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Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Feature film , Straight
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Rieekan's ratings for Jekyll & Hyde:
Overall Rating 0 stars
Jekyll & Hyde overall rating 1/2 star
Female Looks Jekyll & Hyde Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Jekyll & Hyde Male looks rating 1 star
Sex Jekyll & Hyde Sex rating 1/2 star
Plot/Acting Jekyll & Hyde Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Jekyll & Hyde DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jekyll & Hyde A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Rieekan  on  2/27/2002

* DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas.
* DURATION: »90mins.
* STARRING: Aletta, Daniella, Fernanda, Genevieve, Judyh, Kate Moore, Kathlin Zombor & Taylor Hayes.
Jekyll & Hyde is a Vivid feature classic starring Taylor Hayes, Julian and a lot of European women. Like many classics, this film falls completely flat on its face. It’s difficult for me to express my disappointment, but I’ll try anyway. Of the female cast, the only name I knew (and the only reason I bought this DVD) was Taylor Hayes. Still, it was Vivid so I should have known better – should have known far better. Sigh.

First up, the plot. Jekyll & Hyde has been lauded for its story. Personally, I found the story uninteresting, even off-putting, and it unquestionably interfered with the sex. Not only that, but there were virtually two stories going on at once, independent of each other. Taylor and Julian had a plotline that was semi-interesting while the European (Hungarian?) cast were totally involved in their own non-English drama.

Clearly, a lot was put into production values and Taylor and Julian’s acting were good. However, the plot felt self-indulgent and the sex seemed to be treated dismissively. The separate stories in separate languages dragged out – even though they were probably edited down. I think Jekyll & Hyde was also shot on film and the A/V quality was typically low. The direction was sub-par and most scenes were poorly-lit.

Whew, deep breath. Let’s go on. The female cast was good-looking, nice natural bodies on the European women (not girls) and Taylor Hayes, enough said – except in two of her three scenes she had absolutely terrible makeup (story-related) and somehow looked unattractive. Is the point of a porn movie – a sex flick – to make a beautiful woman like Taylor Hayes look like a corpse? How very un-erotic.

You’ll find out about the guys later too. The sex was either cold or disturbing. The direction for the sex scenes was poor, the filming was poor and, in most cases, the lighting was poor. That wraps up that aspect. (As you can see, I’m working out some anger issues with this DVD).

A word about extras. The one extra I would have liked was the mini-poster the cover promised. Not there, no surprise. The DVD was packed full of completely boring extras and the interactive menu was graphically pretty, but very cumbersome and time-wasting. Getting to the normal manual menus was difficult. The one good extra out of all the nonsense was a clip of a threesome with Charlie, Taylor and Julian. It can be found on most Vivid DVDs.

Overall, I can’t really say I liked anything. Taylor did look good in parts and Julian makes an excellent male lead (if you can call appearing in one scene leading). On the other hand, plot, sex, A/V quality, extras – all bad. Somehow Paul Thomas and Vivid have taken a big budget and Taylor Hayes, and made a terrible film. Jekyll & Hyde gets the honour of the most disappointing porn movie I’ve yet seen.

One final word: CUTTING.

Still here?

Well I suppose reading a review of a bad movie, writing a review of a bad movie and watching a bad movie are all like the Dark Side of the Force – once you start down that path, there’s no turning back.

Here we go, blow-by-blow:

Kate Moore and a guy start things out. They’re preceded by snippets of an orgy. Kate is quite attractive and gives about 5 seconds of head before mounting the guy. Can you say “CUTTING”? The on-screen angle indicator is extremely annoying and covers some of the poorly-filmed action. Before you can even sneeze at this scene, the guy’s beaten you to ejecting bodily fluids. He unleashes a long-range load in all directions.

Returning to the orgy. Predictably, the action is chaotic, all over the place, hectic, jumbled, difficult to follow (much like this sentence) and totally lacking heat. It’s just a bunch of cold fucking and cumshots.

Next up, gorgeous Taylor Hayes indulges in all of 30 seconds of poorly-filmed masturbation. Can you stand the excitement?

A cute brunette and Mike Foster in hideous scar-face makeup (as Mr. Hyde) have some cold-cut sex with a brief blow and some anal. Mike drops some cum on her face and neck. His makeup was gross and I’m so glad that it was necessary for the sake of the story. Really.

Ahem, moving on. Taylor Hayes, looking somewhat unappealing in pale vamp makeup, is rough-handled by Bobby Vitale and Ian Daniels in a dark alley. This is supposed to be sexy? The guys and their ridiculous antics got on my nerves. Taylor tried, but nothing could save this scene, cold as the outdoor night-time setting. The two annoying guys dropped laughably weak loads on her breasts. Does that make you horny baby?

Taylor, still in awful makeup, has some low-kink sex with a guy. Costume, makeup, hair, sex, on-screen angle indicator ... all bad. The only thing this scene was missing was 70s rock music. He cums a bit in her mouth and on his body and tries to force her to lick it up. She spits some of the cum at his face. Good for her. (Unfortunately she lacked range).

A blonde and Scarface – I mean Mike Foster – have sex for no apparent reason. Dark grainy scene with anal and a money shot in the air. So a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar – sorry, I’m running out of jokes for this review.

There’s some kinky stuff (not sex) with Taylor exacting more punishment on the guy who tried to make her lick his cum and ended up a cum-spitting target. At first I’m like, “You go girlfriend!” but then I see the lit candle in his crack and now I’m plain worried. That’s a spicy meatball! Or maybe it was the vindaloo.

Finally, Taylor ditches the awful makeup and gets it on with hunky, my-name-should-be-Corey, Julian. The scene is grainy, awkward (apparently staircases are an aphrodisiac) and poorly-filmed. It could have been hot – the Charlie/Taylor/Julian clip from the extras was good – but was well below average at best. But it’s Vivid ... so what was I really expecting? She jerks his load onto her tits. The scene felt cut and cable-ready.

The End. (I’m officially out of jokes. Forever. Sob.)

Rieekan (

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