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Interracial Blow Bang 3

Interracial Blow Bang 3

Studio: Dogfart
Category:  Gangbang , Interracial , Oral
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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gonzoguy's ratings for Interracial Blow Bang 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Interracial Blow Bang 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Interracial Blow Bang 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Interracial Blow Bang 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Interracial Blow Bang 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Interracial Blow Bang 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Interracial Blow Bang 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interracial Blow Bang 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by gonzoguy  on  7/23/2011
OK, we've come to know what this is about. The formula doesn't vary. White girl dressed for stripping wanders into grungy clubhouse where a bunch of bruthuhs are all dressed up in tuxedos, so they can show the white man what for by popping a mess of afro-spew all over her face. Still, the ladies are pretty fine, and seeing their faces covered in caulking is why we're here. Factor in a couple of Class A performers in Bobbi Starr and Dana Dearmond, and you've got a recipe for excess mess. Let the stroking begin.

Alice Bell - Nice throating here, with lots of esophagoo and spitting. She works the surround-brown until they bring in a pillow for her to sit on, before the first load glazes her forehead. She says she wants "some fucking more cum." Guess what? She gets to lick some Brazil nuts before the mystic mud arrives. Nice eyeball mess with No. 2. The third load is modest by comparison, but adds nicely to her forehead. Lots of black power bullshit yack before two more loads arrive from opposite sides, magnifying the mess. She giggles. A bit of an edit jump -- probably to crop out a half hour of wanking -- before she coaxes a marshmallow pie onto her forehead. It sits there, like a huge clam, while the boys keep stroking. Another load arrives from above and behind. Holy moly, the next one looks like someone dumped a scoop of pancake batter on her right eye. Ready for the wax museum? You bet.

Allison Wyte - She's a skinny thing, with off-read hair and lots of freckles. First blast leaves her wish a "got milk?" mustache. The second load adds to the mess around her mouth. In comes the third, frosting her right eye, and the fourth dribbles a bit more in from the left. Here comes ropey puddle from her right, followed by a monster mess from the left, that leaves gobs everywhere. There's a long wait for the next load, filled with lots of self-diddling and writing and moaning, then the goo, and another from above and behind -- I like the leather glove on his left hand --

Bobbi Starr - This scene is worth the price alone. Lordy, can she swallow dick. There's some big bone here, but she makes short work of it -- right down to the shorties. "Make mine disappear" one of the boys implores. Indeed. What can you say-- this is the star of the disc. She even swallows nutsack with dick. The first load sits on her upper lip and nose, dribbling down across her lips. Load No. 2 adds to her lip and pastes more across her nose. She shakes her head to spread the mess around. The third load starts to use her forehead. The fourth adds to it. The fifth oozes out onto her right cheek. A bit of an edit cut, and we return to her asking, where's the rest? How can it take this long to work up a load for Bobbi? She sits there waiting. They stand back wanking. She's got a nice goo-tee. Time passes. The glaciers recede. The dinosaurs die off. Finally, a splashy blast from the right. Here comes a gob from above and behind to decorate her forehead. Another runny mess from her right is aimed at her forehead, but spills down the left side of her face. Finally, another fat wad to her forehead. She's looking like a candle-holder by now. A meager addition follows a long yack-fest. Two more loads amend the existing makeup.

Charlotte Vale - She's got a nice, girl-next-door look, even with the studded nipples on her sweet, perfect titties. A nice, flexible throat, too. When the loads start to fly, she takes splashy one to decorate her face. The second is a bit dribbly, but the third pastes her eyes, and another adds to the forehead, and more to her left cheek, followed by a watery addition -- she's looking wet by now, but no melted marshmallow wads have arrived yet -- but ask and you shall receive, because here's a pasty mess for her forehead, and a nice load across her nose.

Chelsie Rae - She waits around on her knees for the brothers to work it up. After two loads, she gets a splasher to the right side of her face and a goopy gob to her forehead. She's a good cum bubbler, and here comes a goopy mess to her left cheek. Even a good dangler to her hair. "Keep that white porcelain face still so you can receive the black seed." What takes these guys so long? Maybe if they got a little pussy they'd get the goo going better. Whoa, here comes a guy running up and squeezing out some mess, followed by a big dick splattering her all over. She's got goobers dangling from her chin, jaw and right eyebrow when she's done.

Dana Dearmond - First big splurt to her upper lip and chin. Second to her left cheek. Snorts a little cum off the dick tip. Third up, ropey dope to her lips and cheek and leaves a big dangler offd her chin. She's surrounded by stroking bruthuhs while she plays with herself. One lays a white stripe across her nose, leaving a big glob on her right eye. Next up, a gloppy drop on her forehead, followed quickly by a runny spill that leaves her drenched. The next delivery is pretty pasty, too, and just adds another layer. From above and behind, she takes a major load of tooth whitening, gargles it, and swallows. There's more -- with mouth open wide, she catches a modest burst.

Olga Cabaeva - From Russia, she says she's a famous sex worker. Not sure about that, but she IS a bit pudgy, and ends up offering more than her mouth. The boys fuck her -- one even enters her ass in a bit of a misfire that she corrects -- until she gets down on the pillow for white power from a circle of black dick. A couple of pops to the forehead, followed by some nice messy throating, leads to a messy delivery. She snorts a wand of cum. More sucking, more popping. She's a greasy mess by the time the boys finish with her.

Veronica Jett - She tries to inhale all the bone, but her throat isn't a Starr. That said, her face is. She sits back for a pasty splat to her right cheek, followed by an early bird who is spilling on the floor as he tries to reach her face. A watery load adds to her forehead, but she has to diddle herself while the guys work up some action. which includes some goop for her left cheek, a mini-clam to her forehead, a dribbler to the same spot, then a thick nose job and a splattery spurt straight on. She looks like she's got a bad cold when she's done, goop dangling from her nose and chin.

Cum shot recap.
Bonus scene with Kitty Caufield -- She meets two brothers under a freeway bridge, takes them home for some research, fucks and sucks them until, well, you know.

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