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Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground)

Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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bono-ONE's ratings for Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/28/2006
Ok fans here we have what you call a good old fashioned Epic! It's kinda different from most epics in that there's no spoken dialogue in this except for the extra's disc. The film throughout is accompanied by a drum beat which ties in with the setting of the movie, duh Island Fever! You've got all the Digital Playground contract girls here if I'm not missing any, Jesse Jane and Teagan Presley are probably the ones you might know best but there's also Jana Cova and Sophia Santi who are both drop dead gorgeous. Add in the talents of Kinzie Kenner and Marie Luv and you've got yourself one hell of a cast. I will say again you don't hear the performers, only see their facial expressions which become even more vital in communicating their enjoyment of whatever action they're doing on screen. This movie is also filled with many, many solo tease sequences followed by that performer either engaging in some g/g sex and then you've got Jesse and Teagan doing the lion's share of the b/g work with Kinzie and Marie each doing one scene. The big selling points to this disc as I see it are the cast-- if you're a fan of Digital Playground then you get all their girls wrapped up in one dvd and the second selling point which I'd put as half equal to the cast is the location. Holy Shit is this one of the most beautifully shot films for couples you will see this year or any year for that matter. Bora Bora, oh man, served as a splendid backdrop to the sexual exploits of these girls and their gentlemen callers. The tropical setting was so good here and you add in the gorgeous women and it just worked really well. There is a lot of footage of the girls in the water sometimes splashing it, their bodies are super wet a lot of the time, then you get some hot sex on the beach as well as some action just off the beach. This is LOST but with a lot of naked women and I'd be very happy to be shipwrecked with these girls and push any button I had to so long as their gorgeous bodies were alwasy in site. This is a 3 disc set with the first two devoted to the scenes and then the third housing all the extras which are almost a move in themselves. Let's hit some highlights.

Disc One: Teagan, Jesse, Sophia, & Jana:

I went ahead and put them all in my heading because this disc is filled with all of them multiple times and in varying combinations, the amount of scenes for this title is way beyond the normal disc plus you add in the longer than normal solo teases and you've got a lot of hot sexy women to watch and the beach/ water locations are flat out beautiful, I can say it any plainer. As the opening credits role you get a great nightime sun shot, then we morph to the daytime and it's a familiar site if you've watched a lot of Survivor on tv, great islands but this time the girls are naked! There is a lot of flashing images of the girls engaged in their fun activities with a few shots of the guys used in this title-- Scott Nails, Jean Val Jean, and Marco Banderas who are all regulars to the Digital family. The first scene has Jana and Jesse all wet and sexy in the water and just on the beach. You get some fine kissing, trib with the water splashing about and of course some oral sex. The one big drawback I think for me in this title was the lack of actual noise you'd hear as they made love. Everything else was super-- sand on the bodies, the sunlight basking on them and their facial expressions did a good job of communicating their enjoyment but there's nothing like hearing the real thing.

on we go and it's our first glimpse of Teagan and the early evening light puts her in wonderful context and then you get the addition of Sophia who has a very nice body, good sized ass, perfect breast size and her facial expressions led me to think she's a very sexual person. After some solo time for the girls they join up writhing their bodies together doing the good g/g stuff-- kissing, breast sucking, oral. You get this pretty much repeated in each scene but with girls this hot looking I'm game to watch as they also change up the pairings.

Up next we have the lovely Kinzie Kenner who is giving us exellent fuck me eyes as we find her just inside the jungle. Oh my the boobs are looking spectacular and then the shot shows what she staring in front of her, the open water and an island in the middle with what appear to be multiple waterfalls cascading down the sides. The music here also takes on a different tone which is hard to describe but it fit the tease sequence I thought. The greenery is everywhere, ok the music kinda sounds like those themes to Survivor so that fits since we're on an island. Kinzie is then joined by Marco Banderas who has a tongue long enough to make Gene Simmons jealous. He does some seriously nice pussy licking and the picture is so clear here and the oral was looking so good I missed hearing Kinzie's natural responses to this though her smiling face gave a good indication he was doing it right! Kinzie then gives some oral to Marco and again the beauty word will be used so much to describe this movie and everything really was shot well with everyone lookin good. You get a few positions for Kinzie, a standing doggie, reverse cowgirl and you see what appear to be two small waterfalls falling down the mountainside on either side of Kinzie and Marco so that was a very cool shot. There is a facial pop to close this scene out along with some cleanup. I wish we could have seen Kinzie with the other girls but this 1 on 1 scene was terrific to watch.

Alright we are back to Teagan who's lying on the beach looking sexy as hell, sand nicely coating her body and she's doing some good pussy stroking as the music pulses in time. Ok Evan Stone is then introduced, forgot he was in this, and he's doing a fine job taking over the pussy stroking, then you get Teagan lying on her ass just off the water's edge and you have Evan inside it licking her neatly shaved pussy. The two then switch places for and Teagan does a great job giving some slow paced head to Evan. Sexwise you see her opened up a little in doggie, then it's on to mish and they end with Evan popping to her lower belly with the sand still coating parts of her body.

