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Interns, The

Interns, The

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  All Girl
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Aaryanna's ratings for Interns, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Interns, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Interns, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Interns, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Interns, The Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Interns, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Interns, The DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interns, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  12/17/2010
One of the Most Beautifully Photographed Girl-Girl Movies I Had Ever Seen – in HD!

I had originally picked up this title to enjoy Avy Scott (one of my favorites) in girl-girl.

But after I got it home, I started to have second thoughts. I’m not big into feature films, MILF, or older/younger lesbian themed videos – which to me always seem to be a bit manipulative.

I had never before seen Julia Ann on film. I hadn’t heard of most of the other actresses. But I did like Samantha Ryan – who never seems to age, darn her.

I needn’t have worried. This movie was tremendous. The thematic elements were short and well written. The scenes with the older actresses were much more light hearted in their motivation than I had feared. The segment with Avy and Samantha was fantastic. And most of the other babes were absolutely gorgeous. Even the music was catchy and added to the overall quality of the video – which was shot in HD.

This release, in fact, had some of the finest girl-girl footage I had ever seen – which looked absolutely breath-taking on my wide-screen TV.

The movie is about young interns at a fashion magazine as they compete to get ahead. The costuming in many of the scenes was excellent – but even better when the clothing came off.

Here’s a sampling of the very satisfying visual entertainment you can expect to enjoy:

Samantha Ryan & Avy Scott

Samantha is a young intern, and Avy is an experienced designer planning to release her latest collection through a rival publication. Avy wears this stylish two-piece ensemble with a plunging neckline which really shows off her beautiful boobs. Samantha can’t let those editorial pages get away – so she knows exactly what she needs to do.

Samantha purposefully spills wine on her top, but that’s just an excuse to remove it. She also got some on her bra, so off that comes as well. The sly smirk on Avy’s face shows us how disappointed Avy is that Samantha has to undress. Not.

Samantha has the pert tits of a fourteen-year-old, and Avy can’t seem to take her eyes off of them. Her eyes get even bigger, and she starts to lick her lips reflexively, when Samantha keeps on going.

Samantha is worried that she might’ve also spilled on her skirt, so she whips that off as well. So in no time at all – she’s nearly naked. Cool.

Avy, who had already been making advances, recognizes an open door when she sees one. But it’s Samantha who takes the initiative by laying her silky leg across Avy’s lap as she draws Avy’s face hungrily towards her own. Hey, why leave anything to chance, right?

The babes’ passionate kisses and Samantha’s lithe frame look fantastic in HD. (At this point I had to draw the shades to make sure the neighbors weren’t looking.) I think anything with Avy Scott looks tremendous, and the women’s love scene is no exception.

Both women let their hands roam freely – Avy’s over Samantha’s smooth ass – and Samantha’s to squeeze on Avy’s healthy tits. The babes’ delicious slurping sound started to make my pussy wet, and I soon found my own hands roaming – underneath my panties – to play affectionately with my clit.

Samantha slowly unbuttons the front of Avy’s top – to get at Avy’s gorgeous breasts. She squeezes and pushes up on them once they’re released. Samantha then helps Avy shimmy out of her skirt to reveal her pretty string panties which barely cover her twat. Samantha’s heart-shaped Juicy Couture pendant gets in the way when they smooch, so Avy helps her set it aside.

There’s more kissing while humping which shows off both babes gorgeous bods. Both ladies have flawless skin, and the high quality of the HD photography put them right in the same room with you. And even though it’s obviously daylight outdoors when they start, the setting quickly turns to night by the time they’re both done.

Avy is the first to lose her panties – but Samantha is the first to spread her legs and get eaten. Avy licks her twat like an ice cream cone, and then devours it whole as if her snatch had transformed itself into a luscious devil’s food cake. Both women have unbelievable bodies that defy their age, and each lady looks as good as she did nearly a decade ago.

Avy keeps her mouth firmly planted on Samantha’s snatch from start to finish all of the way until Samantha climaxes. I loved the POV view of Avy lying between Samantha’s legs and looking up at her – and I’d easily pay a million dollars to see Avy lying between my own thighs and doing the same to me.

Avy again looks like the essence of loveliness as she leans back with her knees apart to let Samantha please her, which Samantha does by forking her fingers and licking Avy’s clit in between ‘em. When Avy finally comes, she grabs Samantha’s head like a basketball to hold it firmly as Avy giggles her orgasmic release.

In my favorite portion, the women ease their way into a delicious sixty-nine by first licking each other’s nipples before working their way down. Samantha wears some cute silver bangles on her wrist as she strums and sucks on Avy’s clit from above. Avy jams her slender nose up Samantha’s warm crack – as far as it will go – so Avy can fuck Samantha’s cunt with her tongue as though it were a cock.

