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Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6

Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 6 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  1/3/2009
Scene 1-Jandi Lin and Jazz Duro

The scene starts with a close up shot of Chinese beauty Jandi's killer 7 inch black and red spiked heel platforms,her toenails are painted red and as the camera pans up her legs look truly fantastic she is wearing a little black pvc number and with black elbow length fishnet gloves and her long fingernails painted red this is looking like it is going to be marvelous.As the camera finally focuses on her face i had to do a double take i thought it was Katsuni this girl is absolutely beautiful and with her short dark hair and her lips coated in red lipstick she is smoking hot and has a leash draped around her neck.She gets interviewed by Jazz and with her looks to the camera and teasing voice she had me really excited about this perverts language i had a hard on that was getting angrier and angrier lol.

Jandi talks dirty to Jazz and says she is here to get her ass opened up then goes on to mention all the things she likes and with that she is on the move and she has a large amazing tattoo on her back and as i checked out her pvc clad ass my smile said it all,Jazz has that camera trained on her ass as she walks down the stairs girls like this in porn make me very very happy.She wastes no time and reaches for a black dildo and begins to suck on it before teasing the camera and sliding her dress up to reveal a shaved pierced pussy,now we get some teasing shots of Jandi from her spiked heel platforms right all the way up her fantastic legs then she turns around puts her legs close together and bends over..i might have to wear boxing gloves to finish this review lol.

Jandi begins to spank her own ass and i love it when women do that to themselves her ass is incredible and her skin flawless she also has a burlesque look to her,she then use both hands to spank her curvy butt and as her dress has ridden up she squeezes and pulls her cheeks apart..i might have to go have a lie down after this.She gets on her knees as she rests against a sofa and begins to talk dirty then is soon spreading her cheeks apart to let Jazz see her perfect little asshole she really squeezes her cheeks apart and this is simply amazing to watch.Jazz spanks her ass and she laughs and says "That will get me going,i am all wet now" then continues to play with her pussy as Jazz catches the action.

Plenty of tease follows as Jazz has her sitting back with her legs together so that she is nearly sitting on her heels so if you have a heel and butt fetish then you can kiss goodbye to your potential sons and daughters as they will be dripping from the ceiling at this point lol.Jandi now gets told to get that big black dildo and fuck her pussy with it this is so sexy to watch and at times she takes that dildo out and licks all her juices from it,her pussy looks amazing as she slides the dildo in and out almost like it is gripping the walls of her cunt.She then has fun gagging on the dildo trying to ram it down her throat.

She then gets Jazz to slap her face a few times and quite hard to then it's back to fucking herself with the dildo i could watch this all day,she talks nice and dirty as she fucks her hole and this is music to my perverted ears.She then begins to slap her pussy really hard and this is so fucking good to watch then Jazz gets in on the action and slaps her pussy really hard.I am jealous the last time i slapped a pussy i was in 4th year at school and someone was giving me trouble lol.Now it was time for Jandi to use a glass butt plug on herself and she slides it up her ass and holds the handle of it and twirls it around as it's deep inside her then fingers her pussy at the same time.

More toy play follows and with her legs nearly behind her head she forced this glass butt plug deep inside herself and rubbed away on her clit then pulled on her leash and talked dirty as she brought herself to orgasm.Now it was time for Jazz to get in on the action and the lucky sod gets a great blowjob from Jandi,lets face it there is no such thing as a bad blowjob these days lol.Jandi sucks on his cock till it resembles a slimmer version of Kojak with one eye..what lol.I think Jazz was in the front of the queue donkey punching people out the way when cock sizes were being handed out.Back to the action and Jandi looks amazing with her lips clamped around his big cock and the action is caught pov style i bet he was trembling like a Parkinson's sufferer carrying two jellies as he tried to get the best shot.