It's been awhile since we've seen Jesse so she's back and fuck she's got the best fuck me eyes I've see in some time in this dvd, you want a girl to scream out SIN then you can just call up Jesse as her eyes definitely tell that story. The music again is placed well in context with the tease but I'm still firmly in the camp of wanting to actually hear the performers when they're fucking. Jesse looks awesome standing in the water which is about up to her calves. You get some great splashing over her ass and also her boobs, with Jesse then bending over to accentuate that sexy ass even more. Well after this fine tease we get Scott Nails making his first appearance standing behind Jesse caressing those large tits and you see a good breeze blowing behind them as the palm trees are swaying just a bit. Still in the middle of the water you get Jesse giving a pretty good and faster paced blowjob to Scott and the music has also picked up in keeping with this action. Jesse then stands up pushing one leg way up in the air so Scott can bend down and lick her pussy and with her ass still facing out to us we get a fine shot. They stay in the water for the sex too which sees doggie, Scott picks her up for reverse and the bouncing/ blond hair moving all looked great. Jesse also takes an open mouth pop with the jizz trickling down her chin and she's got a great smile too as she also gives some cleanup. I still say Jesse Jane would put on one awesome gonzo scene if she ever got to shoot for the likes of Jules or Mike John.

The shot then changes to various settings about the island then we get the four girls-- Jesse, Teagan, Sophia, and Jana all together and they waste no time kissing, sucking breasts, stroking over pussies. YOu also get some good oral done as the pulsing music plays along. I can't get over how good these women look in this setting, naked girls on islands a sure recipe for success.

We then catch up again with Jana who is doing the sexy dip her head in the water and whip it back shot and she too has some awesome fucke me eye contact with the camera while again the music seems very appropriate for the tease so I guess I can support the music with the solo stuff but when another girl or guy gets in the shot I'd prefer to hear what they do. Ok this was only a small tease scene as the next shot takes us to the lovely Marie Luv who does her own bit of solo fun. Her black body looks so good in the jungle set as you have a small bit of water streaming by just to her left so she dips the hands in to get herself wet. Marco Banderas then joins and the two engage in some great passionate kissing followed by some oral by Marie who excels at taking care of cocks. Sexwise the cowgirl and reverse positions worked real good and the load is appropriately enough rained down her chest like a waterfall coming from Marco's dick. Marie gives some sensual cleanup licking around the head ever so slowly.

We then get more fun with Teagan who appears as if we're under water and she's above us with the water shimmering giving some focus to her face but keeping that clear view slightly elusive. The shot then has Teagan stepping through the water into a great color shot. We then watch as Sophia walks up to the camera showing off her ample curves followed quickly by Jesse and the girls get right to it kissing and then eating one another out with some very nice views for this oral/ fingering.

Disc Two: Jesse, Teagan, Sophia, & Jana:

Well that first disc alone is enough to recommend this title and this second disc is more of the same so you can expect more beautiful tropical settings with the gorgeous models of Digital Playground shown off to great effectivess. WEll I can imagine you had to recharge your batteries,lol, if you watched that entire first disc in one try. We start here with the lovely Jana peacefully stroking her pussy and caressing her breasts as the sunlights basks down upon her lovely frame. The eye contact was sensuality at its finest. The shot then changes and the music does too to a more spunky beat and it's Teagan we're now enjoying a she stands up out of the water and we get the best views of that out of this world ass she's blessed with and her eye contact too was very sensual. There is also a little dipping of the hair in the water with Teagan whipping it back to let the water cascade off. Teagan is then joined by Evan who seems very naturally cast for this type of movie with his long hair and almost Pirate like facial features. Evan does some good fingerbanging allowing us to get a few more shots of that awesome ass then it's Teagan dropping down to pleasure his cock. Again great slow licks, the tropical setting all around this is some beautiful porn folks. Alright Evan then gets underneath Teagan and does some licking with Teagan facing out towards us so her boobs are shown off, you've got the water flowing all about them and her hair's got that slight dry look you get from being in the water a long time. Sexwise Evan nails her standing up from behind, spreading her legs open a little and we get a pop to close rained down on her tits.

We then catch up with Jesse who again delivers some great eye contact to the camera as her naked flesh is paraded before our eyes. Lovely smile here, then she gets all sensual in her looks before quickly going to a giggly smile. There is a little bit of dancing about with multiple Jesses then appearing and disappearing as her dance moves along. Scott then joins in and the two do a little kissing followed by a great open leg shot of Scott licking her pussy, notice too the gold belly necklace neatly wrapped around Jesse's waist. No bj they go to the sex with Mr. Nails sliding in for some doggie and this the lone position shot leading to a pop on her pulsating ass cheeks.

