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Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic)

Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic)

Studio: Diabolic
Category:  Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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ai no corrida's ratings for Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Internal Injections 2 (Diabolic) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by ai no corrida  on  11/12/2007
Internal Injections 2
A Diabolic Release
Directed by Sid Knox
Length: 2hrs 38min

Starring: Aurora Snow, Jenna Haze, Holly Wellin, Aliana Love, Jaclyn Case & Sophia Lynn.

Brief Synopsis:
Girls! Bona-fide Stars! Creampies! Let's check it out...

Scene One: Aurora Snow
In a black thong and a sheer blue bra covering her little tits, Aurora begins by teasing herself, egging the cameraman on. Using her little fingers, she masturbates, filling her pussy with four digits, legs reaching up to the sky. In walks her partner, and she dispenses a blowjob unto his already erect penis, deep throating from time to time. He spits and finger her pussy during, and the two begin their fucking in missionary. After a half-spoon bumping match, Aurora tastes, readying herself for a bit of cowgirl action. Lifting her up, he slams into her, fingering her ass for the oncoming anal. After a spell of missionary and reverse cowgirl anal (with deep throating in between), Auroraís partner switches between her two holes, inserting a finger or two for her to taste, and pumps her ass full of seed. Dripping out, Aurora pushes her fingers inside, bringing it all up into her mouth. An intense scene, and Auroraís performance is quite enjoyable. She falters a bit with the dirty talk, sometimes getting ahead of herself, but that is certainly worth overlooking. Her overall energy is on the high-end, and thatís what really matters. Iíll always be a fan, so Iím quite biased. Every Aurora Snow scene, for me, is a scene worth watching.

Scene Two: Jaclyn Case
Jaclyn sits on a set of white bedsheets, enhanced chest keeping her supple nipples intact, straight chestnut hair flowing down her face in an even flow. She shows off her coinslot, lifting her pink panties for a warm-up tease. Enter her two studs, and she blows them one by one. Her thin lips are adept at handling such a task, and each fellow takes turns prodding into her softened tan lines, in both reverse and standard cowgirl (the other lucky guy stuffs his knob into her mouth). After a bit of doggy, each stud pumps his load into her pussy, Jaclyn dabbing a finger into the dripping mess, taking a small taste. Though she juggled her able cocks serviceably, Jaclynís performance wasnít exactly amazing, though heated enough for some (I hope). Even my preference of natural girls is somewhat changed by Jaclynís somewhat inflated chest, and that is some kind of feat in itself. Though her performance was somewhat light, her looks all but made up for that.

Scene Three: Aliana Love
In a green bikini, Aliana poses and sways outdoors, continuing with an indoor blowjob. Her chestnut skin has a calming effect, gradually fading to black into the corners of her well-built features. Whirring herself giggly with a small vibrator, she whops out her floppy breasts, teasing her asshole with her free fingered hand. Enter stud, cunnilingus commences, and a blowjob is the returned gift. Now primed, Aliana goes straight for a reverse cowgirl into her ass, working her clit with the vibe all the way through. After a spell of doggy, and into a harder angle of the same, the two go into missionary anal, and her gentleman pops inside her ass. A healthy drip ensues, but no taste to follow. Alianaís performance is pretty easygoing, despite the anal-tastic nature of the scene, and she appears happy to be there, ready and willing to get herself off without the normal constraints of pornography. That is, sheís completely at ease throughout, even if that means she chooses to opt out of a post-fuck taste test. No matter! I am willing to overlook nastiness for comfort and ease, any day.

