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International Booty

International Booty

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Asian , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for International Booty:
Overall Rating 3 stars
International Booty overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks International Booty Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks International Booty Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex International Booty Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting International Booty Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras International Booty DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality International Booty A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  2/26/2003
International Booty Vol. One
Smash / MVP
Mark Anthony
Charlie, Hazel, Trisa, Emiley, Angelica, Beth, Janet, Jasper Wade, Mark Anthony
Running time:
2hrs 14mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

From his biography, Mark Anthony sounds like a well-travelled guy and in this series he does yet more globe hopping in order to bring you the women of the world. This edition features girls from the Philippines, but the generic hotel room locations mean it's anyone's guess if they actually went there to shoot the movie! A little hint of local flavour would be a good thing - as it is, all that's distinguishing this flick from any other is the cast of sparkly little Philippinas. Speaking of which…

First up is pretty nineteen-year-old Hazel. She does a little dance first, introduces herself and gets down to it with Mark. There's a nice balance in the opening minutes - she enjoys sucking his cock, he enjoys sucking her little tits - and I like the sweet way she coos over his swelling schlong. Mark then slips off her side-tie bikini bottoms and goes down on her shaven pussy. Well, I guess he does, but his hand and chin are in the way.

Mark slides his dick into her, and though it's clearly a tight, hot and moist twat, and there's a lot of touching and kissing between them, it doesn't stop him from nailing Hazel in missionary, cowgirl, and then, on the bed, in spoons. She seems to appreciate the latter in particular. They fuck on some more, with good energy and intimacy, though let's not pretend this is romantic - it's just two people sharing pleasure - nor is it the most revolutionary sex scene. I like it though, and obviously Mark likes her pussy too much, as he's clearly started to come inside her already as he leaps up to finish off on her face.

The opening of this scene is a clear sign that Mark isn't going to stray too far from a simple formula here, as we see the curvy Trisa dancing and showing her nice boobs. Then the action starts, with some light-hearted banter between Mark, Trisa and the man for this job, Jasper (who looks like he's in an assisted state of relaxation). To show that she'll do it for Jasper if he asks nicely, Mark gets Trisa to give him a blowjob, before he concentrates on shooting Trisha doing the same, slightly warily, for Jasper. She warms to the task, managing a giggle or two, and then he eats and fingers what swiftly turns into one wet, sticky pussy.

This is again obvious as they start to fuck, her juices coating his tool. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are the positions, but it just seems like Jasper's big dick is too much of a filling for her - she looks amazingly stretched. For whatever reason, it doesn't look like she can relax and get into it, despite her evident arousal, and this is slightly distracting. She hops off, blows him and then takes it in doggy, ending up flipped over almost into pile driver. This goes a little better but there's still a sharp intake of breath and a plaintive look to Mark behind the camera. Her nervous giggle once Jasper's done shooting on her face seems to say a lot.

More "seductive" dancing to start again, this time with young-looking 18-year-old Emiley aimlessly wiggling about in a really bad bikini. Then she introduces herself to the camera, which pulls back to reveal Mark already has his head between her thighs, the naughty boy. His big knob and her small body again look like a bit of a mismatch, and sure enough the initial moments of the sex are pretty edgy, but soon her toothy grin returns to her face. However, she's too passive for my liking, preferring to lie back and let Mark stuff her on a chair while she does no more than toy with her thick, dark nipples.

Mark takes her in doggy, but though the camera does a good job of featuring her face as well as the business end of things, there are few reactions to capture, and few audible signs from her mouth (though her saturated pussy makes itself heard!) that she's into it even thought the visible evidence is there. It's a little better when Mark has her riding on top, but being perfectly honest I feel this is just FFWD material most of the way. Even Mark's load, draped across her face, is modest.

Once her little dance routine is done, wavy-haired Angelica, who has more of an East Asian look than the other girls here, is asked to don a blindfold and the very naughty guys give her a surprise - their cocks, slipped into her open mouth, one at a time. The blindfold comes off, as does her dress, and though her body, like Emiley's, is a little loose and not especially appealing, she just has this look in her eye as she happily treats Jasper to prolonged wet oral. This is just a different proposition, I fancy.

And so it proves, as she also becomes quickly and visibly aroused, with Jasper's long tool sliding into her lightly furred pussy and emerging wet and cream-covered. When she goes on top, she slams up and down to take the full length inside. Her hair sticks to her face, her bright eyes are glazed - you know, this almost feels like she's really into it! Having said that, when they get into doggy it does seem like it's getting just a touch too much for her. Jasper shoots a small load right on her nose, and she cheerfully says "Bye!" Not a beauty queen by any standards, Angelica is cute in her own way and certainly makes more of a go of it.

