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bono-ONE Jam Packed Assholes 4 starsJam Packed Assholes 4 starsJam Packed Assholes 4 stars
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Jam Packed Assholes

Jam Packed Assholes

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Compilation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Coyote22's ratings for Jam Packed Assholes:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Jam Packed Assholes overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Jam Packed Assholes Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Jam Packed Assholes Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Jam Packed Assholes Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Jam Packed Assholes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Jam Packed Assholes DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jam Packed Assholes A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Coyote22  on  7/23/2006

Red Light has always been one of the studios that I feel has continued to bring out quality in their productions and scenes. This title comes with 2 discs and is centered on anal sex (surprise, surprise) and just not anal but double anal! On the cover we have the very spunky (pun intended) and energetic Tyla Wynn (a lovely gaper and has blessed us anal cream pie aficionados many times). While I don’t think she is the hottest performer around she is definitely one of the only ones who continually brings out an intense scene full of energy, and let us not forget always taking something up the tale pipe! Other ladies who grace this Dvd are: Ashley Blue, Jade Fire, Hypnotic, Isabel Ice, Kerri Kravin, Missy Monroe, and Ariana Jollee. So enough already and onto the SHOW!!!

Some of you who have read my reviews know what I look for in scenes and the over-all film as well as other little things such as performance, camera usage, chemistry, lighting, sound, A.V. quality, etc…. Well for those of you who have not read any of my reviews before here is a breakdown of what I like and don’t like:

Energy, Intensity, Chemistry
Anal, Gaping, Anal Cream Pies, A.T.M., P.T.M., Vaginal Sex, Ass-shots, Big Natural Breasts, Breast Fucking, Spitting, Spanking, Leather, Ass/Gape Licking (rimming)/Ass Play, G/G, G/G/B, G/B/B, G/G/B/B, Sliding, Toy Play, Squirting, Peeing, Cum Swapping, Talking (during sex), Ass Worship/Boob Worship, Fishnets
Good Audio/Video Quality
Good Camera Work
Chapter Selections (with names)
Bonus Materials (behind the scenes, interviews, strip teases, Trailers)

Lack of Energy, Poor Chemistry
Orgies (unless filmed well), D.A.P., Excessive Choking/Slapping/Gagging, Vaginal Cream Pies, Midgets, Poor Looking Performers, Pregnant Sex, Ass Pimples, Watches/Rings/Bracelets, Excessive Tattoos
Halo Effects, Artifacts, Grain, Small Bit Rates, Non-Anamorphic Widescreen, Poor Sound, Flushed out Scenes (bad lighting)
Poor Camera Work

(Scene by Scene Breakdown)


(Tyla Wynn, Michael Stefano, John Strong, & Juan Cuba)
First thing we see is a nice shot of Tyla’s ass from the ground while she rubs her pussy and asshole get played with. Not long passes and she gets her mouth played with then she sucks on a rubber cock that is attached to a wall (with plenty of spit). Then it’s on to fucking a rubber cock on the floor but it isn’t long before she’s joined by Michael who feeds her his cock. After some cock sucking he fucks her pussy doggie style but that doesn’t last long before he moves his cock upstairs to her nice little brown eye! After giving a little gape, he does what I really like ASS LICKING (by the way this is one of the reasons I like Michael). The scene phases out after they kiss a little bit then we see Tyla on a couch with John Strong getting fucked in the ass R.C. but it isn’t long before she’s getting DP’d! After a little cock cleaning her ass is double stuffed and she takes it like a champ (such an easy fit). She plays with her pussy a bit then gets down to suck their dicks (yummy, tasty ass juice). It’s on to my favorite position, COWGIRL and here she’s getting fucked vaginally by John but not for long because that little pooper of hers is just begging for a cock by Michael! Tyla continues to keep up the love and stay energetic which is why I enjoy her scenes so much. After a few minutes she’s taking John’s cock in her ass (still cowgirl) but again, it isn’t long before Michael’s cock invades the A! With some great camera work we get to see all of the Double Anal here but after a few minutes the guys pull out to give her a nice messy facial but she’s not done so she walks on all fours over to Juan for more. After she uses her mouth to suck his cock and lick his balls she gets more spunk splattered over her face.
This was a great way to start off the Dvd; with some good camera work here, along with some great energy by Tyla. The sex wasn’t anything to jump up for joy though especially since there was really only one gape (and it wasn’t anything big). Every time a cock would be pulled out of her ass I was expecting a gape but we were DENIED! Some of the highlights of the scene include some Rimming, Gaping (1), Cowgirl, and good camera work.

