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Internally Yours 3

Internally Yours 3

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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MLyons's ratings for Internally Yours 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Internally Yours 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Internally Yours 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Internally Yours 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Internally Yours 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Internally Yours 3 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Internally Yours 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Internally Yours 3 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  12/30/2002

Internally Yours #3

Mike Lyons Reviews

Elegant Angel

Mason & William H.

Aurora Snow, Daisy, Judy Star, Fiona Cheeks, Fujiko Kano, Sophie Evans, Tony Ribas, Wesley Pipes, Devlin Weed, Jay Ashley, TT Boy

Gonzo, All Sex, Anal, Rough Sex, "Internal" Popshots

Fair Video with some mild pixelation.  Good, Clear Audio.

Bonus Sex Scene (from Big Bottom Sadie), 6-1/2 minute behind the scenes, trailers, & photo gallery.

Forgettable porn music--only used for intros and menus. Not used during scenes.

DVD Format
1 Single Sided Dual Layer Disc

Female Orgasms

Moderate to Heavy Raincoaters.  Sexually communicative couples into more dominant sexual themes.  Fans of Mason's work.  Fan's of high energy, mutually rough sex.  Fans of internal cumshots and subsequent cumplay.

Those not into internal cumshots.  Those not interested in rougher or more dominant sex.  Those who like to watch emotionless sex.

Mason's Dirty Trixxx, The Fashionistas, Rocco's Way to Love, Rocco: Animal Trainer Series, Lady Fellatio #1 & #2, Joey Silvera's Service Animals Series.

Mike Lyons' Porn Tastes

Although my reviews are very subjective and my tastes will become apparent to those that read them, this list is intended as a quick reference to Mike Lyons so the reader may quickly asses where he/she differs from my personal porn preferences. I hesitate to classify myself as a raincoater, as that term sometimes implies porn preferences that I do not possess. However, I will admit to being a "pervert with raincoater tendencies", especially when it comes to my love of what I call "dominant sex with a conscience." The following is a non-definitive list of some of my most prevalent likes, dislikes, and Indifferences:

  • Small bodied, barely legal, young girls
  • Good Performers
  • Attractive women. No matter how good a performer, if I don't find her attractive, my interest is lost
  • Sexy outfits, and I love it when they, or parts of them, remain ON while the performers are having sex.
  • Anal
  • Female orgasms
  • Good Lighting and Videography
  • Facials
  • Dirty Talk--Most notably when interactive between man and woman (i.e. when both are into it)
  • I really like sex that has themes of domination, where both participants are into it. This includes:
    • Spanking
    • Deep Throat
    • Light Gagging
    • Hair Pulling
    • HOWEVER--See Below!
  • I dislike sex with physical overtones of rape--including acts like:
    • Face and Breast Slapping
    • Choking
    • Puking
    • Unerotic Sexual Endurance Tests (i.e. Max Hardcore, Gag Factor)
  • Sex scenes with more than two participants (There's always room for exceptions, however)
  • DPs, DAPs, or DPPs
  • Any Kind of Breast "Enhancement"
  • Excessive Tattoos and Piercings
  • Music that Masks Performers' Voices
  • Anal Gaping (I don't get it...)
  • Plot (It can get in the way, but it can also be amazing)
  • Swallowing. (I like it but I don't need fiber-optic mouth close-ups and signed affidavits for proof that the act occurred.)

Mike Lyons' Tastes are subject to revision without notice!!

Over the period of December 5th through December 8th, 2002, Mrs. MLyons (my wife), Speelie (another ADT reviewer) and I were the guests of Patrick Collins and Elegant Angel.  We spent time visiting their facilities and giving them feedback from the consumer's point of view about their adult video content--especially as it related to their DVDs.  This was a singular opportunity for me and in the process I was fortunate enough to meet several of Elegant Angel's directors, administrative personnel, and even some of the talent that they employ.  Conversely, they were able to get feedback from three fairly representative porn fans in order to improve their product.  This disclaimer is offered to the reader as a warning about any possible bias either for or against Elegant Angel that I might exhibit in my reviews subsequent to this visit.  I will, of course, make every effort to remain as true to my gut feelings as possible, but in the interest of full disclosure, I feel that this disclaimer is necessary.

