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Draken It Could Happen 2.5 starsIt Could Happen 2.5 starsIt Could Happen 2.5 stars
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It Could Happen

It Could Happen

Studio: Amateur District
Category:  All Sex
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ai no corrida's ratings for It Could Happen:
Overall Rating 2 stars
It Could Happen overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks It Could Happen Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks It Could Happen Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex It Could Happen Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting It Could Happen Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras It Could Happen DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality It Could Happen A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by ai no corrida  on  10/22/2007
It Could Happen!
An Amateur District Release
Directed by Cole Montana
Length: 1hr 44min

Starring: Nicole Paradise, Kira Silver, Onyx, Kati, Kyra Steele & Janice Campbell.

Brief Synopsis:
Could it happen? Of course it could! Whatís your fantasy? A tryst in the back of an eighteen wheeler? How about watching a couple poolside? Those and more (though sometimes less) can be yours to see!

Scene One: Nicole Paradise
Our camera begins shooting as a free hand knocks on a door, allowed entrance by an anonymous dude, and wheeling over to a set of blinds, seen-through are a couple floating in a backyard pool. Peering at the thickly built, almost pale girl swimming in the water, we see her glide up to her stud, whoís seated at the edge. Oversized pair of sunglasses on, she blows on his unit, leaping out on all fours for some doggy-style pounding. The two move onto reverse cowgirl, and the cameraman wanders outside for a closer look. Turning slightly mid-hump, our girl leaps into the pool, sheepishly attempting to submerge her somewhat shamed self, cursing her poolside partner. Sooner than later, she warms up, introduces herself formally, and the two continue their shenanigans again, again starting with oral, onto all-fours doggy, and into regular cowgirl. Young stud fingers Nicoleís ass with a stray finger as they slam, though she doesnít seem to mind all that much. After a succession of continued blowing and missionary fucking, Nicole finally takes off her glasses. After a bit of tit-play, her gentleman unwinds a load onto her neck and breasts, and she retreats into the pool. Nicole, though her thick features are beyond enticing, doesnít seem to be giving her all, despite her oral fixation. The locale of the scene may not have been the most comfortable for either performer, but they both work on each other in a similar daze. Not bad?

Scene Two: Kira Silver
At the beginning, it isnít quickly evident that this scene plays out in the cab of a semi, though the small space quickly reminds us that ď[this] could happen!Ē, aka truckstop sex! Not my idea of a fantasy, especially the barely-there level of heat evident in this segment. Kiraís a cute girl, bleach-blonde, with tiny features and a high-level of desire for her partner, who basically ruins any of her will to fuck. The guy simply canít stay hard, even when Kira sucks on his flaccid 2-incher, or even when heís eating her out, trying to harden himself up. What little time they spend rubbing into one another (in doggy, mostly), her man is desperate in his ability to stay somewhat up. Kira remains a good sport, upping her few moans into screams, and trying everything she can to build him up to a climax (somewhat playful humility talk, but Iím not sure that was a good idea). He anoints Kira with a gooey mustache for all her efforts, the culmination of his furious beating of his meat towards her face. I canít believe it even happened!

Scene Three: Onyx
Again outside a door, at night, a pantless man guides us into his living room, where Onyx, a young, pale skate-lite girl, is playing with an oversized, beaded dildo. She has a variety of tattoos, though the array of pink-outlined stars stretching across her torso & onto her small breast almost looks like an outbreak, and somewhat resembles a rough-hewn, eyeliner-bound Taylor Rain. After a bit of blowing her man, Onyx focuses on that dildo again, priming her pussy notch after notch, submersing the elongated device inside of her bit by bit. Tossing it aside, she kneels to give a blowjob, and the two continue with a rapid bout of cowgirl. Camera pushed in closed, we see the various dingles and assorted red spots around Onyxís gentler areas, which threaten to bring any excitement to a limp, until the camera backs away from the slight horror. Following a bit more time with the aforementioned toy, and a bit of reverse cowgirl (all the better to see her dual six-shooter tattoo pointed at her cherry area), Onyx lays on the dining room table, where her man pounds into her from above. Kneeling atop a towel on the floor, she receives a load to the face, which is still and somewhat shuddering from the blast, a little afraid to respond. While her looks behoove her at first, Onyxís few faults arenít obscured by her long stretches of enjoyable fucking, pocked with a bit of toy play (in which she seems to be pulling a stunt rather than turning herself, or us, on). Not bad, but not great, either.