(Ashley Blue, Michael Stefano, Erik Everhard, & Steve Holmes)
Ashley Blue starts things off in a pink fishnet top, black fishnet stalkings/black high heels, and a black skimpy thong while on a bed. She bends over and shows off her ass which is slapped and soon her thong is moved to the side to expose her dirt pipe! What follows is some anal fingering by the Juan (manning the camera) which she sucks along with some mouth play. But wait, we are not done with anal play yet, she soon gets two fingers in her spread opened asshole then a little slapping before Steve and Erik show up with their cocks hard for her to suck (or mouthfuck-however you look at it). After some spit falling cock sucking Erik fucks her pussy doggie while she licks over Steve’s balls and rod. The guys swap positions and Steve uses his thumb to loosen up her asshole. First up to slide his cock in her ass is Steve while she is in RC and sucking on both Erik and Michaels’ cocks. After a few minutes Erik moves his cock down inside her pussy to give her a meaty DP while she sucks on Michael’s balls and cock (as she squats down on her face). Erik moves his cock out of her snatch and has her clean it while Michael moves in for the kill! We get s close of up the DP here and the Double Anal which doesn’t exactly get pulled off (more DP). Soon she moves off Steve’s cock to taste her ass and let’s not forget Michael’s cock which brings her pussy juices to the table as well. And of course Erik doesn’t sit out of the action because he just right behind her while she’s on her side and goes to town on her pussy! Not long passes before the scene cuts and she’s getting DP’d cowgirl style and the camera zooms in for a closer look.
It isn’t log before Michael moves his cock out of her mouth and deep inside her butt (after Steve jumps out of course). We get some good camera footage of the action from behind while both of her holes are speared. Her butt gets pounded for a bit then Michael pulls out and she tastes her ass a little. Erik moves in for more anal and gapes her a little bit but the camera doesn’t really get a good shot. He digs in for more then gapes her again and this time the camera shoots it a little better but not much. Michael shoves his cock in here and pumps away. It isn’t long before he pulls out and gives her a good sized GAPE! Once the gape is over with the scene cuts and we see her being DP’d in the air being held by Erik. After Michael fucks her ass a bit, Steve moves in and then pulls her out of Erik’s cock and swings her around for Michael to give her pussy a workout. This doesn’t last long though, and soon she’s taking some deep doggie anal by Michael on the bed. Many pumps later he leaves and Erik does his deep cock thrust. He pulls out to gape her and she squirts out some juices from her ass then he goes at it some more. She moves on her side and the guys take turns pumping her butt hole really well. Next she’s getting some RC DP action which turns into a DAP. Her hole doesn’t take their cocks very deep or for very long and so she gets up and sucks their cocks a little. After a few little words to the camera she gets on her knees and takes some chowder on her face.
This was a nice follow up to the 1st scene and offered some good moments with it. From the get go her ass was in constant focus and really never left. I was a little disappointed at the lack of gaping that happened but near the end there was a little, even some ass-hiccups! Sadly there was no gape rimming or really wide gapes. I liked seeing her being held and DP’d then pulled from Steve by Erik and swung around to Michael to continue the DP. I also liked the views of the DP while in cowgirl on the bed! For a minute there I was thinking this scene would end with an Anal Cream Pie but sadly it didn’t.

