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Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman

Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Squirting
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  2/4/2007

At Long Last, A Woman of Color Supplants The Mighty Cytherea…

Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman

2006, 2 hours and 2 minutes
Elegant Angel
Directed by William H.
Starring Jada Fire, Annie Cruz, Sierra Sinn, Georgia Peach & Aubrey Adams

What You Should Know:
One of the most satisfying things about watching porn is watching these young girls evolve. What they eventually become often turns out a variety of ways; you have your “success” stories and you invariably have your tragedies. But when one aspires to become an adult video performer, not necessarily what society-at-large considers a reputable occupation, the least a girl could do is strive to be the best one she can be. Watching them change, adapt and progress towards this end is always a treat and infinitely satisfying when that goal is reached. Right now, Jada Fire has reached that plateau and is, in most fans’ opinions, one of the best female talents working today.

The movie begins with Jada showing up at Elegant’s offices looking for Patrick Collins. Instead she finds William H. (who has placed one of his own ratty and dog-eared business cards in Collins’ holder in Patrick's absence) behind Collins' desk puffing on a huge stogie. She tries to make her case verbally to become the new Squirtwoman but William says he’s heard it all before and most girls don’t deliver. Jada responds by dousing William (and Patrick’s desk) and putting out his cigar with an on-the-spot torrential blast. H immediately puts in the call to Collins and congratulates Jada Fire on officially becoming the new Squirtwoman.
Scene One: Jada Fire & Sierra Sinn with Mark Ashley

After a short montage of each of the principles in this scene dancing, we cut to them (‘them’ being Sierra Sinn and Jada Fire) already seated on a sofa engaged in a hot French kiss, tongue intertwined, tangling around one another as if they were trying to swallow the other whole. There isn’t a girl in the world that Jada can’t turn on and Sierra is no exception. Fire reaches between Sinn’s legs and rubs her pussy hard. Sierra’s reacts accordingly, her eyes rolling back into her skull and her breathing becomes shallow. Then Jada really goes to work, grabbing handfuls of Sinn’s tits until her super-hard nipples poke through her black mesh top. As they peak, Jada’s tongue finds them, greedily slurping on them and licking them all over until Sierra can hardly stand it. Sinn pulls her panties aside and quickly fingers herself until she bursts. Twice, actually. Before Jada can even get her panties off and get herself off, too. Sinn pats Jada’s clit and works her fingers in deep until Fire’s blasts so powerfully upwards, it blows Sierra’s hair back from her face. As she does this, Mark Ashley sneaks up behind Sierra, gives her pussy a few playful licks before going straight to town on her pussy doggie. Sierra’s face rests between Jada’s thighs as Mark spanks her clit with the tip of his cock, making her gush over and over. Ashley has similar treatment in mind for Jada, pulling her to the edge of the sofa to get a better angle on her snatch missionary. As he bullies his manhood between her fuck flaps, Sierra hovers around the scene, first squirting on Jada’s stomach and then flying around Fire’s squirting pussy, gargling and spitting out her juices. Sierra even goes so far as to wield Mark’s cock herself, beating it against Jada’s pussy until her hair is glued to her face with moisture. After a brief cowgirl ride, Sinn concedes to Jada once again, who rides Mark reverse cowgirl. As Jada erupts again and again, Sierra squats and squirts over Ashley’s face, occasionally accosting Jada from behind, rubbing her tits and massaging her big tits. Sierra, to her credit, pours massive amounts when she rides Mark reverse cowgirl and Jada showers her from overhead, sitting on the back of the couch. Jada has plenty of juice left yet, riding Ashley hard cowgirl and then reverse, arcing fountains of female ejaculate directly at the camera with Sierra bouncing and grinding wildly on her thigh. Fire’s modified side-saddle doggie banging slowly becomes a proper mish fuck and when she squirts it trickles back onto her and runs over her upper thigh. Mark pulls out and drops warm goo on Jada’s neck and tits as she rubs herself to one final spray. She and Sierra share Ashley’s spent cock, which drips a plentiful and nasty combination of girl juice and his very own spunk, passing it back and forth, sucking him dry.

