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Gabriel Nine Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 4 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 9 4 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 9 4 stars
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Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9

Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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BIGmike's ratings for Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Joey Silvera's Service Animals 9 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  4/25/2003
Developed & Shot by Joey Silvera

SCENE ONE : Jeanie Rivers, a pretty hot blonde, crawls up some stairs in pantyhose, before standing and removing her bra to reveal a nice pair of natural tits topped with pointy nipples. Joey leaves her to go find Faith Adams, a pretty hot and natural bodied brunette wearing black stocking and a bikini, in a boiler room, with Mark Davis standing behind her kissing her neck and feeling her up. He tells the two of them that he has this little bitch from the old days coming in, and that she needs to be punished for being a little too pretty. Joey asks the 5’11” Faith some questions before Mark does that choking thing with her once, and then he leaves to get Jeanie. When Joey returns with Jeanie, they find Faith squatting down and sucking Mark’s dick. Mark fingers Jeanie’s pussy a bit, from under her pantyhose, and she then joins Faith in sucking his cock. Mark does that choking thing with Faith, again, and then twice on Jeanie before she bends over. After Jeanie bends over, the two of them pull the pantyhose down, and Faith starts tonguing her ass. Mark moves in behind Jeanie and fucks her pussy, as Joey is removing Faith’s bikini bottoms. Both girls give him a bit more oral before they move to a bigger, and more comfortable, room, where there’s a couch for the girls to lie back on. Mark gives both girls some oral and then Faith is first up to ride his cock, cowgirl style, with Jeanie there to deliver the P2M oral. After Faith deep throats Mark a bit, the girls switch up. Now Faith is bent over the arm of the couch, getting fucked in her pussy, while going down on Jeanie. Jeanie too gets fucked in her pussy while bent over the arm of the couch, and this pretty hot scene ends with Mark cumming on both their tongues.

SCENE TWO : Bisexual Britni, a decent looking, pale white, tattooed, and very blonde girl, wearing a plaid miniskirt, opens this scene by pointing at the camera and soon grinds her pussy on a motorcycle seat. Felix Vicious is standing at a distance, looking on, before she introduces herself, and it isn’t until Joey moves in closer that we see that she is a pretty hot and natural bodied 18-year-old brunette with a few too many piercings. The two girls now stand side by side, and even though Britni is a full head shorter than Felix, that doesn’t stop her from pulling her face down to her pussy. Britni gets demanding and rough, verbally degrading and slapping Felix around as she licks her bald pussy, before she turns around to have Felix “taste her shit”. Felix gets to return some of the roughness on Britni, having her lick her bald pussy, though briefly, because Brandon Iron walks over to them. It isn’t long before Britni is on her knees and having her head forced onto Brandon’s iron, getting a good skull fucking before they all move inside to continue. Once inside, Felix tries her mouth on Brandon’s cock, but Britni takes over, and they do some interesting spit swapping while moving through various positions of oral. Felix gets the iron first, with Britni placing her face near the action to give some P2M, plus she tongues Brandon’s ass a bit. The girls switch up, and the fucking continues, and Felix really digs into Brandon’s ass as he pounds Britni’s pussy, and chokes her on top of a pool table. Brandon returns some rimming onto Felix, as Joey gets in on the action, throat fucking her a bit, and she keeps sucking his cock as Brandon starts pounding her again. After Brandon finishes on Felix, he starts working Britni’s ass and pussy while choking her. Felix gets the last pounding by way of Brandon’s iron and gets treated to a mouthful of cum, which she spits into Britni mouth for her to swallow, and so ends a rough, yet pretty hot scene.

SCENE THREE : Sugar Kaine, a hot and “full bodied” blonde, opens this scene in a bathroom with text saying My choice for the best body in the world!! Now I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say something like that, but she does have a hot bod, and all natural. She pulls her top down and plays with her pierced nipples a bit before unbuttoning her miniskirt and pulling it up slightly in the back. When she turns around, we see that the white panties she is wearing have three cherries on the front, which she pulls aside to give a glimpse of her shaved pussy. She says she is 19 years old as Joey asks her a few questions, and he goes on to ask if she’s ready to be roughed around a little bit. After she responds with “a little bit”, and a “yeah”, she walks down some stairs to a room where Brandon Iron and Darren James wait. The two guys start feeling her up as they strip out of their clothes, and she is soon sucking on their cocks. They help her out of her top, then Brandon grabs some panties off the floor and puts it over her head, taping it on, as Darren uses her top to tie her hands behind her back, and she continues with some more cock sucking, spending more time on Brandon’s cock. Brandon removes the makeshift blindfold and she is soon bent over, on a couch, doggy style, with Darren fucking her pussy as she continues to suck Brandon’s , which seemed to be melting, so he exits the scene. Darren continues on though, moving onto her ass as Joey jumps in and start kissing her. Joey throat fucks her a bit and soon he cums in her mouth, but she spits it out, and then Darren cums on her ass, ending a pretty hot scene.

