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Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16

Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/4/2004

The Little Details

Running Time: 139 min.

Production Date: 3 / 15 / 2004

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Teagan, Flower, Crystal Ray, Dana Vespoli, Katsumi, Kayla Marie, Roxy, Roxy Heart, Brandon Iron, Denis Marti, Mr. Pete, Sean Michaels, Tee Reel, Tone, and Trent Tesoro

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Joey is amazing. I can’t go into his movies with anything but extremely high expectations.

Initial Reaction: It’s every bit as good as I’ve come to expect from Joey Silvera.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting intense sex with plenty of chemistry

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft, cuddly, romantic sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done. Normally Joey Silvera has a very minimalistic feel to his movies, but that feel doesn’t show up too much here. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I don’t think I noticed a single background noise. The video is just as good. It’s clear and well lit, and seemed very free of unnecessary camera shakes. There is a little of it, but it only shows up when Joey seems to be going for a ‘man on the street’ style. This is a great looking and sounding disc.

Music: None

Menus: As usual, Evil Angel has put some nice energy into their menus. The main menu nicely brings together a few stills and a bit of the movie while the chapter menu lets you jump to a cluster of chapters based on a small clip of each scene and the name of the lovely ladies in the cluster. There’s also the fetish menu which lets you jump directly to sex acts such as blowjobs, spanking, or cumshots.

The Feature

With his Service Animals series, Joey Silvera gets a little more intense. He often lets the girls give a little tease, but there’s often a slight domination aspect involved. The slight domination aspect and intensity are about all that connects the scenes, as there’s a nice variety of sex and setups for the scenes.

Scene 1 - Roxy Jewel, Denis Marti, and Tee Reel

After a quick talk with Joey, Roxy skips down the sidewalk in a cute little schoolgirl outfit. She gives Joey and a few people on the street a little show before meeting Tee and giving him a big kiss. She takes a bit of money from him before letting him undress her and slide his cock into her mouth. Denis comes up to get his knob gobbled as well, which Roxy does with glee before they all head off the street and into somebody’s apartment. Roxy continues to suck the guys and take them into her throat repeatedly before letting Tee fuck pussy her missionary style while Denis continues to fuck her face. Denis takes his turn fucking Roxy from behind next, before letting Tee have another go while fingering her ass. Tee fucks Roxy’s ass missionary style before letting her suck it off so that she can take a reverse cowgirl anal ride on Denis. Tee pokes Roxy’s ass one more time, and then sucks it clean to get things finished up since she has to go back to school soon. The guys finish things up by playing with Roxy’s bald pussy and giving her a facial to remember them by which she swallows down.

This is a great scene. Roxy has a great nasty feel to her, and seems to really get off on the nastier sex. She has a cuteness that makes the nastiness all the better, and never shies away from any of the throat fucking or naughty things the guys want to do to her. This is an excellent scene to start things off with.

Scene 2 - Dana Vespoli, Kayla Marie, and Sean Michaels

After giving Joey a little show on the street, golden haired Kayla heads off to get a little discipline from Sean and Dana. They both spank Kayla, Sean using his hand while Dana uses a paddle, before Dana helps Kayla slide her face onto Sean’s cock. Dana takes her turn sucking Sean’s schlong after Kayla starts him out before letting Kayla take the first ride on Sean’s cock cowgirl style. Dana takes the next turn, and lets Sean spear her both her pussy and her ass missionary style while Kayla licks her armpit and sucks Sean’s cock clean. After letting Sean fuck her bald pussy missionary style, Kayla has Dana take it up the poop chute doggie style. Kayla finishes things up having Sean pop all over her face as she does her best baby bird impression before having Dana lick it off her face.

This is a fun scene. I really like how it goes back and forth between being cute and nasty, as it always keeps a great spirit of sexuality about it. Kayla does a great job being cute, and her trash talking is fun just because of how cute she is. Dana does just as good of a job being intense and a bit of a bitch, and the yin and yang of the two of them work together to make this a great scene.

Scene 3 - Roxy Heart and Trent Tesoro

Light brunette Roxy starts things out letting Trent spank and examine her ass before telling him that she wants sex. Trent tries putting her off, but Roxy refuses to take no for an answer and pulls him away from his desk to go elsewhere and give it to her. Trent pulls Roxy’s top over her face and lets her know who’s in control before working on her pussy with his tongue, fingers, and a rolled up newspaper. Roxy warms Trent up in return by taking him into her throat repeatedly and eating his ass before letting him fuck her and riding him cowgirl style. Roxy pops back up to give Trent a little more oral loving, and ends up working him to a nice facial. Afterwards Roxy asks for a spanking, which Trent grants her with the help of his belt.

