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Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground)

Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Island Fever 4 (Digital Playground) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/13/2006

NOTE: This review is based on an advanced screener copy. Although I don't expect any differences between this copy and the actual discs coming out in a couple weeks, I can't be positive they will be due to the screener copy coming on DVD+R's without any boxcover. For this reason I can't say if the boxcover claims are accurate or not, however I can say that Digital Playground has been extremely reliable in this area.

The Little Details

Running Time: 198 min. (88 min. on DVD 1 and 110 min. on DVD 2)

Production Date: 4 / 24 / 2006 – 6 / 25 / 2006

Director: Joone

Cast: Jana Cova, Jesse Jane, Kinzie Kenner, Marie Luv, Sophia Santi, Teagan Presley, Evan Stone, Jean Val Jean, Marco Banderas, Scott Nails, and Tommy Gunn

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Joone's sex can sometimes get a little too soft and pretty for me, but with the effort Digital Playground is putting into this one and the cast they've gathered, there's no way for me to go into this one without high expectations!

Initial Reaction: It's beautifully shot, but a bit limited.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting passionate and beautifully captured sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who absolutely, positively, must hear the performers

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. There's only music for the audio, with the performers never being allowed so much as a peep. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen. There's a bit of grain to it here and there, as well as a little tinting and a few soft focus problems. Although this might be a problem for some releases and directors, it honestly didn't bother me much here. Joone has a more artistic feel to his movies and much of the look that might trouble some people who want crystal clear and beautifully lit action all the time to me seemed to play into his style. It does break down in a few places due to the look not remaining consistent and flashing back and forth, but the only thing in the video that really seemed like a problem to me were some of the soft focus blurs.

Music: The music is nothing short of fantastic. With releases like this where you can't hear the performers, the music becomes much more important, and Joone and his crew paid plenty of attention to it here. It changes in style very nicely from scene to scene, and definitely kicks the scenes up a notch by being perfectly matched with the moods.

Menus: The main menu nicely works through a few beautiful shots from the movie before settling into a still. The chapter menu is fairly generic, and although it looks great it just lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a chapter number.

The Feature

The Digital Playground girls have headed back to the islands with a few friends. The beach, the jungle, the water, nowhere is off limits for them unless there happens to be a bed there.

Scene 1 – Jana Cova and Jesse Jane

Jesse and Jana start things out making out at the edge of the water. They kiss passionately, bump their nasties together before Jesse drops down to start munching on Jana's muff. Jana gets on all fours so Jesse can finger her from behind before they rub pussies together and Jana starts working on Jesse with her fingers. Jesse gets back in control grabbing Jana's neck from behind and reaching around to finger her, and after letting Jana work on her a little more Jesse fingers Jana's ass as she gets back on all fours. Finally the girls kiss and walk down the beach with their arms around each other.

This is a great opening scene. The girls are both beautiful, and seem perfect for the beach location. Jana is especially hot here, and although that's nothing new the wet look really works for her. Although you can't hear them, the chemistry and passion comes through the scene very well, and even that fast, music video style editing plays into their harder play. This is a very hot scene that gives Island Fever 4 a very strong opening.

Scene 2 – Sophia Santi and Teagan Presley

Dirty blonde Teagan starts out at the water's edge dancing around a bit wearing only a necklace as the sun starts to go down before she's joined by smoking hot brunette Sophia doing her own dance. They come together and start caressing each other before Teagan lets her tongue chase after Sohpia's tits. She also rubs Sophia down below before they get close and the camera fades out without them letting things go any further.

This is a nice little tease. Both girls look fantastic, and Teagan's little nipple lick and muff rub for Sophia definitely makes this a prime tease. That's a blessing and a curse here. It works great as a tease with the girls being captured beautifully. It also is extremely frustrating because it does end up being just a quick tease with nothing else, and I really wanted it to go longer. This is a hot scene, but it doesn't get much further just because the tease stops it in its tracks.

Scene 3 – Kinzie Kenner and Marco Banderas

Hot brunette Kinzie starts out naked in the jungle running her hands around her tits. She rubs her pussy lightly and runs her hands around her nicely augmented tits. The camera pulls back to give a few views of the island paradise, and as Kinzie gets herself warmed up she works on her pussy a little more aggressively but never really buries her fingers inside herself.

