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Iron Head 2

Iron Head 2

Studio: Mercenary Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Interracial , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Iron Head 2:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Iron Head 2 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Iron Head 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Iron Head 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Iron Head 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Iron Head 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Iron Head 2 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Iron Head 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  1/13/2005
Iron Head 2


Preview Expectations: I picked up both this volume and the first one in this series, so I know what I am getting into. I was not that satisfied with the first one, and I am hoping this one is better.

Initial Thoughts I hate to be negative, and there is some decent footage here, but this disc suffers from all the problems the first volume had. It is an edited blowjob title, which means, that Mercenary took blowjob and tease footage from many of Lexington Steele's movies, and spliced tease, blowjob, and cumshot footage from the scene, to make a blowjob only compilation in this disc. Total scene length is in the 3:30 to 8 minute range for 16 scenes, and much of the actual sex action (dick sucking) is only around 2:30 to 4 minutes long, and the real problem with that is the jumpy editing, it looks like they did what they did, meaning jumping around in the scene to get the parts they wanted, it is not a smooth looking transition. Everything feels unfinished and slapped together, and with really no extras of worth, I just feel a little let down here.

Technical Considerations: The values vary greatly, since this is from a whole bunch of various movies, but they are all generally acceptable. The disc menus are reasonably well done, and easy to navigate through, but I did find them a bit sluggish to load, and there where a couple times that the highlight dissappeared so you couldn't see what option was selected, this happened with the first volume, so it does not appear to be an isolated incedent.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1:Olivia Del Rio and Lexington Steele

Some solo masturbation to start, Lex comes in and goes down on her, she sucks his cock for not even 2 minutes, and they cut to him pulling out of her and giving her a nice facial. Duration: 6:45 mins

Scene 2: Sophia and Michael Stefano and Lexington Steele

Sophia rubs her clit outside, Mike comes out and she starts sucking him, with nice energy, Lex joins in and she continues to do a nice job on both guys until they pop on her pretty face. She licks up the cum off Stefano, but Lex doesn't have much of a pop. Duration: 8: 13 mins

Scene 3: Maya and Guy

A short tease with some self caressing of her tits, she walks over to a guy in chair with handcuffs on and he removes his pants for her to suck his cock. She talks to the camera and gives him a slow but sexy blowjob. Good energy as it progresses and nice hanjob action. Good blowjob scene, He cums on her face with a weak load. Duration: 11:43 mins

Scene 4: Julie, Sky and Michael Stefano

Kissing and caressing both girls, they drop and share his cock, brief but pretty good energy, he shoots a big load across one of the girls butts while the other gets a few spurts on her face. The girls kiss after some licking cleanup. Duration: 7: 12 mins

Scene 5: Rio and Lexington Steele

She poses while Lex takes some pictures, Lex comes over and they feel each other up, she sucks him outside breifly, and they cut to him unloading some sperm on her face inside, cute girl and decent facial, but too short. Duration 3:41 mins

Scene 6: Petra and 2 guys

She rubs her pussy while the guys look on, they converge on her and she starts to suck thier cocks. Nice energy and she gives some good deep sucking, both guys cum but are off target and she doesn't get too much of a facial, but she sucks cock to cleanup with some energy. Scene duration 6:18 mins

Scene 7:Carmen and guy

She teases the camera shows us her holes while a guy jerks off in the background. She goes to him and immediately drops to her knees and wraps her lips around his cock. She gives a pretty nice blowjob, deep and erotic, and she sucks his balls and deepthroats him. He gives her a nice facial to finish the scene, but again too broken up. Duration: 7:42 mins

Scene 8: Daria, Cynthia and a guy

The girls start out in black lingerie and they kiss and fondle each other to start, they go over to a guy and give him a fast and dirty blowjob, both girls work his balls and rod, and share nicely, they kiss each others tongues and he fires a load of cum on to Cynthia's face and they both do a little cleanup. Duration: 7:24 mins