Over the last year, Patrick Collins has been shaking it up over at Elegant Angel.  One of his first moves was to indefinitely discontinue many of his well established series and take a step back to re-evaluate the content of Elegant Angel's offerings.  His next move was to hire a new stable of directors under his careful supervision in an effort to revitalize Elegant Angel's catalog and to bring back some of the heat that he felt had been lost previous to that point.  One of the things that resulted from this was a decision to hire Mason--arguably one of the biggest kick in the pants to the porn industry in recent memory.  Mason is a woman who enjoys shooting rough sex, and lest you start to think in terms of Max Hardcore, Khan Tusion, Jeff Steward/Jim Powers, or even another female rough sexer--Lizzy Borden from Extreme Associates, I would take a closer look before jumping to such a conclusion.  Mason is not only offering a harder edge, but is offering something much more important, and very unique in the porn world--genuine unbridled enthusiasm.  I've followed Mason carefully since her first release--Mason's Dirty Trixxx and although her vision doesn't always mesh with my idea of strokable material, it certainly hits the mark far more often than it misses.  She puts thought behind every scene that she does and is very selective in casting those who are into what she's doing, and that is evident in the scenes' execution.  In my eyes, this passionate approach to pornography is far more interesting than the "by the numbers" style that so many other "raincoater" oriented studios employ.  William H. has been a staff photographer for Elegant Angel for a number of years. This will be his first time behind the camera as a director.  From what I've seen of his wacky behind the scenes introductions for previous Elegant Angel discs, he seems like quite the character, and he just might have a cooky enough outlook to become a damn talented director ala Joey Silvera.  Time will tell, but in any case, it is clear that these two additions to the Elegant Angel director's stable will be anything but boring.

Internally Yours #3 marks the third installment of a series I've never seen before.  Internal pop shots aren't normally my bag, but picking this one up was a no brainer once I knew about Mason's involvement.  William H.'s alluring photo of Daisy on the cover doesn't hurt either.  My expectation is that this will include a little zaniness, a lot of roughness, and a fair amount of cum farting.  The latter has always been intriguing to me in a can't-look-away, nasty kind of way, but it has never been enough to interest me in a movie by itself.  Given the thought that I'm pretty sure Mason and William H. will put into this theme, though, I'm definitely willing to give it a chance.  I will say, however, with some confidence, that this video definitely won't be for everyone.  Themes of nasty cum eating behavior, rough and dominant sex, and raw animalistic enthusiasm for the latter will no doubt prevail throughout the movie, and if I were a newbie to porn, I would definitely look for some lighter fair before jumping head on into the like minded perversions of this brother / sister directing team.


The Girl
Fujiko is an Asian girl, and a fairly pretty one at that.  She's wearing a black bra and garter belt with stockings, and has a jacket draped over her back.  She's got a well shaped body and a naughty, but nice smile.

The Action
Fujiko starts the scene with something I just find completely repulsive--slurping down oysters.  Thankfully, it doesn't last long, but my dislike for shell fish doesn't allow me to dismiss these gross images easily.  Some people might find it sexy, but I was counting the seconds until it ended.  When it does end, though, things get rather more interesting and downright funny.  She gets on the phone and orders herself a "stupid American boy" to be delivered to her home.  She plans on "making him her bitch", and I have to admit--I'm all for that.  Jay Ashley arrives moments later and she wastes no time before getting him on his knees in front of her and making him give her head.  She peppers him with insults and eventually makes him pull out his dick before she gives him some head and spanks the head of his dick with her riding crop.  He finally gets fed up with her taunting and turns the tables on her.  He forces her onto her knees and gives her a thorough throat fucking.  There is a torrent of dirty talk by Jay as Fujiko seems completely capable of accommodating Jay's throat pounding in several positions, including on her back with her head hanging over the bed.  While Fujiko acts the part of the resistant participant, it seems completely in the spirit of playacting, as I don't believe for a minute that she is not into what's going on.  He eventually gives her some rough handling as he fucks her doggy style, with some spanking thrown in for good measure.  Eventually she let's go of the resistant ruse and actively participates in egging him on.  More deep throat and dirty talk are on the menu for both participants before Fujiko mounts him RCG on the bed.  Missionary follows where Fujiko seems to have a rather real orgasm while he fucks her.  Jay comes in her pussy a short time later (actually a fairly cool thing), then grabs an oyster shell and lets the cum from her pussy drip into it.  She then slurps down the cum covered oyster and claims that "Oyster and semen is quite a dish", but I just don't see the appeal.

