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Jesse Jane: All American Girl

Jesse Jane: All American Girl

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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astroknight's ratings for Jesse Jane: All American Girl:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Jesse Jane: All American Girl overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Jesse Jane: All American Girl Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Jesse Jane: All American Girl Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Jesse Jane: All American Girl Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Jesse Jane: All American Girl Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Jesse Jane: All American Girl DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jesse Jane: All American Girl A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/24/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 85 min.

Production Date: 10 / 24 / 2005

Director: Celeste

Cast: Jesse Jane, Celeste Star, Carli Banks, Karlie Montana, Joey, Nadia, Valerie Vasquez, Scott Nails, and Jerry

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Celeste hasn’t done a lot for me, but Jesse Jane definitely has. I can’t deny that I have a few worries about this one, but I also can’t deny that with Jesse Jane in six scenes that I’m really looking forward to it.

Initial Reaction: It’s a must see movie for Jesse Jane fans which took me from being leery of anything directed by Celeste to needing to see more of her work behind the camera.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who’s the least bit curious about Jesse Jane as well as anybody who wants passionate and slightly artistic sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting nastier sex or who must absolutely hear the performers

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are well done. There isn’t any audio other than music, which is typical of Celeste’s style. That said, it’s done as well as one can hope with a 5.1 mix. The video looks fantastic, and is helped out by an anamorphic widescreen transfer. There’s just a hint of grain, which I think it there on purpose to give the movie a slightly more artistic look, and there’s some very nice attention paid to the lighting.

Music: I loved the music to Jesse Jane: All-American Girl. Yes, it’s the only audio in the movie, but it varies extremely well from scene to scene, and even includes vocals and classical. It goes from standard porn music to heavy choral to mainstream movie love scene styled music, and helped to give each scene a nice identity of its own. Sometimes it merged in completely with the feel of the scene, and others it changed things up by going with a slightly conflicting feel.

Menus: The main menu works pretty good, and goes from a few small clips from the movie to a collection of stills with a little background animation. The chapter menu, unfortunately, is very basic, and just lets you choose a scene based on a chapter number and a small clip of the action.

The Feature

As soon as blonde Jesse Jane signed a contract with Digital Playground, she started to turn heads. Big tits, a killer ass, and a mouth that isn’t afraid to let loose will do that for a girl. Here, Digital Playground’s artistic contract director Celeste makes Jesse one of her All-American Girls, with Jesse in no less than six sex scenes.

Scene 1 - Jesse Jane and Jerry

Jesse starts things out in a cute school-girlish outfit wearing black knee-high stockings, a khaki skirt, a white button down short sleeved shirt, and a burgundy sweater vest playing paddleball. She’s more than upset when the string breaks, but when Jerry arrives he helps her look on the bright side of things by using the paddle on her ass as she bends over the small deck wall. Once he gets Jesse’s ass nice and pink, Jerry drops down to kiss it, and even pulls her burgundy panties out of the way so he can get his tongue to each of her holes easier. He doesn’t waste any time letting Jesse suck his cock, and instead goes right to fucking her bald beaver from behind while giving her a few kisses. Jesse’s sweater disappears and her big fat titties pop out as they fuck, with Jesse turning around a bit as Jerry bones her. She drops down to suck his cock after a bit, and works Jerry over until he explodes in and around her mouth.

This scene really worked well for me. The music was a bit soft and slow, but that helped to give what could have been a very nasty feeling scene a more playful and romantic scene with a touch of nastiness that worked very well for me. Jesse looks fantastic in her schoolgirl outfit, and I loved the spanking to start things out with Jerry. If that’s not enough, the kissing and looks back and forth between Jerry and Jesse are filled with passion that gives the scene the chemistry which is normally lost on scenes like this without any audio from the performers. This was a very hot scene that definitely did it for me.

Scene 2 - Jesse Jane and Karlie Montana

Jesse starts out the second scene sucking on a thick peppermint stick wearing a cute little pink and white schoolgirly outfit. When cute brunette fellow schoolgirl Karlie finds her, Jesse offers her a taste of her sweet treat. Karlie reciprocates by unbuttoning her shirt, and after they look around to make sure the coast is clear, lets Jesse sample her wonderfully natural tits with a little help from the peppermint stick. Jesse moves down to check out Karlie’s pink panty-clad ass, and after giving it a couple slaps move in to lick her holes while Karlie keeps the peppermint safe. They open a book to get out a rubber for the peppermint so that it can be used on Karlie’s pussy without upsetting things too much before coming up so they can play with each other’s tits a little more. Karlie moves down to work on Jesse’s snatch with her tongue and fingers, before coming back up to share a kiss.

This is another very nice scene. Jesse gives some of the best facial expressions in the jiz biz right now, and she puts them on full display here. She and Karlie look to have fantastic chemistry, and although the action is fairly light, the playful nature and chemistry helped it to work extremely well for me. This was another very nicely done scene.

