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Interrogation Room

Interrogation Room

Studio: Juicy Entertainment
Category:  Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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T0MBOne's ratings for Interrogation Room:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Interrogation Room overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Interrogation Room Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Interrogation Room Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Interrogation Room Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Interrogation Room Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Interrogation Room DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Interrogation Room A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  12/9/2011
"Double the pleasure, triple the pain!"

"Torture, punishment and chicken bones!"

These statements pulled from the wacky trailer for INTERROGATION ROOM (2011, Mike Hunt Inc.) pretty much sum up what to expect from "the most shocking adult movie of the year" as touted by the DVD sleeve. A few fetish specialists like Goddess Soma Snake Oil and Ogre Kabneched are brought on board to do some wacky things to some gals in a dark dungeon setting then director Jim Powers mixes some XXX action into the festivities. What remains is an unsettling mix of pain and pleasure as gals like Cherry Torn, Jamey James and Jennifer White must each endure a different torturous interrogation plus sucking and fucking, too. Although surely not for everyone, the 2 hour 17 minute INTERROGATION ROOM at least delivers on most of its pain and pleasure promises with solid production values to back it all up.

Monday 1:06 PM

Cherry Torn and Jamey James twat suck one another in their cage while Goddess Soma Snake Oil gets in a few slaps, chokes and pokes through the bars. She exits with the duo kissing in the cage---!! 1/2

Monday 3:33 PM

Cherry is strung up with a bar in between her feet so that a guy with a gas mask can come in and gag her. He whips at her tits and in between her legs (ouch!) then attaches forceps that hang down from her pussy lips (double ouch!) and uses a shock wand on her nipples. He clips clothes pins up her arms and around each titty then pulls them off via a strand connecting each pin. (double ouch again!)

Tuesday 9:30 AM

Cherry is gagged and suspended in the air for spanking and slapping. Meanwhile, Goddess Soma ties up Jamey.

Tuesday 4:11 PM

Guard Otto Bauer feeds caged Cherry his dick and chicken bones (at times at the same time) prior to fucking her in her pussy and her ass hole. Otto uses the chicken grease for lube in this wacky scene that ends with Cherry dropping to her knees inside the cell for a facial---!!!

Wednesday 10:20 AM

Jennifer White ends up in the interrogation room where she slips out of skimpy dress and slowly takes off her panties. Her interrogator, busty Shay Lynn, hand cuffs her to the desk, inserts a mouth gadget and sticks an instrument up her ass that widens her anus hole. Shay yells "are your ready to talk yet?" then Jaded Dawn enters and whips Jennifer stooped over the desk then Jennifer's strung up by her hands.

Wednesday 6:30 PM

A couple of guards (Lee Stone and another dude) have their way with Jennifer so a cock lands in her mouth while she takes a dick in her pussy and up her ass in this brief but solid encounter. Shay barks a few orders along the way---!!!

Thursday 12:12 PM

Goddess Soma gets a hold of Jamey James, who is tied up and bent over on an I-shaped piece of equipment. Jamey takes quite a few shots from the stun wand (ouch!) then wears some sort of clear plastic head piece over her head.

Goddess Soma attaches some titty clips to her nipples then brings out a strange vibrator that appears to be a sphere spinning at the end of a black hose. She rubs the spinning sphere on Jamey's pussy lips---!!!

This encounter concludes with a stun wand shock to Jamey's pussy lips. (ooooouch!)

Thursday 3:33 PM

With her hands and feet tied, Jamey lies on the floor so that Goddess Soma can blow torch a candle that drips hot red wax on poor Jamey's back. Goddess makes Jamey lick up her own spit from the dungeon floor.

Friday 2:13 PM

Watching the interrogations from another locale, a burly cop shows up to teach one of the interrogators "the error of her ways" so Shay Lynn ends up tied to a rack so that Annie Cruz with a lower lip piercing gets to pop Shay's pussy and titties with a riding crop.

Annie dons a strap-on dildo and makes Shay suck it--- ! 1/2

Friday 8:39 PM

The burly cop holds Jennifer White while Jaded Dawn is lowered into a clear vat of water a few times for a water torture encounter. "You're next!"

Friday 11:59 PM

Jennifer is lowered into the vat and eventually confesses to something.

Saturday 7:13 AM

The chicken cop unties Jamey James and uses her spit on the ground to jack off. The duo end up in some straight sex positions including upright doggy and concludes with a cum shot that lands a bit on her outstretched tongue---!!!

Meanwhile, Shay feels that she has failed as an interrogator so Annie and Jaded Dawn comfort her in this well-lit girl/girl/girl three-way that occurs in some sort of bedroom area away from the dungeon---!!!

INTERROGATION ROOM ends with a slight twist and that's pretty much it. A few Jim Powers trailers and the hilarious INTERROGATION ROOM trailer are the only extras.

So, INTERROGATION ROOM (2011, Mike Hunt Inc.) brings the pain more than pleasure but that's to be expected when you have a few fetish experts helping out the production. Overall, the DVD is a strange experience, an uneven mix of S & M hijinks and XXX action So, if any of the encounters described above interest you then the INTERROGATION ROOM might be worth a visit. It's thin story is mostly an excuse to run these damsels in distress through painful/pleasurable encounters.

Final rating is !!! outta !!!!!

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