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Saki Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 3.5 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 13 3.5 starsJoey Silvera's Service Animals 13 3.5 stars
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Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13

Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MLyons's ratings for Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Joey Silvera's Service Animals 13 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  4/13/2003
Service Animals #13

Mike Lyons Reviews    

Evil Angel

Joey Silvera

Taylor Rain, Katrina, Ashley Blue, Avy Scott, Crystal Ray, Cameron Cain, Maggie Star, Flower, Brandon Iron, Manuel Ferrara, Justin Slayer, Kohl Mynah, Steve Hatcher, Erik Everhard, Dick Nasty

All Sex, Anal, Gonzo

Video is quite good and clear, although it was a bit rough at times.  This is Joey's style however, and I enjoy it.  Audio was a bit muffled on occasion, but all in all it was passable.

Cast List By Scene, Extra Sex Footage, Fetish Menu, Photo Stills, Cast Videographies

Forgettable porn music--used only during titles.

DVD Format
1 Single Sided Dual Layer Disc

Female Orgasms
3-4 (??)

Those who like Joey Silvera's wacky brand of harder edged sex.  Those who like gorgeous new girls and young women participating in some high quality, but raw hardcore action.  Fans of anal sex, and moderate raincoaters.

Those who like an involved story with their porn.  Fans of the softer side of porn.  Those who like their sex clean, tidy, and fairy tale like.

Other volumes in the Service Animals Series, Other titles directed by Joey Silvera.

Mike Lyons' Porn Tastes

Although my reviews are very subjective and my tastes will become apparent to those that read them, this list is intended as a quick reference to Mike Lyons so the reader may quickly asses where he/she differs from my personal porn preferences. I hesitate to classify myself as a raincoater, as that term sometimes implies porn preferences that I do not possess. However, I will admit to being a "pervert with raincoater tendencies", especially when it comes to my love of what I call "dominant sex with a conscience." The following is a non-definitive list of some of my most prevalent likes, dislikes, and Indifferences:

  • Small bodied, young looking (but not necessarily barely legal) girls
  • Good Performers
  • Attractive women. No matter how good a performer, if I don't find her attractive, my interest is lost
  • Sexy outfits, and I love it when they, or parts of them, remain ON while the performers are having sex.
  • Anal
  • Female orgasms
  • Good Lighting and Videography
  • Facials
  • Dirty Talk--Most notably when interactive between man and woman (i.e. when both are into it)
  • I really like sex that has themes of domination, where both participants are into it. This includes:
    • Spanking
    • Deep Throat
    • Light Gagging
    • Hair Pulling
    • HOWEVER--See Below!
  • I dislike sex with physical overtones of rape--including acts like:
    • Face and Breast Slapping
    • Choking
    • Puking
    • Unerotic Sexual Endurance Tests (i.e. Max Hardcore, Gag Factor)
  • Sex scenes with more than two participants (There's always room for exceptions, however)
  • DPs, DAPs, or DPPs
  • Any Kind of Breast "Enhancement"
  • Excessive Tattoos and Piercings
  • Music that Masks Performers' Voices
  • Anal Gaping (I don't get it...)
  • Plot (It can get in the way, but it can also be amazing)
  • Swallowing. (I like it but I don't need fiber-optic mouth close-ups and signed affidavits for proof that the act occurred.)

Mike Lyons' Porn Tastes subject to revision without notice!!

Joey Silvera is a wacky adult actor turned wacky adult director--who in my estimation, has managed to position himself as one of the best (and sometimes, most wacky) gonzo-style directors ever to grace the business.  This, of course, is a shamelessly personal opinion, and I don't pretend that anyone will share it, but here's my reasoning nonetheless:  consistency.  1.) He consistently finds the very best of the younger "generation" of porn performers.  2.)  He consistently showcases them better than 90% of all the porn directors out there, and most importantly, 3.) he injects a sense of realism, and spontaneous sexuality into the scenes he shoots that is almost second to none in both consistency and originality.  With regard to the kind of sex that I like to watch, Joey is unique in his field, and as far as I'm concerned he is almost magical in his ability to create good, harder edged, gonzo porn that doesn't rely solely on specific acts and circus stunts to carry it.  Since this is one of the most difficult feats to accomplish in porn with any regularity, my hat goes off to this veteran performer who has truly shown that he has the unique combination of smarts, feeling, and unconventional thinking to make a great director.

