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Italian Flair

Italian Flair

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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oreb's ratings for Italian Flair:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Italian Flair overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Italian Flair Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Italian Flair Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Italian Flair Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Italian Flair Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Italian Flair DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Italian Flair A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by oreb  on  10/3/2003

Italian Flair



Starring: Laura Angel, Eva Falk, Lynn Stone, Daniella Rush, Sandra Russo, Nikki Anderson, Daniela Ognibene, Sophie Evans, Alberto Rey, David Perry, Denis Marti, Franco Roccaforte, Frank Gun, George, Ian Scott, Nacho Vidal, Roberto Malone, and Toni Ribas.

Directed By:Antonio Adamo

Running Time:Feature: 110 minutes, Total: 150 minutes






Compliance Statement: "In compliance with U.S.C. 18, Section 2257. All models 18 years of age or older. Record Keeper R. Tremont. Private USA 2677 La Cienega Blvd., L.A., CA 90034. Production: 12/2000."


The DVD starts with a lengthy Private website add. You can't skip it but you can fast forward. The menus are awesome. The audio volume fluctuates all over the place. The plot isn't really worth following. The only things I really find fault with are the shortness of most of the scenes, as well as the scene segments, and the black and white montages whose only purpose is to recap the scene up to that point. I don't like filler in what are already short scenes and I don't need to be reminded of what I just saw every two minutes. I feel like I'm reading a Kevin J. Anderson book. This movie does have eight beautiful women and nine scenes though. It is also nearly two hours long and has incredible picture quality and lighting. The good and bad aspects of the movie balance out so that all that really matters is how incredibly hot the women in this film are, and the amount of scenes it produces. The only changes I would make would be to leave out one or two scenes in order to lengthen the remaining ones. I would just include the cut scenes as extras, which is what happened with the extra scene on the DVD, there would just be three instead of one. That way the feature wouldn't include any thirty second segments, which are the bane of reviewers everywhere. I realize that DP's are popular but they don't really float my boat, replace the extra guy with a dildo or another woman with a strap on and I'm all for it, but two guys rubbing weiners just isn't my thing. I don't think there is anything wrong or even particularly homosexual about it but I just don't find it attractive.

SCENE 1: Nikki Anderson

This starts with a nude photo shoot. The photographer leaves and the models go at it. Niiki is an extremely hot, sandy blonde with long hair, medium breasts and a nice round ass. She is wearing a garter with thigh highs and high heels.

BJ: She looks right at the camera, this is simple and short.

Standing Doggie: This is pretty hot but they change shots too quickly, every time I look down to write someting the shot changes.

Reverse Cowgirl Anal: She has one leg up and he sticks it in her ass. She rides him for a little while before the scene is recapped with a montage. Then she jacks him off, until he takes over and cums in her mouth. Steam comes out of her mouth, must be a cold set. There is another montage of the cumshot.



SCENE 2: Sophie Evans & Eva Falk

This is a two on two scene. Sophie is an attractive, thin blonde with natural breasts. She looks tall. Eva is an above average looking woman with reddish blonde hair and larger real boobs.

Cunnilingus & BJ: Sophie gets licked on the stairs for about ten seconds then blows her guy. The photographer is getting head from Eva. Sophie fingers her snatch while jacking her guy off, she opens her mouth and he fucks it.

Reverse Cowgirl: Eva is wearing a black corset that exposes her breasts. Both women ride RC, Sophie's tits bounce as she fucks her man.

Missionary Anal & Standing Doggie: Sophie's ass gets several insertions in missionary on the stairs. Her ass must be used to getting plugged because his cock slides in without a fight. They go ATP and back. This is actually very hot because she plays to the camera very well. There are a few shots of Eva but not much.

BJ: Both girls give fast head before taking loads in their mouths and onto their faces. There is some lengthy post coital sucking by Sophie.




SCENE 3: Laura Angel

Laura Angel is one of the hottest women in porn. She has long black hair, beautiful eyes and sultry lips. She has an incredible body and large fake breasts. There is a little more foreplay in this scene. She is wearing a corset and thigh highs.

