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Internal Cumbustion 16

Internal Cumbustion 16

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Cream Pies , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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nvs's ratings for Internal Cumbustion 16:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Internal Cumbustion 16 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Internal Cumbustion 16 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Internal Cumbustion 16 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Internal Cumbustion 16 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Internal Cumbustion 16 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Internal Cumbustion 16 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Internal Cumbustion 16 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  12/14/2010
Directed by Danny Case

Starring: Lea Lexis, Sea J. Raw, Brandy Aniston, Ann Marie Rios, and Amy Brooke. With Mick Blue, Michael Stefano, Pat Myne, Mark Wood, and John Strong (not credited).

Scene 1
Sea J. Raw and Michael Stefano

Sea J, in denim shorts and bikini top, goes to her friend’s place for a pool party, but her friend is not there. She goes in the house and to the pool where she pulls her shorts down to show her bikini bottoms. She lays on a couch seat and talks to her friend’s brother--dressed in a lame get up. He leaves and she gets nude and plays with herself for a bit--finger insertion. The bro jacks off in the kitchen when Sea J walks in. She goes down on him--on a continentally placed couch in the kitchen--for awesome and wet oral--deep throat. Cowgirl--both Sea J and the guy use fingers in her asshole. She lays back on the couch and, with her legs pulled all the way back, gets her ass eaten and fingered--her pussy get licked as well. Missionary with his finger in her asshole. Reverse cowgirl. Spooning. Her fingers both her holes and back to spooning. She badly wants the load until she finally gets a creampie. The load oozes out. Scene ends.

Sea J is a sexy brunette. Nice body with a cute face and great hips. However, her fake tits and tattoos are a turn off. These things are easily overlooked as she is one great performer. She enjoys sex--from oral to fucking. She has great chemistry with the guy. Her sex talk is hot. Her oral abilities are awesome as this girl gets the cock sloppy and seems to have no gag reflex. She loves his cock. Hearing her begging for the load is freaking hot as well. The negatives: the grass skirt the guy wear is distracting and just plain dumb, with all the fingers in her ass there is not anal sex--sigh, and the load just oozing out and the scene ending is somewhat lackluster as the scene is so intense that it would’ve been a great ending. Yet, the scene is strong, the girl fun, the sex is hot, and this scene is great.

Scene 2
Brandy Aniston and Mark Wood

Brandy, in a sexy cop uniform, shoots the guy which is escaping, but it turns out it was all a dream. In a jail cell, he wakes upon a bed, Brandy enters and takes off her uniform to show off her sexy black lingerie with white dots. Oral--deep throat with gagging. Her bra and panties come off. She gets on all fours and has her asshole eaten. Doggy. PTM. Cowgirl. PTM. Spooning. Reverse cowgirl. PTM--deep throat with slight gag. Missionary. She asks for his load and he delivers a creampie. The load seeps out. Scene ends.

Brandy is a sexy brunette with a cute face and body--she’s a whole lot cuter when the hat she’s wearing is removed to show her hair being jostled while fucking. Fake tits are not sexy, but they are not too bad. In her cop uniform, lingerie, naked, this girl looks just right. She enjoys the sex and has good chemistry with the guy. Lots of PTM in this scene--a plus. I really enjoy this girl trying to take the cock all the way down her throat, but she cannot which is pretty cool to see. The sex is hot throughout. The start of the scene is funny which added to the charm of this scene. The only complain is the abrupt end to the scene. The creampie just oozes out and there, scene done. At least play with it or taste it, something. But with this fault the scene is strong and does not let down. Good scene.

Scene 3
Ann Marie Rios and Pat Myne

Ann Marie, in a red lingerie number, is in the midst of a photo shoot when she doesn’t want to take pictures next to a bike, so she moves to a couch and she is much happier here. She takes off her lingerie to show off her sweet body. She sits back and gets eaten. She rubs her very wet pussy. Oral on the guy--gagging, deep throat, and lots of saliva. Doggy. PTM as she gets her ass licked. Cowgirl--she gets a finger in her asshole. PTM--deep throat with gagging. Reverse cowgirl. Doggy. Missionary. Creampie. The load drips out slowly. Scene ends with a close up of her cummy pussy.

Ann Marie is a smoking Latin girl with cute face and awesome natural body. This girl is an intense performer. She has good chemistry with the guy and loves the sex. She gets angry when the cock is outside of her--hot. She uses her accent to yell at the guy in English and Spanish--very hot. Ann Marie takes complete control of the scene and the guy which is really hot. Her body looks so right naked and getting fucked. Strong oral skills enhance the scene. The scene is hot and fun to watch. The fingers in her ass is a tease, but it does not affect the scene. Great looking girl engaged in smoking sex equals into a great scene.