Kinzie doesn't have much need to work her fingers inside, as Marco appears and starts to tongue her as she lies back on a log. She softly sucks his cock in return while giving him some great eyes and working up some good spit. Kinzie lets Marco fuck her from behind before riding him reverse cowgirl style, and then lets him pop in her mouth, eye, and on her tits.

This is a very nice scene. Kinzie looks every bit as good as ever, and plays to the camera very nicely through the solo action. She nicely kicks things up a notch when Marco joins her, and they both look like they're having a lot of fun and completely into each other. The camera work is fantastic throughout the scene as well, and there's some very nice use of digital effects to kick the scene up yet another notch. This is a very nice two part scene.

Scene 4 – Teagan Presley and Evan Stone

Teagan returns and lies back on the edge of the water completely naked rubbing her nub with sand all over herself. She rolls around and shows off a great back arch as well as standing up to show off her killer ass. She walks into the water, but the scene moves backwards for her to come to Evan on the beach. He fucks her from behind while rubbing her clit, kissing her mouth and neck, and choking her before lying in the surf to lick her pussy. Teagan trades places with Evan and reciprocates orally on his oversized cock before letting him fuck her doggie style. She rolls over to let him fuck her missionary style and choke her before Evan Strokes off on her stomach.

This is another very nice scene. Once again Teagan looks fantastic, and the tease works very nice to work into the main scene. There's nice chemistry between her and Evan, and once again the entire scene is beautifully shot. This scene is a nice mix of heat and beauty.

Scene 5 – Jesse Jane and Scott Nails

Jesse starts out knee deep in the water for the next scene as the light switches between day and night. She splashes the water around her body a bit before being joined by Scott, who kisses her passionately from behind. Jesse reaches around to stroke Scott's cock while he rubs her pussy before dropping down to take him into her throat and between her tits. Scott drops down to lick Jesse's pussy in return as she holds a leg up for him before fucking her from behind in the water. Scott also picks her up as he nails her from behind before popping in and around Jesse's mouth.

This is another beautiful and hot scene. As always Jesse looks great, and the location is just as good. Technically, however, this scene lacks a little with some inconsistent lighting and a little blurry footage. The artistic feeling covers up some of the lighting changes, but it's still inconsistent enough to be noticed here. That said, it's still a nicely hot scene.

Scene 6 – Jana Cova, Jesse Jane, Sophia Santi, and Teagan Presley

Jana, Jessie, Sophia, and Teagan take each other on next. After flipping back and forth to kiss in pairs, the girls swarm around each other to quickly work on Sophia and Teagan before Sophia lays back for the girls to work on her. They pick Teagan up and work on her in midair before pairing up again for a little more aggressive kissing. Jana lets Jesse tongue her down below as Sophia rides Teagan's leg and kisses her. They come in to team up on Jana before getting in a four way gash grind and finishing things up with a smile.

This is a very hot scene. It's just as aggressive as Jana and Jesse's opening scene, and might even kick up the energy a little more. The girls all look like they're having great fun, and I think my only complaint is that the scene didn't last longer. I guess that's some of the aggressive feel, as it hits hard and fast and is gone, but I really would have loved to have seen more of this scene.

Scene 7 – Jana Cova

Jana stands in the water and gets her hair wet next. She stands in the water a bit and then struts out looking sultry as heck.

This is another sequence that really needed to last longer. Jana is damn near a goddess, and to just give this short of a tease with her seems wrong in so many ways. She barely touches herself, and even then it's not even quite suggestive, and the scene is extremely short. The only thing that makes a segment this short worth registering is that Jana's in it.

Scene 8 – Marie Luv and Marco Banderas

Marie appears in the jungle next to a stream running her hands around her body to start out her scene. She sits back on the rocks and diddles herself before rolling over and rubbing her pussy a little more. She's joined by Marco, who she shares a passionate kiss with while they caress each other all around. Marie leans over to softly suck Marco's cock into her throat before climbing up to ride him cowgirl style. Marie sucks him clean before riding him reverse cowgirl style, and then lets Marco take her from behind standing up. Finally Marco pops on Marie's nicely natural chest.

This is another hot scene. As always, Marie looks fantastic and puts out a darn hot scene. She and Marco have great chemistry, and she looks to get nicely vocal. This scene is one of the few times when the lack of audio really holds back the scene, but the heat does come through quite well and it's still beautifully shot. This is another winner of a scene with Marie holding her own very nicely against the DP girls.