BJ: She gets on her knees and engulfs his half wood with her mouth. This is an extremely hot blowjob that isn't over edited.

Cunnilingus: She spreads her legs, and he spreads her labia with his tongue and fingers. She is up on a barstool and he fingerbangs her.

Missionary: She is still on the stool as he holds onto one of her legs and fucks her.

Standing Doggie: She bends over the stools for him to dig up in them guts. She lifts a leg to show the camera her pussy while he fucks her.

Missionary Anal: This is almost scissors, back up on the stools as he penetrates her ass.He fucks her fairly hard before unleashing a single large shot of giz. She sucks the rest off his cock and spits it.



SCENE 4: Daniela Ognibene

Daniela and a bald guy leave a party and are barely into the hall before he lifts up her dress and rubs her pussy. She has curly dark hair, small boobs, a petite body and a pretty face. This scene is very short.

BJ: She immediately starts going down on him, rubbing her pussy. This is under a minute.

Standing Reverse Cowgirl: He sits on a cabinet while she stands with one high healed foot up on the cabinet and fucks him. Short again.

Spoon: Ten seconds.

Missionary Anal: Again this is almost scissors. He does a ton of insertions, then holds her pussy open while fucking her ass. This is the only decently lengthed segment, he jacks off into her mouth.



SCENE 5: Sandra Russo, Nikki Anderson & Eva Falk

This scene has three women with five guys. Sandra is blonde with an incredible face and body and fairly large natural breasts.

BJ: Eva blows Nacho while Nikki sucks two guys off. This is all too short.

Reverse Cowgirl & BJ: Eva gets fucked in cowgirl while Nikki continues blowing both guys. I can't even keep up.

Missionary, BJ & Standing Doggie: Now Nacho is boning Eva Missionary, Sandra is sucking off a black guy, and Nikki gets fucked standing while sucking cock.

Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, & Spoon: Nikki rides one guy and jacks off another, Sandra gets it spoon and jacks a guy off. Eva is fucking Nacho cowgirl. This segment is a little longer but there is too much going on.

Reverse Cowgirl Anal & Reverse Cowgirl: Nikki takes it in the butt while the guy plays with her pussy, they fuck nice and hard. Sandra goes RC while spanking the black guy's meat. Then she rides the black guy RC anal.

Doggie Anal & Reverse Cowgirl DP: Niki gets it hard in her shitter again in doggie and it stays on her long enough to be hot. Then Sandra gets DPed, she winces a lot. The guy who was on top of Sandra switches over to Nikki, who also recieves an RC DP.

Cowgirl DP & Reverse Cowgirl DP: Sandra gets DPed a second time in cowgirl, her DP is pretty long. Then it shows a long shot of Nikki taking a DP, Sandra getting RC anal, and Eva sucking dick before ending with five cumshots.





SCENE 6: Lynn Stone

Lynn is a very thin girl with blond hair, a pretty face and tiny tits. This scene begins with some foreplay.

Cunnilingus: He fingers her clit, this is extremely short.

BJ: The camera work is bad for a few seconds before settling down, then it gets bad again. She actually deepthroats him though.

Standing Doggie: Her pussy looks very hot getting fucked, she has a nice tiny little ass too. This is a very good segment.

Reverse Cowgirl: He sits in the chair and gets fucked in another good segment.

Reverse Cowgirl Anal: She strokes her clit while bouncing her ass up and down on his cock. The camera gets jumpy again on the closeup.

Spoon & Spoon Anal: He starts with her pussy but switches to her ass in a hurry. The scene closes with a small cumshot onto her tongue.



SCENE 7: Daniella Rush

This is where the plot actually shows up. The photographer calls his boss, but the boss is getting head from Daniella. He nuts at the end of the call. She sucks the cum off of his cock. I won't rate this since it is only a minute or so long, Daniella is also in an extra scene, her description is there.

SCENE 8: Nikki Anderson & Laura Angel

These two hotties chow box by the pool.

