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JC Interracial Anal Love 3 3 starsInterracial Anal Love 3 3 starsInterracial Anal Love 3 3 stars
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Interracial Anal Love 3

Interracial Anal Love 3

Studio: Blacks On Blondes
Category:  Anal , Interracial , Reality Porn
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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DAF1740's ratings for Interracial Anal Love 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Interracial Anal Love 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Interracial Anal Love 3 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Interracial Anal Love 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Interracial Anal Love 3 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Interracial Anal Love 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Interracial Anal Love 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interracial Anal Love 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by DAF1740  on  1/4/2011

Here we have 6+1 interracial anal scenes, with the main feature including MMF, MF, MF (+ 3 guys who jerk off on the woman), MMMF, along with a bonus MF vag scene (+ 3 guys who jerk off on the woman).

Scene 1: Hillary Scott
Hillary's a typical blond porn starlet with fake tits, although I do appreciate the tiny patch of pubes she has growing down there. She fingers her ass for the camera for a little bit, then squats down and gives sloppy BJs to two black cocks, with way too much saliva mixed in for my tastes. They go straight to the A, as Hillary's spread out in mish with one cock in her mouth and another in her ass. They work their way through vag mish, anal spoons, and anal doggie, with Hillary usually sucking on a cock at the same time. Anal reverse cowgirl is next, with a few failed attempts at double anal thrown in. It looks like there may be a tiny speck of poo present after a brief sequence of anal spoons with they guys talking about how tight her ass is, so that'll be all the anal for Hillary today, as we then cut to cowgirl vag, followed by her squatting down and having the guys jerk off on her face.

Scene 2: Hailey Scott
Hailey's got pale skin and ample curves, and really shows us that fat white ass of hers while riding the guy in cowgirl. Doggie anal is pretty cool, as Hailey doesn't seem to be too accustomed to getting fucked in the ass, adding an appreciated realistic touch to it all. Anal cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and spoons follow, with some nice gaping mixed in as well. We end with him jerking off onto her mouth.

Scene 3: Mina Leigh
This is the reason I got this DVD. Sultry, sophisticated, pale-skinned brunette Mina was only in porn for a short time, so it's always a pleasure to see her in action. Here, she's clad in black lingerie, entertaining her viewers in the "champagne room" and talking really dirty while showing off her tits and ass. Awesome. She bends over to finger her bistre anus, then flips over into mish to show her equally bistre pussy lips and finger her ass some more. Just love her perky pale tits, punctuated by those lovely bistre nipples; she's the closest thing to Annette Haven that I've seen since the lovely legend herself. Mina's even got a nice little patch of pubic hair growing down there. Damn, is she sexy! (And I don't have a foot fetish or anything, but she's got some sexy feet, too.) Some black guys from the audience slip her dollar bills throughout, as another black guy comes on stage to fuck her. She sucks his cock and licks his balls, then jerks off the two audience members a bit while talking dirty. Next, Mina bends over to suck the guy's cock while he's sitting on a stool, with one of the audience members fingering her holes for the camera.

Here's where things start to get a little weird: one of the audience members pulls his dick out of his pants and jerks off on her mouth and tits, handing her some money when he's finished. Mina cleans up by eating the cum and wiping herself down with the money, and then bends over on the stool to get fucked in the ass while rubbing her pussy. There's just something about seeing her body curled up on that stool, with a black cock in her ass. She does plenty of A2M, and then the other audience member jerks a huge load onto her face. (He wipes some up with a dollar bill, while she uses her hands for the rest.) Next, Mina's back on the stool for some anal mish/A2M. While she's on her knees, some other black dude appears and jerks off into her mouth, with Mina dutifully swallowing the load. The male performer comes back, bends her over the stool and fucks her in doggie anal again with some A2M mixed in, before he finally jerks off into her mouth and Mina swallows her third full load of the scene.

Wow. While I kind of wish the audience members had gotten more involved, as we could've had four cocks on Mina at once, the whole voyeur fetish thing was really cool. Seriously, something that twisted and creative could only have come from the brilliant mind of Mina herself. Worth the price of admission for that one alone. I hope Mina's ok with whatever she's doing, as she disappeared from porn as suddenly as she arrived.

Scene 4: Desire Moore
Ok, after Mina's scene, I'm not really in the mood for the usual boring cookie-cutter porn that we get here. Desire's not all that attractive in my view, so the standard pornified sex really doesn't do it for me: sloppy BJ, cowgirl vag, doggie vag, reverse cowgirl vag, reverse cowgirl anal, anal mish, jerk off on her mouth finale. Yawn.

Scene 5: Amber Rayne
Now, we all know Amber Rayne is absolutely nuts (in a good way), and this scene proves it. She goes into the hospital, complaining that she broke her ass bone after falling down the stairs. (She actually has a huge bruise on her thigh, too. Ouch!) Anyway, the "doctor" puts on some gloves and fingers her asshole, while another doctor arrives and gets a BJ. Amber ends up getting plowed balls deep, in anal doggie and reverse cowgirl, followed by some nice gaping. Another doctor comes in and there's some double penetration, a bunch of one-on-one vaginal sex with one of the three guys, followed by some intense anal with Amber flat on her stomach. While the guy's fucking her in anal mish, one of the other guys comes over and jerks off into her mouth, with Amber swallowing it all. Then, Amber gets on her knees, and the guy fucking her jerks off into her mouth; she spits it out, and then swallows it. Finally, the third guy fucks her in reverse cowgirl anal, eventually shooting a shallow load into her ass. She catches the brown-tinted cumfart in her hand and swallows it, and then licks the rest of the cum off the guy's body. All the performers do a great job staying in character throughout.

Scene 6: Hailey Young
We start with a tour of Hailey's prop bag and a long interview. She ends up wearing some skimpy army-print outfit, which she promptly abandons before dropping down and giving a sloppy BJ, full of gagging and spitting (yuck). Still, Hailey looks pretty good with her long legs, slender torso, and beautiful A-cup breasts, as she fucks in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie vag, before spreading out in mish for some anal dildoing. The cock's a bit too big to get in her ass at first, but she takes a little break and then takes it in, first just the head in anal mish, then the whole thing in reverse cowgirl anal, followed by some standing anal from behind and the requisite finale, with the guy jerking off into her mouth and Hailey swallowing it all.

Excellent A/V quality and camera work throughout. Bonus scene featuring Savannah Stern in a rather typical gonzo scene, until she drops the N-bomb a few times while getting fucked in vaginal mish, and three guys come from out of nowhere to jerk off on her face one at a time, before the guy fucking her cums in her pussy.

Mina Leigh's scene is one for the ages. It should win an award or something. Otherwise, we have standard American anal porn, with two scenes, Amber's and Hailey Young's, done very well, with attractive women, and the other three falling short in my view, mainly because I didn't find the women involved all that appealing. One amazing scene and two decent ones makes this an above average release, earning three stars.

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