Service Animals #13 has one of the most outstanding cast lists I've seen in one movie in a very long time.  As is typical of this series, the brightest of the new adult stars are all here in droves.  Ashley Blue is one of my very favorite performers, both for her small body, her amazing sexual abilities, and most importantly her generosity of performance when she fucks on camera.  One of her best scenes in my estimation (although I could have really done without the choking) was offered in another volume of this series: Service Animals #10.  Taylor Rain offers an absolutely gorgeous small body, a fantastically cute smile and a rapidly maturing style of sexual performance that I am really beginning to like.  She's been hit or miss in the past for me, but if anyone can showcase her well, it's Joey.  Avy Scott has quite the buzz surrounding her these days, and although I haven't yet seen her myself, I'm looking forward to doing so here.  Crystal Ray has proven herself a very cute girl and a great sexual performer in movies past, and Cameron Cain has made a bit of a name for herself lately as well.  There are also a couple cute newbies pictured here on the box that I can't deny getting excited about.  Finally, there are also some top flight male performers here, and the importance of that is not to be discounted.  Suffice it to say that the cast list alone was enough to prompt me to pick this one up, and now that my anticipation is running out of control, let us see if working myself up like this has been worth it...

As Service Animals #13 is a brand new release, I was unable to find any alternate opinions of it as of this writing.  I anticipate that that will be remedied in short order, however.  Wait a bit, and then look around.  I'm sure you'll find plenty of reviews. 


The Girl
Taylor Rain is a serious cutey by my tastes.  Not only does she have a petite, tight little body that drives me wild, she also has a killer smile on those occasions when we get to see it.  Unfortunately Taylor has only won me over with her smile and pretty body, and my liking for her has so far not extended to her performances.  I enjoy her purely from a visual standpoint, but I wish she demonstrated a more convincing liking for what she does on camera.  Oh well, perhaps Joey can bring that out of her.  One thing is for certain, though, Joey can make her look good.  Although she is shown smoking at the beginning of this scene (which is a bit of a turn off for me), she's looking damn hot.  She's wearing what I could best describe as some shredded denim shorts, and a very sexy black see through top that's just perfect for her tight little body.  Wow, what a cutie.

The Action
Taylor lights up a cigarette and starts parading around in a parking lot with some fucking hot, and sexy clothes on.  She and Joey go inside where she exposes her flawless little breasts for him and Brandon Iron who lasso's her with a thin black rope and pins her arms to her side by wrapping it around her.  There's some light bondage themes as Brandon tells her that he doesn't want her to get away, and that he knows that girls like her leave guys like him for better looking guys.  I find this extremely cool actually, as Taylor just looks like the cat's meow with her breasts sticking out under her top and her arms bound by rope.  She gets on her knees with the rope still wrapped around her upper arms and sucks Brandon's cock.  Brandon goes a bit far in my estimation here, and there's a moment when Taylor doesn't seem too interested in what's going on, but it goes as quickly as it came, and I get interested again immediately when Brandon starts playing with a butt plug in her mouth and her ass alternatively.  By this time the rope wrap is gone and Brandon has her suck him while the butt plug fills her ass.  Manuel Ferrara magically appears and Taylor starts sucking his dick while Brandon DPs her with his cock and the butt plug.  It is quickly removed though and Taylor looks freakin' awesome as Brandon fucks her hard from behind.  She then gets on her knees to suck both of them.  Shortly after that, things really go downhill.  Taylor gets on her hands and knees and Brandon fucks her face to the point of clear displeasure on her part.  The interesting thing about it is that she gets up and everyone makes sure she's alright--with Joey even telling her to slap Brandon's face in retaliation.  She never does, but she smiles, and I thought it was an interesting and very Joey-like inclusion.  Manuel starts fingering Taylor's pussy, and then fucking her missionary.  Brandon takes over and despite Taylor's lack of performance believability, I do have to admit that she looks fucking awesome here.