Avy straddles Samantha’s face as Samantha reaches up to forcefully squeeze upon Avy’s gorgeous mammaries. Avy then gyrates her pelvis against Samantha’s face as though she were riding a horse.

The girls collapse into each other’s arms – to taste themselves on each other’s lips – as the camera slowly pans away.

Of course, Samantha wins the project. For an intern, all in a day’s work.

Michelle Lay, Charlie Laine & Sara Stone

Charlie Laine and Sara Stone are lingerie models posing up against a seamless white backdrop. The color scheme is black lace with pink trim. Very nice. Charlie has a really cute face and Sara has great cleavage. And Michelle Lay, as the photographer, doesn’t know the proper way to cradle the zoom lens with her non-shooting hand. So much for authenticity.

Michelle makes advances on Charlie, but Charlie turns her down – and loses the opportunity to appear on the cover. But Charlie gets her revenge by stealing Sara from the set by fondling her breasts and kissing her seductively on the lips. Michelle, the bitch, doesn’t object very strongly – since she gets to watch – and later, join in.

Charlie is absolutely adorable, and she becomes even more so as she kisses and gets physical with Sara. Michelle, the control freak that she is, tries to tell the girls to do and what to take off. The girls, too enraptured with each other, seem not to notice her instructions – but the garments come off nonetheless.

Michelle rips off Charlie’s panties and eats her twat as Charlie plays with Sara’s ample breasts.

Michelle’s boobs are still firm, but it’s the young girls’ bodies which easily steal the show. Everyone’s legs get splayed, and all mouths and hands agitate against all of their cunts. Charlie is the center of attention, and then it’s Michelle’s turn. I’m probably biased, but Charlie has the cutest pussy – and she was also the cutest pussy licker. The girls are constantly moaning, panting, or laughing with delight. Charlie and Sara look absolutely scrumptious together while kissing, and there was certainly plenty of that.

Sara finally gets her chance as the star and Michelle intertwines her legs with Sara’s to hump her while Charlie plays with her pillowy breasts. Michelle then lies on her back as Sara sits on her face – and Charlie hungrily licks her genitals to conclusion.

Of course, this was just a ploy by Charlie to win the cover back – and it obviously appears to have worked.

Julia Ann & Samantha Ryan

Julia Ann offers Samantha, the intern, a chance to move up to the position of columnist. But, of course, certain favors are involved. But it’s not what Samantha is anticipating.

Julia Ann is having problems being seductive to her husband, and she wants Samantha to teach her – and making love to Julia Ann is obviously part of the lesson.

The women play dress up – and Julia Ann gets a sexy lingerie make-over. And what goes on – later eventually comes off.

Samantha, who seemingly never wears a bra, is soon topless. She watches Julia Ann do a seductive striptease. She then lets Julia Ann give one to her.

Julia Ann has voluptuous breasts which she wears well as she kisses and explores Samantha’s nether regions with her hands. Samantha lays back with her legs wide open to invite Julia Ann in. What a whore.

Julia Ann kisses towards Samantha’s pussy tentatively but then gets more emboldened once her tongue is ensconced between Samantha’s labia. (Is this what Julia Ann is planning to do to her husband?) Samantha’s pleasure erupts from Julia Ann’s ministrations and she climaxes very quickly.

She sucks on Julia Ann’s glorious globes and then parties on her snatch. There’s even a nice sixty-nine where Julia Ann clutches on to Samantha’s thighs and ass from below as though she’s mountain climbing and hanging on for dear life. Don’t worry. She didn’t fall off.

Samantha even gives Julia Ann a doggy hand job from the rear as she speaks seductively in to Julia Ann’s ear while resting her chin on Julia Ann’s shoulder, which brings Julia Ann to a staccato, machine gun-like release. The ladies finish with some mutual masturbation and face-to-face kissing as the camera slowly fades away. Boy, that Samantha sure gets around, doesn’t she?

Zoe Britton & Allie Haze

Allie Haze, a really cute brunette with beautiful, dark eyes and a captivating mouth, plays a corporate spy; and Zoe Britton appears as her busty, auburn haired handler. Allie gets cold feet about going through with their ‘plan,’ so Zoe gives her a pep talk by making love to her and seducing her with champagne.

Zoe pours the bubbly down Allie’s neck and licks it off. She then spills some down Allie’s throat and then kisses it from her lips like cum. Zoe slurps it off Allie’s cleavage, and then pours it down the small of her back, and down her ass.