Scene 9 – Jesse Jane, Sophia Santi, and Teagan Presley

After Teagan starts things out behind a waterfall, Sophia struts onto a beach and then goes back so she can return with Jesse. They kiss before Jesse bends Sophia over to lick and slap her ass. Sophia gets down and worships Jesse's body next, and then lets Jesse work her over again. Jesse kneels down to lick Sophia before laying her back to eat her. She gets on all fours for Sophia to finger her before they move into the water to cool off a bit as they continue to work each other over with plenty of passionate kissing.

This is a very nice scene to end the first DVD with. The opening with Teagan was a bit strange and could have very easily have been cut without the scene losing anything. Sophia and Jesse have great chemistry, and seem like a perfect match. At times it seems like they're almost competing against each other as they work each other over, which gives the scene a great aggressive feeling. The location chance in the scene worked pretty well also, but there were a few soft focus blurs that interfered with the action here. The only other problem with the scene is that it cut off very abruptly as it went to the screen instructing you to put in the next disc rather than coming to a clean ending and then going to the screen. All that said, this was still a nicely wood-inducing scene.

Scene 10 – Jana Cova

Jana starts out the second DVD wearing only a necklace and a belly stud in the water. She lays back in the water and rubs her pussy and tits lightly before getting on all fours and continuing to rub her pussy. Jana shows off some prime back arches and continues to rub her pussy as she rolls around in the water. Finally, she sucks her fingers a little as the weather rolls past.

This is a softer solo scene, but damn, it's still Jana Cova. Once again the camera work and editing is on the artistic side, but they manage to make her look as beautiful as possible and build a little heat for a solo scene. This is another very nice solo scene.

Scene 11 – Teagan Presley and Evan Stone

After Teagan dances around in the water to start out the next scene. She turns around to show off her glorious ass, and gives it a few slaps as well as spreading the cheeks and throwing her wet hair around. After a bit she's joined by Evan, who caresses her from behind and kisses her before she turns around to let him kiss her tits and finger her easier. Teagan rubs Evan's balls as he strokes his cock to get it ready for her mouth, and then stoops down to work it over orally. Evan slaps her tits a few times with his cock before dropping down to eat her pussy, and then bones Teagan from behind standing up. She turns around and puts a leg on Evan's shoulder for part of the fucking, and lets Evan stroke himself onto her chest to finish things up between them.

This is another hot scene for Evan and Teagan. As always, it's beautifully shot and Teagan looks fantastic. It's not quite as intense as their previous scene, which isn't bad as it makes the scene a bit more couples friendly, but there's still some nice chemistry between them. This is another very nicely done scene, and the slightly different feel helps it keep from feeling too repetitive from the earlier scene.

Scene 12 – Jesse Jane and Scott Nails

Jesse takes to the jungle for her first scene of the second DVD, and starts out rubbing her tits, spinning around, and giving her fantastic naughty smile as she leads the way to the beach where she dances around. She's joined by Scott, who kisses her passionately on the mouth and neck while running his hands around her fantastic ass before Jesse drops down to see how much of his cock she can fit in her mouth. Scott tongues her twat in return before fucking it doggie style, and gets a good handful of hair as well as letting Jesse turn around a bit and lift a leg up. Finally, Scott pops on Jesse's beautiful butt.

Not surprisingly, this is another darn hot scene. Jesse looks great as always, and once again mixes beauty and sluttiness very well. She and Scott have very nice chemistry and the pop on the ass was great since it gave yet another reason to stare at Jesse's ass. This is a very enjoyable scene.

Scene 13 – Jana Cova and Teagan Presley

Jana starts out in the water getting her hair wet and shaking it around while also rubbing her tits and pussy a little. She fingers herself a little and throws water up in the air before the camera movies to the air and heads over to Teagan on the beach. Teagan dances around a bit before they find each other by a dead tree. They kiss and caress each other before Teagan drops down to lick her from behind and give her some good ass licking. They trade places so Jana can work on Teagan with her tongue and fingers. Jana comes up to kiss her passionately, and although it feels like there's plenty more to come the scene ends there.

