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Interracial Blow Bang 2

Interracial Blow Bang 2

Studio: Dogfart
Category:  Gangbang , Gonzo , Interracial , Oral
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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gonzoguy's ratings for Interracial Blow Bang 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Interracial Blow Bang 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Interracial Blow Bang 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Interracial Blow Bang 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Interracial Blow Bang 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Interracial Blow Bang 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Interracial Blow Bang 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interracial Blow Bang 2 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by gonzoguy  on  4/8/2011
This second disc in a new series derived from the archives (I'm guessing here) features some familiar faces. It's all pretty formulaic -- white girl shows up in the BroBang clubhouse to let the boys take out their revenge on the "white man" by dumping loads on her face -- but it's hard to quibble with the end result. If you like pretty faces (maybe not top drawer, but far better than skank material) getting totally glazed, this is your thing. The rest of the sex here is nothing out of the ordinary -- decent blow bang materials, some assembly line fucking, followed by the cascade of pops ... the reason we all came, and will, after watching the cream start to fly.

Scarlett Pain - When it comes down the the firing line, the first one a bit of a sprayer, the second adds to mouth mess (she's spitting and spraying), third one drops a monster on her face to the point that she's wearing a half-n-half mustache, followed by a load to the forehead, and a launcher across the forehead followed by a goo gusher, by which time she's ready for a nose-hoser that leaves her looking like the victim of a really bad cold. The next bruthuh steps up and simply pastes her, and then the Boss Bro lobs a load on top of it all. Glory be.

Kinzy Jo - She says she's 22. Whatever, she's a bit bottom heavy, and not the best looker, but she's gonna take care of some biz. She does a good job taking the wood deep, hucking up some globs of drool. Eventually the pop pillow goes down, and the goo starts to flow. One dresses her chin, the second hits her closed lips and she blows some bubbles. Next to launch lays a stream across her forehead, and here comes gobs into her right eye and nose, followed by a runny addition, nicely followed by a geyser that leaves her completely covered, like she dipped her face in wax. There's more, and it's a launcher, spraying all over. Next up wants her forehead, and gets it good, like marshmallow cream. The Boss Bro steps up to add his signature squirt, and it's on to the next lady.

Jaelyn Fox - By the time she works through the preliminaries, she's going nuts playing with her pussy. Two guys step up, one from the right, the other from the left and spray her down. No Oscar for best subtlety here, as No. 3 steps up and hits her right eye. She spits on his dick. She wipes her eye off, yacking as she spanks the pussy. Here comes a nasty forehead paster, followed after a bit of a wait by another big load from behind and over her forehead. The next load hits her left cheek. It takes forever for the next load to arrive -- via Orlando? -- and more after that as Mr. Double Pumper brings his beast to the game. She's looking surprisingly dry by the time they and she get done.

Jada Stevens - By far the star of this disc, she's a hottie. And when it comes to acting, she's much less over the top, just casually enjoying the festivities that leave her pretty with dick sauce on her nose. She takes a second load on her lips and is already looking good. She looks even better after a monster load graces her forehead and bottle blonde hair. She jerks the next bro off -- that's so nice to see, a rarity in a world where the guys have to do all the work -- sits back with those pretty titties to wait for another load. She looks up sweetly and opens her mouth for the next load. Mr. D-P comes in from the right, and lobs a gob at her. Another load gobs up her nose. She wisely keeps her hands away from her face, opening wide for an oozing load. Gorgeous, opens her mouth, wags her tongue. She's looking fine by the end of the scene.

Ami Emerson - She's got pert titties, and a lush set of lips with great teeth, nice to watch as she quacks her way through the lineup, before getting down for the night deposit. First load dresses her nose up nicely. She starts sucking balls with all that goo right under the jerking dick, which spills seed onto her forehead. Another forehead load drips down onto her eyes. The boys step up and fuck her throat between blasts. A good glob adds to the forehead mess, another adds bone-boogers to her nose, a launcher arrives from behind, a splatter comes in from her right, and Mr. D-P squeezes out some mess to dress her mug.

Sunset Diamond - A bit of a diamond in the rough -- she's thin, nice tits, nuts and bolts everywhere -- she's game for goo. She takes the first blast to the forehead, fingering her clitty. No. 2 adds a gusher to her eyes. A runny gob drains off the right side of her forehead, a couple of messy blasts decorate her forehead, a little more arrives from left field, and after writhing around for a bit, a super soaker shows up. Mr. D-P wraps things up. She's not the messiest mug we've seen in this lineup, but she's wet.

Cameron Love - She's got the Irish thing going -- milky skin, dark red hair, blue eyes, perky little nipples ... and a collar? The first load pastes her nose, the second is a globular forehead shot, a nasty snot rocket hits her from the right, another gooey load from the left, a forehead spurt, she's wearing wad whiskers by now. A long interlude of rubbing her pussy while the boys get it going, and one steps up and waxes the right side of her face. She's talking blind by now, waiting for the loads to arrive. Splat, from her left she catches a clam in the eye. Batter up, big drops of lover from above rain down on her mouth. She's pretty well painted by the time they're done.

Andi Anderson - First to blow sprays mostly on her titties. Second up unleashes a gusher, pasting her lips and chin, followed by back-to-back blasts to the forehead. She's looking frosty now. Here comes a middleweight from her right, while others keep wanking. A rain of stain arrives from her right, dressing up those randy Andi lips. Mr. D-P gets it going next, leaving sticky sauce dripping off her chin. There's more, a nasty load from her left.

Extras: Bonus scene, w. Natasha Nice. She can actually act. She goes indoors, bounces on the bed, releases a great pair of floppies. She jerks out the bone, strokes it hard, compares it to her foot (it's longer), starts sucking it. She can only get about half of it in her mouth. So she uses slobber and two hands to keep it happy, sucking some balls, too. She rides him cowgirl, flips around, goes doggy, then lies back to let him bounce her boobies. Down on her knees, she gets a double grip on it and jerks upo a reward. She gargles the goo, swallows it down.
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