Zoe orders Allie to suck on her toes – and Zoe even tries pouring the champagne down her leg – and into Allie’s mouth by using her own foot as a funnel. All I could think of while watching this segment -- was worrying about who was going to clean up this mess – and wondering how Allie managed to keep a straight face the entire time.

Zoe finally tires of these shenanigans – once the cups of Allie’s bra, and the front and rear of her panties are completely soaked with booze – as though she peed on herself. How uncomfortable. She takes Allie by the hand and leads her to the bed where they soon become more amorous. Thank God.

Allie’s face and figure are just too cute for words, and she’s a babe I definitely wouldn’t mind getting more physical with in real life. Zoe kisses her and fingers Allie through her wet panties, which is how I always start off when I make love to another babe.

The camera definitely makes Allie’s beauty and her body the focus, and when she’s lying naked on the bed and Zoe’s eating her, Allie doesn’t look a day over sixteen. The action zooms in on both women’s faces; one being eaten and the other doing the eating. Allie throws her head back in ecstasy as her boyish nipples get erect.

Zoe looks much younger once her mane gets ruffled and unruly, and as her garments are peeled away. Allie licks her from the rear which I’m sure is just to-die for. The girls go back to kissing and we’re once again treated to a lip-smacking view of Allie’s unbelievably enticing mouth.

My favorite part of their interlude comes when Allie shows off her flawless waist line by sitting resplendently upon Zoe’s appreciative face. Zoe uses both hands to spread apart Allie’s labia and to lick her from below; as Allie reaches back to strum on Zoe’s clit. Allie climaxes and kisses Zoe -- and the action shifts into slow motion as Allie nibbles playfully on Zoe’s lips and both women’s faces beautifully engulf the entire screen. I then checked once again to make sure the curtains were closed and the neighbors weren’t watching -- before recommencing to play with myself.

I still don’t understand Allie’s character in the movie. And the stuff with the champagne was just a little silly. But the director certainly understood the sensuous beauty of Allie’s lovely face and lips – and this scene, in its visual appeal -- was certainly the film’s most romantic. Bravo.

I had never seen Allie Haze before but I’m certain she’s sure to become one of my newest favorites. It should be a crime to be so darn cute! The images of Allie’s beauty in screen-filling HD will stay with me for days. If I were younger, I’m sure I would’ve fallen in love. Maybe I did.

Julia Ann & Zoe Britton

Well, I guess Zoe ended up doing her own dirty work after all. Allie is nowhere to be seen.

There’s a final confrontation, and both women put everything on the table. Zoe gets all that she wants – including Julia Ann – whom she takes across one of Julia Ann’s leather sofas.

Zoe definitely ends up looking younger (and better) here than she did when making love to Allie. Less eye make-up. She pins Julia Ann to the sofa, and then flips her over as she yanks off Julia Ann’s clothes. The women kiss as they undo each other’s bras and nibble and lick on each other’s nipples, and Julia Ann enjoys a mouthful of Zoe’s beautifully knockers.

Julia Ann definitely looks sexiest in this scene as she’s seduced by the more aggressive Zoe. Zoe also looks more ravishing in the brighter light of this encounter, especially as she’s eating and looking up lovingly from between Julia Ann’s warm thighs.

The girls trade dominance back and forth, just as they trade kisses and the nuzzling upon each other’s pendulous breasts. Both women have darker labia encircling the pink centers of their vaginas. But their coloration matters naught when they embrace missionary and hump their pubic regions vigorously together. Julia Ann really goes to town when she masturbates Zoe on the bed. Then she smothers Zoe’s face with her pussy and Zoe knows just what to do to get Julia Ann off. Zoe starts off using soft, gentle strokes until the actions of her tongue get faster and faster. Julia Ann bites her lip pensively as Zoe brings her closer. Julie Ann then clutches the back of Zoe’s head to hold her firmly against her cunt until Zoe completes the task and brings her to conclusion.

The women kiss playfully at the end as they congratulate each other on their splendid accomplishments.

As extras, there’s an out-of-place bonus scene that starts off hot but finishes dispassionately with dildos.

During the video’s opening, there’s also an upfront industry warning against pirated online video’s that was so heavy handed and emotionally stifling that I just had to turn off the sound since I couldn’t fast forward through it. I think something shorter and more friendly could’ve been equally as effective. I guess I really don’t want to be lectured – when I’m doing something so enjoyable as watching porn.

The writer/directors, Chloe Sampson and Eddie Powell, did a fantastic job with this flick.

I’ll definitely watch more girl-girl feature movies in the future – if they’re as good as this one. This is a release that I highly recommend. Enjoy.

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