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I've Never Done That Before 8

I've Never Done That Before 8

Studio: Wildlife
Category:  Amateur , Barely Legal

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astroknight's ratings for I've Never Done That Before 8:
Overall Rating 2 stars
I've Never Done That Before 8 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks I've Never Done That Before 8 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks I've Never Done That Before 8 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex I've Never Done That Before 8 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting I've Never Done That Before 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras I've Never Done That Before 8 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality I've Never Done That Before 8 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/17/2003

Running Time: 139 min.

Production Date: 6 / 15 / 2002

Director: Tyce Bune

Cast: Daisy, Leyla Lei, Machelle Sky, Sasha, Sin-nye, Cheyne Collins, and of course, Tyce Bune

Initial Expectations: Iíve been pretty impressed with this series, and am expecting another above average gonzo movie here.

Initial Reaction: Itís a pretty average movie.

Who Should Watch It : Raincoaters, fans of internal pop shots, and anybody who wants long and drawn out sex scenes

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks cum is meant to be shot at a womanís eyes or who wants quick scenes

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty clear and well balanced through most of the movie, but some portions are a little hollow and off balance and have background noises. The video has a little grain, but is consistent out to the edges and normally well lit. There are a couple moments when you can see a bit of the camera in the field of view and a couple moments with bad pixelation, but theyíre quickly moved past.

Music: Thereís a little rock music here and there in the movie, but never during the core portions of the sex scenes.

Menus: The menus are pretty basic. The main menu has an extremely grainy still with a clip from the movie playing in it. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene and a scene number.

The Feature: Tyce Buneís Iíve Never Done That Before series works on a pretty simple premise. Each scene is supposedly a first time experience for the star in it, or at least, a first time on camera. It might be their first double penetration, first anal, first creampie, or even first time to actually shoot a porno scene in a bed. You never know what the first time experience will be. Each scene stands on its own, and has a small lead in to introduce the stars and keep things light.

Daisy, a cute girl whoís got more paint on her than a boxcar left unattended in downtown Detroit, starts things off getting dressed while sucking on a lollipop. She heads to the tattoo parlor where Iím guessing she gets a frequent customer discount or at the very least owns a little stock, and makes an ass rather than cash deal with Tyce Bune to get a little more ink. Tyce kisses his way down to her lower lips and fingers her ass as he licks her snatch. Tyce moves on to fuck her without having Daisy suck his cock, and quickly pops a load into her. She sucks her juices off his cock and gives Tyce a nice asslicking before he fucks her again. Tyce fucks Daisy in a few common positions, working on both her pussy and ass, and drops a few more loads in her pussy. Throughout it all, Daisy repeatedly talks about which hole Tyceís cock is in, just in case you stepped into the next room to grab a brew and didnít hit the pause button. It gets more than a little annoying, especially when combined with Tyce calling her a dirty whore and her calling him a white bastard all the time. Iím sure a lot of people will like this scene more than I did, but for me this one ended up average at best.

Average looking and implanted Oriental Sin-nye showers up to begin the next scene, changes into a cheerleader outfit, and then drives Cheyne Collins over to Tyceís pad. Tyce isnít ready to go to the races, but Sin-nyeís good and horny and knows just how to pass the time while they wait. She strips for Cheyne and after teasing him a bit, lays back for him to mouth her muff. She slobbers on his cock and balls a little before climbing on for the mandatory reverse cowgirl action, and puts some nice energy into fucking Cheyne. She lays back for him to ream her ass, and shows some nice hang time. Of course, theyíre discovered by Tyce Bune, who joins in to DP Sin-nye when she asks for two cocks. Finally, Cheyne fucks her pussy and pops on her stomach, while Tyce pops in her snatch after his turn. This scene didnít do too much for me. Much of this was due to the camera work, which focused on close-ups much more than normal and when it didnít, often showed me a view other than what I wanted to see. I also couldnít get into it since Sin-nye also didnít seem to be getting into it too much. She often looked to be just going through the motions, although she looked like she was happy after they were done. I donít know if the camera just didnít capture things right during the scene or if Tyce gave her a glimpse of her check at the end. Regardless, this struck me as another average at best scene.

