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Interracial Blow Bang

Interracial Blow Bang

Studio: Dogfart
Category:  Gangbang , Interracial , Oral , Reality Porn
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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gonzoguy's ratings for Interracial Blow Bang:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Interracial Blow Bang overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Interracial Blow Bang Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Interracial Blow Bang Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Interracial Blow Bang Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Interracial Blow Bang Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Interracial Blow Bang DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interracial Blow Bang A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by gonzoguy  on  4/2/2011
This disc appears to be Dog Fart getting extra value from scenes produced first for the BroBang web site. Just my guess. Maximizing ROI. It enters the arena filled these days more ably by output from the Jules Jordan video line, with its assorted titles from Mike John and, more pertinently, from Chris Streams, whose "Brother Load" series features better production values and just a notch tastier lineup of women. Still, who's going to complain about Ashley Blue, Chayse Evans, Tricia Oaks and Stephanie Cane. If you like seeing women totally swabbed in Elmer's and ready for jerkoff scrapbook, this would be a good addition to your collection.

Amai Liu - 19 from Hawaii, going to help ppl get rid of stress today. She's got a boyish figure, shows up at the clubhouse where the boys are waiting in their finest attire. The dicks quickly come out and she starts sucking. She has trouble getting much of the big dicks past her lips, but is sporty. The boys flip a garbage can upside down, prop her up there and take turns fucking her while she continues to suck dick. Then she gets down on her knees on a cushion for the fusillada of goo -- nice shots to the forehead, nose, forehead again, a total face splash, another gusher to the forehead while she diddles herself, to the left side of her face -- by now, she's got goo draping her mouth and dripping off her face -- another monster load to her forehead, another to the same zone. Lookin' good. The boys take their time stroking it up, but when they blow, they blow great globs of goo.

Amber Rayne - Not my fave -- a bit too skanky, thank you -- she shows up in the midst of the Bang Bros who are having a good black power rant, waiting for Amber to show up so they can show the man. She's got this red rubberized dress on, no panties, and quickly gets to grinding. One big zipper pull, and she's free, showing her ass and pussy, and quickly gets to quacking on black bone. She is a nasty little cocksucker, down to the short ones. The guys take turns fucking her doggy, while she honks their horns. She finally gets down on theBro Bang pillow and starts the circle suck, taking a little dick slapping along the way. Uh-oh, here it comes, splat to the forehead -- "Is there anymore for me?" Duh-uh -- and a massive wad to her nose (these guys take too long to get it going), a third one finally climbs off the bus, mess gobs to the forehead; a fourth adds to the forehead mess, the fifth arrives over her right shoulder and graces her cheek (she's looking nicely decorated by now), Mr. Sixth is taking forever to get his greased rod going but finally spills a slightly watery load; then from the right a surprise load; No. 8 slides in fromthe right while she dry humps the pillow to leave her a hefty pop; and ninth is a double-pumper who strokes and strokes and strokes while she plays with his balls and sucks him a bit and he goes back to jerking (where's they get this milked-out mope?) and seemingly hours later finally brings something up from the depths of the cum mine while she fingers her ass.
Ashley Blue -- She greets us out on the street, tells us she's looking for a Bro Bang. Funny about that, this is just the place. She goes after it, starts coughing up her guts, keeps going, then in one impressive bit of barfing, hurls her lunch around a half-swallowed dick -- an impressive job of rod-ralphing. She keeps stuffing her hands down her throat, and keeps going for the dick even after hurling. They get her up on the trash can and fuck her doggy, while she keeps slobbering knob, tons of throat yogurt droollng. Finally, the loads start flowing -- a nice forehead ooze, followed by ball licking while the bruthuh tries to work it up, and it's a messy one; hull-oh, she takes a major mess on her forehead, leaving her totally glazed after just three pops. But there's more -- coming at her from behind and onto her forehead again; it's followed by a gooey mess to her eyes and left side of her face; Mt. Double-Pump is up next, and it takes him a bit to get it out, but it's messy and lands in her mouth. Good job.

Chayse Evans -- Truly one of the prettiest women to recently tour the world of porn -- great natural tits -- Chayse shows considerable throating talent, too, taking the boys down to the short ones before getting down for a side-by-side pop to her lips and tongue. She gargles while diddling herself, waiting for the next load while licking ball-sack. Most of the third load hits her upper lip and mouth. Lots to gargle with. Mr. Double-Pump takes so long, a relief pitcher comes in from Chayse's left. Mr D-P gives her a good mouthful. Lots of cum drool down onto those pretty titties. She takes a splasher from the left. Lots of ball licking leads up to a load of Elmer's on her forhead. Gawd, she's cute. Another load -- a bit anemic -- hits her mouth. At the end, she's got cum all over her titties and a nice wad living on her forehead.

Stephanie Cane -- The first load is a sprayer across her forehead. A little too much oral ecstasy to be believed -- Oooh, yeah, oh, yeah, um -- but here comes wad monster to her forhead, and it drains into her right eyes. The third gob comes at her straight on and lands on her left cheek -- getting messy now -- and the fourth adds to the forehead load (Can you say s'mores?) and the fifth sprays across and into her open mouth, and (thanks to better editing) we come quickly to the sixth load, a splatter job; and (I want so much more cum over my face, oh, yeah), and seventh is a prodigious load that just keeps oozing out, leaving her plastered -- gobs on either side of her nose, dripping down her cheeks. She keeps yacking until the next guy gets it off but sprays it everywhere, with only a little hitting her mug, but she didn't really need more.

Tatiana Kush -- Nice runny show to her chin and lips, It takes awhile before the second graces her forehead. The third splatters her nose and forehead. She's got two big cum gobs on either side of her nose now, pooling in her eyes. A gooey geyser hits her forehead, followed by a rocket launcher that misses a bit and hits a lot. She's totally glazed. A bit drains off. decprating her titties. The next load is a bit puny, but the one after it -- the guy is still wearing his suit -- rains marshmallow all over her. Fried, dipped and glazed.

Tricia Oaks -- Sporting a large collection of tattoos and a shapely pair of tits, Tricia is a lovely target. She gets down in the middle and the first load hits forehead, eyes, nose, the whole magilla. She spends some time sucking cock before another load hits her forehead, and the next just blasts her right eye, and the next from her right side launches across her nose and plasters her left eye. Incoming -- to her left cheek. Blinded by adulation, she's working eyes-closed, here comes a mess for her forehead, but -- traffic stall here -- she's gotta wait next for Mr. Double-Pumper. He's pretty quick today, plastering her right cheek. She's nicely painted by the time they all finish.

Trina Michaels -- For strokers who like big tits, she's the milker of the bunch. And collects two loads of cream on her forehead, sucking cock in between, then gathering a monster mess on her forehead that drains into her right eye-well. Next up, some ball licking while a Bro strokes a pinwheel of mayo all over her. We get a titty pan between pops, then a watery load, followed by an explosive blast, and -- uh-oh, it's Mr. Double-Pumper again - who goes to her mouth for inspiration and leaves his load there, decorating her tongue-stud before she swallows. Here comes another, who aims first at her mouth, then goes for her forehead. She's a mess, and her fake eyelashes are falling off by the end.

Extras: Cumshot recap, photo gallery, trailers, web links.

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