Jana is back, still in the water and still looking sexy as hell. The caressing was soft and she gyrates just a little as she seductively stares back out to us. You also get some hot bend over shots from behind showing off Jana's ass. Ok we're back to that sexy sparkplug known as Teagan and fucking A that ass is calling out to us!! More water splashing, then we cut back to Jana as a great guitar track gets added in. I have to really give them credit, the music for this was really good and seemed to fit each little scenario. Jana and Teagan both have their solo fun before they finally hook up, doing some kissing, caressing, a few playful ass slaps, but no oral this time.

Jesse's back showing off that sinful body once again and she's giving some seriously hot eye contact here as the music serenades us. There is a shot of what appears to be an evening sky but then we go on and it's still pretty bright out as Scott and Jesse hook up just off the water's edge. Kissing, breast fondling, then she's in the water giving some spirited oral to his cock. For the sex you get some fucking standing up, then a bouncy reverse cowgirl, spoon and a pop on her tits and Jesse squeezes them close together.

The nightime skies here are so gorgeous, then we go back the daytime as we see more of the lovely Miss Presley with her hair now combed down nicely, some very nice close shots of her face and her breasts were shown off nicely too along once again with that special ass. Teagan then has a seat spreading her legs for some stroking time then we get the addition of Jean Val Jean who I would characterize as coming straight off the covers of just about any Harlequin Romance novel. The two engage in some sexy kissing, he samples her breasts, then she kisses her way down his chest arriving at his hard cock. Great oral here fans, simply put, great side view, she doesn't appear to struggle in the least taking on his dick. Sexwise you see Jean take Teagan from behind and that ass is opened perfectly to us, then it's some reverse and finally some real good blasts of cum directly to Teagan's face and in her mouth with some cleanup too.

We get to catch up next with Sophia Santi who is passionately kissing around the lovely face/ breasts of Miss Jana Cova who also returns the affections doing some nice pussy licking as Sophia stands above her. You don't get a lot of g/g oral shot this way so I appreciated seeing that here. Sophia then gets down to do a little finger banging as Jana props herself on a rock sticking out of the surf.

Alright we are then taken inside the jungle just a bit where we see some lit fires high above, then it's the smiling face of Teagan-- ok is this Tribal Council!!! Please don't vote Teagan off the island, hehe. What else can I say except she's a lovely young woman who has certainly grown up wonderfully these past few years before our eyes. A few more ass shots here to get that dick ready to explode if it hasn't already a few times! Oh we have Tommy Gunn on the island and he's all over those nice boobs of Teagan's kissing them and also dipping a few fingers into her moist pussy. Tommy then gets to dive in to that sweet nectar and I'm sure the tropical setting aided in making it taste just a little sweeter. Teagan then gets her turn giving more fine cock sucking followed by some sex in a standing reverse, doggie and then an open mouth pop with some cum trickling down her chin.

Ok we are back to Jana now whose skin tone takes on a golden glow in the light here and we follow to Jesse who also has that similar type skin tone as she cavorts on the beach getting the sand to coat all over her body. She does some great rolling in the sand coupled with those sexy eyes boring a hole straight through to our cocks which need a rest, lol. Oh man you see a huge shadow over her shoulder and out from it steps Evan Stone, that was a great shot and the two then turn almost red in the early evening sun. Evan does some good kissing and fingering to Jesse and we go right to some sex seeing standing doggie, then on the sand for some reverse cowgirl with the boobs bouncing nicely and a quick doggie pounding leads to Evan popping to Jesse's face with some cleanup too. Ok we wrap up with a clothed Jesse engaging in some sort of native ball tossing game and you see some her trademark smiling and laughing which I've grown to like this past month. Wow we've seen a lot of action, a lot of it similar but then again some slight twists of the pairings kept the feeling fresh for me.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans if you're a fan of Digital Playground and it's stable of hot girls then you'll definitely be picking this up. The action is beautifully shot and the girls always look very sexy and often times wet. The beach was a tool utilized so well by Joone and the people shooting this, you get what appear to be evening, morning, and great daylight shots all mixed in. The extras for this title are also very extensive requiring their own separate disc. You get more than your average BTS as you get a featurette, some BTS confessionals and there's a BTS slide show with commentary. You also get a mini movie Evan shot while he was on location and he's a funny guy so I'm sure you'll laugh a little watching this and probably get more naked girl shots! There are Bora Bora moments shown as well as some bloopers. You get biogragraphies and there are star wallpapers and there are plenty of sexy shots you can lift from this area. I can't recommend this enough to couples and I'm a huge fan of gonzo but I'm an even bigger fan of beautiful women and Joone has beautifully and I know I used that word a lot but he so expertly shows these girls off in this title you'll be watching it many many times. I can't even fathom how they'll top this with #5 if they shoot one.

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