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Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim)

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Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim)

Studio: Alex D
Category:  Fetish , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: ,
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stinkfist's ratings for Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jager und Gejagte (Hunter and Victim) A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  6/8/2008
The movie starts in black and white with a male wanking off in the woods dressed in combats and with rucksack on,he is watching someone this guy is not here for a game of paintball as he moves closer to his target the color kicks in and we see the object of his lust,a pretty blond female out picking flowers.As he makes his way towards her through the overgrown grass and bushes we see what she is wearing,black hotpants,biker boots and a checked shirt she has a sexy figure and great tanned and toned legs.Suddenly the guy is behind her she lets out a startled cry as he rubs his cock against her ass its obvious that he wants to rearrange her flower and get his hands on her bud.Its not long before she has her hands on his cock,soon she is on her knees sucking him off the camera changes direction to give the impression that you are the one peeking through the bushes at this couple.

Some music kicks in at this point although you can still hear the moans and groans over it as she continues to blow him off the camera pans away to a disused old factory building in the background,then cuts to inside and sitting on the window ledge is a female clad head to toe in latex complete with gas mask on.As the light streams through the windows another female comes into shot and walks across to look out the window at the couple,she is wearing the same and her strap-on is visible.Back to the couple and she continues to suck him off before standing up to pull down her hotpants her skin looks so soft and her breasts look fantastic,he stands behind her and wanks for what seems like ages then at last he slips deep inside her only to cut back to the faceless perverts in the factory.

The camera lingers on them as one looks at the action while the other sits motionless in silence,it looks a bit creepy the camera pans back to the action as the fucking continues,at times i felt like i was lying on the grass watching this couple as the camera changed angles.The action swings back and forth to the factory as we finally get to see that there are four latex clad faceless perverts complete with gas masks on watching the couple,two men and two women who are wearing strap-on's.As the blond rests her arms against a tree while she gets fucked she lifts her leg up and you get to see her pierced pussy,all the more sexy she has a little landing strip she also has a belly piercing.The action cuts again to the four perverts there is a sinister feeling about this.He again bangs her hard doggie style and just as you are expecting a cumshot..there is not.They simply just laugh and walk away holding hands i looked at my penis he looked at me..totally distraught.The four perverts in latex are again the focus as the camera does sweeping angles of them one female sits on the window ledge the three others standing with there arms folded the males with there erect cocks on display, the female who was sitting now stands and walks to the door has a quick look then walks back and folds her arms.It has got an edgy feel to it you just know something is going to happen the camera zooms in on the females at waist height there strap-on's glisten in the light..i'm intrigued now.

The scene starts with that cute curvy blond again,this time she is inside the abandoned factory building naked and wearing only biker boots,a stunning girl,but lurking in the shadows for her were the four latex clad perverts intent on taking her to a new level of debauchery.As she ran looking for her escape from door to door frantically looking for her exit from the crumbling dilapidated building you again are drawn to her sexy athletic body as the camera catches her beauty with some artistic shots.The building offered no hope of a way out as she continued to run her path was met by a sinister figure masterbating in one of the doorways the further she ran she was again met with a figure blocking her path his shaft in his hand.As she runs into a room suddenly the four figures stand before her.

She was pushed against a wall her legs spread as hands roamed all over her body groping at her,she was forced to her knees her hair tightly pulled and pushed forward till she was sucking cock and switching between both guys lengths,both females lifted her by a leg each and supported her weight as one of the guys fucked her missionary style,there was no dirty talk you could easily transport yourself into the scene as one of the faceless beasts and thats what made this so hot to watch with camera angles continually changing it added to the scene.It was time for doggie style as she got bent over some old crumbling sink only this time her aggressor was one of the females,soon she was on the floor facing two cocks and two strap-on's to suck.As another female fucked her i though it looked great and really arty a real change from any lesbian strap-on action i had seen,she then gets a good spanking from one of the females as she stood bent over,the sound of the latex as it smacked her bottom made me even more horny her cries of pleasure ringing out,then the other guy pounds her to finish the fucking before it cuts to her laying on the floor arms and legs outstretched with both females at either side of her as both guys wank over her body.One squats over her face and cums onto her tits and the other at her pussy shoots over her body.The camera pans around her as she lies drenched in cum in silence.With that the four perverts turn around and walk out the door,a great artistic scene sadly no anal but i can live with that as this was a good scene in my eyes.

Really loved this scene you could imagine being one of the latex clad beasts violating this hot blond.

