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Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel)

Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/1/2007
Hello fans time to check out some hot female asses which we're going to be fortunate enough to see stretched and probed in all the right places. You have a very strong female cast here too with Briana Love, Sativa Rose, Adriana Nicole, Julie Night, and Bobbi Starr so no one's opposed to taking cock in their ass and in two of the scenes I'd look for copious amounts of A2OGM too!! So let's hit some highlights.

Briana Love:

We begin with the lone one girl scene and it features the lovely Briana who certainly has an ass worthy of being the only one in the scene. Jazz begins with some stellar shots of that booty clothed but even hidden from view the tremendous bubble shape is readily apparant and Briana has fun shaking and jiggling it while we watch from a perfect floor angle. I even liked the color used here too, blue is very positive to me anyway and to have such a hot girl wearing it I wasn't to upset at having to wait to see that ass revealed. Jazz then takes the shot up so we see her cute smiling face and the two continue their discussion of world affairs or at least as they pertain to worshipping that perfect ass of Miss Love's! Some might think the non nude tease goes on to long and I can see that but sometimes it's good to let a wine age before uncorking it and that's how I'd view her ass, as a fine wine meant to be savored for a bit before devouring it! We do start to see her body slowly revealed beginning with her perky tits, then she starts the process of peeling those bell bottoms down letting us see just a hint of ass crack which Jazz helps make even more viewable and finally Briana pulls them all the way down to let her cheeks out and yes you'll be rock hard now if you're not already.

This is the perfect kind of tease now for ass fans as Jazz just shoots and there is some running commentary but you can tell his admiration in what he says and then in what isn't said. When an ass is this hot sometimes the best thing to do is just shoot and shut up which Jazz does. I'm serious you could easily rub one out just on the ass shots here and to think she'll be sucking a cock and taking it up that pooper makes me even more turned on. Jazz then turns over camera duties so he can get in front and let Briana rub that now covered ass over his face. I wish we hadn't gone back to her ass being covered instead just let her smother his face with her bare ass which I'm sure she will do. Sure enough the pants are pulled back down and you get that great shot of Jazz being drowned in Briana booty!! Briana then goes over to a couch with two glass dildos and they are used to further ready those holes for action. I'm not a toy fan at all but I did appreciate the additional butt shots which with this girl can't begin to be enough. Jazz gets back in there after a shot bit to eat that ass some more this time as Briana's in a doggie pose but they make a welcome return to the cowgirl position with him underneath and you should be more than satisfied with the amount of butt shots, really it's almost nonstop. You also see Jazz working his cock below and I'm sure Briana will be helping him out with that pretty quick.

Almost on queue we have Briana sliding down enveloping his schlong and there is no mistaking her passion for sucking dick and you get a very good view for all of it. The sex as you can guess begins with cowgirl and if you've not blown a load yet you could very well here so slap that bad boy so you can keep watching! Another good ass friendly position follows with doggie anal and it's shot very well with plenty of Briana ass in the shot and very little of Jazz ass in the shot, lol. Briana is good too with the A2M which leads then to mish in a brief vag then back to hard pounding anal. It's not to long after another round of A2M that Jazz blasts off to her mouth and she blows some cum bubbles as she cleans his cock. Well if you're a fan of asses then this will totally scratch that itch and then some. The amount of ass footage in this scene is easily over 90% and that might be low. Jazz does a fine job capturing this booty in all it's glory and then when it came time to lay pipe that area was more than covered in a couple good ass friendly positions leading to the jizzclusion. A must have scene for any Briana Love fan.

Sativa Rose & Julie Night:

Well I don't see many girls living up to that first scene so Jazz enlists two very good performers to attract our attentions for this scene which starts with them walking up some stairs and we follow along looking up at them. Sativa's wearing some skin tight black attire while Julie's in see thru red mesh but both asses are pretty much on display. The girls stop to chat with Jazz and I must say both girls are looking quite fetching. Jazz makes the obvious statement about them supposedly having great asses so he sets out to prove that hypothesis and sure enough it's proven to be true. Jazz then has the two girls walk slowly so we can do the perve thing and follow behind and you see all four butt cheeks doing some nice swaying to and fro. You see the girls then get on a couch each in a good sexy doggie pose, ass sticking out with Sativa's bare showing off her asshole!! Julie quickly follows suit pulling her mesh shorts down and you see her sexy ass too which is more than ready to take some cock up in it. The girls begin some nice spanking and general caressing to one another and you'll very much enjoy the site of Sativa hovering over Julie's ass spanking and shaking it. We do get some good rimming too from Miss Rose along with fingerbanging.

This floor shot used by Jazz was perfect for this type of action and Sativa was doing an awesome job selling it with her eye contact and body language. Sativa then lets Julie do the same and she really gets into the ass licking spreading that tan ass of Sativa's wide and digging her tongue in there. The best kind of ass eating is when the face practically disappears between the cheeks and that's exactly what happens here, no dabbling done here Julie dives all the way in! You even get the sexy shot of Sativa sitting on Julie's face and I'd love to lose my breath having that sexy tush riding me. Jazz is able to bring the shot around giving us a shot of just Julie's head nestled between those butt cheeks. Even better is having Julie's head extending backwards off the couch as she licked ass. The momentum was interrupted a bit for me as they bring in a glass toy but I was kept interested by the sexy facial expressions of Sativa and the great ground shots Jazz was giving us of Julie's ass as it was violated. After cleaning it off, TA2M or toy ass to mouth ,we get a slightly longer toy used on Sativa's ass and you get a little foot worship as Julie sucks on her friends toes. The girls finally get a cock to play with and we get a superbly shot POV blowjob with plenty of shared and solo licks by the ladies.