Where do you find little nymphs like Jandi as i am planning on going into the sales this week,have you ever lay naked on the rug in front of your fire and felt like humping the neither but i think i might give it a go lol.Jandi is playing the slutty role perfectly and it is great to watch,Jazz slaps her face a few times and she gets of on it well to be honest if she didn't like it i think she would bite his banger right of lol.Jandi wraps her chain around Jazz cock and continues to blow him of then she gets led over on her knees to the sofa and Jazz spanks her ass really hard,for christ's sake if he keeps slapping her arse like that she will need a skin graft lol.What do you give a woman who has everything..thats right a big cock up her wet pussy and a fucking so hard she will never forget you..neither will her pussy.

Jazz fucks Jandi and guess what guys she is a screamer none of the stifled muffled groans that some women do when getting done hard,more ass slapping from Jazz as he pulls out and gives Jandi's cheeks a roasting..ouch lol.More pussy fingering and deepthroat blowjob action follows before Jazz licks away on Jandi's stilletto heels while he pulls away on his cock like it's a soap dispenser,missionary style fucking now and he slams away like crazy as Jandi screams away i hope to god he shoves it up her real soon as im nearly about to explode lol,as the hard action continues the camera zooms in on Jandi and Jazz has his hands around her neck choking her.Now it's time for some anal action and Jazz slips into that brown eye and begins to pump away and slaps Jandi's face as she shouts out that she is a slut.

Cowgirl action now and her pussy gets a good fucking as Jandi thrashes away on his weapon,and then do you know what they must have woke up the dog in the house as a small pooch walks in the door then totally embarassed walks back out lol.Jandi slips Duro's cock up her ass and continues to thrash away some side on action now and this looks great as her ass gets stretched and some face slapping follows as Jazz pummels her ass and she rubs on her clit.Then Jazz performs that move,i think they call it "Hi Honey,im home" where he slips out her ass and into her pussy lol.Some doggie anal action now and as the slapping continues i will have to turn down the volume in case my neighbors think i am self harming,then "boom" Jazz pulls out and without touching his cock he shoots his load it goes all over Jandi's ass down her legs etc she goes on to suck his cock clean before he beats of and cums in her this guy human?

Great scene to start the movie i loved the extended tease intro and Jandi is just so stunning and she really liked the rough stuff,pussy slapping,face slapping,a good hard spanking,toys up her ass,dirty talk..marry me you pervert lol.The sex is hard and intense and at times rough as Jazz puts his one eyed purple monster to good use..and with a cock that could probably eat a steak for its dinner this guy could be the new Jesus Christ and turn Jazz into Jizz,phew im away to get a can of red bull and onto scene 2.

Scene 2-Claudia Rossi and Loona Luxx and Jazz Duro

Straight into action we go and both girls are wearing sexy outfits and sit together on the floor my cock has already decided that he is in love with Claudia so i might as well stand up and beat of and see if i can beat my "jizz record" on my laminate floor lol.Both girls look great and this is a perfect way to start 2009 cock in hand,heart rate going up and down like a prostitutes knickers.It is only matter of seconds into the scene and Loona is rubbing away on Claudia's pussy,i honestly do not think i could have two women at once i think i would faint it's bad enough dreaming about fucking one porn star i would be getting scraped of the floor..literally.Claudia goes doggie style and Loona licks her asshole i love seeing girls do this to each other.

This scene is going to be a treat as both girls look hot and horny as hell both of them have fantastic butts nice and round and so fuckable,now Claudia licks Loona's asshole i could get of on that all day and night.Some light spanking from the girls then some kissing which i always enjoy seeing then Claudia gets stuck into Loona's big tits she really sucks and chews on her nipples till they are erect.Excuse me i am going to abuse myself this is too much,girl/girl action always gets me going and when Loona returned the favor to Claudia only slapping her tits before munching away on them i was in forward about 20 minutes and i will be in a pool of sweat and dna.Loona slaps away on Claudia's pussy before she squats to get her pussy licked then Loona fingers her asshole as she continues fingering her pussy.

The last time i seen a pair of meaty lips like Claudia's they were on stage performing with The Rolling Stones,Loona's lipstick is smudged all over Claudia's pussy as she really sucked away on her beef curtains,someone inform the lesbian police.Is this why girls really go to the toilet in pairs it really is double ended dildo heaven if your a girl.Back to the action and the toys come out and this thing looks like something you would unblock the toilet with and as Loona uses it on Claudia's pussy,both girls moan away like they have just found out they have won an all expenses paid shopping trip to Paris.I think my cock is getting angry now lol.It would be great if Claudia was transparent and you could see all the mechanics of perversion working away in harmony deep inside her pussy.

