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Intimate Pursuit

Intimate Pursuit

Studio: Triangle Films
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Intimate Pursuit:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Intimate Pursuit overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Intimate Pursuit Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Intimate Pursuit Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Intimate Pursuit Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Intimate Pursuit Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Intimate Pursuit DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Intimate Pursuit A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/20/2011
Good day porn fans got a new film here from Kathryn Annelle at Triangle Films and these fine folks are among the best at the sensual g/g scene so anytime I can pop in one of their titles I have strong expectations in regards to the kissing and oral sex which for me are the big deals and what I watch g/g for. Four scenes here and they all offer up some sort of set up as one girl pursues another. Let's get right to some highlights.

Dylan Ryan & Ariel X:

The first scene opens with Dylan stopping by and surprising Ariel who is mixing up drinks. The ladies enjoy small talk and it is pretty obvious early on that Dylan likes Ariel and thinks someone should treat her better and me thinks she has herself in mind! Ariel is trying to get some work done in regards to a meeting but Dylan is interested in one thing and it takes some effort and a slight delay before the two ladies consumate their lust. Ariel's in a committed relationship but evidently her significant other isn't keeping up her end so in steps Dylan. The ladies do a nice job of not rushing into anything. The scene plays like you might expect a normal act of lovemaking to occur. Some nice kissing, clothes come off are pushed aside and the breasts get some love too. The action takes place on a bed and we get solid lighting to illuminate the two ladies. Soft kisses to the feet, down the calves to the pussy was another nice touch from Dylan here. I loved too how Dylan keeps her face planted on Ariel's pussy, we don't see it but you can imagine the magic her tongue is working- plus we get some visual evidence watching and hearing Ariel's reaction. When it is Ariel's turn she too gives the feet some love before the two grind pussy on pussy leading to Miss X going down on her friend. Dylan then gets a second chance and goes behind to lean down for a few licks at her friends ass, loved that. This scene also features some strong pussy fingering too so I'd say we're off to a good start.

Zoe Voss & Madison Young:

So we move on to the next scene which has Madison chilling just outside her apt when Zoe arrives with a package. The two chat a bit but Zoe leaves-- well Madison wasn't quite satisfied with this encounter so she calls the UPS people and wants to get Zoe back to take care of a damage package, lol. Of course she stomps on one in order to get this situation to occur. Zoe comes back and isn't very happy about having to pick up a package she knows wasn't damaged when she dropped it off-- she's got to fill out a report and come back tomorrow with a replacement. Well Madison wants to make this return trip a little more legit so she places a new order for some shoes and the shot then takes us back to Zoe now bringing in a few packages to drop off. Madison tries to pick up the packages to carry them in when her back suddenly gives out, yeah right! Well Zoe is nice helping Madison in to a couch. Well we get Zoe offering some massage touching and you can guess where this leads and the ladies are soon kissing rather passionately. The girls do well in losing their clothes and not forgetting to continue the hot making out. I'd say they put a perfect emphasis on the kissing which made the oral even better to me. There was some good mutual masturbation too as the ladies lay on top of each other. The views nicely alternated from closer in shots when they were licking pussy, kissing or playing with their breasts but also some nice full shots showing everything that was going on as they often were playing with the pussy if they were up top. I will say in all the years I've received UPS I have never had a delivery person as sexy as Zoe drop off a package.

Ryan Keely & Samantha Ryan:

On to our next scene which sorta brings in the creepy for the set up. Samantha Ryan is in her back yard unaware that her neighbor Ryan is snapping cell phone pics through her blinds. You see Ryan out and about also checking out Samantha and she finally makes her move one day helping Samantha move in her trash can. The ladies share a cooling glass of water and Ryan lets it out that she's willing to help Samantha reenter the social scene when she is ready. Samantha is cool playing it a bit shy and the two seem to come to an understanding that Miss Ryan will think about it when the energy level to hit the social market goes up. Well Ryan leaves but forgets her cell which Samantha picks up and naturally she finds all the pics and while taken aback isn't fully creeped out. Ryan comes back after she 'forgets' her phone and the two have a little more flirtatious conversation which ends up with the two hooking up on Samantha's bed. Ryan as the more aggressive personality drives the action and Samantha as the submissive does a good job of fighting the urge without really fighting to hard. Once the game is on it's on fully and the two do some nice making out and body caressing. The views for the oral here might have been the best so far with the shot about as open as it could be to camera. Cute shot of Ryan licking Samantha's pussy and we pull back to see her jeans pulled back enough to show off her ass and it looked very inviting. I've seen Samantha do some great g/g so watching her kiss her way down to Ryan's pussy was great. A little more mutual masturbation is worked in here and I have to say this might have been the best scene so far.

Melissa Monet & Missy Martinez:

One last scene and it opens with Missy stopping by to try out for a part in a show that Melissa's putting together. Missy is told to dress sexy for the audition and she shows up to a mostly dark set and a voice tells her to stay and the voice (Melissa) and Missy have an exchange. Missy is given a line to deliver and direction on a couple different ways to give it which Missy does. The line of aggressor/ submissive couldn't have been clearer. Melissa then joins Missy and starts getting more direct on what the role entails and Missy who claims to have read the script seems a bit surprised that the role is a lesbian, that she'll be masturbating in front of a lot of people. It was interesting to watch the interaction between the women. Melissa doesn't force anything on Missy but it's quite clear she's attracted to Miss Martinez and it takes a few minutes, easily the longest set up of the dvd before the two adjourn to a cozier location where Melissa makes her move. I have to say Missy's got a terrific set of tits and Melissa shows some nice love to them and kissing was awkward to start and doesn't really get good until Missy has finally given herself fully to the moment. The oral here was a bit of a problem for me in that we don't really get a great visual for it so far as tongue licking pussy. Having said that this forced me to rely more on their facial reactions and both women deliver here big time especially Melissa who has her eyes nearly roll back as Missy's tongue works its magic. The set up for this scene was good and the action followed but the somewhat cramped location held back the oral just a bit for me. I still liked the scene though and it ended the movie on a good note.

Final Thoughts:

This newest flick from Kathryn at Triangle Films is another good one for her company and keeps up the strong tradition set of good oral sex and kissing between the women. There was some storyline to the scenes with the finale having the longest one and the Samantha/ Ryan one being the shortest. So overall a good job of setting the scenes up before letting the sex take over and no doubts these 8 women enjoyed themselves. No real extras here but you do get a photo gallery and there are some trailers which give you an idea of what else Triangle Films has to offer. A good recommendation for fans of some story before we get the sensual g/g action this studio is known for.

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