The Gist
This was a very enthusiastic scene, and although Fujiko plays the resistant role through much of it, I believed it was exactly that--a role, and underneath it I believed she was totally into the scene.  This is exactly my kind of sex, and the dirty talk flowed like water as Fujiko got quite thoroughly manhandled throughout the scene.  Not only that, she looked pretty damn sexy to boot.  I could have REALLY done without the oyster theme, but that is a personal issue of mine and won't necessarily be a problem for a lot of others who watch it.  I wish that the domination of Jay had gone on for a while longer before the tables were turned.  I would have also loved to have seen him give her an orgasm orally as she dominated him before he took her for his very own.  Overall, this was a great scene by my tastes with two performers who seemed to enjoy what they were doing, and weren't afraid to show it.  The beginning and end were downers, but only because I don't like watching food consumption mixed with sex--especially when the food is an oyster.


Fujiko Kano Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The Girl
Daisy is a Latina cutie.  I've never seen her before.  At first I thought she was another Latina girl that I had seen before named Candy (from Sweatin' It #1), and I was completely confused as to how Candy would appeal to someone like Mason at all--she was absolute dead wood.  Thankfully though, Daisy isn't Candy, and is even cuter besides.  She has longish brown hair, a very cute face and an attitude that won't quit.  She looks the part of the trouble maker, wearing a backwards baseball cap, sleeveless T-shirt and jeans.  Daisy has some tattoos but they aren't prominently displayed in this scene.

The Action
Daisy is busying herself with a can of spray paint tagging a dumpster outside a building.  TT Boy comes along and catches her and he is not too happy about it.  After some throat holding, very light slapping (that's more playful than anything) and some dominant talk on the part of TT Boy, he eventually pins her against a wall and literally rips off her panties.  They do some nice dominant / submissive sparring as she gives him an intermittent blowjob and things are off to an excellent start.  Daisy plays resistant but has a big smile on her face and is clearly enjoying this treatment from TT Boy.  Eventually they start fucking right there against the wall.  She leans against the wall while he fucks her, and then he bends her over the dumpster and fucks her from behind.  Both of them participate equally in dirty talk and name calling (some of which is in Spanish) and Daisy looks totally fuckable with her smooth skin and small tits.  This is a high energy fuck with some P2M interludes before TT Boy finally lies her down on a nearby palette and fucks her missionary as she gives him the finger.  This transitions to RCG and Daisy looks awesome as all that's left of her clothes now is a torn white shirt that is hanging off of her.  TT Boy finishes things off by fucking Daisy standing up against the dumpster and coming inside her pussy.  He immediately pulls out and his cum drips out down her leg.  He fucks her and pulls out a few more times before they part company with an exchange of unfriendly Spanish dialogue.

The Gist
Daisy is a serious cutie, and she gets quite nicely fucked here.  She really seemed to enjoy working with TT Boy, and although I get tired of TT Boy's repetitiveness at times, he did a good job in this scene.  I found an interesting phenomenon in terms of camera work here, though, that disappointed me.  Mason and William H. seem to concentrate more on full body, and situational shots.  This is something I completely appreciate, as I find much of today's porn to be too genital-cam oriented.  However, in this case, I thought that there was a tad too much concentration on these situational shots, and a tad too little on the physical act of sex itself.  I certainly wouldn't want to sacrifice the enthusiasm of this scene, but I kind of missed a nice mixture of close up shots and the concentration on deliberate, "make-me-feel-good" fucking to go along with the longer shots and the concentration on unerring energy and enthusiasm.  To me this had the effect of disproportionately emphasizing the attitude of the scene over the sex in the scene, and I would have liked it even more if there had been a better balance.  Regardless, this was a nice scene, and I loved the climax.  I would be lying if I didn't say that I wished cum had somehow found it's way onto Daisy's face, but I enjoyed the cum shot as it was--as TT Boy came without the aid of his hands, with only Daisy's gorgeous pussy to bring him over the edge.