It must have been very hard, lol, for that dick not to want and spew it's goo as these two really did a nice job sharing it. Check out Sativa peppering the shaft with kisses, it's little things like that which drive a man crazy! Jazz then gets a chance to sample both booties doing some serious ass munching before beginning to lay some pipe starting with Sativa who leans over to lick Julie's ass so lots of good butt play here. The first real good anal was doggie with Julie and you get Sativa just below appreciating the action plus doing A2OGM. After a very nice cowgirl anal you get Sativa using an absolutely filthy big toy to fuck Julie's ass, I mean it was HUGE! Jazz takes this opportunity to slide behind Sativa to plug her though you don't see if it's anal or not. There was some very good reverse vag shot then with Sativa and we get the girls soon sharing a healthy dose of Jazz juice! He really catches Sativa with a good blast right into her mouth and just reflex causes her to push it out it was so powerful, then the girls do shared cleanup wrapping up a very good 2 on 1.

Adriana Nicole & Bobbi Starr:

Our final scene features two Spiegerlettes!! They enter the scene hand in hand and seem quite cozy with each other as Jazz finds them. Lots of good smiles here too by the girls as they begin showing off their bodies. You notice right away both have ample bottoms which get shown off using a good floor shot, this does seem to be the best way to show off a booty along with the cowgirl position. The comfort level the girls seem to have with each other is another big factor in this scenes appeal as I see it early on. The girls move over to a couch with Bobbi sitting down and Adriana doing the bend over thrust your ass in the air shot. You get a small butt plug then placed within her ass and it's cleaned off before being transferred over to Bobbi's ass. Jazz then gets the girls in a side by side shot which then moves to Adriana hovering over appreciating her friends tush. After each girl has shown off her ass still more you have Bobbi using a pretty big red dildo on Adriana's ass making sure it's nice'n' wide. I suspect both girls will be analized this scene.

The girls do a good job making sure that all the ass juices are cleaned off that toy with Jazz zooming in close as they each gag on it. Then we get Bobbi sliding down to do a little toe sucking which then leads to more toy fun with Adriana nailing her costars ass. The shot then moves over to where we see that the girls have had a captive audience in the person of Steve Holmes who finally gets up and heads over. The girls quickly get his long cock out but before they do anything Mr. Romance himself gets in the classic bj position kneeling between the girls asses and going back and forth-- very nice going there Steve and he totally loves this type of stuff and hey I do too! Just watch as he gets Bobbi to sit on his face with her ass facing out towards us and below you get Adriana starting in with the blowjob. It's a quick suck, though, as Steve then gets the girls in a side by side doggie going from ass to ass.

This leads then to some good gagging by both girls on his cock and Jazz gives a nice side view for this shared knob polishing. Another hot shot occurs when the girls lay side by side in mish and the legs are spread about as wide as they can be and Steve again samples both ladies tasting their fine juices. It's here he also slips in his cock for a little anal workout starting with Bobbi, then over to Adriana for more good anal plugging. We then get Bobbi done in reverse anal and Adriana gets over leaning down to lick pussy as well as do A2OGM and this was a very good shot fans. Steve then returns to Adriana's ass for doggie and you get Bobbi also doing the same so he's got his pick of asses to fuck-- oh those are the toughest decisions too, lol. You get another huge toy brought in to stretch Adriana's ass even further, then it's more anal fun in reverse for Bobbi who in a total involuntary refex while gagging on cock pees/squirts from her pussy hitting the lense. The unexpectedness of this was totally cool and everyone seemed to appreciate that laughing a little. Bobbi wasn't even sure how she did it and really she was to busy being throat fucked to probably know she did it. Not wanting to stop shooting you get Jazz wiping the lense off and we go right back to it with the girls making out and Steve rubbing on that juicy wet pussy of Bobbi's but no more squirting. They keep up with the cock play as Steve torpedoes Adriana's mouth and I mean that piston was humming in and out strongly. This gets Bobbi back up there for some strong cock sucking of her own and we get the pop soon after as Steve drops the load into Bobbi's mouth and she quickly swaps with Adriana. These two had an obvious comfort level with one another and Steve is very good at adapting himself to whatever the scene calls for so all in all an excellent scene.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a very good title and only having three scenes in it you expect I think a high quality product and that's exactly what you get starting with a beautiful ass themed scene with Briana Love and then continuing with two strong 2 on 1's featuring Adriana, Bobbi, and before them Sativa with Julie. Not a bad stretch here at all really, though the toy usage dragged it down at times but that's just me and you might enjoy that aspect more but for me the cock sucking and the ass footage are what I'll remember, mostly that mesmerizing ass footage in Briana's scene which is among the best ass shots you'll see for some time. Extra wise you get a cumshot recap, then a photo gallery but alas no BTS for this one. However I would strongly recommend this one for purchase for fans of any of these girls especially those of Miss Briana Love.

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