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Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down

Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Sex , Foot/Leg Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jenna Haze's Legs Up Hose Down A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/14/2010
Welcome fans to a new title from director/ performer Jenna Haze. I have to say she's really blossoming into one of porn's better directors, primarily gonzo but she's tried g/g with Meow which was very good I thought and now we're staying with gonzo but with some emphasis on lingerie/ fishnets and looking pretty-- but also doing the nasty!! Jenna's learned from the best, shot for the best so no surprise she's making some of the best porn out there. Now for this title she's brought in some great talent along with herself- Zoe Voss, Faye Reagan, Tori Black and Lexi Belle just to give you some names. Let's get to a few highlights.

Jenna Haze & Zoe Voss:

Interesting shot to open as we see a female figure in silhouette and the color scheme was grey & white. The piano keys are struck lightly and then we add in more music as Zoe begins her slow dance with the shot eventually moving in closer offering us the hosiery shots and what's this on her eye. It reminded me of Paul Stanley of Kiss how he does his eye makeup save for the all white paint underneath. The soft traces up her legs, the caresses and the eye looks all create a nice relaxed atmosphere. The shots then shift to bring in Jenna who's wearing similar style lingerie and she too has the star patch over her eye. The color has remained the grey/white scheme that began the title, curious to see if the scene remains like this once the action picks up. Ok it goes to vibrant living color once the tease is done and the girls are joined by Scott Nails who watches them play a bit. Scott assists ripping Zoe's stockings allowing Jenna easy access to her pussy. The ladies then shift their attention to Scott's hard cock, the sharing was great between the girls. More ripping then, this time to Jenna's black fishnets and it's a great thing too as we get more of that awesome ass to see. Scott then moves in for some doggie action followed by a very good cowgirl with Jenna riding him while Zoe rides his face-- Scott definitely had the best seat in the house. A fantastic finish here with Scott blasting down into Zoe's pussy in piledriver leading to the pop on that freshly fucked cookie. Very good start to this one.

Tori Black:

Up next is the current Female Performer of the Year and to say Tori's had another fine year is a very accurate statement. This scene begins in living color and Tori's got an interesting color on, it's tourquoise if I'm not mistaken, I liked it. Anyway Tori looks hot and the peel down showing us her ass was early and welcome. Tori moves to the couch and gets comfy showing off her bod, even largely covered on the bottom it still looked hot. Prince is brought in and he's all over Tori touching her legs, pulling at her stockings but not ripping them, yet. Tori gets on top and does a good bend over to engulf his big black cock. Seconds later we do get the rip and Tori moving up to have a seat over his face and the shot looking directly as he licks her pussy was hot. Some good action then in cowgirl and mish with some foot sucking by Prince as he nails her pussy. Tori gets in more good cock sucking followed by Prince taking her ass from behind!! Yep some very good doggie anal is captured along with some healthy pounding in reverse. More anal in mish, spoon and doggie leading to the pop dropped neatly to Tori's waiting face, dripping down her chin. Another great scene from this amazing performer.

April O'Neil:

On to April's scene which opens promisingly with her in the bathroom. She loses the red silk robe and gets into the bubble bath! The shot moves closer then as April relaxes in the bath, the soapy suds coating her rocking bod and yeah those were very nice tits bubbling up over the surface. She has fun with the soap moving her feet over the edge, pouring the water over her body, moving to a doggie pose which gave us a nice booty shot. April even works in a leg shave while in the tub, slow'n'sensual she traces over her legs. Then she stands to let the shower water cascade down rinsing off the soap and shaving cream. I like water tease and this looked pretty good from start to finish as April does get out of the tub, freshly cleaned and shaved. She towels off and is joined by James Deen who cups her breasts from behind as they kiss. Not long after we have James naked and April working pretty good on making his cock disappear, deep throating nicely. The two stay close to the tub as they fuck, it really had the feel/ look of an actual couple fucking, not needing a lot of space to get their freak on. James does some good behind pussy/ass licking too in between nailing her pussy. Mish was good on the counter, more dick sucking even a little POV too. I was pleased to see reverse captured too and with those big juicy tits the bouncing was perfect. Ok we go back into the showe which is running for the finish. Not crazy with the glass being between us and the performers but the energy was great as James continues to pound April from behind. Alright it was a quick dip back in the shower and they are soon back at it on the counter in mish, both heads wet. Back to the tub for the last bit and this time we don't have glass between us and there's titty fucking leading to James's load flying out and she rubs the jizz in.