Daisy Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The Girl
Judy is a French Canadian girl with very long blonde hair.  She is a bit full figured, but that doesn't take away from her overall beauty, her very cute face, and a fantastic attitude about hard driving sex.  Unfortunately she wears black knee pads in this scene which for me, is not only not attractive, but also gives the scene a  more utilitarian and staged feel.  I can certainly appreciate Judy's need for comfort, but I wish it could have been accomplished without knee pads.  In any case, I've seen Judy before in Sodomania 38 Special, and although it wasn't the best scene I've ever seen, it certainly gives a bit of a taste as to what might transpire in this movie.

The Action
Two black men, Wesley Pipes and Devlin Weed are talking gangster-smack outside on a porch.  Devlin brags about something that he won last night gambling.  He wants to show it off, and takes Wesley over to a closet where he reveals a tied up Judy Star with black tape on her mouth.  They take her out to the living room and take the tape off her mouth.  She says she wants to go home, but they make her a deal.  She sucks their cocks and fucks them, and they'll let her go home.  She goes to work straight away and sucks both men's cocks as she pleads for them to not hurt her.  A short time later, though, Judy is mocking the men for being lame, and telling them they aren't doing a near good enough job of fucking her.  From then on, Judy is no longer the passive participant, and all three performers participate in a cavalcade of smack talk with an enthusiasm that is achingly rare in today's porn.  Judy gets fucked doggy, and then RCG as she alternates between sucking cock and talking dirty.  Devlin does some mild choking, but Judy isn't phased in the least and eventually an unusually believable (albeit slightly awkward from an editing standpoint) transition to double penetration in the doggy position occurs.  After a couple minutes, the DP switches to CG followed by some A2M.  Finally Judy gets in a very submissive doggy position with her ass high and head to the floor as she gets ass fucked until Wesley unloads his cum into her pooper.  Devlin does the same, and Judy literally squirts the cum out of her ass onto the carpet.  The scene fades to black and with a somewhat anticlimactic feeling, I have blown my load as well.

The Gist
At first this scene was a little disheartening--moving in a direction I wasn't sure about.  However, Judy turns out to be an absolutely insatiable slut and has no problem showing that to the world.  The energy of this scene was undeniable and for that reason alone it was very exciting to watch.  I like Judy, but I feel strongly that she wasn't presented as well as she could have been here.  The trade off with Mason's and William H.'s penchant for high energy sex is that their work tends to have a very raw and dirty feel about it--an unpolished spontaneous air that by it's very nature offers us a kind of energy that you don't see everyday, but at the same time cheats us of the final polish and careful attention to aesthetics that make the work of Jules Jordan or Antonio Adamo so popular.  Joey Silvera has managed to meld these two elements beautifully in the past (most notably with his Service Animals series), and I wish that Mason and William H. could do the same in their own way.  Despite this, however, I couldn't resist a climax of my own at the end of this encounter, especially when Wesley unloads into Judy's ass.  I'll need a break before continuing, and despite it's aesthetic shortcomings, that's always the sign of an exceptional scene.


Judy Star Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The Girl
Sophie is a very well established Euro-hottie who has an impressive videography.  She's worked extensively for Private, Evil Angel and Elegant Angel among many others.  In the past, she has most often appeared as a blonde, but of late she seems to have adopted the brunette look.  She's still a hottie nonetheless, however, and has a somewhat strangely attractive face with a great body.  As of this writing she is married to Tony Ribas, a similarly well established male star turned director who she is not-so-coincidentally matched up with in this scene.  Sophie is not looking the best she's ever looked here, but she can usually be counted on to give a good performance, and she's looking good enough to keep my attention.