Taylor bends over and starts fingering her ass hole.  Then Brandon brings in a terribly oversized jacks piece (jacks and ball--if you remember that game) and sticks one of the prongs up her ass and in her mouth.  Manuel then takes Taylor's gorgeous ass in the spoon position while she sucks on Brandon.  They shift to the RCG position where Brandon and Manuel take turns in her ass.  Doggy-anal follows with a little gaping and a fair amount of A2M round-robin.  The facials finish out the scene--first with Manuel, then with Brandon.  I can't help myself but to orgasm as well, but I think that is more to do with my overdeveloped affinity for Taylor's well showcased, gorgeous face and body than it had to do with the merits of the scene.   

The Gist
From a visual standpoint, this was a fantastic example of why I love Taylor Rain so much.  She looks absolutely fantastic.  From a sexual performance standpoint, this scene was quite disappointing to me.  Taylor is clearly just going through the motions here, and I can't say that I blame her for not making me believe she liked it, as Brandon was just far too over the top for her.  This wasn't an especially rough or intense scene, but to say the chemistry was absent between Brandon and Taylor is an understatement.  Manuel seemed to have a much better rapport with her, and I would have preferred it if Brandon had not been part of this scene at all, and that Manuel and Taylor went at it mono y mono.  Unfortunately that didn't happened, and what I saw instead was a bit of a clash of wills.  Manuel seemed to make Taylor feel pretty good on a couple of occasions, but aside from that, I found most of the merits of this scene to be purely visual--not that I'm knocking that.  Taylor is a great lookin' girl.


Taylor Rain Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

SCENE 2: Girls Day In
The Girls

Katrina is a pretty blonde who's dressed in a cheerleader outfit.  Now how can you possibly go wrong with that combination?  On second thought, I suppose it could go wrong all too easily, but hopefully it won't here!  She has nipple piercings too, and a pair of very obtrusive and colorful tattoos. ::sigh::  Fortunately, she's cute enough to overcome her body paint and she also claims to be three months older than 18.  Avy Scott is a very pretty girl with larger than average breasts.  Oddly despite the hype surrounding her I just don't seem to be that attracted to her.  Still, though she is quite pretty, although you don't really get to see her very well in this scene.  Ashley is one of my very favorites, and although she's not the definition of stunningly beautiful, she has a unique combination of extremely cute body and insatiable sexual performance ability.  Ashley is very probably the best performer in this movie, and that coupled with her very cute looks just totally does it for me.  It also helps, I suppose, to have seen her up close and in person at the AVN adult entertainment expo this last January...

The Action
Katrina does a little cheer for Joey (and us) before she reveals her pretty breasts and does some tease.  She claims to have been interested in being with girls, and then enters Avy Scott.  Katrina has changed out of her cheerleader outfit and now wears only some printed panties, a ribbon wrapped around her body (complete with bow) and a black blindfold.  Meanwhile my beautiful beautiful Ashley Blue is sucking on Justin's big black cock and is doing a bang up job.  Blindfolded Katrina and Avy join her, and both Katrina and Ashley start sucking Justin's cock in turn.  Avy works Katrina's pussy with her mouth from below, and as Katrina sucks on Justin's cock some more, Ashley holds Katrina's hands lightly behind her back.  Katrina is then the center of attention and Avy eats her out on the couch and Ashley mock chokes her. Justin joins in by licking on Ashley and then fucking her missionary beside the two other girls.  Ashley is made up very nicely here, and looks great in her stockings and garter.  Katrina seems to get into the girl-girl action pretty well--although it very well could be an act.  It's hard for me to tell though--and that's good enough.  Avy does some P2M, and then switches places with Katrina so that she can get eaten out.  Eventually, Katrina mounts Justin RCG as Avy helps out with a massage-type vibrator toy.  Avy is next as she takes Justin's cock missionary, then she does some serious rimming of Ashley in preparation for Ashley's inevitable butt-fuck.  She does this like only Ashley can, and then does some deep throat before Avy gets another turn at some vaginal fucking--this time doggy style.  Katrina gets a turn at some vag-doggy as well, and then Avy is made to feel very good with this large massage-o-vibrator that Ashley applies to her.  In fact, I'm going out on a limb here, and claiming authentic female orgasm.  This extraordinarily cool to watch, and is all too rare in today's porn, let alone porn of this type.  At long last, Avy and Katrina get a load of Justin's cum on their faces.

But that's not all!!

Avy not only seems to have a second orgasm thanks to the wonder-vibrator, Justin has another one too, thanks to the wonder-Katrina/Ashley combination.  He cums a teeny-weeny amount on Ashley's pussy and ass, and the scene finally comes to a close as Avy steps in to lick it up.

