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Jeanna is Biwitched

Jeanna is Biwitched

Studio: XTC Studios
Category:  Bisexual
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RobHammer's ratings for Jeanna is Biwitched:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Jeanna is Biwitched overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Jeanna is Biwitched Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Jeanna is Biwitched Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Jeanna is Biwitched Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Jeanna is Biwitched Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Jeanna is Biwitched DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jeanna is Biwitched A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by RobHammer  on  8/23/2003
Running Time: 75 minutes

Date of Production: Jan 98 (3/98 on box)

Produced by: Renegade Video and Karen Dior Productions

Written and Directed by: Karen Dior

Female Cast: Jeanna Fine, Bunny Bleu, Solveig

Male Cast: Paolo Centori, Paul Morgan, Michael Vista, Brent Cross, Dirk Adams, Sweet Williams, Boy Mike

Note on Cast Credits: I don't know all of the male talent, and there is no attempt made to ID everyone.

Initial Comments: I chanced upon this at the corner video store. This looks promising, a spoof on the Bewitched television show. I haven't seen Jeanna Fine in a bisexual title before and don't recall seeing anything from Renegade.

Music: Sharon Kane did the music for this. The theme score is an intentionally annoying big band jingle. There is well done background music for each scene.

Scene Selection: 4 preview clips.

Opening Credits:
Jeanna Fine as Samantha and Serena
Paolo Centari and Daren (Paul) Morgan as Darren
Boy Mike as Endora (in a non-sex role)

Scene 1: Male/male 19 minutes
Samantha and Darren (Paolo) sit on the couch (we are supposed to believe that Paolo is actually bi). She is going to the Witches Convention for three days. Serena pops in. She is supposed to be going to the Sin Fest. Darren makes the witch bitch mad. Samantha's mother Endora drops in to pick up Samantha. After they leave Serena puts a spell on Darren and conjures up a naked playmate. Darren goes down for an aggressive BJ and throats his mate. Darren's clothes are coming off and this heats up with his mate giving him head with some eye contact and stroking. Serena encourages them from the sidelines and directs the action (we never actually see her in the same frame with them). They take turns for anal sex and get hot and sweaty. Darren's playmate pulls out and cums on Darren, then Darren has a huge orgasm and cums on his chest. The nosy neighbor woman looks out her window with a shocked expression. Darren's playmate disappears and a perplexed Darren is fully clothed lying on the couch.

Some of their responses look fake but they do get into each other. This is hard sex with an intimate touch. ***

Scene 2: Male/female 17 minutes
The neighbor (Bunny) runs into the kitchen. "Abner, Abner, you're not going to believe what I saw at the Stevens'!" Abner ignors her outburst and puts the make on her. He pays attention to her all over with his mouth. She gives a loving blowjob, acting sweet. He laps her shaved pussy "so nice." She's still wearing pink net stockings with green bra around her waist as he pounds into her on the tiled counter. He is silent but sweaty. She gives him goo-goo eyes then stands with one leg up for doggy making this a very nice shot. She makes lots of noise but I doubt she came. He jerks off on her tits and she rubs it in, then licks him.

This is good vanilla. ***

Scene 3: Male/male/female 22 minutes
Serena says, "It's your nosy neighbor. Well, come on in." She conjures up new clothes for the neighbor, another playmate, and Darren is a new man (Paul). Talk about parody within parody, there is circus music playing for this circus act threesome. Darren rims her and fingers her ass. They double up for blowjobs and Darren has a new style. She's thrilling on the pussy tonguing as she sucks Darren. Serena ogles them and fingers herself through her white pants as the nosy neighbor takes both dicks for a blowjob, "feed me." The guys kiss on each other's chest and neck. They work through mish, gurgling cock and doggy. Now Darren is the meat in the sandwich and we hear him too. She rocks with a double penetration, "That's it, oh God yes!" These guys have screaming orgasms and cum on the nosy neighbor's face, tits and neck. She keeps her lips pursed tight through it then hisses, "Oh yes, wet, hot." She strokes them and they rub each other's chest. The neighbor and playmate vanish. Darren looks wiped out.

Hot circus. ***1/2

Scene 4: Male/male/female/female 16 minutes
Serena says, "Let's all play." Two more playmates appear, one for Darren and one for Serena. The guys kiss and stroke as Serena does the nasty talk, spit, fingers and tongue on her playgal's pussy and ass (Solveig). I like how the new Darren takes and gives head for a 69. Playgal eats pussy to some verbal coaching. There is lots of oral here. This is good stuff. Darren boffs his mate's ass as the ladies squirm on each other. Playgal gets worked up big time from Serena's thumb, spit and sucking. Serena climbs on her face and sucks her toes. She fingers her own ass while watching her image in the mirror. She is really intense. Darren's playmate cums while getting his ass reamed, then Darren does his geyser squirt. I don't know if the ladies came but they sure made a lot of noise.

More hot circus. ***1/2

"Wham, bam, here comes Sam." Everyone disappears. The new Darren sits on the couch in his suit and greets Samantha. "You seem different," she says. "Actually, I'm great," says Darren.

Closing Credits: The real deal.

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Overall: This is absolutely hilarious. You have to be familiar with the original Bewitched TV show for it to be this funny. Okay, so it's a B movie, but it's good. Karen Dior really pulled it off well with this. Jeanna Fine's acting talent is offset by Bunny Bleu's classic B movie bimbo performance. I was impressed by the way Paul Morgan presented himself here. He seemed much more into the scenes than in some of his other bi movies, without the arrogant posture. Yes, everyone uses condoms for penetration. I would give this **** for my own personal enjoyment, but I have to be realistic for the rest of you porn hounds. If couples porn included bi-male, this would be on the list.

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