Claudia takes over now and lucky Loona gets her pussy and ass eaten out and fingered,i used to have a cat called lucky..she got hit with a bus..not so lucky after all eh.Claudia is turning me on like crazy as she slips finger after finger deep inside Loona's ass then pummels away 4 beautiful fingers buried deep in her ass,if you love big clits you will enjoy this segment of the scene as Claudia has got Loona so turned on with the ass pounding that her clit grows so big you could enter it into a vegetable competition...and take the first prize.Claudia sinks to her knees now and goes doggie style as Loona tongue fucks her arse this is great to watch i really could watch a whole dvd of this.

With Claudia standing up and bent over Loona eats out her ass and spanks her bum spits deep in her asshole then continues licking,she then really clamps her mouth against her ass and eats away,you girls owe me some washing up powder i can tell you i will have to get a chisel to get my underwear of then put them over my knee and crack them in two to fit them in the washing machine lol.It is now time for Jazz to get in on the action and he spanks Loona's ass as she continues to eat out Claudia,now a black dildo gets rammed deep inside Claudia's ass and this is fucking hot,hot,hot.Jazz begins to spank both girls and has them doggie style together with there asses high in the air as he eats them out and spanks them.

What follows is Jazz getting some great blowjob action from both girls then he gets to fuck them in a variety of positions and gets to violate there assholes,he is at the choking and slapping again both face and butts get it and he also pays some attention to the girls feet and nibbles on there tootsies.He gives the girls a good anal pounding and it's great to watch as both girls are really into it some nice hard anal action,if he keeps fucking away like that he will be on the 100 Most Wanted FBI list.Claudia uses another massive toy on Loona's asshole and forces it deep inside her i really love this woman.Loona eventually uses the toy on herself as Jazz fucks Claudia doggie style while she licks the stilleto heel of Loona,the scene ends with both girls sucking on his cock then Loona wanks him of till he shoots his cream and a thick load splatters into her hair then over the girls faces and mouths.

Another fantastic scene i really enjoyed the girl/girl action to start with both girls were smoking hot and really nasty,some good toy action ass licking and fingering then when Jazz got involved he gave both girls a good hard ass fucking.Some more slapping and choking in this scene and some mild foot worship,i really loved Claudia she had that something that made my genitals go bang lol.

Scene 3-Monique and Sinnamon Love and Steve Holmes

The last scene and 2 beautiful black girls to feast my eyes on,my prayers have been answered as i am getting into black girls just now especially ones with bubble butts so i really fear for my underpants with this final scene lol.As both girls walk across the floor there spiked high heels clunking away my cock has decided to peek his head out of my pants if he could talk i know what he would say "Holy Fuck" that would be his words as both girls look stunning.The camera has panned up and they are wearing sexy black fishnet body stockings and have the kind of butts that will have my hand glued to my cock for the next month or so,this title should carry a sticker on the front box cover saying "Guaranteed 20 wanks or your money back"

I want Monique wait a minute i also want Sinnamon so what does that make me,a man,a pervert...a perverted man..what the fuck am i on about lol.Ok i have got to admit i want Monique to squat over me and lower that huge bubble butt onto my face i am going to have bigger biceps than Arnold Schwarzenegger after this scene oh god there is a rumbling of discontent deep inside my boxers "Down Shep,Down Shep behave yourself" lol.Both girls chat away to Jazz as they stand side by side and caress each others bodies they are both beautiful this is going to be amazing to watch these two girls get it on.Let fishogedden commence.Monique starts to grope Sinnamon's tits and what a pair they are do you know i am so turned on and even if she had one breast i would be delighted,i wish i had breasts..wait a minute i think i have with all that eating i have done over the festive period.