Scene 9:Bobbi Eden and Erik Everhard

Bobbi is sexy as every as she poses for some pictures and looks to the camera before she goes to Erik and gets his cock out to play with. She gives him a pretty hot blowjob that again is too short, and soon Erik pops a nice load on her pretty face as she smiles and jerks his cock. Duration: 4:59 mins

Scene 10:Vicky Vette, Rose, and Michael Stefano

Two of the hottest starlets out there go straight to work in this one, with Rose and Vicky taking turns of getting thier lips stretched out by cock, they play with each other a little with a three way kissing session and Vicky going down on Rose, but mainly focus on giving some hot looking head until Michael sprays a good load of sperm all over thier sexy mugs. Duration: 7:21 mins

Scene 11: Yasmine and Lexington Steele

She is at her work station when all of a sudden a big cock comes up to her face, and she just starts on sucking it. she stops breifly to do a hot little strip, but goes back to some decent dick sucking until Lex sprays her face with cum. Duration: 5:23 mins

Scene 12: Nikita and Lexington Steele

Nikita is nude and rubbing her clit with a vibrator as Lex kisses her ass cheek and talks to the camera, he rubs his hands over her and she continues with the vibrator a while before she drops down to sit on the couch and get at Lex's cock. About 3 minutes later, he pops a load on her nose and cheek, while she rubs his cock into her face. Duration: 11:31 mins

Scene 13: Anna Nova and Erik Everhard

Anna is one hot babe and she does a little sexy dance topless before Erik comes to her and sucks her tits, they play a bit, but she gets his cock out and goes to work. She gives him a super quicky blowjob, and her pretty face gets a rather small load of cum. Duration: 3:42 mins

Scene 14: India and Guy

Plays a bit on the couch in a studded latex bottom and collar, and no top, she gets a guy in her face quickly, and gives a pretty sexy looking blowjob, they kiss a little and she goes back to licking his cock, he shoots a nice load of splooge on her face and it runs down to her tits, and she jerks and sucks out the last few drops. Duration: 7:57 mins

Scene 15: Gia and Lexington Steele

Blond Gia rubs herself, Lex comes in and kisses her and she gives him a slow and methodic blowjob, not a lot of passion or energy, but it gets the job done and she pretty sexy in her approach. He rubs his dick on her tits, and glops a smaller load on her face to end. Duration: 7:48 mins

Scene 16: Monika Sweetheart, Sue Diamond, and Lexington Steele

Sue masturbates on a glass table as Monica sits on a chair at the table, and Lex comes over to Monica and she immediately starts to give him some energetic head, he only lets her suck him briefly though and he moves over to let Sue have a taste. The girls mainly take turns, and Monika shines in her sucking, and soon he pulls out of Monika (scene edit) and cums in Sue's mouth with a weaker load, Monika does some cleanup and that is is. Duration: 7:40 mins

Extra Stuff

Lex in the City: A couple minute teaser clip of Lex's show.

Photo Gallery: 30 shots or so of the sex and posing from the film.

Other Extras:Trailer reel, DVD credits, website links

In The End

Well out of my appreciation for Lex's work, and my like for most of the stuff that Mercenary has put out, I gave this series a second look, but sadly, there will probably be no third look for me. I know they could have done a lot better, and it comes off as a butchering of good scenes, and throwing in a few bits scattered around and only part of the blowjob, and call it a day. I just expect more from them and I don't think I am asking a lot. I hope they wise up soon and if nothing else smooth out the cuts so it atleast looks like it was intended to be a blowjob only scene, and more of the actual blowjob itself would be nice. I don't think there is enough here for raincoaters, and couples I can't see finding much to get into. This series mostly bills itself as a disc of watching babes suck off Lex, but in this volume, Lex is only in about half the scenes, so that may be a bit of a let down to some too. No real extras even further hurts this one, so Buy or rent at your own risk, I don't recommend this one. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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