The Gist
There was plenty to like in this scene--three pretty girls, one able stud, a couple of real female orgasms, and a great dynamic between the performers.  Although all those things worked for the scene, I found that it still lacked focus.  There was too much going on, and too many people to keep occupied in a believable way.  Joey does a good job here, but Ashley is lost in the crowd, and with such a good performer, I find that a real shame.  Katrina is very pretty, and lends an air of "newbie" to the scene in a really nice way.  Avy doesn't really do much for me, but watching her cum was just fantastic.  For me, the scene had plenty to offer, but ultimately it did not live up to my initial expectations given the performers involved.


Katrina, Ashley Blue & Avy Scott Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The Girl
Crystal Ray is a hottie-hot-hot blonde with a great, tight little body and a pretty smile.  She has a tailbone tat, unfortunately, but her breasts are not-too-big and beautifully natural.  She wears a pretty sexy little western bikini number, complete with this bizarre set of chaps around her thighs.  Don't worry--it's just Joey being wacky again, and it's sexier than it sounds.  Finally Crystal is nicely spunky, and it's really great to see a beautiful young woman like this laughing and having fun before her scene.

The Action
Joey meets Crystal in the rain with her umbrella.  They discuss what she's going to do today, and she goes inside to get dressed.  When she returns with her crazy western outfit, she also brandishes a toy gun that she gives some head to before the boys attack her.  Crystal starts in on some cocksucking for Kohl, while Brandon fingers her pussy.  Brandon joins the cocksucking fray and Crystal looks damn sexy as she tries to take as much as she cock as she can.  There is some amount of expressed need on Joey's part to get more energy out of everyone, and that is a bit of a downer--because it ends up translating into Brandon getting slightly rougher, but it stays well under control.  Kohl has an outrageously large cock, and I'm of the mind the outrageously large is not necessarily a good thing.  When Kohl starts fucking her in the missionary position, she is clearly on the uncomfortable side at first.  Soon enough though, Crystal is doing some very cool dirty talk as Kohl's black dick continues to pump her (and there's even a couple real moments between them here and there as they talk that are very cool).  Brandon thankfully stays clear of this fabulous dynamic until it's his turn to fuck her missionary.  This moves into some doggy style with Kohl, and then both Brandon and Kohl deposit loads onto Crystal's face--one of which she swallows.

But that's not all!!!

After a title comes and tells us that Crystal will be right back, we are greeted with the scene of her sitting on Brandon Iron's face and telling him to "eat that asshole, you stupid little bitch."  I would have loved to see more of this, but unfortunately, the sun also sets...  

The Gist
This was a pretty decent scene.  It was fairly short, and had some slow points, especially during the extended blowjob sequence, but there were also some extremely cool points as well.  There were a few moments there between her and Kohl that I thought were worth the admission price of the scene, and Crystal looks damn hot throughout.  I wish Joey had expounded on the theme of Crystal's domination of Brandon, but I can imagine that there were male-egos involved that might have cut that male-domination action short.  Oh well.  In any case, this was certainly a strokable scene with a strokable lady, and in many ways, it was worthy of inclusion on this disc. 


Crystal Ray Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The Girl
Cameron is very very pretty.  She has a killer smile, killer green eyes, killer blonde hair, and a killer pair of red high heels--some of which we get to see up close and personal at the beginning of the scene.  Oh, and did I mention that she has a killer body too?

The Action
Joey asks Cameron what kind of aggressive stuff she likes.  She says she likes to be choked (which doesn't bode well for me if they actually follow through with this theme).  She then comes out from behind the kitchen bar, and looks at herself in the mirror.  Joey talks to her a little, and after claiming she's shy, she goes over to fuck the two guys in the other room.  Cameron and Steve do some decent kissing while Erik works his mouth on her ass and pussy from behind.  The cocksucking commences shortly afterward, followed by some fucking from behind by Erik.  Cameron looks quite delectable here as she sports a pair of very pronounced red high heels.  She does some cock biting on Steve as the sex starts to get fairly energetic.  There's a very cool few moments when Cameron gently goes as deep as she can on Erik's cock, and he seems to genuinely enjoy that.  I know I like watching it.  Erik moves to fuck Cameron in the RCG position, and then it's Steve's turn to take her in the CG position.  Finally, Steve gets to fuck Cameron's ass in the CG position, and then in half-missionary as Cameron nicely works on Erik's cock with her mouth.  To round out the scene, Erik fucks Cameron's beautiful breasts and then cums on them, followed by a facial from Steve.  There's a little bit of a follow through on the choking allusion at the end of the scene... I just don't see the point of this, but I didn't really see Cameron stop breathing, so I guess it could have been worse.