They begin to slide there boobs together and with there nipples sticking out like a lollypop man on the autobahn we were in for a treat my breathing got worse,i think my neighbor downstairs thinks i have got asthma lol.As Monique began to lick and suck on Sinnamon's nipples my smile lit up the room we then we get to see the fantastic bubble butt of Monique which is enough even to get Elton John erect and putting his mincing queen days behind him.She is wearing a black fishnet body stocking and looks amazing,Sinnamon buries her face deep in her ass then as the camera pans around we get to see the gorgeous ass of Sinnamon i am going to wank myself to sleep tonight.Both girls start to get involved in some ass fun lightly spanking each other and squeezing each others butts etc.

Monique looks so horny as she spanks and plays with the bubble butt of Sinnamon i am on cloud 9 with this scene,it is so erotic watching Sinnamon's ass ripple as Monique dishes out a spanking to her.A few seconds later i was in heaven as Monique buried her tongue deep in Sinnamon's ass then goes on to finger her pussy.Both girls kneel on a table that has several sex toys on it and as they push there butts out Sinnamon's butt looks bigger so i think i will have her now instead of Monique lol.The girls take turns deepthroating a large butt plug and this looks sexy to watch,the last time i seen a girl have that much fun with plastic was when i gave my ex girlfriend my credit card for the afternoon.What follows is some fantastic action as Sinnamon gives Monique's ass some attention and it looks fantastic to see her lick and slide her tongue deep in her asshole.

The camera zooms in really close to let us really savor this hot action,as Sinnamon tongue fucks Monique's asshole she reaches behind to grope Sinnamon's big tits more ass eating this time with Monique getting down and dirty with Sinnamon's ass as she grips her cheeks hard and spreads them wide apart,i am loving this.The action is caught side on and the curves of the girls look awesome and as Monique roughly slapped Sinnamon's cheeks i honestly think this has been my favorite scene.Monique takes a deep breath and really buries her face deep in Sinnamons's ass and grips on her huge cheeks to press that magnificent booty right into her,this is perfection.Some toy action follows and both girls get nasty as hell as Monique forces a huge anal bead black dildo into Sinnamon's pussy she is then made to open her mouth and her thong pushed deep mmm.

Sinnamon then gently begins to pull out the anal bead dildo and as each section pops out she lets out a scream then both girls share the toy with there mouths and they deepthroat and gag on it,more toy action and Sinnamon lies back on the table and gets almost all of this massive anal bead dildo rammed deep inside her then Monique fucks her pussy with it,what a girl she is.Now it was time for Steve Holmes to make an appearance yes the same Steve Holmes that is responsible for the subsidence in the panties of Melpster,and rumor has it that the gusset of her knickers are made out of fire resistant material as the mere mention of Steve Holmes has a bubbling cauldron hissing away down below.Back to the action and for once Steve is minus his trademark suit he is wearing blue jeans and a top and a long chain hangs from his i do not mean his cock lol.

It is not long before he is attaching that leash onto Monique's collar and Pulling Sinnamon over to him by her leash and collar that she was already wearing,he pushes both girls together and they kiss each other as he firmly holds there collars,then in a move made famous by Stagliano both girls push there butts together and Steve sinks his face between those mounds of flesh,i think my cock has took leave of absence from his boxer shorts and like a unruly pensioner on a mobility scooter he is all over the place.Steve slaps both girls asses,i am i dont want Steve to slap my bum you know what i mean,i want some black girl action this year.

Back to the action and Steve sinks to his knees and with his face between both girls asses they begin to suffocate him with there cheeks,he then swings around and eats the ass of Monique,he has done more sexually in 4 minutes or so than i have done in my entire life lol.This guy should get a red cape with the blue pants with the huge letter S on the front to show the rest of the porn guys who the daddy is,he gets to lick and finger both girls asses before slipping a glass butt plug inside Monique then Sinnamon fucks her ass with it,Steve gets his cock out and rams it in Sinnamon's mouth and proves why he is Melpsters favorite as this thing is a battering ram,there is more groaning going on here than what you would get in a wrestling competition.

