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Jack's Playground 34

Jack's Playground 34

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Jack's Playground 34:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Jack's Playground 34 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Jack's Playground 34 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Jack's Playground 34 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Jack's Playground 34 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Jack's Playground 34 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Jack's Playground 34 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jack's Playground 34 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/15/2007
OK fans time to check out the latest offering from smut peddler extraordinaire Jack! This enterprising director from Digital Playground has quite a lot of fun with his shoots offering up scenarios which don't take a long time to play out before the sex and you'll often have a nice laugh or two before getting down to enjoying the nasty so that's a good combo to shoot for and I'd say he's been pretty successful doing it and with an alter ego like Robby D looking over his shoulder, hehe, he can't help but be good. This time out we have a good mix of talent too and from the boxcover we can tell some of the scenes are older as I see Courtney Cummz on the cover and you also get a Tiffany Rayne scene in here and she's been gone now for a little over a year if I'm not mistaken but I'll be happy to see her sexy body on my screen again.

Alicia Alighatti:

Alright we have a good looking brunette to start us off and I see Jack and Alicia arriving on scene at a house I'm now very familiar with. They run into Chris Charming enjoying the expansive view below and they shoot the shit for a few until we go inside for much better eye candy, namely Chris enjoying Alicia as she bends over letting her ass greet him. Chris likes what he sees and moves in for a few good kisses to that tush and soon after we have Alicia on her knees engulfing that huge log between Chris's legs. She does pretty good here and I liked the side view with a floor angle looking up also mixed in. Sexwise you get mish, cowgirl-- this was good but would have been even better had her blue jean skirt not been on, still a good puckered asshole shot is shown! Chris is kind too pulling it up so yeah you get that full on ass shot after all, thanks dude. Now we get some nice anal shots too with Miss Alighatti and the really nice thing here is the good close ups on Alicia's ass in cowgirl and then in spoon followed by a fave of mine, reverse cowgirl anal. Alicia's got a good solid moan going too and I think you would also if Chris Charmings huge schlong was parting the waves up your ass! We close with Alicia jerking the rod until it erupts right into her face. A solid start to this one.

Alicia Angel:

Well we follow one Alicia with another and Miss Angel is a hottie for sure. Before her scene actually we get a funny interlude based loosely on the Montel show. Now on to the next scene with this sexy girl who's in a skin tight pair of Daisy Dukes as well as a black top which is hugging those titties nicely. Some amusing graphics accompany the commentary Jack gives and Alicia's a good sport here. Pretty soon she starts taking off the clothes and wait until she peels those shorts off and Jack's got the perfect shot here looking right up at her ass and fuck that is one tremendous looking booty, you can almost see the goosebumps he gets so close. Alicia keeps showing off her body, good modest tits and a bald pussy help make for one sexy package. Eric Masterson then comes waltzing in just as I think Jack was about to get luck and he's funny looking in his running gear, I'm talking mid 80's white guy look complete with beige shorts, a tank top and to finish it off a yellow sweat band around his nogging!! Well Alicia's all naked sitting there and it takes a bit of time before he leaves the 80's and gets into the NOW. We begin with Alicia riding his face and what a way to work into the scene having the girl sitting on your face and Jack manages to work in a very good ass shot when Alicia bends over making it a 69 look. This goes on for a bit leading to our guy sans shorts and Alicia kneeling before him and the cock sucking was pretty good from Miss Angel. Position wise you get reverse, cowgirl, mish and finally a pop to Alicia's face so all the running did help Eric with his load so good job.

Tiffany Rayne:

Well up next we have a young girl who blazed a red hot trail in porn in mid to late 2005 before fading away in the early parts of 2006. There's no mistaking the sexy body Tiffany has, totally built for porn and this scene is before her boob job obviously as she wasn't long in the biz after she did this, not sure if she even shot a scene with the newer tits. Well anyway we have Miss Rayne here playing with her tv as this gives us that annoying sound you get when there's no picture, the color bars are on the screen, very annoying, lol. I saw both Jerry and Marco Banderas looking in on Tiffany so not sure if there'll be two guys or not. We do get Tiffany and Jerry going at it in the kitchen about something. You'll probably tune this out, lol, but you do see Tiffany looking sexy in her pink top and blue jean skirt so at least mute it while oogling her body! Well Tiffany finally acknowledges Jack and the tone gets better with Jerry as well. So much so we get Tiffany on her knees fishing out his cock and she was always good with a cock in that mouth as she once again demonstrates. Jerry then has some fun showing off that amazing ass of Tiff's even going so far as dropping down himself to kiss it and then munch on that tight asshole of hers. I love seeing a girls ass licked preferably by a girl but it still looks pretty good here with Jerry doing it. Tiffany then lets those tits out and you see how nice they looked and it makes you wonder why she would want to make them bigger. You get the whole porn star persona going here too with Tiffany giving great eye contact, moaning, the facial expressions were good. Sexwise you get one vag position before we get some cock up that sexy ass of hers, starting in cowgirl and thankfully they include reverse too with Jack giving a fine floor shot and we end with Tiffany taking a good load into her mouth with some cleanup too. A solid scene and a reminder why she was the "Bree Olson" of her day though I'd say she never got as nasty as Bree's doing.

