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Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine

Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine

Studio: Black Ice
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Sean Renaud's ratings for Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jazmine Cashmere Vs. Mone Divine A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  10/27/2010
Expectations: Black Ice is a quality company and almost always puts out product that just makes you wonder why we don’t get more black girls in porn because it’s always great. Jazmine and Mone are both top tier performers and it’s a real shame that neither one of them get more work than they do. I’m expecting this to be good bordering on great porn, even if it is a compilation and generally speaking those don’t turn

Scene One: Jazmine & Raven Vixen from X-Rated Cribs

The girls are already riding cock when the scene starts which is always nice. No interview, no crappy acting set up though from the get go it makes a common porn mistake of having one girl who’s just taking up space on camera so instead of zooming in to show us just how good Raven is we have this wide angle with Jazmine just sort sitting there. Both of these girls are ebony goddesses and once they work out the kinks they have real chemistry together, to a point that when the guy backs for a bit and they just go at it lezzy style I didn’t instantly lean on the fast forward button. Its a little light on the nasty and the cum shot is next to nonexistent but it doesn’t spoil a quality scene.

Scene Two: Mone Divine from Red Bones

Mone, god that woman has legs worth dying over, is in a red and black with a fishnet top still the set up is over quickly and kinda cute. Mone just needs cock so she texts her man, he just happens to be with a friend and that’s not a problem cus she’s nasty like that. It only takes a few minutes for Mone to start devouring cock into her greedy lips; both sets are drooling for cock. Whenever she’s not stuffing cock in her mouth she’s making the most divine moaning (I know I’m sorry. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum) and dirty talk. This makes for lots of pussy to mouth as each guy gets a couple tries in each position and she hits everything position and this gets bonus points because when one guy isn’t stuffing her with cock he has the common sense to get stay off camera and very quiet. We also get a rare two different cum shots as one guy cream pies her and the other dumps it on her face. Great fucking scene.

Scene Three: Jazmine and Mone

We start out with the girls having some fun lezzing out and undressing each other. If you’re into girl on girl porn it’s . . . well I’m not into it so I’m probably too harsh. For me it’s just boring and the repetitive music takes I from bored already to really bored. I’m also admittedly a hater of P.O.V./first person scenes in general but even more so when it’s a blow job. It really limits the positions and angles you can see of the girl(s) leaving him in the same position from start to finish. It’s a shame to have these two girls and not get to see some booty. Two girls and the cum mostly ends up on Jazmine’s hand? Fuck that. Seriously sloppy kiss at the end tries to save it. Skippable.

Scene Four: Mone Divine in Black Bubble Hunt 3
This girl knows what colors make her look best, red and black on the attack. It’s almost makes the tease watchable, maybe if she was a better dance, or trying. Instead it’s just another tease. Nice change of pace that it starts off with Mone getting eaten out before she goes to work sucking cock. My god this woman can worship a cock like it’s the most precious piece of meat on the entire planet. They could have gotten away with this being just a blow job scene and I’d still rate it highly. I also love girls who keep on clothes in sex scenes. That pussy gets tore up every which way she can be bent and it’s great. Once he’s pounded pussy long enough it’s time to go straight up her ass. We get some pussy and ass to mouth and swallowed cum shot to finish. God this woman is amazing.

Scene Five: Jazmine Cashmere in Let off in me 3

Jazmine starts off with a tease that has the cameraman telling her what to do. It kinda falls under the category of well it could be worse but I still recommend you skip past until she gets an actual man to tease . . . actually you might want to go a bit farther than that since she bounces her (admittedly delicious ass) on his head and a fair amount of her blow job is hidden behind five stars worth of ass first on her knees, then in a sixty nine. It gets better and damn can that woman suck cock and even titty fuck. If pussy to mouth is on your list you’ll be very happy since Jazmine gives us plenty of that as she’s twisted from position to the next and the camera focuses mostly on her amazing cock sucking and deep throating skills. I mean really you could turn of the screen and just listen and get off. As oddity she pisses on the bed in several “squirts” while sucking cock. Even in the squirt videos though I’ve never seen a girl who could do it without touching herself, if Jazmine is really so excited by sucking cock that she squirts then I need to marry her. Still not bad just kinda odd and shocked me out of the moment. Cream pie kinda boring.

Scene Six: Mone Divine in Doin’ da Bubble Butt 2

This time our vixen is dressed up in pink and white and it works. It’s not nearly as sexy as the red and black but she makes up for it by keeping the tease so short you’ll miss if you blink. Apparently her proctologist does house calls and his instrument of choice is tongue. I know it’s a stupid pet peeve to have but I really do hate it when the position change happens during a cut away, this one goes straight from tongue in ass to cock in mouth. Not nearly enough cock sucking though. Almost made up for with the look on her face when fucked. Actually it more than made up for it especially when she decided she needed some cock in her ass and she even remembers to suck him clean a few times. Such a nasty girl in such a nasty scene. I’m still not a fan of cream pie.

