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MLyons Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 4.5 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 16 4.5 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 16 4.5 stars
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Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16

Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Joey Silvera's Service Animals 16 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/31/2004
Here is the second full length scene starring the hot newcummer Teagan and this time she's with another girl as well as a guy. This pint sized cutie has taken ADT and the porn world by storm and it's just recently that we can actually see what's behind all the hype and folks it is quite a behind let me tell you!!! If that isn't enough to peak your interest then try adding in Roxy Jezel, Crystal Ray, Katsumi, Dana Vespoli, and the ringleader for all this is none other than Joey Silvera!! Now if that doesn't get your dick hard or your pussy moist then I say seek professional help!! I haven't seen as many Joey titles as some of my ADT bretheren but his reputation precedes him and the emergence of Teagan made my purchase of this title a real easy decision and after seeing her scene I just had to write a few words!!

Menus & Options:

Evil Angel really leads the market when it comes to dvd design and menu choices. You can play the movie straight through or you can try a few options the first of which is the chapter menu which gives a moving picture of the girl or girls featured, their names, and the # of chapters in that particular grouping. It really helps the viewer I think. There is also a fetish menu which for this release offers the following choices: Blowjobs, Spanking, Anal Sex, and Cumshots. This is a really cool option which allows you to see your favorite parts of any scene and you're able to get to them quickly. The last extra to check out is the special features area and here you see that Joey has provided over thirty minutes of bonus footage that sadly those who only buy the vhs won't get to see. You also can look at a photo gallery, see Evil Angel filmographies for the ladies, and most helpful there's a cast list for each scene giving you all the performers both male and female. So now that your appetite has been wetted let's get to some action.

Roxy Jezel:

The beginning is nice with her in full schoolgirl regalia complete with pigtails and a backpack. It seems Roxy hooked for cash when she was in school so we flash to her standing on the street where we see her do some skipping furthering the "little' girl image but she shatters it as well pulling her skirt up revealing her gorgeous ass. That this is in full public view is kind of a turn on and Roxy seems to have a great attitude. Well Tee Real soon joins her and the two kiss and he offers some money which she takes. Then we see her fine set of tits displayed and Tee sucks on them. Roxy asks about his buddy Denis Marti who is nearby and sure enough this twosome soon becomes a threesome as both cocks are out and Roxy is taking on them both even stuffing both in which is hot! The makeup has also started to run and moving inside she continues this spirited sucking. You'll also notice a chain around her neck which they pull on a various times but this does nothing for me really so I'll stick to the sex thank you!! You see the chain appear throughout the dvd actually. The sex here starts in a spoon/ mish combination and you also see doggie and there's anal in mish with A2M, RCA, and doggie anal. The pops soon fly to her face while she's also being fingered. Nice scene with good flow and the anal was very good, hadn't seen her do that in awhile.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Dana Vespoli & Kayla Marie:

We being with Kayla in a playful mood and she lets Joey slap her jean covered ass and we see it displayed onscreen that she is " New Girl #5 whore who likes to complain alot." You watch as Joey follows her around a Hollywood neighborhood, you know you are there as the big Hollywood sign is in the background. Joey and Kayla talk some as she walks, Kayla likes compaining she tells Joey. We also see her tits pulled out and Joey cops a feel before the scene shifts indoors where Sean Michaels and Dana Vespoli await. This is Discipline School it seems and Dana walks over to Kayla with paddle in hand. First though the jeans are pulled down revealing a most appealing bootie which Dana kisses and then spanks! Kayla then gets to serve whatever punishment this is by sucking Sean's long cock and Dana is there to shove her deep over his long shaft. We then get to check out Dana's hot body as she to helps the cause jerking Sean's cock before also sucking it. A nice dual bj develops with both girls sharing nicely. Joey lets the camera stay right on the action so you won't miss a thing! Sexwise we se cowgirl for Kayla so her fine ass is featured plus Joey talks to her while she's being fucked and Dana uses the paddle for a little incentive! Continuing the "theme" Kayla complains, off camera, so Dana gets fucked instead in spoon and Kayla is nearby sucking on Dana's tits plus she licks her armpits, huh? You also see that Sean's cock has found its way into Dana's ass where Kayla pulls it out for some A2OGM. The action moves back to Kayla in mish where she drools a lot in some P2M sucking before we shift again, seemlessly, to Dana being assfucked in doggie. There's some more A2OGM as the action moves to spoon and finally Sean sprays his load over Kayla's face and she dribbles some in Dana's mouth and the two kiss. A good scene but not as good a the first one.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Roxy Heart:

As this scene opens the first thing you see is Roxy's ass which is covered by some candy apple colored panties. Trent Tesoro is there also and we see onscreen that Roxy loves sex and she considers herself a slave to that cause! Trent then puts her onto her knees where he pulls her skirt tight up her ass crack and he also slaps her ass. Roxy then pulls off her shirt and Trent uses it to cover her face like a see thru ski mask and you see him dine some on her young pussy. We get some simulated choking which I don't care for at all and then you see her head is under a chair as Trent starts porking her in mish. You also see action in doggie, cowgirl, and there's some hot fingering and Roxy gets to suck Trent's cock for a bit leading to a pop to her face. This was the weakest scene of the dvd for me and it still had it's moments!

bono-Meter: 8.0

Katsumi & Flower:

We begin this two girl scene with Katsumi looking really hot in a short black skirt which easily rises up to reveal her scrumptous ass. Bending over she nicely shows this bootie off. I've liked her in a lot of scenes so it's great seeing he once more grace my tv screen. Brandon then joins in and he stands behind her pulling her arms back, pinching her nipples, and finally he plays with her g-string before pulling that aside showing her pussy/ ass. Shifting indoors you see Flower ,dressed in full wear, using a toy to prime her pussy. She's got a cute face and a great set of tits. It's interesting how the various fishnet stockings materials are interwoven over her legs, at least it is to me! Katsumi and Brandon soon join Flower and while the girls get comfortable with one another Brandon eats a little ass! Brandon then rips Flower's stockings so we can better see her using a toy to test her holes. We get a nice floor view used during the shared blowjob and we also see some skull fucking for Flower. Next is some extended pussy play on Flower's kittie causing several torrents of girl cum to fly ou. This coating of Katsum's face was good you see Flower licking at Katsumi's girl cum soaked body and this leads to Tone joining the threesome and Katsumi starts in on his cock right away while Brandon busies himself pounding Flower's pussy first in mish and later in doggie which gives us our first pop. Not done yet we see Katsumi doing some A2M before taking a good facial. This was the best scene so far but I suspect the next one will top it!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Crystal Ray & Teagan:

We start the last scene with Miss Ray giving Mr. Pete's cock some much needed attention. Crystal has had a great career so far and I expect great things in this scene. Her attitude seems playful which I like and she takes great pleasure in showing off her petite body. The cock sucking is real good here and Pete helps shoving her head further down his shaft. Joey then shows that Teagan has arrived!! This is the second time he will be shooting her so he kind of knows what to expect. As he opens the door you see Teagan has on what looks to be a pseudo bridal outfit and my gosh is this girl cute beyond words. She's got a great smile and this outfit is just looking real good on her. Moving back to Crystal we see her crawling across the floor as Pete is smacking her ass. Miss Ray beckons Teagan inside and you'll see she is topless now revealing her perky breasts. The girls then engage in some gorgeous kissing which they keep coming back to the rest of the scene!! Just check it out when Teagan's sucking off Mr. Pete while Crystal is lying under Teagan eating her out, this was incredible! The shared blowjob was a real treat and there's some hot sex as well with each girl getting her fair share in both the pussy and ass. You also see plenty of g/g kissing which just isn't seen enough in todays' porn. I loved the 69 shot which developed as Pete's fucking Teagan in RC and Crystal gets over they both of them so each gets to lick at her pussy!! Oh fuck, the ground level for Teaga's cowgirl is guaranteed to lauch many a load!! Crystal anal highlights come in RC while you see Teagan's backdoor is opened in spoon leading to a shared pop. Well this was a great scene to end the dvd with!

bono-Meter: 9.5

Final Thoughts:

We start off with Roxy Jezel and it doesn't really let up to much even during the last scene with Teagan and Crystal. I mentioned there's extra footage to view so please check that out, more naked girls!! What else is there to say really. Joey doesn't pressure the girls so much and you get smooth scenes of hot fucking and cock sucking, this is highly recommendable for any Crystal Ray and Teagan fan!! Good job Joey!

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