Scene Two: Jada Fire with Manuel Ferrara

If there’s any superstar out there who can fill out an outfit, it’s Jada Fire. To begin this scene, she gyrates and caresses herself outdoors in sheer and lacy black lingerie. Manuel Ferrara strolls up to Jada, kissing her deeply and sliding his hand down the front of her panties. He leads Jada indoors by her hand and she is raring to go by the time she sits on his lap, grinding hard on his cock through his cargo shorts. Ferrara turns the tables and puts Jada on her back, licking her pussy until she begs him to stop. He complies, but only long enough to put her on her knees and suck on her twat some more from behind. He reaches around and rubs Jada to a wet orgasm before she gets on her knees to work on his rigid tool. She tosses her elbow-high satin gloves to God only knows where to better facilitate her jerking Manuel off. When her oral antics are at an end, she jumps on Ferrara’s “fat dick” cowgirl and fucks him like a long-lost lover. She can barely contain her excitement and pleasure and she stays lip-locked with him as she grinds her hips in circles on his lap and cums several times. A twist of the hips lands our couple in mish and Manuel uses a free hand to strum Jada’s clit while he pumps her into a squirting frenzy. Taking a short break, Jada decides she wants to jerk Manuel off and have him fuck her tits before easing back onto him spoon (where she squirts again) and reverse cowgirl (erupting yet again, juices and an uncontrollable stream of profanity). Jada then climbs up and sits on Manuel’s face until she can no longer stand it and falls backwards, his dick finding its way into her mouth while Ferrara continues to finger and plunge his tongue into her pussy. More reverse cowgirl is next, this time anal, followed by anal doggie. Ferrara barrels into Jada’s deepest, darkest hole as she begs for her creamy reward. Manuel serves it up right across her mouth and on her cheeks. Jada lets her treat spill from her lips and run the length of her body as she rubs out one last gusher.

Scene Three: Jada Fire & Georgia Peach with Anthony Rosano

A water hose wets both girls here in their short pre-scene tease as they stand outdoors in bikinis, Jada in all-black, Peach in hot pink. Indoors, girl-on-girl play begins in earnest with Georgia going straight for Jada’s tits and then moving down to put her tongue between her legs. Her good work is rewarded with squirt and as she licks up what has landed all over Fire’s thighs, Anthony Rosano appears with hard dick for Jada’s mouth. Georgia and Jada take turns expanding their throat muscles with the aid of his cock before Jada slinks down and plants herself firmly on Anthony’s rod reverse cowgirl. The requisite orgasmic explosions come easily with Peach between Jada’s legs again, beating Fire’s clit with Rosano’s meat and then slurping up all the juice she can from both pairs of genetalia. Georgia prefers her boning from behind so she gets on her knees and throws her lush bumper in the air for Rosano to pound doggie. Jada continues to expel stream after stream of squirt directly into Georgia’s face as she masturbates in front of her. Having done so many scenes with Flower Tucci, Peach is hardly phased. Georgia and Jada briefly pass Anthony’s dick back and forth between then and then Jada lies back, her head resting between Georgia’s tits while Rosano pumps her mish, resulting in many more gushing “o’s.” Georgia fans are going to have a field day with this scene. Georgia boards Rosano cowgirl, her thick thighs and broad ass quaking with each upward thrust. Reverse cowgirl anal for the still-squirting Jada is next with Georgia positioning herself behind her, cupping and sucking Jada’s bouncing breasts. Yet another ass-centric position for Georgia follows; she lies on her side while Anthony invades her asshole in this pseudo-spooning fuck. Jada rests on the back of the sofa and continues to shower the two lovers with cum as they screw until it is her turn again, this time anal missionary. Rosano withdraws and empties into Peach’s mouth while Jada produces a geyser that sprays upward and everywhere intersecting with Anthony’s goo as it hits Georgia’s tongue. Rosano fucks Jada’s ass for a few quick seconds before the threesome shares a collective laugh.

Scene Four: Jada Fire & Aubrey Adams with Mark Ashley

Aubrey’s so adorable. And so tiny. Seeing her in person, you would never think she was a pornstar. Hell, I doubt you’d believe she was even of age. Being so young and so fresh, I’m having my reservations about how he’ll she fare here paired with Jada Fire. This could easily turn into a literal Trial By “Fire.” Even more comical is the fact that Jada and Aubrey wear similar black with tiny pink polka dots lingerie – the contrast in how their completely opposite bodies fill out said lingerie is quite amusing. Jada caresses Aubrey all over and then takes her top off so she can suck on her tiny tits. Aubrey returns the favor as Jada saddles up and mounts Aubrey. Adams barely has to lay a hand on Jada’s pussy before she spills juice all down Aubrey’s arm. Then I see him. Mark Ashley. Behind Jada, his nose hidden by her firm and round ass cheeks. Oh no. 19-year old Adams is in trouble. Mark sinks his hooked horn ‘o plenty into Jada doggie which prompts an immediate squirt; Jada lifts her leg like a puppy at a hydrant to give it all to the camera. Aubrey rests under Jada, having her nipples sucked by Fire and enjoying the fireworks. Then comes her turn. Mark positions young Aubrey on her knees, licking her pussy up and down from behind while Adams sinks her face into Jada’s cooch. With her sufficiently distracted, Mark takes this opportunity to drill his boner into Aubrey doggie. The reaction is exactly what you’d expect; a half-pained grimace but eventually great, great never-before-seen pleasure. Mark is able to manhandle little Aubrey, gripping her smallish hips for leverage and fucking her teen pussy until she can’t help but scream. Everyone stays slick as Jada keeps her waterworks flowing all by her lonesome, watching the action unfold. When it is finally her turn, Jada has something akin to a religious experience on Ashley’s cock reverse cowgirl but the action is short-lived as a cut brings us back to Aubrey, now riding Mark cowgirl. Jada adds some lubrication to the proceedings, spraying squirt over Adams’ ass as she wails and bellows. ”There ya go,” Jada offers as more girl juice flies up into Aubrey’s face. Adams is so gone, so into her own world right now, it wouldn’t matter what hit her in the face; she wouldn’t care or even notice. Aubrey, spent, finally moves aside and Jada shows us how a woman fucks in cowgirl, squirting a few times in the process. Tutorial at an end, Adams tries Mark on reverse cowgirl. Jada sits directly behind her, perched on Mark’s chest and fires volleys of squirt onto the small of Aubrey’s back and occasionally over her shoulder. Again, I doubt Adams even notices it over her own screams. When she dismounts, Mark jerks off over her face and Jada rains down on her simultaneously. Aubrey’s face is a smiling mask of semen and squirt. She and Jada lick Mark’s cock clean as the scene fades to black.