Scene 3 - Celeste Star

Brunette hottie Celeste starts her day out with a bowl of Fruit Loops wearing a red tank, a short black skirt, and white panties and stockings. She happily pours them into her bowl and pours a little milk over the top while being unable to resist sticking a finger in the milk and licking it clean. She slowly takes a bit , and holds one in her mouth with a playful smile before pouring a little milk over one of her nipples with the spoon. Celeste sits on the counter next, and rubs a milk soaked finger over her sheer white panties before spoon feeding her pussy a little milk through her panties. The spoon slides inside her panties next, with a hand following soon after. She dips her fingers into the bowl again and sucks them clean before the camera fades out.

This scene made me appreciate a bowl of cereal like nothing else has. Celeste is darn hot, and although she does mug the camera throughout the scene it works the entire time. She makes the scene playful and sexy, with the editing and direction pacing it just right. I’m not a food play fan, so I can’t say that I expected much out of this scene, but it pleased me far beyond what I would have ever imagined.

Scene 4 - Jesse Jane, Nadia, and Scott Nails

When blonde Jesse and brunette Nadia, who are both in brownish outfits with skirts, a hat, and sexy stockings, see short mohawk sporting Scott studying some music by a piano, Jesse has Nadia sneak around so she can surprise him from behind as Jesse distracts him. They tie Scott’s hands behind his back as he eats Nadia’s pussy, and give him plenty of kisses before letting him suck Jesse’s tits. He doesn’t get much of a chance to suck them, as the girls quickly drop down to team up on him orally. Nadia gets in the first fuck with Scott taking her from behind while Jesse plays with her lightly in front. Scott rewards Jesse’s patience with a fuck of her own from behind, and then lays back so the girls can play with him a bit more and so each of the girls can ride him reverse cowgirl style. Finally the girls team up to suck Scott to a nice shared facial.

This is a very nice scene. There’s a sexy and playful romantic feeling once again, and once again despite the music there’s plenty of passion in the scene. The music really helps the scene once again, and although there’s nothing wildly different or anything, I had a smile on my face through this entire scene. This is a fantastic couples-oriented group sex scene.

Scene 5 - Jesse Jane

Jesse breaks out a cheerleader outfit for this scene. She jumps around with her pom-poms, and can’t resist showing off as she does so. Jesse diddles herself a little as the scene goes on, and finally waves a two fingered farewell after kissing the fingers that were just in her cunt.

Does anything need to be said here beyond that it’s Jesse Jane in a cheerleader outfit doing a tease? That seems to say it all for me.

Scene 6 - Carli Banks, Celeste Star, and Jesse Jane

Celeste and Jesse start out the next scene eyeing Carli as she looks at some books in the school library. They grope each other a little as they watch her, before Jesse motions that they go get her. Jesse holds Carli back as she goes to leave, and pulls her around by her tie as Celeste helps hold her to knock Carli’s books away. They rip off Carli’s clothes to get at her great natural rack, and go to work on her pussy after leading her to the staircase with Jesse clearly being in charge of it all. The girls mix in a bit of spanking as well, and after a bit Jesse and Celeste team up on Carli with their fingers. Finally, the scene fades out with Carli looking happily satisfied and the action feeling like it might have more to go.

This scene left me with slightly mixed feelings. My problem with it was the ending, which felt like it had plenty to go with Carli looking like she was ready to give a little something back and Celeste looking like she was more than eager for Carli to reciprocate. Beyond that, I really liked this scene. There’s a dark feeling to it, which is a great contribution by the music, but there’s also an extremely sexy feeling to it. Jesse and Celeste are both extremely dominant through the scene, and although this might turn a few people off, Carli comes off as wonderfully submissive and almost like she encourages it. This is a great naughty schoolgirl scene, and the only thing that interferes with it is that it felt like it could have lasted much longer.

Scene 7 - Jesse Jane and Scott Nails

Jesse sneaks down to the kitchen to sneak a late night peek at the apple pie resting on the counter for the next scene. She steals it away and dips a finger in before licking away at it before she’s found by upset former pie-owner Scott. Jesse finds out that she’s busted when Scott surprises her by spraying some whipped cream on the pie and then dips his fingers into it for her to suck clean. She holes the pie there for him so he can mix in a few licks of the pie, and Scott adds a bit of whipped cream to the play as well. They keep spraying the whipped cream around as they work each other over orally before Scott takes Jesse from behind on a tight spiral staircase. Scott sits back for Jesse to ride him sidesaddle on the staircase before holding the pie out for him to pop on and then rubbing it in to eat with handfuls of pie.

This is another food play scene that worked very well for somebody who isn’t much of a food play fan. Jesse and Scott have great chemistry once again with the scene moving along very well. Once again, there’s plenty of chemistry and passion without any audio from the performers, and the story for the scene doesn’t even feel like it needs it. This is yet another very hot scene.