(Hypnotic, Michael Stefano, & John Strong)
I haven’t seen a lot of Hypnotic so I really don’t know what to expect. This is the first IR scene of the Dvd so fans of IR and Hypnotic get ready to enjoy!
This scenes starts off with a bang or should I say face full! Michael has his face all up in her ass as she leans against a corner wall. She’s in a skimpy blue shirt and thong but that doesn’t last long as they get tossed aside (at least the thong). Michael does a little cock sliding between her ass cheeks (very hot) and teases her pussy with it. Oops, teasing doesn’t last long and he soon has his cock pushing in and out of her pussy. They go at it for a little bit and Michael really gives her pussy a nice warm up from behind (also there is some tit licking and play here). Michael must be getting tired of standing up so he lies down and she does some RC for minute but only for a minute. Down a step his cock goes and deep up into her chocolate hole. From RC to spooning they go but never stopping the analizing, well until she does a little ATM (she really likes it too). After she really cleans his cock and base Michael spins her around on all fours and licks her asshole for a second only to follow through with some doggie anal. Some close ups follow along with some ATM but soon Michael is done with her and she crawls away on all fours down the hallway. Well she didn’t go far, as she comes up from behind a couch to suck on John’s cock. After getting it primed, she hops on for some Cowgirl sex. Her ass jiggles and John makes sure to get his hands all over them! But the twosome doesn’t last long and soon Michael pushes his cock into her asshole. To quench her thirst for juice she laps it up off their cocks then takes some more DP but in RC this time. After a couple of minutes we see John alone with her giving her asshole a good fucking while she’s in cowgirl and the camera gives a good shot of her ass bouncing which is always a nice thing to see. However it doesn’t last long and finally she has her dirt muffin stuff with two cocks! The camera shoots her ass most of the time but strays away to her breasts and Michael kissing and talking into her ear. The DAP continues only in RC for a few minutes then she sucks on both of their cocks tasting her holes. For the finale Michael spoon fucks her pussy until he cums and she pushes it out of her pussy. She really does some pushing too! John takes the sloppy seconds and gives her pussy some more spunk which she pushes out. After John feeds her some she bends over and spreads her cheeks and pushes real hard opening up her pussy and asshole.
Well this scene wasn’t all that bad. The camera knew where to be most of the time and the sex was pretty deep and steady. The DAP lasted longer than the last scene which is nice (especially since this is a DAP Dvd) but there wasn’t really any gaping (other than the end where she’s pushing the cum out of her pussy but that’s really not gaping). The scene opened up big with Michael burying his face between her cheeks and it didn’t sink from there. The ATM was well done as she really licked and sucked especially in the beginning!! Though I wish there would have been an Anal Cream Pie in here somewhere the scene ended well and seeing both her holes open up at the end was nice.

(Missy Monroe, Michael Stefano, John Strong, Steve Holmes, & Juan Cuba)
Missy has a really nice big ass which she shows off well from the get go! She is on a couch bending over while Michael digs his tongue inside while she tells him to lick her asshole (I love vocal woman like this). One then two fingers get shoved in her ass as she fucks them then Michael takes his tongue back in her hole for more exploring. After his anal thirst is quenched she turns around and they kiss/lick and play with her mid-sized tits. Since Michael enjoyed her ass so much he goes after her pussy while she lies back on the couch. He uses his fingers and pulls her pussy open then digs is tongue inside while she pushes her hips up and down. He comes up for air and kisses her, letting her taste and smell her pussy and ass. After that she moves over to Steve and John while their on the couch. Immediately John has his cock in her ass while spooning her as she sucks on Steve’s cock. She gets up and bends over on the floor to suck his cock and Steve gives her pussy then ass some doggie love! Now it isn’t long before he pulls out of her ass and we see a nice “little” gape then he digs in for more! After a quick couple of pumps he pulls out (juices flow out) and sticks his tongue in her asshole (oh yeah baby). He fucks her ass some more while straddling her while Michael moves into the mix with John as she sucks their cocks. Steve pulls out and gives her a little gape while more ass juices get pushed out (where’s the glass?). Now that all three guys are here they need to stuff all her holes so in Cowgirl she gets DP’d and takes a cock in the mouth. After some ATM she gets her pussy stuffed with two cocks and her deliciously bubble butt jiggles with delight. There’s some PTM here and eventually more DP gets underway. The camera does a good job keeping up with the action and getting some good angles and Missy keeps the great talking coming! Well enough cowgirl and onto a RC DP! Following the DP is the infamous DAP which looks fantastic as her asshole opens up wide for entry (or maybe it’s because of her deep cheeks…) Well this doesn’t last long enough before she pops up and does a little ATM. Once her cock cleaning is over with she has a nice DP in cowgirl along with some more ATM. More DAP follows though at first it doesn’t go as smoothly as before. So the cowgirl DAP doesn’t work out that well but the next image we see is Missy bending over on the couch getting her dirt hole fucked and gaped! Oh did I mention she gets DP’d too! Well after her asshole gets pounded nice and deep she gets a break and sucks some cock for ATM. But it isn’t long before she’s bending over once again while her brown eye is pumped. Each of the three guys takes a turn at fucking her ass then leaving their juice behind. After each load she spreads her cheeks and pushes it out on the floor (so very sweet). Every one of these is good but each one gets better! And if that is not enough for you, Juan pops a load in her mouth.
Well damn, I’m really impressed!!! This scene had almost everything you could want minus some ass worship and toy play! From the start of the scene where Missy’s great round ass is displayed and Michael digs in for a taste then the great anal fucking (and sweet little gapes) and let us not forget the grand finale of THREE anal cream pies! Now I’m an assman (boob and eye man as well) so when I say that Missy has a great ass I’m not lying. But it’s just not her ass, it’s her hole! Now I know your probably saying, “Coyote, what the hell do you mean?” But seriously her pucker is perfect! It’s just simply fantastic and no words could describe it. See it for yourself!!! Now I could sit her and nit-pick (as all great things aren’t perfect) but I won’t as I really enjoyed this scene! Highlights of this scene include, the rimming & tonguing, Missy’s energy and dirty mouth, the gaping (along with the dripping juices), and of course the finale of three anal cream pies.