SCENE FOUR : Kacey, a very hot brunette, opens this scene up wearing a black top and a black sheer tutu, and with text saying she’s from Service Animals #6, and like always she does it her way. She sits down by a piano and “plays” it before she is wearing just a pair of white panties in another room, showing off her hot, natural, bod. She now plays a game of foosball with Billy Glide, as Justin Slayer feels her up. It isn’t long before Joey pulls her panties down, that the guys start sampling her holes. She sucks on Justin’s nipple, moving down to free his cock, removing it, and sucking it right away, taking him deep. Justin, being a nice guy, asks Billy if he wants some, so she starts working her mouth over his cock, and moves back to Justin. Billy starts pounding her pussy as she is lying back on a couch, then she is on the floor, on her hands and knees, sucking his cock, while Justin is in her pussy, from behind. She rides Billy’s cock, once again, and in an incredible, gyrating, fashion, sitting on his cock and moving her hips on it. She returns her mouth to Billy’s cock, again, and Joey asks her how old she is, and when she frees her mouth from his cock, she says she’s 19, and continues sucking it. She gets back on her back, and Justin taps that ass, pounding her deep, for a good but rather brief anal session, because she starts back up with sucking on the two cocks. She takes ‘em deep, going back and forth between them, with plenty of drool and gagging. There’s some text, on screen, that says At lunch break Kacey said she would perfer to suck on and gag on cock instead of getting fucked, which I guess that is true, because that’s what she does until the guys cum in her mouth. This is an unusually “scattered” scene, but very hot nonetheless.

SCENE FIVE : Fiona Cheeks starts this scene off by walking to a bathroom sink to wash her nice and pretty pink polished toes off. She puts her shoes back on and walks to yet another sink in a kitchen, all with some nice shots off her ass. We finally get a quick glimpse of her face, and when she smiles we also get to see that she has braces on her teeth. Joey finally gets a clear view of her natural body, and small tits, and we see that she is a cute blonde, with her hair cut to my favorite length, just above her neck. She pulls her panties aside and teases the camera a bit by showing off a bald pussy. Text, on screen, says ”Tuff Girl”… Looks like Brandon has met his match, and soon he appears. She is bossy, and gets what she wants, but has to slap him around, spits on his face, and chokes him and puts him in choke holds. Joey asks her what martial arts she studied; she answers, and goes on to say that no guy has beaten her yet. She squats down and starts sucking Brandon’s cock “like it’s never been sucked before”, and I’m sure that he’s had his dick sucked like the way she’s doing it, complete with gagging, before. He asks her if she wants to “fight or fuck” and her reply was “both”, so after he throat fucks her some more, they move to a couch where he pounds her, and they slap each other around. She only gets fucked vaginally, through a few quick positions, and then she walks on his chest and steps on his face, before he cums in her mouth, ending a very hot scene with her swallowing.

The movie ends with Fiona demonstrating her martial artistry by kicking Brandon in the stomach a few times, and the text Remember, you can’t please everybody!! pops up as the screen fades to black.

EXTRAS : Just under 26 minutes of extra footage [though not listed on the cover], a step through photo gallery, websites, filmographies, and cast list by scene.

OVERALL : Joey Silvera, while may not be pleasing to most, does shoot action packed sex excellently, and this volume, he has some decent looking to very hot and able performers who can give as good as they get, through the five scenes. The extra footage, which isn’t mentioned on the boxcover, is some outtakes from the second scene, and Joey asking Jeanie a bunch of questions, not actually in the first scene, as well as some footage from the fourth scene.

FINAL THOUGHTS : Scene one was hot, but I don’t think Jeanie was punished too severely, in fact this was a pretty tame scene, but filled with a good amount of deep throating as well as fucking. Both girls looked hot and both turned in solid performances to make this an enjoyable beginning, to a pretty enjoyable DVD. Scene two, with Bisexual Britni and Felix, was pretty hot, and I knew Britni was more than capable of being tossed around, but I haven’t seen much of Felix to draw the same conclusion. Scene three with the hot and “full bodied” Sugar Kaine, a girl I’ve only seen a handful of times, is a pretty hot scene, and not quite a rough as the previous scene. Scene four with Kacey, a girl who I have only seen once before, in the above mentioned Service Animals, and she is just too cute, and though the action is very hot, the scene seemed “fragmented”. The final scene with Fiona, a cute blonde who I think I’ve only seen once or twice, getting to slap Brandon around is cool, and though the sex is short lived, it is a great scene, and she gave as good as she got, no doubt.

This is a good mix of roughish sex, and a recommended title for fans of the series.

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--- BIGmike, over and out! ---

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