The Gist
This is a very solid scene.  Cameron is a fuckin' cutie-patuty with that makes-your-heart-melt smile that she's got, and this will certainly be enough to inspire me to seek some more of her performances out.  The action in this one is fairly uninspired for the most part, but Erik is a sex machine and he tends to help bring out the best in the women he works with.  This scene was no exception.  There are a few great cock sucking moments that I really liked that featured a nice dynamic between Erik and Cameron.  Steve Hatcher, for the most part, was just another dick in the scene.  I wouldn't have missed him if he wasn't there--in fact, I would have much preferred it as I tend to like one-on-one scenes better anyway.  In any case, Cameron looks very nice here, and the smiling tease/interview at the beginning is almost worth the scene in itself.  Fortunately there's a few other things to like here as well.


Cameron Cain Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

SCENE 5: Teacher Knows Best
The Girls
Maggie Star is a fairly cute red-head, with short hair and a small body.  She's wearing a .... sexy, quasi-schoolgirl outfit.  She has a button up white shirt on, with a neck-tie.  She also has very large knit, fish-net stockings on under her very short black skirt.  It turns me on well enough.  At one point she even dons a large doggy collar accompanied by a feather boa.  I did say that Joey was wacky....  Flower, by contrast, plays the teacher.  She is a nice looking honey-blonde with a single pony tail, a nice face, and a full figured body.  Unfortunately she has a large tattoo traversing the whole of her backbone, but it's not really featured prominently in the scene.  

The Action
Maggie walks around outside in her little "schoolgirl uniform" and eventually gets into the classroom with some suggestive notes on the blackboard having to do with "cock sucking" and "punishment".  Flower is watching Maggie through a window in her office as she sits at her desk.  Maggie claims that she might need to be punished, and she might even need a dog collar, which Brandon is all to happy to provide for her.  She sits at a desk and opens her legs to finger her shaved pussy for the guys.  Brandon shows up with some boxing gloves on (??), but he takes them off soon enough as Maggie starts sucking Brandon's cock and asks Joey to go get her teacher for her.  Joey goes and fetches Flower, asking her if she wants to teach Maggie a lesson.  Flower expresses an interest in that noble activity and she walks into the "classroom" even as she takes off her sexy top.  Flower then encourages Maggie to suck Brandon's cock as he starts up with his dominant tricks.  Flower lightly slaps Maggie briefly as she tells her to take that cock deeper, and the cocksucking continues as Flower plays with Maggie's ass and assists Brandon in his mouth fuck procedures.  There is no deep throat or excessive gagging here, and I really like the dominant aspects of the scene, especially Maggie's active participation in it.  Eventually, Flower insists that Maggie lick her pussy while Flower sucks Brandon's cock.  This ultimately makes Flower "squirt" and boy does she squirt.  I don't find this particularly interesting, but I'm sure a lot of people will.  After this, Flower takes her hair down and mounts Brandon in the RCG position, followed by a fantastic looking Maggie in the missionary position.  This is very brief though, and soon gives way to the main event, which is to say a doggy-anal for Maggie as Flower licks (and does some A2M) from below.  The teacher then gets on her knees and licks Maggie's pussy.  "Principle Skin Her" enters the room, in the form of Dick Nasty, and there is a little bit of dual cock action as Maggie sucks, Flower licks, and Brandon helps himself to Flower's pussy.  Brandon eventually cums on Flower's face, and shortly after that Dick Nasty drops a tiny load in Maggie's mouth.

The Gist
This was an excellent scene, to round out an excellent disc.  There's just something about Joey and his interest with sticking with the theme of the scene he begins (rather than letting it break down into tired porn conventions), and his ability to concentrate on the sexuality of a scene, rather than on its mechanics.  Maggie is cute as a fucking button here, and she is dressed in a very sexy outfit--parts of which remain on throughout the scene.  Flower doesn't look too shabby either, and although she certainly seems less experienced than Maggie, and less comfortable in front of the camera, she does a bang up job, and adds a dose of reality to the scene that doesn't detract from it.  Finally, Brandon Iron is nicely restrained from his normal choke-fucking, nose plugging self here, and once again proves that he's a great sexual performer when he's not playing the role of un-welcome limit-pusher.  This was a damn hot scene, and having said that, it is not necessarily the hottest one on the disc. 