This is a nice scene. The solo opening for Jana was a bit long after her opening scene on this disc, and I'll admit that it had me afraid that it was all for this scene. It cut nicely between her and Teagan, and having these two beauties working each other over was a wonderful thing. There's nice chemistry between the girls, and some nice intensity as well. The only problem with this scene is the end, which was horribly cut off.

Scene 14 – Jesse Jane and Scott Nails

Jesse comes out of the water and shows off a little before laying around at the water's edge and showing off her smile and extremely expressive eyes. She fingers her pussy and rubs water around her tits before she's joined by Scott, who greets her with a kiss and a hand rubbing around her ass. They lay back so Scott can eat Jesse before they trade places so she can reciprocate. Scott fucks Jesse from behind standing up before letting her ride him reverse cowgirl style and spooning her. Finally, Scott lets Jesse have a nice load over her tits and neck.

This is another good scene with one minor problem. That problem was only two scenes before this one Jesse and Scott got it on with an extremely similar scene, and in the middle of the previous disc they also took on each other in similar locations. With Evan, Marco, and Jean along, it would have been very nice to see Jesse take on somebody else for her third boy – girl scene in the movie. This is a nice looking scene, but it just feels redundant.

Scene 15 – Teagan Presley and Jean Val Jean

Teagan moves to the jungle and shows off her ass while wearing a pair of red flip flops. She sits back on a rock and works on her pussy rubbing and fingering it before being joined by Jean. He gives her a soft and passionate kiss before snaking a hand down to play with her pussy, and then lets Teagan drop down to work him over orally while giving him some nice eyes. Jean fucks her from behind before letting Teagan ride him reverse cowgirl style. Finally, Teagan sucks Jean to a great facial.

This is a great scene. Yes, the location and Teagan are great, and there's some very nice chemistry between Jean and Teagan. The thing that really sets the scene apart, though, is Jean. After two scenes for Teagan with Evan and three for Jesse with Scott, Marco is all but forgotten about and it's so nice to see a different guy. This is a hot scene that continues to capture the great feel of the movie.

Scene 16 – Sophia Santi and Jana Cova

Sophia and Jana get it on out in the water next. They kiss quickly before Jana drops down to tongue and rub Sophia's nub. She bends over a rock for Sophia to admire her ass and finger her pussy before fingering her in return as Sophia sits on the rock. Sophia bounces on her fingers a bit and bends over for her before they finish things up with some passionate kissing.

This is another very nice scene. There's very nice chemistry between the girls and it moves along nicely. It's been a while since Sophia appeared, which makes her return seem very nice, and the scene moves along pretty well. This is a nicely done scene that's very easy on the eyes.

Scene 17 – Teagan Presley and Tommy Gunn

Teagan returns to the jungle and once again shows off for the camera to start out her scene. She diddles herself a bit before Tommy joins her and kisses her mouth followed by her tit. Tommy holds her tight from behind as he plays with her pussy before letting her sit back as he tongues and fingers it. Of course Teagan sucks his cock in return before riding it reverse cowgirl style, and then bends over so he can take her from behind. Finally Teagan gets down and takes a great facial.

Once again, Teagan delivers a very nice scene that works even better due to a new guy. There's nice chemistry once again and Teagan does a very nice job trying to work Tommy into her throat. It's a bit short, but still works.

Scene 18 – Jana Cova

Jana poses next to a palm tree wearing only a necklace next. She runs her hands around her great body before the scene cuts out.

This scene leaves me with mixed feelings. On one hand this scene is so quick that it almost seems like a waste. On the other hand, there's been so much solo Jana action that it was nice to see this one end and move on with a little more sex.

Scene 19 – Jesse Jane and Evan Stone

Jesse returns and rolls around in the sand to start the penultimate scene. She moves up by the palm tree where Jana was before rolling around in the sand looking extremely happy as well as very sexy. She's joined by Evan when she moves back up to the tree, who kisses her mouth and neck from behind while squeezing her melons. Evan goes right to fucking her from behind before letting Jesse ride him reverse cowgirl style. Jesse also lets Evan take her from behind before finishing things up with a facial.

This is a very nice final scene. Jesse and Evan have very nice chemistry, and the scene moves along at a pretty good pace. The cumshot is very nice and Jesse takes it extremely well. Although Evan has had a few scenes already, it was nice to see her with somebody different here which also helped the scene out. This was a hot scene to end the movie with.

