pleadingly as Felix slaps her back.

Brandon Iron enters the fray and readily encourages the girls to be mean to each other, and the trio move inside to a garage where Brandon really pushes their limits in some phenomenally intense action. Merely watching this is like a slap in the face. It's hard to put it all together to relate it back to you, but let's just mention intense (that word again, not by chance) deep throating, masses of drool, slapping, spanking, spitting mixed with tender kisses and sweet pussy eating. It's an emotional roller coaster for the girls and they appear to be enthusiastic passengers. This is a pretty inadequate description of a scene in which Britni is choked till her face is purple (though note that she holds her breath herself after…she's a kinky girl all right). There's a fair bit of breath restriction of one form or another, by Brandon and by the girls on each other. The deep throat, or rather throat fucking, is right on the edge and some of the drool that the girls spit into each other's mouths - they're close friends of course! - looks kind of, uh, chunky…

While the rough stuff sails close to the wind, there's loads of fucking too, lots of great shots of Felix's smooth butt especially, and even Joey can't help jumping into the scene to try out Felix's oral technique. Britni returns to take Brandon's cock into her ass and finally he pops his load into Felix's mouth and she passes it to her girlfriend. Again, I am hardly doing the intensity of this stuff justice - it really is harsh but compelling viewing. I've been raking over this kind of stuff in my head lately, especially after The Fashionistas, and whether I really like it. I tend to find the crude abuse something of a turn off, but quite contradictorily I nearly explode when Britni shoves Felix's head into her ass and demands to know if she likes the taste of her shit! Oh my. I have the psychiatric appointment booked already.

Sugar Kaine
Posing in the bathroom for Joey's camera, zaftig blonde sweetheart Sugar gives us the chance to check out her full figure, her nipples pierced with little clear rings, as she raises her black lacy top, lifts her denim skirt and shows her big ass in girlish knickers. Having seen her a couple of times before (e.g. in Just Over Eighteen 3 and Young as They Cum 4), I must admit like her, even her tummy! Joey asks if she's ready to get roughed up a little. "Sure", she says, winsomely. Brandon, looking studious in specs, and Darren James check out her sturdy butt and thoroughly test her oral skills as she takes their cocks right into her throat. Darren ties her hands behind her back with her discarded top while Brandon tapes a pair of underpants (!) over her eyes as an impromptu blindfold. Sugar is utterly compliant with their wishes for some quite demanding deep oral, though it seems absolutely mild compared with the previous scene - the "roughing up" goes no further than a couple of smacks to that ample backside.

Talking of which, doggy is surely her position rather than reverse cowgirl. The bonds and blindfold are off as the chaps soundly fuck her, and in the latter position she becomes quite vocal and her whole body flushes pink. That's so sweet. Joey jumps into the scene again and kisses her soothingly while Darren squeezes it up her ass. Mr Silvera gently guides her head right onto his cock as she's properly fucked at both ends. Lots of deep anal and throat fucking till Joey pops on her mouth and the arm of the couch, and Darren unloads aimlessly on her bum. She tells us that she enjoyed getting fucked in the ass like that. That's good, Sugar, because I enjoyed watching her do it. This scene is unfortunately overshadowed through its position next to that preceding epic struggle, but it's good fun all the same. It's nice to see some playful bondage action during the sex for once too.

Another faintly unsettling sweetheart, brunette Kacey made a name for Ana/Dia a while back and looks a little fuller figured here, first in a black outfit with frilly tutu, playing piano (badly) like a crazed teen queen. Then she's in nothing more than white cotton panties while playing table football with Billy Glide - Justin Slayer is understandably interested in getting straight to the good stuff. A freeze frame of her sweet, pretty face with the caption "Ahh!" would appear to say it all.

Except that Kacey is another of the se terribly obliging girls who can swallow a gentleman's parts right into her throat. Oh, those beautiful, beguiling eyes as she sucks each cock right down, nuzzles their balls and gets herself fucked, by Billy in missionary and then by Slayer in doggy. A few smacks colour her sweet cheeks as she wriggles around deliciously in cowgirl. Things get a little nastier yet as she allows them to fuck her mouth before she takes Justin's cock right up her backside. There's another caption, to the effect that she'd rather suck and gag on cock than be fucked, so if true they take her at her word.

To add to the psychological confusion, Kacey shoots winning, girlish little smiles around in between being throat fucked. It's weird, it's almost like she's too nice to say any of the nasty stuff they want her to say but then she's begging them to come in her mouth. Of course, they do just that and she does one last round of deep throat to finish off. Most intriguing. There are lots of issues being batted around in this affair, which probably merit greater discussion, but I'll keep it completely superficial here and say it's rather stimulating and Kacey is an entrancing performer. Or in other words, it's hot and she's a nasty girl. Or something like that.

