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Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Intrigue:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Intrigue overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Intrigue Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Intrigue Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Intrigue Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Intrigue Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Intrigue DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Intrigue A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  7/12/2005
Director: Tony English
Camera: Jake Jacobs and Francois Clousot
Genre: All Sex Vignettes
Release: 6/05
Notes: Widescreen 
5.1 Surround Sound

 act 1:

Kaylani Lei 
vs. Manuel Ferrara

Vaginal [condom], Bodyshot   


The time: night time. The place: an industrial factory... Kaylani is garbed in leather fetish wear, studded black straps wound around her body. With her arms raised above her she holds on to two steel chains as Manuel descends on her, kissing her and playfully wrapping her up with the steel. They treat each other to some sensual oral and then Manuel enters her, drawing in and out of her at first slowly but steadily speeding up. Manuel starts to pound her furiously and Kaylani begins to lose herself in her maddening lust. "Do it...." she urges and Manuel pistons into her in standing doggy. He eventually creams her with a large and watery load on her left butt cheek.     

This is an ok start. While there's good chemistry I couldn't get into this scene. The sex is very sensual but I was looking for some parts to cut in with a rawer edge. There's also no woman on top positions which would help give the rawer edge. The energy explodes in one part but it's cut short by the editor.

 act 2:

Kimberly Kane 
vs. Reno

Vaginal [condom], Facial   


From the top of a barn, Kimberly looks down on the shirtless Reno and watches as he arranges haystacks in a pile. Reno looks up and notices her in her cowboy hat, knotted shirt and jean skirt. She climbs down the ladder to meet him, her bare ass peaking out from the shadows of her skirt. They embrace and Kimberly lets Reno undress her. Smiling she rubs her ass against his crotch and then Reno lays her down to lick her cunny. She returns the favor with a wet and sloppy blowjob, bent at the waist, which treats us to a  shot of her gorgeous bum. Reno slides his meat into her slot in missionary and they go at it for a bit until Kimberly takes over in reverse cowgirl- she holds on to two ropes suspended from the ceiling and uses it to help her buck on her lover. Reno finally tears off his condom and jerks his load on her face.  

Once again we have sensual sex. I needed more heat. The sex was real like what one would encounter outside of Porniverse but this subtlety just doesn't translate well onscreen.     

 act 3:

Keri Sable 
vs. Randy Spears

Vaginal [condom], Bodyshot   


In her schoolgirl outfit- with knotted blouse and plaid miniskirt- Keri's bare midriff and long legs entice Randy into approaching her. They're surrounded by some kind of industrial setting, complete with steam rising out from the floor. Randy goes to her and plays it cool with his cigarette, finally putting his hands on her. He peels down her skirt, releasing the supple flesh of her bum and smothers his face in her crack. He fucks her standing doggy style up against a pipe, which gets her flesh rippling seductively. Kerri kneels to suck him and then she has a greedy ride on him in reverse cowgirl. Then Randy eats her pussy as she stands above him, her legs spread wide and her hands holding onto a pipe above them. He pops a thick one on her belly and then Kerri coldly tells him to, "Get the fuck off of me." Somehow I doubt Randy feels "used" though as Kerri stalks away.  

A good scene. This one fared better than the others because the sex was less constrained. But I don't think it's wise to start into the fucking and midway in the scene break for a long session of cocksucking or pussyeating. I've seen it work before but it's too hard to sustain the energy this way and we get a dead spot in the center of the scene.    

 act 4:

Kaylani Lei 
vs. Jean Val Jean

Vaginal [condom], Bodyshot


A stretch limo pulls up and out comes Jean followed by Kaylani. They kiss and grope each other under the night's sky and then Kaylani slinks halfway out of her dress. The couple give each other slow oral before they move on into a doggy fuck against the hood of the car. The car headlights beam against their legs and I wonder here if the limo driver is still in the car and watching them. Kaylani lies back on the car's hood as Jean spears into her pussy in missionary. Jean can't take much more and fires long jets of cream all over Kaylani's chest. She gets splashed well and by the end of his orgasm, there's hardly a spot on her chest that isn't soaked in cum.

Excellent cumshot here. Lots of volume and lots of power. Unfortunately that was the best thing about this scene. This scene shows off much more of Jean's body than Kaylani's. Jean is my pick for most beautiful man in porn at the moment and I think the ladies watching this scene are in for a treat. Still, I didn't find much passion here.

 act 5:

vs. Tyler Knight

Vaginal [condom], Bodyshot   


Jazmin emerges from a spring to kiss Tyler deeply. Tyler's hands roam downwards and he rubs hard circles into Jazmin's pussy. She kneels in the water to put his meat in her mouth, giving a sensual blowjob. Next, she lowers herself on Tyler's rod and bounces steadily which is followed up by an enthusiastic doggy fuck. To end it, Tyler jerks himself onto her bum which results in a modest amount of splooge dribbling down from his tool.   

This echoes the first two scenes- very sensual yet not raw enough. Subtle sex. The cumshot was terrible here- we only get a few drops of cum.

 act 6:

Randy Wright 
vs. Demetri XXX

Vaginal [condom], Bodyshot  


Randy and Demetri make out on the porch of a cabin- the lights from inside flare through the windows onto their naked tops. Randy unleashes Demetri's member from his jeans and gives him rough head. Meanwhile as she fucks her mouth on his dick her whole body bobs back and forth wildly. Demetri returns the favor by dining on her snatch- he sucks her clit repeatedly, pulling it back and letting it snap back like a rubber band. Then he positions himself behind her and plunges deep into her cunt. He fucks her and Randy urges him on with her dirtytalk: "Fuck my little pussy with your big cock," she squeals, her moans coming in piercing breaths. Demetri pops on her tits and it quickly fades out. 

My favorite scene of the bunch. This one gets raunchier than the other scenes and helps highlight what the other scenes lacked: dirtytalk. Randi doesn't get elaborate with it but she's effective nonetheless with her simple "yeahs" and "o fucks." A good scene but after the popshot the camera fades out way too quickly- almost instantaneously. Almost as if the director gave up on it all. 



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This is a an ok movie. It's extremely couples-friendly, so if your girl is one of those who gets disgusted by some of the less refined perversions in porn, this is a good one to pick up. There's nothing threatening here, and the sex is quite normal. 

The camera work is clean and shows off a lot of the male form along with the women, so that's another reason to watch this with your girl. The men are very beautiful here.


The music is pleasant- very relaxing, perfect to make love to but there are a few issues in some scenes with the music track: It will play out completely, then there's a pause- an awkward pause for a while- and then the music starts back up again and repeats this process. Personally, I found the silences a bit distracting but overall it's not that much of a biggie.

Sexwise, I was neutral on the matter. The sex is very, very sensual and very romantic- lots of embraces and kissing- yet I wanted some wilder thrusting and wilder bouncing added into the mix. More dirtytalk would have upped the heat as well. But perhaps in the end, vanilla sex is indeed the best choice for couples. For sheer romance and sensuality this is a strong pick.   





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