Kelly Kline:

Alright on we go and we start with a shot of the lovely Miss Kline relaxing and she's got on some knee high tube socks along with a nice red athletic looking outfit which she models for Jack. There's a good laugh too from Kelly as Jack chats with her as well as zooming in to get a look at the near cameltoe she has going on with those shorts. Jack gets some action here fondling her tits over the shirt and then Kelly's nice enough to remove the shorts and play with that neatly trimmed pussy and of course Jack moves in close for that. Kelly then jumps up and down on the bed and here the titties pop out and they look hot and even better she turns around to let us check that ass out and that was a good looking tushy. We just about get Jack's cock out for action when in walks Eric Masterson again, locking Jack out from the full on fun he was looking for, lol. Not sure I'm digging the robe Eric's go on but we follow Kelly as she follows after Eric, she looked hot in the blue satin shirt he gave her. Well Kelly decides it's time for a little nookie so out comes Eric's cock and she does a fine job engulfing it while Jack keeps a good tight focus on the bj. Sexwise you see reverse-- good wide open leg shot here and plenty of bounce too as she rides him. The turn around to cowgirl was smoothly shot and you get some good strokeworthy booty shots here of Kelly's ass. A doggie finish leads to Kelly squeezing those tits close together and Eric nuts all over both boobs with Kelly then rubbing the jizz in and the perfect capper would have been for her to lick the cum off the tits but sadly this wasn't the case here, still she is a hottie and worth watching.

Courtney Cummz:

Ok up next we have an older scene featuring the now contract performer for Zero Tolerance. We start with Jack and reigning Male Performer of the Year Tommy Gunn shooting the shit and they are soon joined by the lovely Miss Cummz who is very pretty in pink. Jack introduces himself and both guys are checking out this lovely girl and Courtney certainly knows how to show off her bod and Jack's proven a good shooter so some nice shots follow of her ass and face along with some funny animation which has a habit of appearing in Jack's scenes from time to time, I chuckle and then move quickly back to oogling the hottie before me. More good booty shots follow and Jack gets a feel for that ass too before turning Courtney over to Tommy. She has a seat grinding over his cock and there's a little striptease done also with her modest tits finally coming out. Tommy does good burying his face between those gorgeous ass cheeks and what guy wouldn't like that and he didn't even have to kneel or anything as he was sitting on a couch with Courtney perfect ass right at face level. We move then to a little knob polishing and this girl is very good with a dick fucking her mouth and the case here was more her face fucking the cock she was pretty aggressive. As for the sex you see doggie moving nicly into anal with spoon, mish and there's some good head given by Courtney before Tommy pops into her mouth and like a good girl she makes it disappear.


We close out with this lovely woman who is now a contract star for Digital but I'm not sure if she was when this was shot, though Katsumi does have her new boobs in this scene. Talk about elegantly nasty, I'd say this captures Katsumi's appeal in it's barest form, such class with her looks but then she can get so downright nasty when she's fucking, gotta love the contrast and Digital sure did signing her up! She walks in the room here where Marco's sitting and he's always on the prowl for pussy and her dark lace lingerie is right up his alley and then she moves in closer and the fondling commences to her ass. Marco then gets in close for a bit of kissing to Katsumi's face, then he helps remove those bottoms, or at least moving them down enough so he can eat her ass! Katsumi is then allowed to have a little fun herself removing the pants of Mr. Banderas and the cock soon pops out and smoothly she swoops in engulfing it. You see here Katsumi's taking her time just a bit with the blowjob and Jack does nice with the close in shots and then panning out for a broader perspective. Sexwise you get reverse-- but her tits are still covered up so that's not good. They pause the fucking so a butt plug can be used on Katsumi's ass and there's a good close shot of that going in and out. That is soon replaced with Marco's cock so anal in spoon to start the next round and you do see her top pulled up now exposing her tits and they should have been out sooner, she's got lovely tits that shouldn't be covered up for so long. A good open camera shot gets us to doggie anal and Marco gets a solid rhythm here fucking this hottie, so much so he's soon splooging to Katsumi's face with some also reaching inside her mouth and of course Katsumi is great with the cleanup.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a good mix of talent as well as newer and older scenes from the vaults. Katsumi fans will get a glimpse at her new tits here and if this is your first look your "fears" of a huge bad tit job should be put to rest and she fucks as great as ever. Other good turns here come from Alicia-- both Alighatti and Angel kick ass and you also enjoy Tiffany Rayne's sexy body one more time and Kelly was fun and Courtney did a fine job in her scene showing why she too was a much sought after contract star a year back. There aren't what I'd call real extras on this one besides the cumshot repeat, a photo gallery and you get some funny bits between scenes and you get some funny animation shots during some of the scenes. A strong rental for sure as you get top notch talent in this looking and fucking as good as you could want.

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