Scene 8 - Valerie Vasquez

Brunette Valerie starts the eighth scene out on a bed with a stuffed bunny and wearing red heart glasses, a black top with small polka dots, a red pleated skirt, and sexy black shoes. She plays with the bunny before opening her top and rubbing him around her tits. They lie back near the top, and she turns Mr. Bun over as she works on herself with her fingers. Finally, the scene ends with Valerie looking like she satisfied herself and giving her glasses to her bunny.

This is a fun little solo scene. Valerie is darn cute, and the stuffed animal adds a nice little barely legal naughty aspect to the scene. It moves along nicely, but I kind of wished it would have lasted another minute or two. This is a good solo scene, but it lags just a little behind some of the others.

Scene 9 - Joey and Jerry

Cute brunette Joey starts out the penultimate scene reading a book in a dark red leather chair wearing a tweed jumper, a sheer white button down shirt, a black beret, and black, white, and grey socks when she’s found by Jerry. He admires the scenery before sliding off a sock and worshiping Joey’s foot. He guides Joey’s foot around his cock before letting her suck it, and then rewards her by kissing his way around her lacy panties as she bends over for him. Jerry gives Joey a bit of tongue action as he slides her panties down, and continues to tongue her holes once they’re gone in addition to fingering her pussy. He fucks her from behind before laying her back and eating her pussy to get her ready to take his cock again missionary style. Jerry pulls out and pops on Joey’s bush before going right back in and fucking her until the scene fades out.

I really liked this scene as well. I think this might be the first I’ve seen of Joey, and she got the immediate notice of both my heads. She’s darn cute, and the outfit worked perfectly for her. She and Joey seemed to be nicely into each other, and the only thing I can think of that would have improved on this scene would have been to make it even longer. This is another very hot scene.

Scene 10 - Jesse Jane and Scott Nails

Jesse starts out the final scene working on her books as Scott admires her from a chair a little ways away. She teases him by sucking on her pen and running it around her neck as well as sliding off her jacket to show only a sexy black bra. Jesse gives him a little wave as Scott gropes his cock through his pants before coming over to see him. She looks around to make sure the coast is clear before giving Scott another taste of her fantastic oral skills. He lets Jesse lie back so he can tongue her twat before giving it to her from behind. Jesse also rides Scott reverse cowgirl style before finishing things with a fantastic facial that she really gets into.

Scott and Jesse give Jesse Jane: All-American Girl a nearly perfect ending. They continue to have the great chemistry that showed up so well earlier in the movie while kicking up the playful aspect. The music definitely helps with this, but the smiles and looks between them did a much better job of it. This was a great final scene for the movie.

After Teagan: All American Girl, I was leery about checking out anything else by Celeste, but Jesse Jane drew me in for this one. I’m damn glad she did, as Jesse Jane: All-American Girl is one heck of a hot fuck flick! Although Valerie’s solo scene and the library scene between Jesse, Celeste, and Carli were the weakest in the movie, they’re still hot scenes that only lagged behind the others by feeling like they should have lasted even longer. Even with that complaint, Jesse Jane: All-American Girl left me more than satisfied. Jesse shines in every one of her scenes, and there’s a great variety to the action. Yes, the action is all a bit artistic, but it’s also all darn sexy with plenty of chemistry. Jesse Jane: All American Girl is a must have movie for anybody who’s a fan of Jesse Jane, and a great place to check out Celeste’s directorial skills as well. Either Jesse Jane: All-American Girl is going to be one of the best all-sex releases of 2006 or it’s going to be a very good year for porn fans.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery includes about forty very nice looking snapshots and full screen photos which you can either watch at your own pace or as a three and a half minute plus photo gallery. There are also trailers for Jesse Jane: All American Girl, Island Fever 3, Story of J, Loaded, Forbidden Tales, Pirates, as well as series such as My First Porn, Jack’s Teen America, Jack’s Playground, and Virtual Sex With.... Finally, there’s contact information and a two page bio of Jesse Jane.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, spanking, rimming (male > female and female > female), lesbian, food play, masturbation, and group

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: Only between Jesse Jane and Karlie Montana

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Digital Playground’s bigger releases can be found online for between about $18 and $28 with a few stores offering them for under $20. Although I know that Celeste’s style might not work for some people, this one’s hot enough that I can’t help but recommend it. It’s artistic sex done right, along with technical aspects that show some great care. The only thing that really holds this DVD back is the lack of extras beyond the typical trailers and photo galleries.

Note to Digital Playground: I really like how you worked in a few lesser known girls into this one. That said, people are bound to want to see more of those lesser known girls, so please give some kind of cast identification, be it a scene by scene breakdown in the end credits, listing the performers for each scene in the chapter menu, or giving a cast listing by scene somewhere on the DVD. I have yet to hear of somebody who doesn’t like to be able to see who was who in a movie. Also, a little more effort toward the extras would be a very good thing. It’s great to see you putting so much effort towards your technical aspects, and I do understand that a lot of space is taken up on the DVD by putting that care into the technical aspects, but a short behind the scenes featurette or a bonus scene or two would have really rounded out this DVD nicely.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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