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Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James

Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James

Studio: Club Jenna
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jenna's Provocateur: Chanel St. James A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/18/2007

NOTE: In an interesting twist, Club Jenna has put out six different versions of Provocateur with a different covergirl on each. Whichever girl you choose is then featured in the extras in both an audio commentary with Jim Enright and with a couple special featurettes. In this case, I'm reviewing the Chanel St. James release.

The Little Details

Running Time: 100 min.

Production Date: 10 / 4 / 2005

Director: Jenna Jameson

Cast: Ashton Moore, Chanel St. James, Jesse Capelli, Krystal Steal, McKenzie Lee, Melissa Lauren, Sophia Rossi, Barrett Blade, Ben English, Earl Slate, Evan Stone, Manuel Ferrara, Marco Banderas (aka Marco Duato), and Scott Nails

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Jenna has shown herself to be a smart cookie over the years. I'm looking forward to seeing how well she does behind the camera on her own.

Initial Reaction: It's very artistic, very hot, and very impressive.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting more intense sex with an artistic look

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly porn

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very well done, and available in three different mixes. The main mix is very well done, with a great balance between the performers and the music that changes a little throughout the movie. You can also listen to the movie with an audio track where the performer vocals are emphasized or a track with the music emphasized. Regardless of the track, the audio sounds great and is free of background noises. The video is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen, and is easily the biggest problem with the technical aspects. The camera work is nicely done and is well lit without any noticeable motion to detract from the presentation. There's a touch of grain to the presentation, and I have to admit that I can't help but have a little doubt about the movie being shot on film. It doesn't have the depth I've seen in most movies shot on film, but that's also not even from shot to shot with some shots having more depth than others. The grain also looks to be a little less, but maybe the film was just treated extremely well. Justin does talk about shooting on film in the commentary, so I want to believe it was shot on film and treated well but I'm just not sure. My best guess and gut feeling is that the movie is a mix of film and high definition video.

Music: The music has a hard edge that's found very rarely in porn. It helps give the movie an edge and a bit of intensity, and is very well balanced with the rest of the audio.

Menus: The main menu does a nice job mixing together a little minor animation with stills from the girls. The chapter menu shows some very nice care, and keeps a very classy style while letting you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene along with the name of the girl in it.

The Feature

Jenna's Provocateur goes the all sex vignette route for Jenna's solo directing debut. Each scene is heavily artistic and works from a tease into the sex without keeping a recurring theme and only keeping a recurring style.

Scene 1 – McKenzie Lee, Ben English, Marco Banderas, and Scott Nails

McKenzie starts things out entering what looks to be an Egyptian style room complete with columns and statues. She gives a little show wearing a sexy black dress, long gloves, and sexy shoes in a doorway before the guys surround her wearing suits and ties. They strip her down and start running their hands around her tits while kissing her and fingering her pussy. Of course she starts working her mouth around the guys as well, with Marco quickly moving in for the first fuck doggie style. Ben takes a turn spooning her pussy before giving it up missionary style to another guy while she sucks off another couple guys and Ben pops on her tits. Marco gets another chance and fucks her ass standing up from behind before Scott works his cock between her holes pile driving her. The guys move on to DP McKenzie cowgirl style with Marco fucking her ass as she rides Scott before they give her a nice double facial that she swallows down.

This is a very impressive scene. McKenzie does a great job taking on the guys, and does it all with ease and beauty through some positions and locations that had to kill her. She looks to be into the sex through it all while doing things like being pile driven on a stone floor or DPed on a stone staircase that had to be more than uncomfortable. It's a great mix of sex and art, and the only thing that really interfered with the action for me was the film “clapper” or whatever you call it being brought in to break apart some of the segments. This is a very well done scene that starts the movie on a high note.

Scene 2 – Sophia Rossi and Evan Stone

Busty blonde Sophia is next, who starts her scene out in a red corset, skirt, and black stockings with sexy red shoes before changing into a sexy black and white garter belt with black stockings riding a rocking sex machine in front of a mirror. She moves back to the red outfit in front of a fireplace with a well dressed Evan and rides his face a little before leaning forward to start sucking his cock. Sophia rides him reverse cowgirl style before letting Evan take her doggie style, and then fucks standing up on one leg. Finally, Evan fucking Sophia from behind and her sucking him to a pop on her face are mixed together.

This is another hot and artistic scene. I'm not a big fan of the overly busty blonde, but Sophia looks very hot and gets into the action nicely here. I like how the scene moves from the sex machine to Sophia taking on Evan, and the location changes work great too. This is another scene that's easy on the eyes and hard on the zipper.