(Isabel Ice, Michael Stefano, Erik Everhard, John Strong, & Juan Cuba)
Isabel is a little cutie who I have seen many times and would say is an average performer. She’s lost some weight since the last time I saw her and she looks better than ever! Things start off with her talking to the camera on the couch (naked) and sucking on a LARGE black rubber cock (and getting mouth fucked with it by Juan). She eventually fucks her pussy with it fast and hard and while doing this her titties bounce! The pussy fucking lasts a few minutes to get it all primed and ready to go. Next she’s on her knees (on the couch) fucking her butt hole with the rubber cock only to pull it out and suck on it making sure to leave enough spit on it so it slides nice and easy in her pooper! She plays with it while it’s in her ass a little, then the scene cuts and she’s with Michael. It isn’t long before she’s sucking his cock and it’s even sooner that she’s riding it cowgirl with her ass cheeks spreading and that hole of hers opening a little (God I love that). Well that assplay paid off and her ass eats Michael’s cock fast and furiously! The anal lasts a couple of minutes then she does some ATM and moves on to more anal but with John who spoon’s her ass on the couch. The camera gets in close on the anal as well as her tits bouncing. Not long passes and she hops down for ATM but slides his cock right back in her ass only this time in RC! She plays with her pussy a little bit before she is DP’d. After some ATM her ass is stuffed with two cocks but not for long and she sucks more cock. She slobs on fuck sticks for a bit, then jumps back on the couch for more RC DAP action only to end it with more ATM. She makes her way downstairs to find Erik all naked on another couch. She sucks his cock and is also mouth fucked while on her knees. He slaps her ass a bit and the camera shoots its roundness as well. Soon her ass is fucked doggie and even gaped (nicely I might add! A few gapes follow (they get bigger) then she does a little ATM and more anal. Next she’s surrounded by all of our hero’s and getting DAP’d RC. After some ATM she bends over and gets fucked in the ass by all three guys until they pop inside. After each pop she pushes it out on the floor (the last one is really good). Now there’s one more to go but it’s just Juan getting a BJ (with ball play) and popping on her face.
Isabel looks a lot better since the last time I saw her, and her curvy body definitely gets one hard. This scene started off with some toy play which was nice and went into some good anal. There was a good amount of gapes this time around and they were the largest of any scene. Isabel’s ass really opens up good and this scene really proves it. I would have liked to have seen rimming done on her as well as more variety in her positions. While doing DAP she was only in RC and it was sad not to see her in cowgirl. Despite my gripes this scene offered some decent energy (not as much as previous scenes though) and a great finale of three anal cream pies! People who like to see assholes really pushing should like this scene!
(This scene also ends Disc 1)


