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Jacked To Vegas

Jacked To Vegas

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
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folkyboy's ratings for Jacked To Vegas:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Jacked To Vegas overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Jacked To Vegas Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Jacked To Vegas Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Jacked To Vegas Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Jacked To Vegas Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Jacked To Vegas DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Jacked To Vegas A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by folkyboy  on  3/22/2003

  • Title: Chi Chi LaRue's Jacked To Vegas
  • Studio: Channel 1 Releasing
  • Producer: Joe Slade
  • Director: Chi Chi LaRue
  • Videographer: Hue Wilde
  • Editor: Scott Coblio
  • Music: Rock Hard
  • Cast: Kyle Kennedy, Mason Jarr, Jason Hawke, Nick Yeager, Patrick Allen, Doug Jeffries, Jeremy Tucker, Shane Bailey, Nino Bacci, Emilio DiMedici, Spike, Julian Pierce, Chi Chi LaRue & Mistress Mona
  • Date of Production: May 2000
  • Running Time: 85 minutes
  • Menus & Chapters: 4 chapters with also 4 cumshot chapters
  • Extras: 3 Hardcore Previews; Photo Galleries of the models, a hardcore photo gallery and then a Chi Chi LaRue photo gallery; Behind The Scene Outtakes and of the porn convention and then a night out at the Vegas bar, Links to Chi Chi's sites
  • Packaging: Jefferson designed the package and it was awesome. It's a lot like the menu screen on the film which is kind of unique. Lots of Vegas lights and porn star models posing.

The Story

In order to make it to the Adult Video Convention, Chi Chi LaRue teams up with some of her favorite porn stars and hijacks a city bus to Vegas. Meanwhile, a young boy (Kyle Kennedy) decides he has money burning a hole in his pocket and he's going to hitch a ride there as well to try his hand at gambling...

  1. Scene One (Kyle Kennedy & Julian Pierce) At first, I wasn't sure how to react to this scene. Both men look overtly gay and have highlights adorning their choppy, spiked-in-front, gay boy hair. Incidently, they both have bottle tans, as well. Basically, there is no plot here except the two boys just going at it on a bed. I was kind of disappointed at first because they both were on the box and I was used to leading up to the box boys, but it was still very hot. This is Julian Pierce's first movie and he has a THICK cock! Kyle proves himself to be quite a performer and leaves me rock hard by the time Julian has pulled down his underwear and is slapping his hole. Kyle tends to moan like a bitch but he looks so young that it works. Even when they cum, I'm left amazed by Kyle and his buckets. Julian eventually gives Kyle a pearl necklace while he sucks on his balls from underneath. An awesome intro!
  2. Scene Two (Nino Bacci & Jason Hawke) While Chi Chi waits for her crew to show up, Nino Bacci is in his home with Jason Hawke. This scene starts right away with Nino down on Jason's cock. There wasn't enough audio here for this scene to do anything for me. I liked that both guys were versatile and they both swapped bottoming but it just was so mechanical and I got the sense that the cameras were there. The cumshots were only so-so as well. I love how hot the actors are but the scene was a dud.
  3. Scene Three (Nino Bacci, Nick Yeager, Mason Jarr, Patrick Allen, Doug Jeffries, Jeremy Tucker, Shane Bailey, & Emilio DiMedici) Chi Chi LaRue eventually gets all the men loaded with her friend Mistress Mona and she demands they all strip down and get naked. Thus, an oral orgy ensues. It's so hot too! I love orgies to begin with and this was really unique as you see the cars on the road as they boys suck each other off. You know this had to be hot to see driving past! Everyone kind of flip flops on each other except straight boy Mason, but a lot of people take turns on his cock. I especially like how Shane Bailey slaps Doug Jeffries's hole and fingers him while he cums. Shane is way hot and I definately want to see more of him. Everyone delivered the best cum shots of the movie including Nino who had failed me in the scene prior. The only downside of the scene is a lot of the audio is covered up by the whurring of the the engine on the bus. The visual covers it all up, though. Definately one of the best scenes of the film!
  4. Scene Four (Kyle Kennedy & Spike) When Kyle finally makes it to Vegas, he realizes that there is a porn convention going on. I like how they twist reality with the movie here as porn stars autograph various stuff. Chris Steele is even in the background by Chi Chi, though he isn't mentioned in the credits. Kyle makes his way over to Spike's booth and Spike writes his hotel number on his autograph for Kyle and gives him a key to his room. Kyle basically goes up there and they get down! Kyle is such a hot bottom and I am really glad I got to experience it with Spike! There's this whole point where he goes "God your cock is so big!" that nearly made me nut. Even his whimpering does it for me. It seems really gay but totally believable. I mean, Spike is HUGE. The only downside is, when they both cum, there aren't any closeups. I really wanted to see the fountain of cum Spike shot all over Kyle's chest... Oh well. All the oral and anal did it for me, nonetheless.

What I Liked Each scene felt extended and I really liked that. They give you enough taste of each star so you aren't bored or re-running the 15 minutes they did show you. Also, Kyle Kennedy's acting was totally on target. I love plot porn anyway, and Kyle made it fun to see. Chi Chi also helped as she's funny as hell.

What I Disliked Scene Two! And damn it, I didn't want to be like that! Jason Hawke is amazing and Nino can really pull through but they totally weren't feeling each other. Maybe because Nino isn't a twink and that seems to be Jason's type. *shrug*

DVD Quality The quality is stellar. I totally felt how great the production was for the film and knew it wasn't some lame low budget shit. There's also some neat extras on it and while being short, they're fun to see. They have shots of Chi Chi and the boys at the Gipsy in Vegas and they have various shots of the porn convention they were at, though I couldn't tell you what porn stars the girls were that they showed. There's this one behind the scene blooper where Chi Chi makes Mason take the gum out of his mouth in the middle of the orgy. Heh... There's also a popshot-on-demand where you go right to the cumshots and previews for other Channel 1 films (Steele Ranger, In Gear, The Back Row). There's also model galleries and chapter selections. Very cool...

Overall Thoughts I loved it! It's not supposed to be high dollar porn, though, so maybe that's why I appreciated it more. It's a kooky movie and fun to watch. Chi Chi has done better but then so has everyone. I definately will be watching again and again. Except for scene two, though. Bleck.

~ folkyboy 3/22/03

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