Scene Four: Kati & Kyra Steele
Answering yet another door, in the daylight, is Kati, who looks like a real-life version of Rose McGowan, but, unfortunately, only ends up being the voyeur in the scene. She leads us to a closed walk-in closet, in which Kyra Steele is on all fours, being flogged by her boyfriend, standing above. Kyra, in white bra and panties, is a cute waif of a girl, like a bundle of pale sticks, with her reddish-brown bowl of a cut obscuring her giggling joy from each last lash given. Across her neck is a thick, ringed collar attached to a thin chain, though itís not used very much in the scene. She seems to have a set of implants, though they barely seem so, based on her slight frame and skinniness. Kyraís back and ass grow more red by the minute, and she compliments the service by deep-throating her dom. They continue with a bit of doggy-style slamming, while Kati flops out her tits for self-caressing. The couple, meanwhile, continue with a reverse cowgirl feet-on-knees whirl, Kyra having a playful smack here and there for spice. Kati makes out with a now missionary Kyra, then lifting her up as sheís pounded once again. Her man pulls out and sprays a foundryís worth of jizz all over Kyra, and she smiles, delighted at it all. I admit, I was a little put off at first with this scene, though I grew to enjoy it, even with the somewhat awkward rough-housing (Kyraís boy seems to be at a different speed, a la the previous scene), but Kyra is a little firebrand herself. Not your standard porn fantasy (yours might involve a girl with a little more health in her appearance), but I found the results to be quite pleasing.

Scene Five: Janice Campbell
Starting off inside her apartment, Janice and the cameraman chat about her fantasy involving a gym rat. Her plan: to seduce him and bring him back to the nest for an afternoon of hot loviní. She proceeds into the gym, plies her wares, and back to her place they go. After a bit of blowing and light dirty talk, the two pound in a variety of positions, with interludes of blowing between each one. The scene ends with Janiceís prize unloading onto her chest, somewhat reluctantly. I say that last word because he doesnít seem to be enjoying the scene, as Janiceís enthusiasm is somewhat forced. She isnít quite a top-shelf beauty (odd combination of green make-up, cockeyed implants, bugged-out eyes, somewhat husky voice, etc.), and definitely not my type, and her tossed-out curses and exaggerated responses to being plugged by her trophy work-out boy are a pain on these ears. It certainly doesnít help matters that this is the longest scene on the disc (or at least seemed so), and I was left with a giant question mark on my face. I didnít exactly have nightmares, but you just might.

Bonus Features:
A Photo Gallery and a Cumshot Recap, but nothing else, as is standard with this budget line of discs. Usually the feature is enough to warrant a buy, but a little extra footage wouldnít have hurt.

How the Disc Looks & Sounds:
Overall, well lit, with the exception of Onyxís scene (lots of source light from interior bulbs, with occasional spotlight on the action, lacking definition in some spots), and not too bright overall. A medium level image, overall. Sound-wise, no complaints whatsoever.

Overall Thoughts:
While itís not a slam-dunk overall, I still found a few of these scenes to be worth a view or two (specifically the Kyra Steele scene), and if it werenít for the questionable tastes of the people who made this title (see: cab in the back of an eighteen-wheeler scene, Janiceís gym rat fantasy), itís still not entirely a total loss. While most of the girls arenít too terribly convinced that theyíre being filmed to have fun, fans of these types of girls are urged to rent this one. If not, I donít think I could recommend it any further than that. Translation: a big, giant maybe? Calling all sadists?

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