Now it was Monique's turn to get the cock treatment and she set about it like a lapsed vegetarian getting stuck into a big mac off comes Steve's top but the jeans remain on and his cock and balls hang loose and with Sinnamon still using the toy on Monique's ass it is all happening now.It was time to see some fucking and he slipped into Monique's asshole like a flesh tuxedo and banged away as Sinnamon used her saliva to keep his cock lubed up,then she gets to taste her ass from Steve's cock what follows is more toy insertions more anal wreckage and some damn fantastic sex scenes as Steve gets to have his perverted way with 2 very hot and sexual women.It was great to see Sinnamon using a butt plug on Monique then the camera panning around and we see that Sinnamon was fucking her own arse with a butt plug at the same time.

As the toy action continues Steve is like a kid in a sweet shop as he darts between both girls to get his cock sucked and lube up there toys etc then he loses his jeans and with both girls on the sofa now in doggie position he squats over and sits on Sinnamon's ass and Monique gives him a blowjob,knowing my luck i would have probably fell off lol.He then gets Sinnamon to go cowgirl and she struggles to force this thing inside her ass,it's a bit like coming home pissed and you have got your house keys in your hands but you cant get the key in the lock lol.After some frantic bouncing away Sinnamon soon has that monster cock in her mouth to taste her ass and Monique grabs and plays with Steve's balls as Sinnamon works her magic on his dong.

Reverse cowgirl action now for Monique and she still has her black body stocking on and her dog collar and leash and looks bloody incredible,as she leans right back Steve holds her thighs and her asshole looks fantastic stuffed with cock she really rides Steve and slips her heels of so that she can rest her feet on his thighs and continue to increase her pace and all the time Sinnamon rubs the base of Steve's cock and fondles his balls.Then Sinnamon facesits Steve as Monique continues to slam away on his cock then Steve pulls his cock out and we see the gape of Monique,that sounds like a work of art"The Gape of Monique,then back to more ass fucking as Sinnamon licks her out as her ass gets done.Next up both girls lie back on the sofa with Monique on top of Sinnamon so that Steve has easy access to both of there pussys and he slides his tongue along Sinnamon's pussy then quickly onto Monique's pussy this looks fantastic

Steve ass fucks Sinnamon then he slips a couple of fingers in her pussy and his other fingers delve deep inside Monique's asshole then he decides to finger fuck her pussy and arse at the same time as he bangs Sinnamon's asshole.With more frantic fucking of the girls and blowjob action he has both girls press against either side of his cock and begins to fuck away,talk about lip service this looks great.With the girls in the same position he gets out the black bondage tape and begins to wrap it around there necks and continues to get the girl pressing there lips either side of his shaft as he fucks away,the camera goes overhead and we get a great view of Steve getting "lip service" from the girls then both girls tongue each other and then both girls are ordered to stand and spread there cheeks and he slips inside Monique's ass and hammers away before Sinnamon's tight asshole gets it,Monique gets it in her pussy next as Sinnamon laps away at her pussy lips.

Steve soon slips it in her ass much to her delight and bangs her even harder till she has a shuddering orgasm,cowgirl anal action now for Sinnamon and Steve is still hard as a rock and looks so casual and makes it all look so easy.Monique pulls his cock out to taste Sinnamon's ass then tries to force it back up her bum but it bounces up and rests along her ass crack and Steve slides his cock against her soft cheeks and eventually he slips in her pussy again and she rides away like crazy till she has a powerful orgasm and all the time Monique was urging her on and slapping her butt.The finale has him ass fucking Monique till he can hold back no longer and pulling out and spunking into Sinnamon's mouth,then she shares some cum play with Monique.

What a fantastic scene to end a great movie Monique and Sinnamon were unbelievable and there bodies amazing,i loved there bubble butts and the sheer nastiness of there scene.It was all there i loved the prolonged tease intro and both girls ass eating exploits and when it came to Steve Holmes making his entrance he took the girls on a rollercoaster of debauchery and gave them both a torrid fucking and made it all look so easy,a truly fantastic scene and the whole movie has been sensational from the beautiful Jandi who loved to be roughed up by Jazz to the intense passionate pairing of Loona and Claudia with Jazz giving both girls a great fucking.This was a pleasure to watch and fantastic chemistry in all the scenes make this a must buy for porn fans.

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