Jenna, Lexi Belle & Faye Reagan:

First of all what a fucking great list of girls, I hope we can survive the whole scene! So we reach the end of the first disc and we open with Lexi who's so cute in her outfit, a nice bit of her cute ass showing. Lexi works those sexy tits out too as the camera moves about this sizzling hot bod. I think you'll enjoy the close wide open shot of her pussy and Lexi stroking it, all that was missing was one of her pretty costars diving in and I'm patient as I know it's coming. So the shot moves then to Faye coming down the stairs and she's wearing a similar outfit though her colors are pink and purple. The angles captured do a good job of showing off not only her body but the sexy outfit she had on from the stockings to her top. All that was missing was Jenna and she closes the tease out and damn she is sinfully hot in her pink/ blue ensemble. Three sexy girls, get ready boys'n'girlz! Fine shots of Jenna's ass and I just hope someone's face is between those cheeks in a few seconds. So the girls all finally get together on a couch, stockings are ripped and some kissing starts, caressing too and a little feet play. Yep the action moves to some pussy eating and Lexi does get behind to have a little taste of Jenna's fine booty as it's Jenna in the middle of this very hot train. Oh baby! Jenna moves up to place her pussy over Faye's face, you can't really say much more except enjoy and slap your cock if you're close. The girls just go for it and have fun the rest of the scene, eating pussy, kissing/ sucking feet and the views nicely capture it all. Loved it too that Jenna doesn't include one toy in the scene, just tongues and fingers and some great energy by the three young ladies. Now on to disc two.

Marie Luv:

On we go to the second disc which opens with a fantastic performer who I've enjoyed writing about for a few years now. Marie's in a purple/ yellow combo outfit and it does wonders to show off that ass which she in turns bends down to accentuate to open the tease, even doing the splits! I love her ass what can I say! The camera does it justice and we just need someone to appreciate it with more than a camera and I know that's coming. So we enjoy Marie stretching out for a minute or two and once she's all limber and ready we get the cock brought in. Mark Ashley is the lucky guy and he enters just as Marie's got a great wide open leg shot working. He keeps those legs spread as his fingers move down to tickle her pussy lips. Moving ahead we get a great side view as Marie takes his cock in, gripping his balls too as she does her thing. Marks great too after Marie uses her feet to jerk him off diving down to tongue that hot ass and pussy. The pov shot then for doggie anal just might prompt you to slap your cock, that ass was so good here. Cowgirl was hot with Marie rising up to smother Mark's face at one point, I want that job! By scenes end Marie's pussy was literally dripping, I mean it was a soaked cookie, awesome shots of this. A very good doggie finish yields the load all over those ass cheeks. Great scene for Marie Luv, wow!

Lily Labeau:

Well the last two scenes will have some work to top the one with Marie, that was some great. I've liked what I've seen from Lily so far and she's up next. The footage starts out grainy as she enters the frame, her outfit dominated by black. Lily comes into focus as the grainy stuff goes away leaving this beautiful young blonde before us. The ground shots on the stairs were very nice as she makes her way down. Lily makes it to the bottom and lets us get our first look at her boobs and the hands do some nice caressing over her young frame. The close in bend over shot to give us the booty-- always a good one and it was here. Looks like Lily is going to get two cocks, Toni Ribas and Mick Blue. The guys come in and go right to kissing and touching Lily who's primed for action. The guys do a great V shot holding her legs up and touching her pussy while Lily gets a firm grip on their cocks with her hands. The action moves nicely to cock sucking and fucking with the energy rising noticeably as the guys get to nail her pussy. There is good switching back and forth between the guys and the shots alternate too in presenting Miss Labeau who never has a cock far from her mouth or pussy as the scene unfolds. Definitely the most aggressive scene thus far, some tilting the head back off to be skull fucked is captured. After a strong pussy party the guys unload to Lily's waiting face with some jizz dropping down to coat her boobs.

Jenna Haze:

So it's time to wrap this one up and who better to close it out than the director herself. Jenna's all by herself this scene, no other girls so we can really appreciate her sexy body. She opens all naked and in the bathroom. The piano music was nice too as we watch her dress, some guitar is brought in too as the lingerie is put on. Jenna adds in a corset and full leg length stockings. You can't say enough about this woman, gorgeous and one of porn's best. Who can ever tire of watching those sexy curves being filmed, not me. Jenna does a good job here showing off and also checking herself oout in the mirror, hey why not she's hot! Voodoo is then brought in as she hits the bedroom and he starts off kissing and playing with her feet prompting Jenna to purr in delight. The view was right on as Voodoo moves up to face dive in her ass-- that could be a scene just on it's own someone licking her ass! Jenna then turns over to use her feet to stroke his big dick, shortly followed by her rising up to envelop him. The doggie was great, superb open shot showing off her ass. Grinding in this scene was nice too along with Jenna working in her usual superb dirty talk. Good to see Jenna work in some anal too in this scene, reverse was very hot-- it was intense but she took it! More anal and finally the pop across her feet which still have stockings over them-- they get lifted and Jenna licks it off!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well no shock this was another winner from Jenna Haze. If you're at all into lingerie, stockings and seeing them left on for the majority of the scene this title is well suited for that. April O'Neil was a find in this one, love shower/ bath tease. Marie Luv's scene was amazing, I won't soon forget her dripping pussy. No surprise that Jenna Haze rocked it in her scenes with great costars in Faye Reagan, Zoe Voss and Lexi Belle. An easy recommendation for Miss Haze's many fans. As for extras you get a cast list if you need it, a photo gallery, some BTS and a bonus scene which turns out to be a solo Jenna scene-- I'd say that qualifies as a bonus. If you have anything left this last bit of solo time will surely drain you dry!!

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