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Mosk79 Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24 4.5 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 24 4.5 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 24 4.5 stars
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Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24

Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Joey Silvera's Service Animals 24 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/13/2006
Welcome fans to the latest in Joey Silvera's Service Animals series. Seems like this one has a "sweet" theme to it and taking a gander at some of the female talent shot for this the word sweet does come to mind. You've got Aubrey Adams, Jenna Haze and Mia Rose just to name a few. I like how Joey keeps things pretty even in his scenes and let's the performers kinda do their thing. Just one more tidbit, for all you Mia Rose fans out there she does do another anal scene in this one and her partner is Steve Holmes so another experienced guy to take this budding star on a sexual journey. Let's hit a few highlights.

Kristal Jordan:

Alright we're off and running and Joey finds Kristal sitting outside and she wants to get a tan so off comes her top even as she's munching on some red vine licorice. Joey gives you a fine view of the young ladies body and she does some fellating to those ropes, makes you wonder how she'll do with a bigger piece of candy! She innocently asks if he minds if she takes her bottoms off and of course he doesn't mind and this leads to the licorice being used to stroke over her pretty pink pussy. Joey decides to get a little closer and he slips a couple fingers into Kristal's pussy, a very good POV close shot for this finger banging. The action then moves inside where we get more great close shots this time of Kristal's ass and damn it's a nice bubble. Mr. Silvera then gets a little pleasure thrown his way as Kristal starts massaging over the bulge in his pants and this is followed by Kristal fishing his dick out and stroking it before she takes it into her mouth. POV head at it's best here fans with very nice eye contact given by Miss Jordan. No sex for her in this scene but some real nice extended cock sucking kept my attention on the screen and she works out the load herself right into her mouth with some also splashing onto her face with Kristal using his cock to rub the jizz in. A nice bj to get this one underway.

Aubrey Adams:

This next girl is perhaps the cutest young girl to come in this year. Jay Lassiter and Tony Desergio come by to ask Joey if he'd given one of their daughters some candy and if so he wasn't supposed to do that. The dialogue was a little long for me, to much guy talk, lol. Well we flash forward to 3 oclock when the schools let out and Joey is going to show the two guys how he uses candy to get the hot chicks! We see Aubrey waiting for a ride and you can guess who's going to offer one. Well they don't do anything that day for some reason but we go ahead to the next one and we see Aubrey out again walking along and the guys slowly approach her. She just looks so cute and adorable with the pink shirt, blue jean skirt and her pretty blond hair is looking good too. Well they show off the candy they bought yesterday and this really gets Aubrey excited and she wants a piece and she takes it into her mouth like it's the sweetest thing she's ever had. Well they drop some candy on the seat and Aubrey isn't scared and she hops in to get at it and this leads to the fellas beginning to fondle her cute body. Of course she likes boys so this doesn't displease her at all. Back at Joey's place we get some kissing to Aubrey's perky titties and she's soon done eating candy and instead sucking two hard cocks and doing a fine job, loved her slow style combined with some sexy licks of her tongue around their heads. All vag sex of course, Aubrey hasn't done the anal plunge yet so far as I know but you get a good reverse, some mish and we get one pop to her face while she's being fucked down below. To add on to the candy theme she's got a piece of candy resting on her tongue as the guys pop, both get their loads in her mouth. Well it seems Miss Adams wasn't done and after Jay and Tony leave she gets a little greenback love from Joey and this leads to this sexy young tart fishing out his cock and we're treated to more fine POV head. No fucking here but a good bj leading to a pop shot up into Aubrey's mouth.

Jenna Haze:

Well this next girl is no stranger to just about anyone watching porn and this year was a banner year for Miss Haze as she made a triumphant return to fucking guys on camera. We find Jenna in an office it appears and she's wearing a very skimpy skirt, so skimpy in fact her ass is showing rather nicely as Joey's camera finds it. Jenna helps out too doing the bend over shot. She finally sees the camera and begins to show off for it. Such piercing eyes she has and quite the giggler too is young Miss Haze. Joey's soon zooming in on Jenna's neatly trimmed bush and then in walks Mark Davis and in no time we have Jenna leaning over his desk enveloping his cock. The dirty talk was flowing too and Jenna looked real sexy doing the doggie pose on the desk-- ass arching up skyward as she's giving head. Jenna then tilts her head backwards off the desk and Mark does some very good skull fucking-- she gets a real good strand of spit which she wraps around his cock, she gags but not terribly rough which was good. Lots of good knob polishing here by Jenna who then lies back on the desk and it's Mark's turn as he does a good job tickling her pussy lips and also slapping them several times. Mark then has Jenna hold her legs up and if she lets go at any time her job is toast so he teases her bigtime slapping her pussy harder and harder, then spitting on it and then a finger is slid inside her ass. He really tortures Jenna too fingering her pussy/ ass then replacing them with his cock. She's finally allowed to let go as he starts pounding her pussy. For those foot fans out there Mark does rip a hole in Jenna's fishnets and gives some serious toe head to Jenna's feet, both of them. Mark also uses those tootsies to help jerk his cock off some. Jenna looked real good riding in reverse plus there's P2M and then wow just wait until you see the cowgirl shot, awesome stuff Joey. Mark then instructs Jenna to go around the desk and spread her ass cheeks wide, he comes around and digs in with is face before standing back up and sliding his cock right up into her pooper. Jenna shows she's a nasty secretary doing A2M before it's back to taking it in the rear in doggie, mish and then a side saddle anal is shot. The twosome move to a chair then for reverse anal and Jenna's got the legs spread beautifully and Mark helps out spreading them out a bit further before she moves to a side saddle anal. Moving on she gives A2M again which continues to a longer session of dick sucking which ends with Mark splooging all over her face and outstretched tongue. A little cleanup and you think she's done but you'd be wrong. The next shot dawns and we still get to watch Jenna though she's cleaned herself up. Ok Rick Masters then walks in and Mark gives Jenna the drill again, if she wants to keep her job she knows what to do! Well she walks around the desk and Rick gets a hands on feel for that terrific ass and those modest tits. Jenna then gets a feel for Rick's hardon and it's a short wait until she's sucking him off. No sex this time just a long segment of knob polishing with Jenna taking another good load to her face so I'm thinking she's keeping her job, at least the rest of the day anyway!