Scene 20 - Jana Cova, Jesse Jane, Kinzie Kenner, Marie Luv, Sophia Santi, Teagan Presley, Evan Stone, Jean Val Jean, Marco Banderas, Scott Nails, and Tommy Gunn

The final sequence is mostly a non-sex sequence. It captures the cast in action, below water shots, and Jesse playing bocce ball. There's also a few outtakes and a little of the girls posing as the credits run. It's a nice way to wind down the movie, and also helps give it a little more character.

Island Fever 4 is a visually stunning movie. There isn't a single thing aspect of the movie that isn't easy on the eyes, with the guys easily being the roughest thing. There's nice chemistry in the scenes that comes across despite not being able to hear the performers, and a sense of fun and playfulness also shows up time and again throughout the movie. That said, there were a few things that held the movie back for me. The biggest problem was some of the pairings. Yes, Jesse Jane and Scott Nails turn out a very nice scene, but there are five guys in the movie and of her four boy – girl scenes she does Scott in three of them and Evan in the other. With a little more variety to the sex this might not matter too much, but here the scenes really began to feel redundant. It's a little better with Teagan, as she does Evan in two scenes and then lets Jean and Tommy each have a scene, but they still came off as being a little repetitive. It wouldn't have been so bad if they would have thrown in another girl, especially since both Kinzie Kenner and Marie Luv seem horribly under used. I don't see what the problem would be with threesomes sexually here as there's already enough girl on girl action and choking that one can't consider this too hard of a couples movie. The other problem with Island Fever 4 for me was some of the scene lengths. There are a few scenes that seem overly short and like they'd be much better if they would have been left out to make room for a longer scene or worked into a scene to expand it a little. Back on the positive side of things, however, this really is a nice movie even with those drawbacks. It's nice to see somebody concerned with making sex look beautiful rather than just going at it in the trunk of a car or the standard bed or a couch. There's also some nice digital effects mixed in that also work very good for making the locations a bit more exotic and beautiful. There's a feeling of fun throughout the movie as well, and it's great to see the Digital Playground girls all put together in the same scene. I wish Joone would have had another scene with all the girls together to finish out the movie, but there's plenty of action mixing them up in couples as well. Island Fever 4 might have a few minor faults, but it's beautiful enough and enough of a relief from the traditional adult film that it's very hard not to like it and let the fever set in.

The Extra Stuff

The third DVD is devoted entirely to extras. Trailers are included for Island Fever 4, Pirates, Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak, Teagan: Sexual Freak 2, Deeper, Deeper 2, Porcelain, Marvelous, Jack’s Big Tit Show 2, Jack's Playground 31, Hot Rod for Sinners, Island Fever 3, Way of the Dragon, Intoxicated, Mrs. Behavin', Jack’s P.O.V. 2, Teagan: All American Girl, Jesse Jane: All American Girl, Jack’s Teen America: Mission 15, Jack’s Big Ass Show 3, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, Virtual Sex with Teagan Presley, Virtual Sex with Sophia Santi, Virtual Sex with Jenna, Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick, Jack’s My First Porn 6, Ass Addiction, Control 3, Throb POV< and Hard Candy 2. The main photo gallery lasts four minutes with about six seconds per great looking snapshot, or you can watch the forty pictures at your own pace. Bios are included for Jesse Jane, Jana Cova, Sophia Santi, Teagan Presley, Joone, and Robby D., with each bio giving a bit of personal information and a photo of everybody but Joone (unless of course he's a real master of disguise and can make himself look like an Island Fever 4 poster). There's also a a ton of behind the scenes featurettes, star wallpapers, and contact information.