Fiona Cheeks
To finish, Joey supplies another very physical scene with Fiona, a blonde with braces who's anything but a little girl. She's a lean, long-legged, tiny-titted, tattooed, ruff, tuff kind of chick, as we see just as soon as she's done washing her painted tootsies and doing some cleaning. It's Brandon Iron who's doing the next cleaning chore - his tongue, her ass. Nice big ass, too. She pushes her rump back into his face to start off, and gets progressively meaner to him, though this is cleverly contrasted by some hot kisses between the stinging blows! She slaps him, repeatedly spits on his face and even chokes him, while Joey gets her to show off her muscles. Full credit to the oft-criticized Brandon for being able to take it as well as dish it out. The pair gets into quite a full-on physical struggle, after which Fiona reveals that she's something of a combat expert. This is all cool, fun stuff, which both parties are clearly into.

On to some fearsome deep throating, drool-laden and crude as Brandon tests her oral limits. Well, she did offer to suck his cock as it had never been sucked before! He fucks her in missionary on the couch and they exchange slaps, though it looks like she's more into fucking than fighting now. Which is exactly what happens - he takes her over a stool and back onto the couch in cowgirl. Fiona then stands on Brandon's chest and covers his mouth with her feet as she announces that she'll "squish you like a bug". No insects are harmed in the making of this movie. Next, she sucks his balls and he unloads in her mouth before they have a little romantic bout of sparring afterwards.

I can't say I honestly find Fiona attractive in the superficial sense, but that's surely not the point of this scene. There's a great dynamic between them in this scene, clearly this is how the pair like to play, or they at least give a good impression of that anyway. Once again, the combination of Joey's unique perspective and the highly committed contribution of some remarkable performers make for some compelling viewing, though as I feel about some of the earlier material, it's challenging viewing too.

I've been kicking myself at not seeing more of Joey's movies sooner. Sometimes he just doesn't cast girls who appeal to me, but as Service Animals 9 proves, that's only half the story. The other is the almost shambolic approach to creating sex scenes that's thankfully so far removed from the line 'em up, knock 'em off method that's all too prevalent right now. The result is really all about a feeling, not an act, a sex position or a feat of penetration, and I heartily approve of that. It's a world away from being just another regular suck, fuck & finish flick, that's for certain, as I am learning to expect from Mr Silvera. His camerawork is loose but still spot-on - like all the best directors, he puts the camera right there, just where it's needed.

Sure, sometimes things get very, very rough, maybe too rough, but I think the impressive cast are pretty much fit for it all. Despite the fact that I thought I was a liberated kind of guy, there are still times when I find it hard to fathom how such lovely girls (Faith, Jeanie and Kacey get my vote in particular, Felix too) can be so nasty, but then maybe there's a lesson about out-moded attitudes for me, as well as the possibility that there are some real "issues" kicking about too. Joey plays it laid back but he's a sharp observer, judging by some of the little comments he casually chucks in here and there, and I'd like to think there's a real sense that the rough stuff isn't done for shock or outrage value (there's very little hint of what's in store from the box cover, for example) but to show how deeply involving it can be. There's plenty replay value in this movie as well as lots of scope for debate.

For my own perspective, I think sometimes the rest of the movie goes away slightly from what really interests me after that first, inspired scene but that's not to decry it - my eyes, bulging as they were, remained glued to the screen throughout, wondering just what was going to happen next. It's a challenge, and to me that makes it more worthy of attention. On reflection, the emphasis on deep throat and throat fucking is perhaps in danger of being a fixation, but there's still plenty of variety, lots of character and different moods to appreciate. All the oddball touches of costume and situation only add to the unique vibe. I shall be seeking out more Service soon!

DVD Comments
The picture quality is sharp and bright and presents no serious issues, though I thought the sound was slightly ropey at times - maybe it was Britni's squealing that had damaged my hearing so I couldn't hear what was being said. The disc is a typically polished Evil Angel product and aside from the usual chapter menu, fetish menu, photo gallery and cast list, there's a nice 26 minute chunk of extra footage - Britni being eaten by Felix who's being fucked by Brandon, more great stuff of sweet Jeanie in her tights (she can't recall working for Joey before in Please! 4 - can anyone explain why?), Mark fingering Jeanie and especially the lovely Faith to distraction, and further molestation of sweetie Kacey.


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