Sasha Knox & Isabel Ice:

Alright this next scene features two real good performers and it starts with us following Sasha along as she walks, wearing a backpack and she's got a skirt and white top on. Then she bumps into Isabel walking along with the candyman as she calls him and she inquires as to where his stash is. The poor man has nothing to offer at least of the sweet variety, perhaps something salty can satisfy her hunger! Well she was a bit rough on the man and this causes Isabel to offer up some strong words on how she should treat him and others. Isabel then offers up some grown up candy,lol, and Sasha eagerly wants to try this but she's not allowed to tell anyone about this if Isabel gives her some as she's friends with Sasha's mom! Isabel asks if she wants to be a big girl today and you see Isabel start to work it, choking Sasha just a little and she still wants to try the candy back at Isabel's place. Well everyone makes it over to Isabels including the candyman! We also have Chris Charming along for the fun and we get some toy play to Sasha's mouth as Isabel starts to verbally abuse Miss Knox. People start to get naked as the toy play continues but eventually Chris replaces the red toy with his huge erect penis and Sasha for a "young girl" takes to giving head like a pro! Soon we get Sasha working out the candyman's cock and she is gagging pretty mightily quickly. The men take turns skull fucking Sasha as Isabel stands close by offering words of encouragement to this big girl. Well to help her further along Isabel thrust her ass into Sasha's face and damn it looked hot as Isabel paint brushes her booty up and down Sasha's face and you just know she was loving this though her character was still new to this, hehe. Isabel does a fine job manhandling Miss Knox, then she calls in one of the cocks to do a bit more and we soon get some mish sex followed by some doggie for Isabel. The girls are then boned side by side in reverse and I liked this a lot with their titties doing some great bouncing. Sasha then gets into doggie where Johnny Thrust-- the candyman, eats her ass out before slipping his dick inside her tight ass. You also get Chris Charming laying his massive pipe to Sasha's ass from behind and don't fret Isabel also gets some cock up her ass but the main thrust it seems is on fucking Sasha and we get another hot ass facial with Isabel riding Sasha's face. Ok the ending of the scene was a big turnoff for me as Johnny gets behind Sasha and really chokes her pretty hard causing her face to turn a dark reddish pink and this turns on Isabel a lot and she then takes over doing this while the guys jerk their loads out. Well the finish to this scene really went the wrong way for me but I'm sure there a lot of you who might like seeing a girl choked until she turns a bright reddish pink but I'm not one of those guys. I know Sasha was down for this and it came off well and the girls do some shared cum kissing after the guys step out. They worked well together I thought with Isabel being a great dom and Sasha absolutely filling the role of sub to a T.

Alexa Lynn:

We arrive to the final scene on disc one and it begins with Alexa waiting at the door and you see a piece of rope licorice hanging from the doorknob and outside we see Alexa also has some ropes around her neck and then she uses them to massage between her skirt. She then spies more licorice lying about and follows the trail picking them up and Joey moves the shot in tight as she's puts them all in her mouth with plenty hanging down both sides. She does the crawling along the concrete bit and picks up even more candy and then we get Joey opening up her shirt letting us check out those tits. Moving inside we get more good shots of her body as the skirt comes all the way off as does her shirt leaving only the licorice around her neck. Alexa is then on to sucking off Joey POV style and it was a good mix of candy eating and cock licking. Joey decides to lay some pipe this time and he slides into Alexa from the front and then we get a better shot with her hopping on in cowgirl. They close out with a pop inside her mouth. No real cleanup and we get Alexa enjoying a cigarette but she's not done as our man is back for more so more good deep throating even as her ciggy burns and she does a combo of blowing smoke and then taking a second pop as you see licorice ropes lying about the floor. This ends disc one so let's hop over to #2.