Scene 3 – Jesse Capelli and Melissa Lauren

Jesse, a truly beautiful brunette, starts her scene out in thigh high black boots with a Victorian style jacket and with a ruffled skirt and shirt. She teases the camera on a staircase with the wind blowing around before she changes into a turquoise outfit and rides a mechanical bull at the base of the staircase. Melissa appears in a similar outfit to tongue her from behind quickly before laying back on the bull and letting Jesse eat and finger her. Melissa lies back on the staircase to let Jesse ride her strap-on reverse cowgirl style before letting Jesse suck her heels while fucking her with a black dildo. She lets Melissa lie on her stomach to fuck her ass with the dildo while pulling her hair and spanking her ass. Jesse also lets Melissa have a few good tastes of her ass before they hold each other and walk up the staircase hand in hand.

This is a darn all girl scene. The girls both look fantastic and there's great chemistry between them. The scene looks intense without ever feeling forced, and moves along at a great pace. This is shortest scene in the movie, and it could have very easily run much longer. This is a great scene that's only held back by feeling like it should have lasted much longer.

Scene 4 – Ashton Moore and Manuel Ferrara

Blonde Ashton start her scene out in a baby blue bra and panties with a white fur lined robe running her hands around herself by a pool. Ashton moves inside for some black lacy lingerie and gloves with black stockings before playing cello. She joined by Manuel, who arrives very well dressed and kisses her shoulder as she plays, before they move to the couch for her to suck his cock. Manuel eats her pussy in return as well as fingering her vigorously to bring her to multiple squirting orgasms. Manuel moves on to fuck Ashton hard doggie style before pounding her from below in both cowgirls. Finally, Ashton gets down and takes a pop from Manuel that's nothing short of amazing with wide open eyes looking up at him.

This is a fantastic scene. I'll admit that I didn't have much hope for this scene thinking of Ashton as a soft little girly who just does girls after her time with Adam & Eve and Jill Kelly. That thought quickly went right out the window as she met Manuel with every bit of intensity that he brought to the table. The chemistry is fantastic and the two of them seem to urge each other on throughout the entire scene. This is easily my favorite scene in the movie, and a must see for anybody who thinks Club Jenna's just about making soft little girly movies.

Scene 5 – Krystal Steal and Barrett Blade

Hot blonde Krystal starts her scene dancing on a deck wearing a sexy animal print outfit with a black lacy train before going to a white satiny outfit with flowers and gloves. Barrett appears behind her in a white suit kissing his way around her as she looks at the camera before they kick things up with a passionate kiss in front of a bed. She bends over the bed for Barrett to worship her ass and lick her holes. He makes sure to keep playing with her pussy while tonguing her ass before letting Krystal lie on the bed as he fucks her face. She picks up the pace with some stroking and throat action, and makes sure to give him some great eyes as she works him over orally before lying back and letting Barrett fuck her missionary style. They also get in some doggie as well as both cowgirls before Barrett sprays his seed all over Krystal's face with plenty of it hitting her in the eye.

This is another great scene. The location is just as easy on the eyes as Krystal is, and works great to give the scene a more romantic feeling. That romantic feeling combined with the intensity and heavy chemistry between Barrett and Krystal helped make this scene another winner for me. This is yet another very well done scene that blends sex and art extremely well.

Scene 6 – Chanel St. James and McKenzie Lee

After brunettes Chanel and McKenzie strut their way through an outer hallway wearing some sexy black lingerie, they hook up with a kiss. Chanel quickly goes after McKenzie's tits before dropping down to lick her pussy from behind. She vigorously fingers McKenzie from behind and lets her taste her juices before they take turns working each other over down below while standing. McKenzie breaks out a red strap-on to fuck Chanel's ass reverse cowgirl style, and when Chanel doesn't think it's enough starts fucking her pussy with a vibe at the same time. The girls suck the toys clean before Chanel breaks out a strap-on of her own to fuck McKenzie from behind. Finally the girls share a kiss with the girls not letting go with a single bit of passion.

This is a very good final scene, and all the better when one considers that this is Chanel's first scene. She takes on McKenzie like a true pro, and never misses a beat. She and McKenzie almost seem to feed off each other as they fuck, and the toys never seem anything like the crutch they often are in other movies. This is a darn hot scene that makes me really look forward to more from Chanel St. James.

Jenna's Provocateur is an extremely impressive solo directorial debut from one of Pornland's best known faces. I really like how she uses the movie to showcase all her girls, and it never feels like there's any favoritism towards any of the girls. The scenes are all extremely artistic, but at the same time not so artistic to kill the sexuality of the scenes. The scenes work both visually and emotionally, and all have a very nice flow to them. The editing style can be a little fast at times, but also worked very well at giving a very good balance of angles with almost every camera angle appearing very well done. It took me a little time to get used to the film clapper thingie being used to break apart some of the segments, but by the time the movie was half over I was kind of liking it as being a unique and slightly artistic way to break the scenes apart. Ashton Moore put out my favorite scene in the movie, but at the same time there wasn't a single scene that even fell as low as just being “pretty good”. In the end, although there was a part of me that had some doubts about the entire movie being shot on film, there was an even bigger part of me that just didn't care. Jenna's Provocateur is a visual feast filled with sexuality that worked for me extremely well.