Charlie and Beth
Charlie and Beth have real cheeky smiles on their faces as they dance and flash for the camera. Then we see Mark, cheesy grin on his face, as he reclines in a bubble bath with a naked Charlie bathing him. They kiss and Mark goes down on her, fucks her a little and has her blow him, before they end up on a bed with Charlie and her friend Beth (young, cute, beautiful dark eyes, and like Charlie a sprightly little body) giving Mark a massage and doing nice things to his dick with hot little mouths and pink tongues.

Mark then proceeds to shoe horn his penis into Beth's tiny vagina - cue sharp intake of breath from the sweetly smiling girl who makes lots of funny little facial reactions and is generally charming. He can move more readily in Charlie's pussy and this heats things up more. Then he's back into Beth, and this time it's Mark who has a sharp intake as her minute, impossibly tight hole nearly makes him pop too soon. It's to his immense credit that he manages to fuck Charlie some more before he inevitably has to unload on their faces, though again it looks like he's already started - quite understandable in the circumstances. Looks like fun was had by all, and they successfully share it with the viewer.

This girl is just so tiny and waif-like, all of eighteen years old. She's got a shy grin, buck-toothed to the extent that when Mark and Jasper do their knob surprise trick, they can hardly get their sizeable schlongs into her mouth! The look on her face when she opens her eyes and clocks the size of Jasper's knob is priceless. Still, she gamely blows him properly, appearing most competent at the task. The least he could do is lick her in return, but when she spreads her legs so he can do just that, her pussy looks so tiny all I can wonder is how he'll even get a finger in there, never mind his big ol' dick. It's nice to watch her facial reactions as he eats her.

Earlier she said this was her first time with a black man, for full sex at least, and sure enough there's quite an intense look in her eye as Jasper slips it up her in doggy. Her pussy is squidgy and squelchy though I'd imagine some lube would surely be needed to ease Jasper's passage into such a tiny twat. Janet remains pretty quiet during the sex and is rather passive, but again it's better when she gets on top and moves her sexy little ass. Jasper fucks her quite firmly too, and spooges on her face to finish. She smiles and plays with the come. She's just funny, rather than sexy, but cute and it's interesting to watch.

While I must confess a certain sense of unease about movies like this (and I say this fully aware that this could also apply to my favourite movies shot in East European locales), which are essentially documents of a sex tourist's exploits as they take advantage of cheap and willing foreign labour, in the end I must also admit that I quite enjoyed this movie. I'd never seen any of Mark's directorial efforts before, but he's a jovial sort of fellow who keeps it fun and light and seems to connect quite well with the girls. On the latter subject, I didn't find all of them appealing but they do seem to wear their hearts on their sleeves, which works both ways. If they're happy, then it's great; if they're bored, then they don't hide it.

Obviously, this movie is from the cheap 'n' cheerful school. The shooting is a bit clunky at times but quite effective generally, and while International Booty is hardly a revolution in erotic film making, it's a pleasant surprise to me and worth a peep for something a little (and I do mean little) bit different.

DVD Comments
The picture quality is not top drawer but it's clear enough and there are few real technical problems - all I'd say is that the colour is a touch weak, though this could be down to that flat kind of artificial lighting, rather than some natural light to give variety, instead of saddling it with this cheap, dull look.

The menus are well presented, there's a text biography of Mark and some photos, but what really adds value is a bonus scene that's worthy of review on its own. I'd imagine this scene was done in Brazil rather than the Philippines. In his hotel room, Mark shows us the photos of the girls he's found on the Internet. Then this couple, a young, slender blonde of European extraction, who I think is called Linda, though it's hard to hear, and her boyfriend Gabriel, arrive to be filmed in action by Mark. First she strips, showing a sexy small ass, a meaty pussy and one of the most perfect pairs of small tits I've ever seen - the proverbial tits that sit up and say hello! Wonderful. She swallows her man's cock right down, he licks her slot and starts fucking her in missionary. This girl is really beautiful if a touch too skinny, and has a defiantly sexy look on her lovely face as he stuffs her. They do a fair old bit of anal sex too, and she seems to love bouncing her skinny ass on his dick. He shoots a fair load on her face, even though it seemed like he already came in her less than spring fresh rear. Not bad at all!

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