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astroknight Jesse Jane Image 4.5 starsJesse Jane Image 4.5 starsJesse Jane Image 4.5 stars
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Jesse Jane Image

Jesse Jane Image

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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bono-ONE's ratings for Jesse Jane Image:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Jesse Jane Image overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Jesse Jane Image Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Jesse Jane Image Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Jesse Jane Image Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Jesse Jane Image Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Jesse Jane Image DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jesse Jane Image A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/6/2007
Here we go fans with a Robby D flick from Digital Playground and this one seems to focus in on the lovely blond goddess Jesse Jane. So I'm thinking we'll be seeing Jesse in some form or fashion in each scene which should make her many fans happy. I've only recently gotten into watching Jesse over the last six months and I really like her spunkyness in her scenes. So let's see just what visions Robby had for Jesse and her costars.

Jesse Jane:

This first scene starts and we see a fella sitting in a adult theatre watching Jesse being fucked by Jean Val Jean and you see he's turned on stroking over the bulge in his jeans-- OK as a guy I don't want to see this, lol. You then have a woman walk in wearing a black coat and underneath she's wearing only a bra and g-string plus she's in shades. But those shades can't hide the fact that it's Jesse in to check herself out on the big screen. The guy doesn't even acknowledge she's there intently watching the screen and Jesse for her part watches both the screen and the guy feeling over his buldge. She then goes, oops, and spills her popcorn down upon his head and clothes. Jesse then has a seat right next to him and she's instantly massaging that buldge instead of him which is better! The two start chatting and he still doesn't get that it's her until she finally says something about how good Jean was fucking her in that scene and then you see the light bulb appear over his head as he recognizes Jesse! She then pulls his cock out and strokes it for awhile as he too pulls her boobs out and starts fondling them. So you have two people in a peep show watching Jesse get fucked but we quickly turn our attention to them as Jesse starts sucking him off and she looks great polishing knob. Sexwise the theatre setting limited the lighting they were able to use to effectively pull that set off but she looked best in reverse cowgirl as Robby was able to get a fine shot up and down Jesse's body. We end the scene with an appropriate popshot as our man splooges over his popcorn and Jesse plucks a few kernels out to taste his jizz, also rubbing some against his cock before popping it into her mouth. A nice scene to get this one going.

Daisy Marie:

We move on to this scene which sees Daisy along with Marco Banderas going into a wine cellar but this is a modern one with glass all around them so we see everything, no danky smelly darkened room. In fact you see above them Jesse watching from upstairs and she gets a prime position watching down as Daisy and Marco get it on. You get some cock sucking along with some solid vag pounding to Daisy's pussy while Jesse lets us see her body some too and she looked good dressed all in black. The scene, though, isn't a first person shot as you watch the entire scene through the glass of the room instead of being inside the room with Daisy and Marco. An interesting choice but I missed the actual flesh being in the shot like you get when the camera is actually in the room with the performers. Daisy looked pretty good being nailed in cowgirl and in reverse you get some fine shots too. Daisy shoots some glances up to Jesse as she's watching the action. At least we get a pretty good shot for the pop which Marco rains down upon Daisy's face with some cleanup from her. I was a little frustated not being in the room watching the action but this was something different than the normal way to shoot a scene and perhaps a few more viewings will help me like this one more. I guess I missed the intimacy you get when being in the same room as the performers and the glass being in between them and us was what frustrated me a little here.

Jesse Jane & Alektra:

On we go and we start with these two hotties in the gym pumping iron and they do look very sexy in their workout outfits. But I don't think if you go into your local 24hr Fitness you'll see girls dressed like this as they workout but in porn this works just fine! The girls steal occasional glimpses at each other as they do their workout and finally Jesse walks over to Alektra pushing her down and the tits come out and we get some tongue twirling and Jesse works down to sampling those big juggs. This has a more forecful feel to the g/g action so don't expect a lovey dovey kind of scene ala Viv Thomas. These girls ravage each other with Jesse dominating the early action pushing Alektra's legs back behind her head as she munches on that pussy plus a few slaps to those pink lips. Jesse also uses her fingers to pleasure Alektra's kittie causing several moans to escape from her lips. Alektra gets her turn too and she also sucks on those huge tits of Jesse's as well as slapping them and fingerbanging/ licking Jesse's pussy. The lighting for this scene was a little better than it was in Jesse's first scene though it still was darker than you normally see but I liked the fact we weren't watching them fuck with glass between us other than the camera lense. The girls seemed really into each other but this just isn't my type of g/g that I really get into beyond the obvious attraction to the girls. The oral is there but they don't linger on it in the kind of sensual slow way I really like, it's usually really fast licking but it is obvious they were into the pussy eating don't misunderstand me. The girls engage in some trib action- aka rubbing pussy on pussy but it was a little to dark to fully appreciate the shot. I have to give it up to both girls though for munching pussy, I just wish we could have seen them do it in a different way. Maybe Robby can shoot a dvd where the emphasis can be more on passionate lovemaking between the girls rather than the wham bam thank you maam approach which we see here. Robby is a good enough shooter in my eyes he could shoot this type of scene if he wanted to and Jesse and Alektra I'd love to see them repeat this scene doing it in 360 Degree change.

Isabella Dior:

She starts this scene sitting on a bad holding up a mirror checking herself out but the reflection in it is actually Jesse's. Scott Nails is on hand too and we get Isabella showing off her body some pulling out her modest sized tits and we see as she holds the mirror up it's actually Jesse's body in the mirror but Scott is only seeing Isabella's. The mirror is set aside as Scott finally takes more than a casual interest. He fingers Isabella while also kissing her titties. The music addes a good feel to the scene as we get some sexy moans from Isabella in response to Scott's attentions. He moves down to get a taste of Isabella's pussy but we get no recpirocal bj instead moving to the sex. The music again struck me as appropriate here as Scott lays pipe in spoon and reverse with some good P2M from Isabella. She tells him to cum all over Jesses' mouth so I guess this image thing in the mirror was carried thru to the end.

Jesse Jane:

We move seemlessly from the previous scene to this one, in fact I thought it was the same scene, lol. We have Scott again this time in the bathroom and Jesse is watching from the closet as he cleans himself up in front of a mirror. Scott then walks over and Jesse tells him she wants to be fucked but he doesn't have time,lol. She is tied up and Scott doesn't have time to lay pipe to this blond hottie-- Jesse don't fret there are hundreds of guys who'll be right over! Well Scott has a change of mind and starts kissing about Jesse's body but wait he still intends to go to work, idiot!! Jesse keeps up her attempts to get some action, she's tied up, half naked and Scott doesn't want to fuck her, no job is that important!! Well Scott sticks around some more and starts fingering Jesse's pussy plus a few playful slaps to those lips and he does drop down to eat a little pussy and this time Robby does his best job of capturin the oral sex on Jesse. She is literally tied up too using ties, hehe. Well she gets one arm released so she can stroke his cock and then the second is freed as well so we can get some cock sucking and this is easily the best Jesse's looked so far. She then teases him after just a few sucks saying on he can go to work now, standing up and pretending to walk away. Well needless to say she comes back quickly and resumes the dick sucking and the side view worked nicely here. Sexwise I'd say again that the reverse position worked best but this time they get a good cowgirl in as well before Scott works his load out to Jesse's mouth/ face. There's a little bit of cleanup too from Jesse as we wrap up the best scene for this dvd.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good one from Robby with Jesse involved in every scene though the one with Isabella had only limited input from Jesse. She's got a hot look about her and a playful spirit that comes across the screen which does draw me in and I suspect a lot of you as well. The extras for this one do include some BTS so give that a look and you get some trailers as well as a photo gallery too. A solid rental for everyone and for Jesse Jane fans who want a lot of her in a dvd this would be one to consider strongly picking up. I liked the setup for that first scene even though the lighting hampered us from getting the best possible shots and the wine cellar scene with Daisy was hot too just next time don't keep the glass between us and the action the entire time. The g/g scene with Alektra had plenty of energy but I'd like to see them use that energy to try the g/g genre a different way, I'd die to see Jesse in a passionate make out session with one of the Digital girls so please help us out Robby!

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