Leyla Lei also starts out her scene in the shower and getting dressed. She has the same panties that Daisy did in the opening scene, so Iím hoping that if she and Daisy donít shop at the same store that Tyce does laundry fairly often. She gets Tyce to give her a ride on his bike and then makes herself comfortable on his bed. Surprisingly, they go right from kissing to Leyla riding Tyceís cock while he spanks her. After a little sixty-nine break, Leyla lets Tyce pump his penis potion into her pussy. They fuck a bit more before Tyce introduces Leyla to hot wax and fucks her ass with a toy. He moves on to fuck her mouth and give her an ass to mouth that she doesnít seem to think tastes too good and then a rectal reaming. He moves back to her pussy at her Leylaís request, and blows his ball butter up there too. Itís a pretty good scene, but Leyla doesnít always look the most comfortable with Tyce in her ass.

Finally, Sasha and Machella Sky get it on a little in the back seat of Cheyne Collinsí car on the way over to Tyceís place. They continue to play through Tyceís house and hot tub, with the girls warming each other up first and then turning their attention to Cheyne. They move back inside for Cheyne to fuck Sasha and Machelle, starting with the front hole and moving to the back. Both girls get into things nicely, and Machelle even lets a nasty streak show by taking several ass to mouths. Finally, Cheyne pops in Sashaís snatch and then lets it drop down into Machelleís waiting mouth followed by Sasha licking it with the tip of her tongue and Machelle swallowing it down. Itís a nasty ending that I absolutely love! I really wish more scenes with internal popshots and two girls would do this, and the only thing Iíd like more would be to see the girls swap it back and forth a little before it goes down the hatch. This is easily the best scene in the movie, and makes it nicely above the average line. The girls have great chemistry as well as energy, and nothing feels forced in the scene. Itís a very nice way to end things, and although I didnít think the girls were the most attractive, they both did a great job.

Iíve Never Done That Before 8 is a pretty typical porno. The setups are normally fun, but it seems that this time Tyce was trying a little too hard to bring his racing into the movie. Thereís still a fun setup or two, but they arenít nearly as good as the setups for some of the other scenes in the series. I didnít think the sex was quite as good as others in this series either. Granted, Daisyís excessive body art turned me off as soon as I saw it, but Sin-nye and Leyla Lei didnít always seem to be into their scenes that well either. The editing also seemed a bit inconsistent, with some scenes being nicely balanced and some scenes focusing strongly on close-ups. Finally, some of the scenes felt really long. Thereís nothing wrong with long scenes, but I never feel like I should be checking my watch wondering if the scene is anywhere close to being done. That happened several times here. Iíve Never Done That Before 8 is an okay porno, and nothing that feels too new.

Extras: The photo gallery lasts just over a minute with three seconds per slightly grainy snapshot. Continuing with Wildlifeís recent photo gallery style, you get a clip from the movie playing alongside the snapshot. Although a decent idea, it doesnít work for me because the clip and the photo rarely correspond to the same scene. Thereís also internet and contact information.

Themes: Straight, interracial, anal, ass to mouth, cream pie, rimming (female > male), group, DP, spanking, hot wax, toys, lesbian, toe-ing, cumswapping (barely), and swallowing

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

Overall: Currently, most of the Iíve Never Done That Before series can be found online for between $12 and $22 with several stores offering them for under $15. This is one of the weaker installments of this series. The sex lacks a little compared to some of the episodes that preceded it, and the setups arenít nearly as fun. Thereís also a few minor problems with the technical aspects and a lack of extras.

Note to Tyce Bune / Wildlife Productions: Iím hoping that this is just a bump in the road, but Iím happy that youíre putting out an affordable porno with some decent sex in it.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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