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Interracial Hole Stretchers

Interracial Hole Stretchers

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Interracial Hole Stretchers:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Interracial Hole Stretchers overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Interracial Hole Stretchers Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Interracial Hole Stretchers Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Interracial Hole Stretchers Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Interracial Hole Stretchers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Interracial Hole Stretchers DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interracial Hole Stretchers A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  5/22/2005
Interracial Hole Stretchers

Directed by: Tim Von Swine


Initial Thoughts: I've been impressed to a very high level with some of the recent work that Tim Von Swine has directed, he seems to have a skill of getting a lot of energy into his scenes, and getting quite a bit out of his performers. PXP also has a cool tradition of working together, and having many of thier directors and performers co mingle with one another in their releases, and I like to see what varying directors do with each other and the same performers in a given title, so all that said, I was looking forward to seeing this disc, which is mostly Sean Michaels and his group of performers in his usual crew, as the male talent, only this time directed by Tim and his behind the scenes crew. Lain, Kelly and and the rest of the ladies were still the highest draw for me though, and when all was said and done, nobody disappointed me in this disc. It isn't perfect, and there are some times when chemistry was not as strong as I would hope for, but there is a lot of good energetic sex here, and a few of the scenes are especially hot and passionate. It does a good job of filling the need to see sexy woman packed with black dick, and with a solid compliment of extras, this one comes out just fine.

Technical Considerations: Picture quality had just the usual slight grain, sound was good in general, camera work was also generally in good shape, and the lighting just had a few shadow issues but no darkouts or lightouts of any kind. The menus where the usual fine looking and smooth operating PXP deals.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 187 minutes

Feature: 147 minutes

Extras: 40 minutes


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Lain Oi and Sean Michaels, Tee Reel

Duration: 32:27 mins

Position Chronology: Lain teases to the camera, the guys squeeze her ass and nuzzle her, they rub her ass and pussy, tit sucking, she sucks both thier cocks, double oral, attempted deepthroat, doggy vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl vag/BJ, Tee slaps her tits, PTM, missionary vag/BJ, guys switch ends, face fucking, doggy vag/BJ, cowgirl vag/BJ, deepthroats Tee, piledriver vag, PTM, BJ in pliedriver, on her knees, she sucks thier cocks, both guys cum on her face. BJ cleanups, she funnels the cum into her mouth, swallow.

Scene Thoughts: I liked Lain the first time I saw her in a scene, she had this lanky geek quality too her with a pretty face and nice tits, I mean the geek thing in a nice way. She has however turned into quite the starlet since then, and has really come to be quite the blonde bombshell, she has filled out a little bit too and has some great curves. This is also a good showcase of her sexual performances, she has this great smiling, happy to be there look about here and she tackles both big black cocks with some good energy, there is some level of chemistry between her and the guys, and she gets her pussy worked over quite well by the time this one winds down. No anal, but her mouth is a fantastic second orifice to entertain 2 dicks, and they decorate her face with two good sticky blasts and she smiles right through it all and fingers the cum into her mouth to have a taste when it's over with.


Scene 2: Kelly Wells and Sean Michaels

Duration: 29:43 mins

Position Chronology: Kelly with Tim, he slaps her tits and interviews her a bit, Sean enters, they kiss, Sean licks her pussy and palms her tits, he fingers her asshole, she partially strips, on her knees, she blows Sean, ball sucking, face fucking, gagging, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, missionary vag, doggy vag, doggy anal, reverse cowgirl anal, ATM, sideways anal, he sperm blasts her face, she shows off her asshole.

Scene Thoughts: Kelly is just a sweetheart, she has the looks to be a teen popstar or something, but man can she get down and be nasty, some of the better scenes I have seen lately have featured Kelly, and this one is not far off of that caliber. Her and Sean have a definate spark, and the look Kelly gives him through much of the scene is very hot, like this "I'll do anything you want me to, and I'll love it" kind of expression as she stares up at him as he hammers her ass. She just has this great attitude, and she is so eager to go to the next level, Sean gives her a steady hammering throughout, and Kelly does a fantastic job of sucking his big cock as deep as she can get it down her throat, and with plenty of saliva and slobbering. Another very good facial splat from Sean right on target on Kelly's pretty face, and she is proud of her outstretched ass and has to show it off some more.


Scene 3: Nicole Brazzle and Wesley Pipes

Duration: 26:54 mins

Position Chronology: Dancing and teasing, hot chat, she strips, she rubs her pussy, rubs chocolate on her tits and around her pussy, Wesley enters, he sucks off the mess from her tits and pussy, kissing, he eats her pussy, she gets on her knees and sucks his cock, deep oral, face fucking, ball sucking, missionary vag, doggy vag, PTM, cowgirl vag, PTM, reverse cowgirl vag, BJ, he cums on her tongue, swallow.

