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Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down

Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Sex , Foot/Leg Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gentleman Jon's ratings for Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gentleman Jon  on  12/9/2010
Disclosure Statement When I heard that Jenna Haze's next project was going to have this theme, she welcomed my suggestions for it. She knows that she is my favorite female performer in porn, and that I have both a foot fetish and a stockings and pantyhose fetish. I don't know that she cast any females because I suggested them to her (she probably already had the girls she used in mind even before I suggested any of them), but she has told me that April O'Neil shaving her legs in the bathtub to start her scene and being bare legged throughout the scene came from one of my suggestions. The neologism 'haziery' seen at the bottom of the back of the box cover was also an invention of mine.

The internet already has several scene-by-scene reviews of this title that I am aware of. So I'll keep this review simpler by comparison.

What I Liked
Just about everything. I thought all of the performers gave quite enthusiastic performances. Lily loved her European double team, and April had excellent chemistry with James Deen. Tori Black and Marie Luv had extremely orgasmic anal scenes with Prince and Mark Ashley, respectively. All of the scenes that Jenna was in herself were quite excellent, and that is not at all to suggest that Zoe, Lexi, or Faye were slacking. I loved the amount of toe sucking and rubbing genitals with female feet (although this isn't primarily a foot fetish movie, and people turned on by feet but not hosiery may not enjoy it as much as others). I loved the way Lily, Mick, and Toni played with Lily's stockings after she removed them, during the final third of her scene, and how Jenna took her stockings off and licked and sucked the semen off after Voodoo ejaculated on them. April O'Neil titty-fucking James Deen until he popped was a bit of a deviation from the legs and hosiery theme, but as I haven't seen titty-fucking until the guys pops that often, I say do that when you can do it, even if it doesn't fit the theme that well.

Most of the outfits and teases in this movie were top notch. Well, the Behind The Scenes featurette mentioned that the stockings Jenna, Faye, and Lexi wore in their scene together were very cheap and prone to running/laddering, but I mean the outfits looked great. The stock music in the teases was actually pretty good at times, and was always at least okay. This entire movie was shot on a D-SLR camera. I couldn't tell that it made much difference to my untrained eye for the actual sex scenes, but cameraman/editor Van Styles did get to be quite artistic shooting the teases, softening or sharpening the focus, and using shallow focus, so that one thing in the picture would be in sharp focus while other things farther or closer would be blurry, and then switching what was in sharp focus and what was blurry. Sometimes some of his camera adjustments in the teases could be a little jerky. I'm not sure if that was intentional or if those were "happy accidents", but after watching the jerky passages a few times I like them. Some of the teases made me think of music videos from artists like Fiona Apple with the way the camera moved, or the location. I liked that Jenna took a break from her more normal locations bathed in natural light to do her anal scene with Voodoo in a hotel room that had its drapes closed. That helped to give that scene a boudoir photography look to match Jenna's brown lingerie and flat knit nylon stockings.

What I Disliked
Not much. I wouldn't have had any thick opaque socks like Marie wore in a fetish movie like this if I were directing. But I didn't direct this. Jenna did. I still think Marie looked great, and did a great scene, so I'm not going to complain much. There's probably people out there that really like thick, opaque socks that love those yellow thigh socks that Marie wore. As an aside, the BTS indicated that Jenna had been planning on being in that scene as well before she skinned her knee up. I asked Jenna why she couldn't have also worn opaque socks that would have hidden that, and she said that after she hurt her knee she didn't think about maybe being able to hide it, and she didn't get a new HIV/STD test. But she says that now she's kind of glad she wasn't in it. Mark and Marie did such a great scene together that she's afraid she might have disrupted that if she were also in the scene.

In the all girl scene, sometimes the billowy tutus and/or the heads of cunnilingus givers could partially block the camera's view of the cunnilingus recipient's crotch. But it's probably much better that way compared to having the girls take their tutus off and trying harder to 'show' for the camera. Jenna made the right choice there, even if I do mention that there were trade-offs for it. Also, in the Lily scene, one time after she had taken her stockings off Mick Blue was pulling on a stocking leg, and I couldn't see what it was attached to on the other end. I think it was just looped once around her neck, and he pulled on it until it came off. But the camera angle didn't clearly show what was holding the other end of the stocking so that he could stretch it so far.

The first time I saw Jenna's scene with Voodoo, As much as I loved it, I thought that room was almost too dark at times, and I thought Voodoo's dirty talk about her stockings was a tad ridiculous. But when I watched it again over a week later, I accepted the darkness, and Voodoo's dirty talk didn't sound that bad. The fact that Jenna called her stockings pantyhose once is also inconsequential.

Jenna tries to always have the girls get the guys off whenever possible in the movies she has directed. Either from the guy pulling out of her pussy or ass and immediately cumming, or the girl stroking him off, etc. But the Lily LaBeau scene definitely had both guys jerking to pop on her face, and there was also an edit between Prince pulling out of Tori the last time and him cumming on her. I asked Jenna about the Lily scene, and she said that one of the guys Lily really wanted to work with usually needs to jerk to pop, and so she decided to have both guys jerk to pop instead of having one fuck to pop and the other jerk to pop. Jenna will let girls work with the guys they want to, even if that changes how the pop shot will be done. I don't really see that as a negative.

So I did end up writing a lot in this section, but I don't really weight any of these items that heavily.

Overall Thoughts
This is an excellent movie, for all fans of the girls in the cast, and everyone who likes feminine legs and hosiery, and everyone who likes artistic and playful teases and themes paired with hard sex. It has also had high replay value for me thus far, and I do not see that changing in the future.

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