Scene Five: Jada Fire & Annie Cruz with Lee Stone

This could be trouble. So far we’ve seen Sierra Sinn (who also squirts and is pretty intense in her own right), Georgia Peach (whoM Jada calls “cute with an AMAZING ass”) and Aubrey Adams but we have yet to gaze upon someone who brings it like the one and only Annie Cruz. In all the scenes preceding this one, Jada has ruled the roost for the most part but in Annie, she may have finally met her match. Appropriately, they are both in flaming red outfits, Jada’s a lacy and racy lingerie number, Annie’s a shiny string bikini. Cruz yanks Jada’s panties aside with brute force and twirls her tongue around Fire’s clit. She’s so adept at it, Jada has to hop up and pull away. They alternate inhaling each other’s nipples before lying side-by-side, both squirting until Lee Stone inserts himself into the fray to munch on Jada’s pussy until it squirts again. Annie deepthroats Lee and then passes him to Jada, the top half of his cock bent like a wilting flower or as if the bell end were too heavy to stay as erect as the bottom half. As Annie squats, Jada pats her pierced pussy ‘til it spews and then Lee muscles Jada back onto him for some angry reverse cowgirl. Cruz positions herself across from them with a toy, squirting on the couple as Jada throws squirt right back in her direction. Annie leans in and soaks in Jada’s propulsions. The two switch places and if reverse cowgirl were a contest, Annie just won, besting Jada by a country mile. She bounces on Lee with every single thing she’s got and doesn’t hop off until she’s physically drained from the effort, like she just squirted out her entire LIFE FORCE. Jada plays catch up, in anal spoon and flying reverse cowgirl anal but Annie’s point has already been made; I’m simply waiting for her to get Stone’s cock back in her. She does, in reverse cowgirl anal (with Jada letting fly across from them) and in anal mish, her face right next to Jada’s constantly squirting pussy. Stone wields his cock like a weapon, stabbing Annie’s ass in anal piledriver and her pussy reacts, sending hard streams of squirt directly back into her own face. The finale comes with Lee fucking Jada vag mish. He unloads all over her face while Annie provides Jada with a cleansing rinse. She and Annie swap the pop and kiss deeply to end an exhausting scene.


Jada Fire has proven herself a worthy successor to Cytherea and rightful heir to the Squirtwoman crown, validating Elegant’s somewhat risky gamble of putting her in such an enviable and high-profile position. But truth be told, when I first heard the news, I thought it was genius. That’s not to say that Jada will ever be able to replace Cytherea in this capacity; Cytherea was a phenomenal and once-in-a-lifetime oddity of a performer but life goes on without her. Jada might not have been most fans’ first thought when it came to succeeding the great Cytherea when the time arose to coronate a new Squirtwoman. Jada, however, steps in and holds down the fort admirably and carries on the tradition proudly. William H. cast this movie perfectly, throwing challenge after challenge at Jada, in all shapes and sizes, (all of the girls were firsts for Jada, as well) providing viewers with some much needed variety and a way to see Jada react and adapt in a plethora of sexual situations. Jada Fire is Squirtwoman is an excellent first showcase of all her skills and while this one is satisfying on many levels and contains something for everyone, a part of me can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next installment and I hope they kick it up a notch further by adding more squirting female talent to play off of Jada.

Special Features:
  • Behind the Scenes (6:12)
  • Bonus Scene (16:24, Cytherea & Kat with Billy Glide from Squirtwoman 3 where, ironically, the premise was Cytherea losing the mantle to a better squirter)
  • Photo Gallery (6:09)
  • Trailers (Squirt In My Gape, Big Wet Asses 9, Destination Dirtpipe 2, Swallow My Squirt 4, Supersquirt 4 and Flower’s Squirt Shower 4)
  • Squirt Shot Recap (2:47)
Crucifixio Jones

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