The Action
Sophie has Toni handcuffed to a balcony railing and is taunting him.  They are unusually exposed to the marina below, although both are wearing underwear.  Sophie tells Toni what a bad boy he's been and taunts him with her nipple and feeds him her stocking clad foot.  He promises to be good as she releases his hands from the cuffs and he immediately breaks his promise by grabbing her by the throat.  He takes her by the hair and leads her into the hotel room.  Some very nice, and quite dominant cock sucking follows (without things getting exceptionally rough).  This is very hot action, and eventually Toni makes her beg to get fucked and he waists no time in prepping her ass hole for the nasty.  He pumps her ass in the missionary position on the desk and Sophie delivers some more dirty talk in the process--being fairly insistent that Toni "punish her" with his cock.  She looks quite nice in her black stockings and garter belt as her ass gets nicely worked over.  There is some great A2M action as Toni continues dominate Sophie with her requested "cock punishment".  Sophie is anything but inactive here though, and she eventually gets on top for some reverse cowgirl anal.  They tempt the microbial fates with a little freewheeling ass to pussy action before they go back on the balcony for some doggy anal.  This semi-public display is brief, but is followed by Toni and Sophie back inside, where he empties his load into her ass.  There is some sperm expellation, and some post cum foot play and head before the scene fades to black.

The Gist
This is actually a damn hot scene.  It wasn't near as frenzied as the others, and in a way I found it even more enjoyable because of that.  What the Daisy scene lacked in focus and deliberate pleasure, this scene made up for it and then some.  This husband and wife duo clearly know each other well, and there is great chemistry between them.  The scene is very dominant with minimal physical roughness, which I can enjoy just as much as the more aggressive stuff.  I think the scene could have ended about a minute earlier than it did though.  The anal cum shot was beautiful, and the cum seemed to flow out of it's own volition.  Unfortunately, the need to expel every last drop and the subsequent play with it was kind of a disappointment and seemed forced in this case.  Regardless, though, some people will like that, and by the time the cum play started, I was busy basking in orgasmic afterglow and watching only out of intellectual interest and post climax fatigue.


Sophie Evans Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The Girls
Aurora Snow is a bit of a complex subject for me.  I was a fan of Aurora early on based on her looks alone.  She has certainly turned in some strokable scenes by my standards, but after a while I grew very weary of her very apparent lack of authenticity.  To me, she gives off an air of someone who just flat would rather not be there and is doing scenes for the money plain and simple.  But she has built up a layer of phony enthusiasm that can be very convincing.  To me, though, it's not convincing and it bothers me that she seems as though she's lying to herself as well as the viewer about how much she enjoys her job.  I readily admit that I don't know Aurora, and can't possibly know the psyche behind Aurora's performance, but I've known too many people who constantly look like they are putting on an act, and Aurora looks like one of those people to me.  For that reason, I no longer enjoy watching her.  Regardless, she is a very cute girl with long brown hair, a nice smile and a killer thin and beautifully tight body.  Fiona Cheeks is new to me.  She has blonde hair, braces, and a similarly small and tight little bod.  Fiona however, has an authentic attitude about sex that puts Aurora to shame.  I'll give Aurora her fair shake, of course.  After all, I'd wager this scene is going to be quite a bit different from those I've seen her do in the past.

The Action
Aurora and Fiona start out buck naked, pillow fighting on a couch.  Jay Ashley comes home, however, and interrupts them.  Apparently Jay is Aurora's brother in this scenario, and she girlishly offers Fiona the chance to watch her fuck her brother.  At this point, something very interesting and "Seymore Butts-ish" happens.  The pretense of the scene breaks down, and Fiona starts objecting to doing the scene because she's disgusted by Aurora.  This is not based on looks, but rather because Aurora is apparently a "fucking slut" and has been cheating on Jay Ashley (her real life boyfriend) with Fiona's boyfriend--and many others besides.  Mason jumps in from behind the camera and wants them to settle their differences after the scene.  Jay is not willing to do that, and what was going to be a nice normal "fuck your brother while I watch" scene is turned into a "let's both punish Aurora for her wrongdoings" scene.  Before you know it, Jay is forcing Aurora's face into Fiona's pussy and Mason is objecting, claiming that she needs to shoot a "normal scene" today, and she can't shoot this stuff.  I can't help but break out laughing at this point and clearly Aurora is in for quite the fucking.  William H. jumps in view, camera in hand, and tells Mason to just shoot it.  A torrent of dirty talk emanates from Fiona and Jay as Aurora is first made to lick pussy and then made to aggressively suck Jay's cock.  More pussy licking follows as Jay enters Aurora's pussy from behind.  Fiona is a dirty talking machine and is not afraid to call Aurora all kinds of naughty names.  She quite handily dominates Aurora as Jay continues to pound her pussy in the doggy and CG positions.  Fiona briefly mounts Jay as well before Aurora is made to 69 and deep throat him.  Aurora does this actively and with gusto as Fiona continues to give out dirty talk like it's candy.  This scene, so far, is rabid in its intensity, and Aurora is showcased here in a way that I've never seen.  She gets quite thoroughly throat fucked, pussy pumped, and dominated before eventually taking Jay up the ass doggy style and then missionary with a little A2M in between.  Finally Jay fucks Fiona missionary while Aurora watches from below.  The inevitable occurs, and Jay unloads in Fiona's snatch where cum subsequently drips out on to Aurora's face.