Scene Four: Holly Wellin
Outfitted in black and red, mess of short brown hair on her head, Holly enters with the possessed eyes of a demon, and makes short work of her two studs, anxiously awaiting her arrival. Using one hand, she works her ass and pussy with her fingers, shoving them into her mouth. And thatís just the tease! She deep throats each cock quite messily, the two men taking turns fucking her from behind (doggie to spoon), in her pussy and to her ass (doggie into reverse cowgirl). The double-penetration ensues, with Holly sticking her hand into her pussy at the same time (one cock is clearly not enough, vaginally speaking). The duo flip Holly over to continue their excavation of her two glorious holes, and fuck her solo (missionary), planting their seed into her ass. Upon first deposit, Holly pulses her asshole, sperm seeping out of her. With deposit number two (into her ass, again), she, legs up in the air, pushes it out, tasting the warm cocktail. Though Holly has tread an extensive career out of fucking, this was, somehow, my first experience with her work. Her intensity is smoldering, as the majority of harshness in her performance comes from what is done to her, less about her reaction to those events. Itís not like sheís oblivious, however; her force is concentrated in the act, and she never overacts in her response. I believe her performance, every single twist and turn through.

Scene Five: Sophia Lynn
A feather-light blonde, skinny and tanned, Sophia teases the camera in a red-laced outfit, pushing away the bottom to reveal a white g-string. Teasing herself with a finger or two, she kneels down to give her newly arrived suitor a blowjob, and they follow with a bit of reverse cowgirl. She dismounts a few times to fill her mouth with her manís knob, returning atop of him each time. She does have a prominent scar on her lower belly, but I didnít find it too distracting (on the contrary: MILF?). Into doggy, standard cowgirl, and missionary, young stud shoots a load into her pussy. As the drip leaves its new home, the camera fades out very quickly, and I get sad. Sophiaís tiny features (breast, face, body) may be great for a few viewers, but the longer the scene went on, the less I enjoyed it. Her performance may have colored that opinion somewhat (her dirty talk wasnít stellar), and the fade-to-black was reason enough to feel insulted. I mean, the sperm didnít even have a chance to hit the floor! Oh well.

Scene Six: Jenna Haze
Thank goodness for Jenna Haze. In a sheer black top and bottom (piped with blue) of bra and underwear, she begins with a spread of tease. Enter her partner, and she proceeds to give him head, in her near-free-associative style (dirty talk interspersed with mouth and hand play, 2-handed with mouth, etc.), which is always great to watch, as she tailors her style to her co-performer (method acting? pre-game strategy?). The two share a workout in 69, and Jenna straddles him in cowgirl, grinding and lifting her pussy up and down, ass bouncing from behind in a medium sway. She dismounts and tastes his cock, repositioning herself for some reverse cowgirl, leading to spooning. She takes breaks in between to frequently taste their mixture of juice from her partnerís cock, then perching her ass up high for some doggie action. In missionary, our guy makes a heavy, shallow injection (all the better to drip easier, faster), and Jenna remarks on how good a whore she was to receive such an honor as the whitened stream flows out. As always, Jenna delivers a strong, if not exemplary, performance, completely in tune with her partner, searing, hot as ever. It was a total joy watching her here, and Iím sure any other viewer would agree. If not, well, I just donít know what to tell you.

Bonus Features:
A Behind the Scenes (18 min), featuring the girls readying themselves for their performances (and sometimes a little performance, too), a Cum Shot Recap, a Photo Gallery & the usual company info are included, though none are too illuminating. The BTS is for fans of that type of action, and pose a nice introduction to the girls before all the fucking. Not to little, not too much, though a spare scene or deleted outtakes would have been welcome, if not loved, had they been included!

How the Disc Looks & Sounds:
Shot in HD, the disc is presented in letterbox format (approx 1.85:1, though my calculations arenít exact). A few of the intros are shot in a soft style (lots of white), and the feature is quite easy on the eyes, on the darker part of the color spectrum (flattering on tanned or brown skin, especially). Quite rich, and easy on the eyes, as well! The sound is steady, free of any distortion or artifacts, and the camerawork never intrudes on the movie as a whole.

Overall Thoughts:
Beginning and ending with a bang (pun totally intended), this second entry into the Internal Injection series is no slouch, though can be a little wobbly, girl-wise, in its soft, slightly mushy center. All the girls are stunning, if not quite close, and Holly, Aurora, and Jenna all deliver performances definitely worth seeing at least once. Jaclyn and Aliana may need a bit of honing to improve their work, though their gifts are not wasted on this disc. But when youíre placed in the company of three major players, youíre bound to be dwarfed by their presence. Well, at least thatís how I saw it.

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