(Ariana Jollee, Michael Stefano, & John Strong)
Ms. Jollee is no stranger when it comes to anal sex so this scene should be good! Things start off with her walking over to a wall with a rubber cock attached to it and she just sucks away. Michael finds her and helps her suck on it but can’t resist slapping her tits and tasting her mouth. As she bends over sucking the cock, Michael makes his way to her rear and licks and thumbs her asshole (well dp’s her with his fingers). After he licks her ass and thumbs it some more he brings out a huge long rubber dildo (something Belladonna would use) and pushes it slowly in her asshole! After having it in there for a moment he pulls it out real slow so she can do a hefty gape then she cleans off the rubber cock. They do this one more time before Michael fucks her pussy while she sticks her ass in the air. After some PTM he picks her up and fucks her asshole while bounces up and down on it. After a minute or two she gets down and sucks it clean then moves on to John who is on a couch. She sucks his cock for a moment then stands up and takes off her pink bikini then it’s on to business…. She sucks his cock then masturbates until she squirts only to lick it up off the floor. John gets himself ready on the couch and she then joins him for some spoon anal and ATM. It isn’t long before she’s getting DP’d in cowgirl and doing more ATM. Michael pushes her back on the couch and her ass lifts up and he opens her ass up spitting and tonguing it only to slide his cock deep in her wet asshole. There’s plenty of little gapes here and it isn’t long before she gets DP’d again in cowgirl. After some cock cleaning she hops back up for more cowgirl anal but just not anal, a DAP! The camera moves in for a close up on this one for a second then pans back to capture the action. Some ATM follows then she’s back in a DAP along with fucking her pussy with a rubber cock for a TP (triple penetration). After a couple of minutes she’s sucking the weapons clean then we see her being DAP’d again but in the air held by Michael. This doesn’t last long as the guys pop on her face.
This scene was pretty good but it wasn’t as good as the last two. There was some gaping, rimming, squirting, even triple penetration but some how this scene just seemed to lack something. The toy play at the start of the scene was nice and amount of DAP should make any fan of the act happy.

(Jada Fire, Michael Stefano, Erik Everhard, & John Strong)
Jada is a cute black vixen who I was amazed with way back when…. She’s got a great set of tits along with a nice booty which gets plenty of attention here. Things start off with a shot of her ass in a kitchen wearing a pink thong and white fishnet top. Soon her ass is being fingered and spread open (let’s not forget jiggled). She tastes her own ass then walks over to Erik on a couch and heads for his cock. But before she can do any real sucking he plays with her butt by jiggling it and fingering it. Once she starts sucking his rod, he goes after her ass some more, this time using multiple fingers to loosen it up. She licks his fingers then takes his cock in her ass in doggie. He does a couple of gapes here then fucks her pussy. Soon she lays back and he fucks her missionary making sure to grab those large bouncing boobs! Not long passes and he moves from her pussy to her ass gaping and fingering it ever so often. After he pulls out she sucks on his cock tasting that great ass of hers. A second or two later she’s on her back again spreading her cheeks while Erik bangs away at her asshole. It doesn’t take long and Erik blows a load in her hole and she pushes the cum out of her ass onto the ground.
Jada then moves on to John who is on a couch and hops on his cock for some cowgirl and is shortly joined by Michael who slides his meat stick in her asshole. As she is DP’d her ass cheeks are palmed and jiggled and yes, she does some ATM. Next she bends over on the couch and is doggie fucked anally with quite a lot of gaping and ATM. Not that her asshole has had enough, she jumps up onto John (who is on the couch) and takes his cock up her ass RC only to be filled with Michael’s cock for a DP. John pulls out and lets Michael do her ass a little, but just a little. Jada’s ass is up for some DAP in cowgirl and she takes it pretty well. After a couple of minutes she turns around and gets DAP’d RC and her large ass jiggles with excitement! The DAP lasts a couple more minutes then Jada has her asshole pile driven and gaped many more times. For the finale she gets down on the floor and sticks her ass up and is filled with cum from both guys (a lot falls out when they pull out) then pushes the cum out onto the carpet. The camera zooms in to her cum drenched winking asshole as the screen fades to black.
This was one of Jada’s best scenes I’ve ever seen and any fan of hers probably will like it as well. It starts off strong with a great shot of her gorgeous ass in a pink thong only to be played with/fucked/gaped and cum dumped in by Erik. Then she is anally satisfied by John and Michael in DP’s, DAP’s, gapes, and once again pushed full of cum. There was a decent amount of energy here which was good and the scene seemed to move fast. The anal cream pies weren’t the best I’ve seen and were probably the weakest of the bunch but still it’s a nice finish, especially with a great ass like hers.