The Extra Stuff

The first DVD includes two audio commentaries, photo gallery, masturbation sequence, and website information. The eight minute plus Chanel photo gallery is presented in anamorphic widescreen with about six seconds per very nice looking snapshot. The aspect ratio here is a bit quizzical as it's the only part of the entire first DVD that's done in anamorphic widescreen. Most of the extras are included on a second DVD. Trailers are included for Jesse Factor, Insexts, Chatte Magnifique, Crowning Glory, McKenzie Illustrated, Deep In Style, Krystal Therapy, and McKenzie Made as well as a promo for Jenna's Provocateur. Photo galleries are included for each of the girls lasting about a minute and three quarters with roughly five seconds per very good looking snapshot or framed photo. There's also a behind the scenes featurette and eight songs from the soundtrack by Spout.

The masturbation sequence lasts about five and a half minutes and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. Chanel first works herself over first in a sexy black little outfit with boots before going with a black robe with red stockings, garter belt, and shoes. She sits back in an elegant chair and strips off her robe to lightly diddle her pussy and rub her overly implanted tits. This is an okay masturbation sequence. It looks nice, but it gets overly artistic. Chanel also doesn't appear to cum in the scene, which makes it seem fairly pointless in the end.

Jenna Jameson goes solo for an audio commentary. She talks about her belief in porn being porn and wanting something to showcase all her girls. Sadly, this ends up being an almost forgettable commentary because Jenna talks for a minute or two at the start of each scene and then disappears until the next. It's great to hear her talk about her girls and why she did things for each scene, but this could have been done in two different ways which would have made it a much more impressive extra. First, this could have been done as a video commentary extra on its own where Jenna watches the start of each scene and skips ahead scene by scene when she doesn't have anything to say. You can hear Jenna's care about her girls and how proud of them she is, but seeing it would have made this a much nicer extra. The other option would have been to do it as a video commentary using the DVD's multiple angle feature. Flip over to angle 2 for a split screen or picture in picture approach with Jenna talking about the movie. When you see the Jenna box disappear, you know it's done and you can flip over to the other audio commentary or one of the other audio mixes until you see her return. To me, this second option would have been great here, but either method would have been much more impressive than a commentary track that doesn't seem to take up 20% of the movie.

Justin Sterling, the former Mr. Jameson and director of photography, camera operator, and editor, and Trout, the post production director team up for a second audio commentary. They talk about how they shot the movie and why they did certain things as well as cracking a few jokes about the movie. Justin does a great job of talking throughout the commentary, and there's rarely a moment of dead air. This is a very nicely done commentary.

The behind the scenes featurette from the second DVD lasts a half hour and is also presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. Footage of the movie being shot is mixed with comments from Jenna as well as a voiceover to introduce some of the segments. Jenna talks about where some of the inspiration for the movie came from, dealing with the neighbors crashing the set, and gives plenty of credit to different members of the crew for helping to pull off different areas of her vision. She also talks about directing, being very vocal, and a few hints on things she has in the works. There's also several behind the scenes segments with a few chuckles to break up Jenna's interviews. This is a nicely done behind the scenes featurette. There's plenty of Jenna, which I'm sure will please many of her fans, as well as a fair amount of behind the scenes action. I would have liked a little more personality from the cast, but this is still a very nice look at the making of the movie.

It's a nice collection of extras, but for a two disc set it falls a little short of my expectations. The soundtrack is nice for those who like the music, but the only really unique extra to the set is a half hour behind the scenes featurette. In the end, with a non-anamorphic transfer to an under two hour movie I found myself wondering if this could have been a single DVD set just as easily.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, group, anal, DP, lesbian, toys, ass to mouth, squirting, and rimming (male > female)

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Provocateur can be found online for between about $20 and $30 with very few stores offering it near the low end. If you like artistic porn with some intensity, this one's going to be well worth the money. The sex is hot and passionate, with a great eye towards the artistic side of things. The technical aspects are well done, and the only thing that holds them back is a non-anamorphic transfer to the movie. There's also some nice effort put into the extras. This is a very impressive release that's all the more impressive being Jenna Jameson's first solo directorial release.

Note to Club Jenna : You did a great job here. I hope in the future you take your support of the widescreen format to the level of an anamorphic transfer. The non-anamorphic transfer here was easily the biggest thing holding the movie back.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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