This is a pretty good scene. There’s something about Roxy’s look or attitude that just didn’t quite work for me, but she does put in plenty of energy and seemed to have good chemistry with Trent. It’s a solid scene, but something about it just didn’t quite work for me.

Scene 4 - Katsumi, Flower, Brandon Iron, and Tone

Katsumi starts out the penultimate scene giving Joey a show in a back alley. Brandon shows up and gives her a quick examination before taking her inside to join up with Flower. They work the oral love all around, with Brandon fucking each girl’s throat and the girls giving each other a little oral pleasure as well, before Katsumi gets Flower to squirt with the help of her dildo. Since Flower’s obviously ready to go, Brandon starts fucking her missionary style while Joey brings in Tone to take care of Katsumi. She sucks his cock as Brandon continues to fuck Flower doggie style and give her a good facial. As soon as Flower’s finished, Tone fucks each of Katsumi’s holes from behind and lets her suck her own ass off his cock. Katsumi also takes it in the can missionary style until Tone spews his seed all over her face and she swallows it down.

This is another really hot scene. It has a slightly different feel by being fairly broken up, but it also worked pretty well. The scene feels organized rather than a giant clusterfuck, and although I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Flower, I like how her part of the scene focused almost entirely on her and then turned to Katsumi rather than having the scene jump between the two of them. This is another winner of a scene.

Scene 5 - Teagan, Crystal Ray, and Mr. Pete

Crystal starts out the final scene giving Mr. Pete a hummer. She goes to the door to greet Teagan, who’s looking great in a wedding veil and some white lingerie, and gives her a nice kiss. They keep the oral love going with plenty of kissing between the girls as well as plenty of sucking for Mr. Pete before Teagan hops up to ride Mr. Pete reverse cowgirl style while Crystal eats her pussy. They girls even move around to sixty-nine while Teagan rides Mr. Pete before Crystal takes her turn with a cowgirl ride. Teagan gives her pucker a bit of tongue action in return, which is just what Crystal needs to get her ass ready for a little reverse cowgirl action. Crystal looks to have a great anal orgasm while riding Mr. Pete, and gets into it enough that she starts spanking Teagan as Teagan is back kissing Mr. Pete. Teagan takes another turn cowgirl style as well as letting Mr. Pete fuck her from behind while she eats Crystal. She even lets Mr. Pete fuck her from behind while standing up before nailing Crystal’s ass again. Mr. Pete returns to Teagan to give it to her missionary style while Crystal hangs off his back before spooning her. Finally he gives the girls a facial and then goes in to fuck Teagan’s ass before delivering a second facial between them.

This is a great scene to finish things with. The girls seem to be into each other just as much as they’re into Mr. Pete, and they don’t appear to hold back at all. You can tell that everybody’s really into the sex and having a great time, and it helps to make this one of the best scenes in the movie. Teagan has been one of the hottest stars around since she first appeared, and with scenes like this it’s easy to see why. She’s cute as hell and turns out a great sexual performance that easily matches Crystals. This is one heck of a finale.

Service Animals 16 is a great fuck flick. As usual, Joey has put together a great cast who all seem to be into just the kind of sex he wants to shoot. It all has an intense feel about it, which means it won’t be for everybody, but I think that if you like the sex here you’re going to love it. I also think that the sex here might work for some people who might not expect it to work for them because the cast is obviously into it rather than looking like they’re worried about where their next meal’s coming from. Roxy Heart’s scene was probably the weakest scene in the movie for me, but even it is well above what I expect from most studios, and I really don’t think I could pick a best scene without a few weeks and a team of Cray’s to crunch the numbers. With Service Animals 16, Joey Silvera once again delivers a fantastic fuck flick.

The Extra Stuff

In addition to a cast listing by scene, filmographies are included for Dana Vespoli, Kayla Marie, Katsumi, Flower, and Crystal Ray. The photo gallery contains roughly forty five excellent looking snapshots. There’s also website information and extra footage.

The extra footage lasts about a half hour. It’s a nice mix of outtakes, extra sex, and a bit of behind the scenes footage. It’s nicely organized by scene and flows quite well for the mix of footage it is. If you enjoyed the movie, make sure you check out the extra footage.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, interracial, group, B&D (light), anal, ass to mouth, swallowing, rimming (male > female, female > female, and female > male), toys, and squirting

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most Evil Angel releases can be found online for between $18 and $28 with many stores offering them for around $20. This one’s well worth the money. The sex is extremely hot and should have plenty of replay value. I think the technical aspects are the best I’ve seen from Joey Silvera, and there’s even some effort put into the extras. This is a great DVD.

Note to Evil Angel / Joey Silvera: It’s great to see how much your DVDs have improved over the last year. You’ve done a great job here and I can’t wait to see further installments of this series.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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