(Kerri Kravin, Michael Stefano, John Strong, & Juan Cuba)
This is the first time I’ve seen Kerri so I have no idea what to expect. Her petite little body shows up with a red thong and red see-through mini skirt and top. She meets up with John and Michael as they sit on a white couch and after her ass is squeezed she sucks on John’s love rod. Some P.O.V. footage is shot but very briefly before she takes off her top and thong (but leaves on the miniskirt). We jump to her being anally fucked in RC by John on the couch and hard I might add. After a minute or two she sucks his cock and then bends over and is pounded hard in the asshole. The camera zooms in to get that pucker in all its sexy glamour. Some gaping follows along with sliding and cock sucking. After the cock cleaning she’s back up on the couch being spooned anally and rubbing her clit vigorously as well as having her face slapped! After some rough anal she sucks off her ass cream and he picks her up and throws her on a bed where Michael is laying. She goes for his cock and gives it a good suck and stroke. Some spoon anal follows along with ATM then a good thrusting of cowgirl squatting anal! After a few minutes she’s sucking his cock clean and on her back for some missionary anal. He gapes her a bit then John comes in and gives her asshole a workout in RC but she is soon joined with Michael who completes the DP. They pull out and she sucks their cocks then gets back up in RC for a DVP followed by a DP then a DAP! She eventually gets down and sucks their cocks then goes up for bat some more. This time it’s a cowgirl DAP then DVP followed by a DP, DVP, DP then some straight anal by John. As if that’s not enough she then is given another DAP followed by more ATM. For the Finale she takes both loads on the face then goes over to Juan for another.
Talk about an anal queen! This girl took one hell of an anal pounding and she seemed really into it. The DAP’s were amazing as she took them long and rough and never seemed like she wasn’t hating it. This was by far the roughest scene of the bunch with not just the anal but with the slapping and what-have-you. There was a lot of mini-gaping here but nothing as good as what Isabel did. There were times when she would have some vaginal sex and her asshole was nice and open but the camera didn’t take an interest and there was not attempt to make her gape (a shame). I’m sure with the amount of anal that was in this scene she could have pulled off a great anal cream pie. Though this scene was rough and had a lot of anal it wasn’t as strong as the other scenes of the film; though I don’t say that because of Kerrie, just lack of detail to the things going on.

This is a 2-Disc set which means that there should be a good amount of bonus content here but sadly there is just the standard amount of stuff. You get about 18 minutes of behind the scenes footage, which is pretty good. Missy goes around and has some lovin’ from John and Steve and puckers up her asshole for the camera. There is a photo shoot, cum shot recap which is nice (especially for the anal cream pies), director’s bio and website access. Sadly no trailers or interviews.

As far as standard adult Dvd titles are concerned, this one was about average. The picture was clear but had grain and was more present on my large DLP television. The sound was well done and balanced and I didn’t hear anything that I would bitch about. I didn’t notice any halos throughout the film nor did I see any dirt on the lens. The places where the scenes were filmed were rather nice and in the behind the scenes you can see more of the house. The lighting was well done and nothing was too light or too dark. One thing that I am picky about is camera angles and focusing and this film offered good focusing and was usually there to get the good stuff (minus some misses that I mentioned on the scene re-caps).
One thing that I really would like to see on the Dvd releases would be a better library of photos and larger sizes. It’s a real pain in the butt to look at the photos and if you want to save any they are so damn small. I would like to think with the amount of photos that are taken at a shoot we could get more on the Dvd’s. As far as presentation is concerned, this Dvd was well done. The cover was great (though I would have put Missy on the cover) and the back was well done as well. One thing though, the back is a little misleading as it has a lot of large gapes on it, which really there weren’t many large one’s here. I love how Red Light uses the see-through covers and in the inside you can see other titles. The menus were done really well and I hope they keep up the great work!

As with everything (especially porn) the bottom line is something we all want to know. I am just like most if not all of you and when it comes to my smut I like to get the best for what I like. Now with this type of film there are many things to consider… This is an anal themed film geared towards DAP, so if your not a fan of films that feature large gapes but like a little bit then this one might be more of your liking. If you like IR this film has one really good scene with Jada Fire, and if you like anal cream pies then this film has 3 scenes that all together sport 8 of them!!!! The energy is good all around in this film (some more than others) and there’s quite a bit of scenes. I would say that this film is worth checking out but only if you like the themes and are a fan of any of the girls featured (especially Jada Fire and Missy).

***Thoughts for Red Light***
This is a start of a potentially great series and I hope to see a second one come out. As a D.A.P. themed film, I would hope that next time there are more gapes and longer segments with all of the girls (though this one had some long one at times, other were quite short). As far as everything else goes this was a really good title and I hope that if another one is done that it is expanded on. Perhaps add two girls to a scene and keep the anal cream pies coming as well as the rimming and intensity!

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