Scene Thoughts: Nicole has on a sexy blue mini skirt and matching top, and she dances around a little before stripping and getting out a little tube of chocolate, and smearing it all over her nipples and around her pussy for Wesley to come in and get a taste. Nicole and Wesley have some chemistry together and there are some sexy looks between the two of them, and despite her affection for teasing the camera and Timothy Von Swinenham the 7th, she keeps pretty good relation to Wesley through the scene. Other than the nice tease and opening segment, this scene unfolds pretty stockly, with nothing that really jumped out and impressed me or detered me, just a solid scene that had some heat, but didn't go the extra mile. A decent tongue shot capped things off and Nicole handled the seed well.


Scene 4: Staci Thorn and Julian St. Jox

Duration: 28:26 mins

Position Chronology: On a bed,, she chats and poses for the camera, she pops out her tits, Tim has a fondle, Julian enters, they kiss, she lays him down and sucks his cock, she teases, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, spoon vag, he licks her muff, missionary vag, he has a quick lick of her pussy again, doggy vag, spoon anal, reverse cowgirl anal, doggy anal, anal gape, he cums on her face and in her mouth, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Just call Staci a blonde headed human energizer battery with a spider web tattoo on her arm, cause she just keeps going and going and going. She is a real spitfire, great fiery attitude with a lot of enery. There is some chemistry between her and Julian, but it's more a matter of Staci and her great attitude, she just fucks back on every position and gives a really hot performance for most of this scene as Julian is the one giving in the effort to stay with her passion for fucking on film. Nice anal action too with Staci's little ass getting tapped ragged, and she gapes out a little too. There are a few more low points in the scene where the two are not all that into one another, but Staci's energy mostly overrides that, and it makes for a solid scene. Facial is only so so.


Scene 5: Jasmine Byrne and Sean Michaels, Tee Reel

Duration: 25:27 mins

Position Chronology: Interview, she displays her pussy and chats some sweet nothings, guys enter, they kiss her and grope her, she gets on her knees and blows them both, face fucking. doggy vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl vag/PTM BJ, BJs, face fucking, missionary vag/BJ, cowgirl vag/BJ, Sean fingers her ass, cowgirl double penetration, Sean pulls her hair in the DP, reverse cowgirl double penetration, both guys fire batter into her mouth. She swallows, BJ cleanups.

Scene Thoughts: For the finale, we have the lovely latina Jasmine in some red lingerie and black fishnet stockings, and she gives us a brief tease and answers some of Von Swinenheimer's questions. Jasmine is very sexy, and she soon gets two big black shafts to work on. She still has a bit of that camera queen in her, meaning she likes to glare at the camera and tend to ignore her partners during that time. However she is improving and her energy is and always has been great, and this is a good showing of that, she keeps her mouth packed with dick and one or both holes full too. The DP was quite hot, they held her down and really fucked the hell out of her pussy and ass, and there was a nice shot of her looking up to the camera as they just blast her holes. She takes two so so ball shots into her mouth, swishes them around a bit and swallows them down with some cock kissing in between. Overall a pretty solid scene with a hot girl to close this one out.


Extra Stuff

Bonus Scene: Persia and Tim Von Swine. POV. chats and teases Persia, he they both finger her pussy, finger PTM, she blows him and massages his balls, doggy vag, PTM, cowgirl vag, PTM, big facial. 16:42 mins. Hot little fuck on the living room floor, cute girl.

Behind the Scenes: Lain chewing and interviewing at the same time, Kelly in wardrobe and interview, Jasmine chats in her lingerie, Sean says his piece, bonus sex with Jasmine, Jasmine teases and poses. 13:05 mins.

Photo Gallery: 40 or so Hardcore shots from the feature.

Trailers: "Anal Romance", "Dual Invasion", "Fashionably Laid", "Defiled in Style".

Other Extras: Cumshot Index and Website Access.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

Any way I look at it, this disc is a fine effort, it has solid technicals, the extras bring something to the table and add some package value, and most importantly, it's a well done 2 and a half hour fuck athon with hot woman. Lain's scene was a real winner, Kelly solidified her place among super babes, and everything else went about as planned. There is not an abundance of anal although it is presented well enough in several scenes, and the sex is more on the neutral side of things. If your looking for a good Interracial disc, this one should fix your need, It's worth a purchase if you into the girls, but it's a good rental for those not firmly into anyone in the disc too. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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