This scene starts in black and white with a latex clad female walking through the factory corridor her outfit clinging to her sleek figure,she has black hair thats tied back into a pony tail she has a lip piercing,as the camera angle changes you get to see her ass then suddenly she is outside,her hair is now in pigtails and she has a red latex apron on as well as her latex outfit.Color returns and she is strolling about in the woods carrying a basket after some time a latex clad male complete with gas mask appears from behind a tree and begins to stalk her movements he gets too close to her and his cover is blown as she turns around.She drags him towards a tree and handcuffs him making him lean against the tree then puts on a strap-on and unzips his outfit to gain access to his ass,cock and balls,she fucks him up the ass and seems to be loving the power she has over him occasionally spanking him.The scene ends with her pulling out from his ass taking off the strap-on and pushing the slave to the floor,as he lies on his side she puts on her red apron picks up her basket and on passing gives the slave a kick the camera pans in on the humiliated slave lying on his side as the color fades to black and white then switches back to inside the building as she makes her way out.

This was quite a short scene,pegging is not my thing so not really capable of giving this a rating as far as pegging scenes go.The slave took his punishment in silence and that may appeal to some guys or girls who love the thought of dishing out or being on the receiving end of such scenarios.

The scene starts with a hot looking female walking along a sidewalk,she has on thigh high black boots hot pants and with her thick waist and amazing bubble butt and generous ample curves she looks fantastic.She has on a burgundy biker jacket old style helmet and goggles,her ass looks great as it jiggles from side to side as she walks by the sidewalk her tits are on display as she is only wearing a small black leather type corset that is pulled down exposing her breasts.A biker pulls up by her side and as she straddles the harley her curvy thighs look great

She gets driven through the traffic with her tits still on display and we get teasing shots of her ass,they pull up at some works premises parking lot a lift opens and there stands a figure wearing a long white leather apron black elbow length latex gloves and he has a white latex mask on.The girl is led over by her harley rider and taken by the arm and led into the lift by this sinister looking figure,as the doors close you wonder what her fate is going to be,silence follows then as the doors open he leads her into a pure white room and lays her down he straddles her facesitting her as his balls rest against her mouth.

Next she is over his knee she is still fully clothed and his latex glove presses over her mouth as he begins to spank her huge bubble butt,her ass looks incredible and i found myself enjoying this as each slap made her ass ripple.It has a real sense of eroticism as this latex wearing faceless figure dishes out a spanking to her that i could only dream of doing.Soon she is sucking his cock she is still wearing the black corset and old fashioned style helmet with him wearing biker boots latex mask and black latex gloves,she gives him a really good sloppy blowjob deep-throating his length,there is no stupid false dirty talking just some background music that does the scene justice.

He fucks her doggie style as she rests her hands on a chair with her ass high in the air this looks sexy as hell,more blowjob action follows as she greedily gorges on his monstrous weapon,she straddles him as he sits on the chair and grinds on his cock driving him crazy and gasping with joy.What follows next was easily one of my best bits of the scene,she gets really oiled up in fact both of them do.He really teases her pussy and clit and with her ass high in the air and drenched in oil he slides his hands all over her focusing on her pussy lips.With her flat on her belly and legs apart he gently caresses her slippery snatch fingers were easily sliding into her hole,the overhead camera angle showing of her glistening body as they were locked together in sixty nine position.She is really loving sucking him off her eyes tightly closed in the process i honestly do not know how he lasted so long as she seemed to go on forever,she is a blow job queen and sucked him like her life depended on it,soon he could not take anymore and let out a groan his body buckled and he filled her mouth with his cum even then she did not stop sucking only eventually letting the cum drip from her mouth onto his shaft.

Fantastic scene,any guys watching this will easily put themselves in the latex mask wearing perverts shoes at least i know i did.A very erotic and enjoyable scene.

Same couple and more extended oil play in the same room,It starts with her on her knees he is standing and is wearing a cock ring she starts sucking on his cock again which is no bad thing as she seems to love doing it and with a passion,some nice sloppy work as her mouth must be full of oil as well.As the camera angle changes she is now kneeling on a white sheet licking the crack of this guys ass as he is on all fours now,.Now it was time to get jealous as she facesat him and started to grind her oiled up snatch all over his latex face,she was really getting off on what she was doing her ass looked so ripe and juicy.

She climbed aboard him and impaled herself on his cock,again this is all arty with continually changing angles and from color to black and white.He gives her a really good fuck,she is a very sensual person and you can see that she is enjoying the pleasure she is receiving.As he hammered her doggie style he slipped a finger up her ass,great i really hope he pounds her i thought to myself,my prayers were about to be answered as suddenly it focused on her on all fours she was holding her ass cheeks wide apart with that he stepped forward and eased himself up her arse.It was good to see some anal action,more blowjob action followed again in the sixty nine position till his aching member could take no more and he unloaded into her mouth,this time she kept circling his spent cock all around her face.Her face dripping with cum then plunging his cock back into her mouth to suck on again then rubbing it against her face again As the camera pans away i have got to say i really enjoyed that scene.Now thats the kind of blowjob i'm looking for.

Another great scene to finish the movie,this was a really intimate scene with prolonged oral action.My first look at an Alex D title and i thought it was great.My favorites were the blonds scene in the factory and the double scene with the curvy bubble butt girl.

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