The Gist
Although this scene will not make me an Aurora lover, it was certainly a bit of a surprise in terms of what I've seen her do before.  Aurora gets quite the talking to in this scene, and what's more gets quite the fucking as well.  She was certainly enthusiastic and receptive to what was going on, but when all was said and done, she was the same old Aurora.  She might very well have passion for what she's doing, but to me this was not so much a sexual scene as it was an aerobic one.  Like many of the other scenes on this disc, what it provided in enthusiasm and energy, it lacked in the eroticism and sexual chemistry that I look for in dominant scenes such as these.  It's a fine point, and one that I'm sure many will not see eye to eye with me on.  Many people will love this scene, and for good reason--but I find it lacking in a way that's difficult to describe.


Fiona Cheeks & Aurora Snow Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The production quality of this disc is typical in terms of the Elegant Angel gonzo style.  It has functional lighting and decent camera work.  I thought the shot concentration was unbalanced at times, where the medium and long establishing shots dominated over more intimate and close up action.  Again, although I certainly appreciate not having to endure constant genital-cam work, I thought the directorial concentration was a bit misguided in terms of enthusiasm over intimacy and the camera work was a symptom of that problem.  Some of the locations were very interesting however, and the semi-public locales provided a nice change of pace from the Anabolic / Red Light couch porn.  I'd really like to see more effort made in making the girls look their best.  What I saw here wasn't bad, but there's a lack of passion for this aspect of the process that detracts from the overall effect.

The video transfer was fairly average, with some mild pixelation problems that seemed to undermine the picture quality of an otherwise clear source.  This is a common problem with Elegant Angel discs, but one they are aware of and that I hope will be corrected with their newer titles.  The sound was functional and clear and I heard everything nicely.

Elegant Angel is starting to up the ante in terms of their DVD extras, and this disc has some decent ones.  In addition to a fairly decent photo gallery with shots by William H., there are trailers for Lady Fellatio #2, Big Bottom Sadie, Buttwoman Iz Bella, Slutwoman Exxxposed, and Transposed in Brazil.  There is a full length bonus scene from Big Bottom Sadie featuring Jenna Haze getting fucked by three guys in a mechanic's shop.  Finally there is a rather amusing and very interesting behind the scenes sequence with a great look at the performers that goes beyond the action.  It's only about 6-1/2 minutes long, but it's definitely worth watching if you're interested in the process of porn.

This production is a good effort, and definitely offers a unique level of enthusiasm and energy that much of today's porn is without.  For that reason alone, it's worthy of praise.  However, in what seemed to be a single minded quest for energetic intensity, the directors at times seemed to lose site of sexual intimacy and the idea that arousal and release, rather than thrill ride freneticism is the ultimate goal.  At times, for me this movie was too energetic, and although I enjoyed it, there was an emptiness about it that left me unsatisfied.  In truth, I believe that the very fact that an adult video has inspired this type of commentary says a great deal about it's worth.  My favorite scene, personally was that between Tony Ribas and Sophie Evans--two people with great on-screen chemistry.  Judy Star had an undeniable energy about her that I couldn't resist, and Daisy was a cutie patuty who really got me going.  The other two scenes definitely had their moments as well, and if you're a fan of Aurora Snow, this is Aurora like you haven't seen her before.  In spite of the internal cumshot theme, I believe that many people will find something to like here.  Personally, I'll probably continue to find enjoyment in it in the future, but will always feel that it didn't quite live up to it's amazing potential.

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