Scene 4
Amy Brooke and Michael Stefano
Amy, in sexy black and white workout gear, does a workout which gets her very sweaty. The exercises focus on her assets. The guy enters the scene and she’s done with her workout, but she is going to give him one. The guy sits on training equipment and gets oral--very wet sounding and nice use of saliva. She pulls up her top to show off her tiny titties and later pulls down her shorts with a g-string under. She pulls it aside and she shows him how strong her butt muscles are with doggy. He eats her asshole quickie and back to doggy. PTM. They move to a living room and a couch where the oral continues and her g-string is gone. Reverse cowgirl--with a finger in her asshole. Quick asshole lick and onto to doggy with a finger in her asshole. Back to licking her asshole. Anal doggy. ATM. Anal cowgirl. Quick break so he can stick a finger in her wet pussy--they both taste her juices. Back to anal cowgirl. She turns herself to anal reverse cowgirl while the cock never leaves her ass. Spooning. Creampie. She tells him to leave his cock in her for while so the lead stays there so she can enjoy it. He takes out his cock and the load slides out. She tastes the cum. Scenes ends with a close up off her pussy which she tastes, but we never see.

Amy is a sexy little blonde with a tight thin body which is meant to be nude. From the get go Amy is all sweaty and sexy like--very nice. Her voice is a tad husky, but a turn on. Her face and attitude seem stuck up, but all in a good and sexy way. The scene starts slow as the sex is boring and she doesn’t seem into it or the guy. However, when the anal is thrown the scene gets better. This girl gets into the anal and the guy. She shines and sparkles when taking the cock in her ass. This is the strong point to scene. Amy is just a pleasure to see naked and taking in the ass. Now, the only negative to the scene: during close up of the pussy dripping cum we hear the sound of her tasting the cum, but it is never shown--surely this is something worth watching. All in all a good scene.

Scene 5
Lea Lexis with John Strong and Mick Blue

Lea, in a hot pink teddy, is the birthday girl on this day wants to get pregnant, but alas, her man cannot get her knocked up. So he has gotten her a surprise--a cock that can get her knocked up. She is very happy. Dual oral on the new cock and her old one--gag with deep throat. The top of her teddy is lowered and her panties removed to show off her goods. They all move to a couch where the old cock fucks her in cowgirl while sucking off the new one. They switch holes with new cock doing doggy as she sucks the old. Switch to old cock giving missionary while she sucks on the new. New guy gets a shot in missionary. The old cock comes back for more missionary which leads into anal missionary. ATM. Anal spooning with new cock. DP in reverse cowgirl/missionary with old cock in pussy and new in her asshole. DP in cowgirl/doggy with old with old cock in pussy and new in asshole. Spooning with old cock as she sucks the new--gagging. Missionary with new cock with the old taking over until she gets a creampie. She pushes it out with a nice close up. Scene cuts as she’s clean and the new cock fucks her until she gets the cum that’ll get her pregnant. Creampie with his head only in her. She pushes the second load and the scene ends with a close up of the load.

Lea is a smoking blonde. A juicy body that moves as nature intended when she is fucking. This girl in really into both guys and the sex. This makes the scene fun because everyone is enjoying the sex and happy performers make for happy viewers. The anal and DP are just added bonuses to an already cool scene. Lea loves the scene and has fun which makes me enjoy this last scene. Two loads and ATMs only add to her performance. My only problem is that her man getting another guy to impregnate her is a bit unsettling. Still, great scene.

Internal Cumbustion 16 is a pretty fun film. Lots of cuties with rocking bodies. Albeit there are some fake boobs, the girls are a pleasure to watch. Each scene is strong. There is not one which stands out because is one is hot and the sex is cool. This film has a few extras for those lovers of anal and DP. The creampies are cool as well, although some loads are done with only the tip of the cock in the girl’s pussy--does this really count? My two cents. The one bothersome aspect which kills the film is the abrupt end to each scene. We hear the girls tasting the cum, but we never see it. This kills me. Surely this is a sexy thing to see. Sure the close up of a cummy pussy is cool, but I need to see it all. Another two cents. The girls wanting the loads is so hot--nothing beats hearing a chick wanting the load. The acting in the scenes can be funny, but they border line on annoying. Ann Marie yelling at the guy is pretty hot as she is in total control. The other scenes have their charms in the acting and scripted realm of film making. But technical stuff brushed aside, the girls rock, the sex is hot, and I highly recommend this film as a purchase as the film has lots of replay value. Great film.

The Main Menu includes: Play Movie; Scene; Gallery; BTS--funny takes from Brandy’s jail scene, Lea’s photo shoot, Ann Marie in the makeup chair, Brandy’s photo shoot and an interview, Amy’s photo shoot and interview; and Popshots.

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