Maggie Star & Flower Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

This is standard Joey production, which is to say, excellent hand held camera work that simply shows me exactly what I want to see.  I'm never disappointed with Joey's shot selection and I really can't say that about too many directors.  Although Joey's work has a very raw and spontaneous (and sometimes less than steady) feeling about it, it remains a very high quality raw spontaneity and that combination is exactly the style that endears me to his work.  As always, the girls look their absolute best here.  Joey really makes the effort to present these girls in the most flattering way possible, and with his special unconventional touches, he can also make you snicker.  This slightly off-kilter method of making movies is one of Joey's most unique strengths.  Once again, the production is signature Joey--and it is inseparable from his overall personality and directing style.  It comes as a complete package--like it or not--and I, for one, like it!

The video quality of the disc is not the best I've ever seen Evil Angel produce.  That said though, it's certainly excellent by most other standards.  The audio is a bit lacking in clarity often times, but that again is fairly typical of Joey's discs.  The menus and authoring are professional and effective, and typical of Evil Angel's excellent DVD catalog.

This disc comes with Evil Angel's typical extra fair.  The famous fetish menu is included for those who use it.  There is roughly 30 minutes of bonus sex footage with is actually well worth watching.  There is a little extra from every scene, including some more domination of Brandon Iron by Crystal Ray.  Now SHE needs to get with Joey Silvera and dominate and take a strap-on to some hapless man-stud.  I'd pay money to see a good scene like that.  I love the way she talks.  There's also some especially nice extended tease and sex footage from Cameron's scene.  Again though, there's a little something from all of the scenes.  There is also the requisite photo gallery, cast videographies, and the ever-reviewer-friendly cast list by scene.

I found this disc to be quite surprising actually.  Joey comes through in fine fashion, don't get me wrong, but I found that what I expected to be good about this disc was disappointing, but what remained was outstanding.  Taylor Rain is a very pretty girl, I've liked her, and I will continue to like her, but it really shows that her heart isn't in what she's doing.  This of course, is not necessarily the most important thing in a scene for me, but when her limits are pushed (by someone like Brandon Iron), she does not respond positively like say, Ashley Blue might under similar circumstances (although Ashley clearly has much higher limits).  I wished Brandon would have laid off a bit in his scene with Taylor, because when she wasn't coughing his cock out of her mouth, there was some damn nice lookin' action going on.  Another scene I had high hopes for was number two--Ashley, under normal circumstances, would probably have been one of the best flat out performers in the video.  Here though, she was lost in a sea of flesh, and was buried in a four person scene that lacked focus.  While I did enjoy the scene for its dynamics, the good looking women and the fact that Avy had a coupl'a orgasms, it just lacked that something special that would have made it memorable.  Moving on to cast members that I didn't have any experience with, though, was where this disc really started to get good.  There were fantastic moments in the all of the final three scenes, and I find it hard to pick a favorite because I liked them all for different reasons.  

I must reiterate that Joey's talents can be best summarized with one word: consistency.  There are very few gonzo directors out there who can create this kind of hardcore intensity without having a fair number of scenes that just don't cut the mustard for one reason or another.  Joey has created a video where every scene (even the comparatively mediocre) has something unique to offer, and as a jaded porn fan, I consider that alone to be an admirable feat.  This disc does not feature the checklist of sex acts offered by Red Light District's work, nor does it offer the uncompromising intensity of Mason's work with Elegant Angel, nor does it offer the beauty-above-all-else mentality of Private's work.  Instead, Joey's work offers something far more interesting--a unique balance between Joey's personality and those of the performers he casts.  Granted, it's all within a specific framework, but in my estimation, the best sex originates from personality, fantasy, character, and yes visual aesthetics--not from laundry lists and strict choreography.  I think Joey Silvera is one of the very best at melding these together with distinctly unique and consistent results, and Service Animals #13 is just one example of this frustratingly rare phenomenon.

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