Scene Seven: Jazmine Cashmere in Pumps N’ Dumps

It’s true, if I had my way there would be something automatic that if a girl was going to spend the first ten minutes or so on a tease that it would just ask you if you wanted to skip the tease, kinda like how you can watch a movie with the commentary on, wide screen or full screen. This tease goes on, and on (and shows off a car with hydraulics bouncing up and down. Nice care but still way too much of it. After that it’s pretty tame despite the anal. There is some brief oral exchanged then a couple positions and variant positions with and without anal. Even a failed cum shot. Over all forgettable.

Scene Eight: Mone Divine & Alicia Taylor in Girls Greasin Girls

It’s not a secret that I’m not a fan of lesbian porn but I try to keep an open mind, but I also try to let you know in advance that I don’t like this. So you can adjust accordingly. Alicia starts out in the shower, I would have liked some soapy suds and I absolutely love wet hair on girls so it’s always a shame that in porn they work so hard to keep their hair dry in the shower. Mone arrives just after and the two proceed to oil each other up. It doesn’t take long before we get some beautiful oil slicked girls grinding, rubbing, kissing, flicking. If it weren’t twenty straight minutes or foreplay, albeit really sexy oiled up foreplay, it would actually be good. Towards the end a nice glass dildo gets some play. It is rather pretty, even some pussy to mouth.

Scene Nine: Jazmine Cashmere in Big Butt Bachelor Party

Nice and quick set up. Jazmine knows here man is going to his bachelor party that night and she reminds him that his cock belongs to her and her alone and lays claim. There some nice cock sucking here and even deep throat. There is anything here that you haven’t seen before but that doesn’t make it bad in any way shape or form. If you’re an anal fan you’ll get your feel of that and even some ATM action when she switches positions. This guy would be making one of the biggest mistakes in his life to disappoint this woman.

Scene Ten: Mone Divine in Big Butt BBQ

Absolutely no time wasted. There is already cock in mouth when the scene starts and the downside is we get shorted on the head. Mone is mounting up for her pony ride a bit quick for my tastes. The scene is kinda cute and unique because there is stuff going on in the background and it feels like it’s actually part of a larger story as they cut however briefly to the others. Standard sex with good energy and the always sensual Mone Devine.

Scene Eleven: Jazmine Cashmere Doin’ Da Bubble Butt

Another tease that while at least it’s unique it still goes on way longer than I have any use for. Still anal beads are always a nice touch and maybe a bit more time could have been spent watching her pull them through her sphincter one by one. And I do love the oiled up look on a girl her skin glinting in the light as she sucks and fucks and moans. For a scene where the anal was inevitable it did take a while to come up. Its well worth the wait though as Jazmine’s back door gets knocked in by black cock. It’s only for a while then its back to vag sex. Not a bad scene when all’s said and done.

Scene Twelve: Mone Divine in Smothered In Ass

Mone wants her man’s full undivided attention and he’s too busy watchin television. Her response? Smothering him in her ass, just sit down and make that boy work for his oxygen. What really stands out in this scene aside from that super sexy pink outfit and the energy that Mone always brings. We get a flying sixty nine, you never see that. It takes a lot for me to complain about a guy’s outfit in porn, but really there is no forgiving a guy in boxers and goddamn hiking boots. It’s distractingly stupid and takes an otherwise outstanding scene and brings it into the realm of good.

Scene Thirteen: Mone Divine in Let Off in Me

Okay this shit was on purpose. They actually give us a double tease, the first is a short mildly amusing rap video with Mone stripping to the tune. Then she introduces herself and starts playing with herself. I must be the only one who watches porn for the sex because they keep putting this stuff in and nobody else is bitching about it. Once it gets started Mone reminds us why we bought a DVD that’s just her and a friend. It’s a good if rather tame scene other than a cream pie that she partially tries to eat.

Scene Fourteen: Mone Divine, Jazmine Cashmere & Donna Red in Bubble Butt BBQ

Gotta love orgies though watching orgies. It starts off with Mone sucking cock and Donna shows up to help quickly enough and the two ladies try their best to wear that boy out. The chemistry between them is pretty good, not perfect but at least Donna can usually find something to do. There is some shoddy editing though that leads to a second man magically appearing with Mone’s lips round his cock and Jazmine showing up equally for no reason. I suspect that it’s because Bubble Butt BBQ was originally porn with a plot and what we missed would have been boring, but instead it comes off as kinda half assed and helter skelter with the girls and occasionally guys teleporting about. It’s not bad.

Heading Out: It compilation porn had always held itself to the standards being set right now by Black Ice with it’s vs. series most people wouldn’t look at porn boasting over four hours of action as crap by default. We get two absolutely gorgeous girls and seven scenes of them at their best. My only complaint is the same as it always is. This is fourteen scenes of two girls doing mostly the same things from scene to scene. It’s not that I don’t love Mone and Jazmine it’s just that fourteen scenes is a bit much, especially because I already had some of these scenes on other DVDs. It really starts to slow down on the second disc though. To the point that’s it feels like they had eight good scenes and couldn’t figure out what to cut to keep it down to just seven scenes on one disc, and then once they got to the second disc they didn’t have a clue how they were going to fill a second disc so they just dug into the vaults.

Also Mone wins this hands down. She’s prettier, she’s nastier and she gets more scenes because of it.

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