Cunnilingus: Nikki is standing while Laura sits below her, licking her koochie. Then Nikki sits and Laura strokes and fingers her. Laura finger fucks Nikki doggie style next while playing with herself a little. She plays with Nikki's ass before fingering it. The audio gets very loud here, then the scene is over.




SCENE 9: Lynn Stone

Now Lynn disses the photographer after getting the job. This scene has a very long intro.

BJ: She squats between two cocks, sucking them in turn. This is nice and long but lacks a bit of energy, then again maybe I lack the energy.

Spoon & BJ: She keeps right on sucking while getting fucked deep. The audio is fluctuating but this is another nice long segment.

Doggie & BJ: Now the other guy gets to bone her down, while she sucks the cock that was just in her pussy. Nice length but a bit low on heat.

Reverse Cowgirl Anal & DP: She keeps right on fucking the guy from the last segment with her ass while the other spanks his monkey. He eventually gets tired of his hand and joins in to DP her. This goes on for quite some time before she jacks them off to a simultaneous orgasm, then she licks them clean.



SCENE 10: Nikki Anderson & Lynn Stone

In the penultimate scene Nikki and Lynn double team a lucky bastard on a catamaran.

BJ & Cunnilingus: Nikki's pussy gets some attention while Lynn sucks penis. Then both girls blow him momentarily before switching places, Nikki sucking and Lynn sucking her. This all took less time than I needed to write it down.

Reverse Cowgirl: Nikki's pussy is filled with man meat as Lynn masterbates.

Spoon:Lynn takes it as Nikki jacks off while standing up.

Reverse Cowgirl: Nikki fingers herself on the deck doggie style while Lynn rides his cock some more.

Doggie: Now Nikki gets nailed as Lynn looks on. The scene, and the film, cum to an end with a man sized load onto each of their chins.





The Trailer: Italian Flair's trailer.

The Report: This is a behind the scene featurette. This talks about Adamo and gives an overview of the movie, as well as talking about the women and the making of the film. This is very well put together.

Cast: This has a picture of each of the women along with some info and a list of all their videos and DVD's.

Gallery: Full screen stills from the movie, all fairly well done.

Production Notes: A very extended boxcover description of the film followed by some information, including a full cast list.

Trailers: There are five trailers. XXX 10 is first, it is a very high tech preview but the text flashing onto the screen goes by way too fast. All of the women are hot and there is a ton of anal. Friends In Sex is next but is too short. Rich Bitch is third and looks like a keeper. After that comes No Sun, No Fun it has hot women but lower production values and two DPs. Last is Two Cocks In The Same Hole, you can imagine what it is about.

EXTRA SCENE: Daniella Rush & Sandra Russo

Both women are naked except for high heels. Sandra is seated and Daniella immediately fingers her. Daniella is a beautiful brunette with a perfect body and nice natural breasts. All of the sex looks a bit dry, use some lube! I like everything but the DPs.

Cunnilingus & BJ: Daniella fingers Sandra while Nacho and three other guys jack off. Daniella stands and Sandra continues her finger play, the guys can't watch any more and join in, two for each girl. Daniella can't get past Nacho's head so she uses a lot of hands. Then Sandra starts to blow one guy while the other tastes her vagina.

Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Scissors & BJ: Daniella rides Nacho RC while Sandra gets boned in Standing Scissors and sucks some cock. Daniella does a very hot variation of Reverse Cowgirl. Then Sandra does RC as well, jacking off the other guy.

Doggie Anal, Reverse Cowgirl Anal & DP: Nacho spits on Daniella's ass, then tests the waters with two digits before going in with his wood. Sandra gets it in her ass before the two guys DP her.

Doggie DP & Missionary Anal: Daniella gets her ass reamed more in missionary before Sandra takes another DP in Doggie. Sandra is trying to look like she is enjoying herself between winces. The scene ends with Daniella jacking off Nacho for a single squirt onto her tongue. Sandra jacks off each of her guys as well, the first spraying everywhere, then fucking her while she squeezes a decent load out of the second guy. The first guy cums a second time, jacking off onto her face before getting a few licks. They show a lot of post sex sucking.




I would appreciate any questions, comments, or critiques of my reviews.I can be reached at, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

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