Mia Rose:

Well this next young girl has been on quite a roll these past few months and especially the last month as some anal scenes have begun finding their way into dvd players and I always knew that ass would look amazing being filled with a cock and so far the scenes have been really good especially the ones Mia has shot with Manuel. Today she's working with Steve Holmes who is also very good at bringing out great scenes from his fellow costars. We get a very nice shot then of Mia poolside and you get a few hints as to how sexy her ass is and when those bottoms are history you'll get an even better idea. Making our way indoors we get some real good facial closeups as Mia talks to us and then Steve joins her and he's very romantic from the start gettin behind her to kiss around her neck but then he's suddenly choking her but thankfully that's short lived but then he's putting a cigar in her mouth, yuck! Well as Mia's got the cigar in her mouth leaning back Steve buries his face in her pussy. This soon leads to him slipping his cock in and he fingers her pussy too. Mia then gets a collar put around her neck and we lose the rest of her outfit so I'm happy as we'll finally get a good ass view and Steve really does burying his face in that booty. His combination ass lick and pussy fingerbang gets some good moans from Mia who then gets on her knees to give Steve's cock some love and this gets us our first real good ass shot. Mia sucks him off a bit before Steve wants to taste those tits and there's some slapping to those breasts also. Moving to the sex you get cowgirl to start and fans this is the second best position to shoot Mia in, the best would be cowgirl anal but you really get a view here of how hot that ass is. After a good hard fuck we get Mia hopping off and she stands over Steve's face fingering his pussy before squatting down on his face and damn you just know Steve was liking this more than anything. The two then stand up and resting on a counter top we get a standing doggie shot leading to Mia assuming the position as they say spreading that ass wide for Steve to finger and then it's anal time still in that same doggie pose. Steve then picks her up with his cock still in her ass and facing us it now becomes a reverse anal and she looked great with her legs spread wide. There is some A2M from Miss Rose and we do get that ultimate shot with Mia climbing on in cowgirl anal and it's every bit as good as you think it would be. Mia gets to polish Steve's knob some more before taking his load to her face. I liked this one but it wasn't as passionate as her recent trysts with Manuel were. This was more aggressive in tone which is fine and you get more anal love with Mia and that is nothing but good.

Lorelei Lee & Annette Schwarz:

This last scene dawns and we get Lorelei sitting down, a chain/ collar around her neck, she's holding a whip of some sort and then we go outside where the candyman, Johhny Thrust, is back along with Annette who is wearing a latex black skirt with her breasts out but nipples covered with those pesky X's! She's also got a riding crop/ whip which she uses on Johhny, guess he'll bring his ice cream next time he comes over to this doms house!! Making their way inside you get a little rough hello and you clearly see who's running the show, Annette with Lorelei being a most willing sub. The girls start to have some fun with Johhny who also gets to sample Lorelei's tits and you also see Steve Holmes is here sitting closeby jerking off. Lorelei gets to suck cock first with Annette closeby to pinch her nostrils shut. The girls then move over to Steve and it's Annette who gets to take on his cock with Lorelei soon assisting. Ian Scott is also here and we get some head given to him but Annette barks out to Lorelei that this wasn't how she showed her so she gets in there pushing Lorelei down that shaft so some pretty aggressive head but this still doesn't satisfy Annette who spanks Miss Lee. Soon we get Lorelei getting it from both ends sucking cock and also being fucked from behind with Annette calling the shots and occasionally getting some for herself. She gets two guys to get in a doggie pose so Lorelei can get behind and lick their asses and she really digs in so I wouldn't kiss her after this scene! Lorelei then gets on the couch and with a cock on either side for her to jerk she lets Steve get in front and lay pipe hard 'n' fast in mish. Annette, like I said, gets hers at times and we watch her face smother a man and seeing those cheeks jiggle as she moves her ass was a great shot and in the background you have Ian and Steve laying siege still to Lorelei. We get some dp action for our submissive and going back to Annette she's still face sitting on Johhny which is awesome. Ok we get some reddi whip cream shot up Annette's ass and our man finally has something sweet to dig out but the brownish color wasn't the best choice was it, hehe. It doesn't paint the prettiest picture of Annette's ass and she crawls over nearby Lorelei and both girls are nailed hard to finish up the scene with each girl receiving a good dose of manjuice with a little cum kissing also.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was an interesting one to watch. There was something of a candy theme for this one though I didn't follow it fully. You had some sexy girls in this led by Jenna, Aubrey and Mia. Not a huge standout scene for me here but those three girls were probably my faves along with Kristal and then you had Lorelei and Annette working the three cocks expertly in their concluding scene. Extras for this one included a cumshot recap, extra footage, a still photo gallery and for those wanting to know the guys you get a cast list as the girls are listed in the little submenu's if you check out that chapter menu other wise their names are also there. A rental for sure if you've been into this series and Mia Rose fans will for sure pick this up to see that amazing ass get filled one more time.

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