Joone gathers one heck of a group together for the audio commentary. Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Sophia Santi, Robby D., Scott Nails, Jim, and Nick all join him to talk about the movie. Joone starts things out talking about how Island Fever 4 was what he was really wanting to do for Island Fever 3 but couldn't due to weather. From there, it's most anything goes. They talk about anything that comes to mind, with plenty of talk about Jana and Teagan. There's also plenty of ribbing back and forth between Robby and Joone about the camera work and their movies. There's plenty of stories about the islands, the sex, and some of the problems they ran into on the shoot. As usual there's plenty of laughs all around, and once again Digital Playground turns out one of the very best commentaries of the year. There's a part of me that's bummed that Evan wasn't included, but even without him there's plenty of laughs. This is a great commentary that's definitely worth listening to.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts a whopping fifty two minutes, and is nicely broken down by day. Jesse starts things out introducing the featurette with a few clips around the production before it moves onto the main action. Not surprisingly, it doesn't take long for Evan to bring in the humor, and he keeps it up throughout the featurette. There's a little of the scenes being shot, but it mostly focuses on the action around shooting the movie. You get spiders, people being pissed on, and Scott tormenting marine life. There's also Teagan not being able to figure out snorkeling, guys trying to get girls who don't normally take cock on camera to take cock, and the cast enjoying the island when they're not shooting. It's a very enjoyable behind the scenes featurette with plenty of eye candy, plenty of personality, and plenty of laughs. You even get to hear the performers through most of it, for those worried about that. My only complaint here is that the entire featurette revolves around Evan, Scott, and the DP girls while ignoring Marie Luv, Kinzie Kenner, Tommy Gunn, and Marco Banderas. Even with that complaint, this is a behind the scenes featurette that's well worth checking out.

The Behind the Scenes Confessionals lasts nearly fifteen minutes, with the individual segments lasting between about three quarters of a minute and four and a half minutes. Evan Stone, Jana Cova, Jesse Jane, Jim the Assistant Camera Dude, Robby D., Scott Nails, and Teagan all have segments here. Evan's is the madcap wackiness that seems to follow him wherever he goes. Jana talks about missing her home in the Czech Republic and her hot cousin. Jesse talks about traveling with Nick to the islands while Jim talks about the downside to his job. Robby D.'s segment is dedicated to his leg infection, pissing out his ass, and having to leave the islands on the fourth day. Scott talks about wanting to swim with the stingrays and the irregularities of the island before Teagan finally talks about the island experience in general. This is a nice collection of footage. There's some nice laughs here and plenty of personality from the individual people. I wish Sophia would have been included as well, but my only real complaint with this section is that there isn't an option to play all of the confessionals rather than having to go through the menu continually.

The behind the scene slide show lasts about ten and a half minutes with about four seconds per snapshot and includes an audio commentary by the same group as the audio commentary. Yes, that means that there's plenty of laughs here. This is a great featurette and a very fun way to do the behind the scenes featurette. If there's a problem here, it's that the photos flash by a little too fast. There are many times when it seemed like the comments were cut off because the photos were moving faster than they wanted. I think this would have been a much better featurette if each photo would have had eight to ten seconds instead of four.

Crazy Evan's Island Movie lasts about eight and a half minutes, and for a change is a full frame featurette that's in anamorphic widescreen. All I'm going to say about this featurette is that it's Evan's take on a mad scientist movie and that it's definitely Evan Stone. Being Evan Stone it's also worth checking out and has plenty of laughs. Evan's mini-movie from Island Fever 3 ended up being some of the inspiration for Pirates, so we'll see what this one inspires.

Bora Bora Moments lasts about twelve and a half minutes total and has some segments with audio and some with only music. There's the fun with the contract girls and Jesse Jane playing Bocce Ball from the end of the movie, as well as Scott playing some Bocce with full audio so he can explain some of the game. There's also a bit of fun at dinner with Sophia showing one of her party tricks on Nick, Jana showing the romantic nature of the Czech language, Nick's shoe sense, and a bit of sting ray action. It's another very nice collection of segments that just didn't quite fit into the behind the scenes featurette but was too good to throw out. Once again my only complaint is there was no option to watch all the segments rather than having to go through the menu one by one.

The blooper reel lasts about two and a quarter minutes and is set completely to music. You get to see things like snotty noses and watches as well as a bit of digital fun and the Wild Dogs of Bora Bora. It's nothing overly special, but it is mildly amusing with a few chuckles.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, lesbian, anal (finger), titty fucking, group, interracial, and rimming (female > female)

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: Between Teagan Presley and anybody with a cock

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Digital Playground's top of the line DVD releases can be found online for between about $28 and $50, with many stores offering them near the low end. The sex is beautifully captured, but definitely aimed at the couples market even if it does get a little intense at times. The technical aspects are nicely done, right down to the anamorphic widescreen transfer, and the extras are fantastic. This is a very well done DVD release.

Note to Digital Playground: It's great to see you pulling out all the stops for extras here. I really wish you'd put out a little effort like this now and then on your other releases too!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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