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Internal Cumbustion 12

Internal Cumbustion 12

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Internal Cumbustion 12:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Internal Cumbustion 12 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Internal Cumbustion 12 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Internal Cumbustion 12 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Internal Cumbustion 12 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Internal Cumbustion 12 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Internal Cumbustion 12 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Internal Cumbustion 12 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/5/2008

The Little Details

Running Time: 140 min.

Production Date: 2 / 19 / 2008

Director: Chris Streams

Cast: Alexis Texas, Chelsie Rae, Rebeca Linares, Roxy DeVille, Savanah Gold, Sophia Lynn, Erik Everhard, Lee Stone, Marco Banderas, and Mr. Pete

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Cream pies and this lineup of lovelies???? How could I not have high expectations????

Initial Reaction: It's a great cream pie release that's every bit as hot as you'd think it should be.

Who Should Watch It : Cream pie fans

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting some heavier anal or interracial action mixed in with cream pies

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done. The audio is clear and well balanced, but there are a couple small moments when it seems just a little quiet. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks great. There's just a hint of grain in a few places as well as a little natural light almost interfering on the action.

Music: None

False Advertising: Just like a sandwich just isn't a sandwich without Miracle Whip, a Zero Tolerance DVD just doesn't seem to be a Zero Tolerance DVD without false advertising on the cover. I know I don't watch a lot of Zero Tolerance's DVDs (I've reviewed a total of fifteen before this one, which I will readily admit is far from sizable), but the last time I found a Zero Tolerance release that I didn't have to penalize for false advertising was Interactive Sex with Courtney Cummz (which was released in June of 2006). Ever since the release of Grand Theft Anal 9 in September of 2006 every Zero Tolerance DVD I've seen has not fully delivered on its cover claims, which makes it almost seem deliberate. Once again Zero Tolerance claims to have a behind the scenes featurette on the cover, but when it comes to the DVD it's nowhere to be found. This is really too bad since Zero Tolerance puts some very nice care into their movies as well as a little care here and there into their overall DVDs. There product is good enough that they shouldn't need to even think about advertising more than they're going to deliver (seriously, they could let people know that they put naked pictures of Mike Quasar on the DVD and with this cast and cream pies and I doubt it would slow anybody down from picking it up), but their continued false advertising on their cover only makes me wonder every time I pick one of their DVDs up if I'm really going to get what's being advertised or not. At the very least, whoever does the quality control at Zero Tolerance should be given a paper hat and shown to the nearest Micky Dee's for their next job (I think In -N- Out Burger's standards are too high if you can't even proof the features listed on a porn DVD cover right). As usual with Zero Tolerance's DVDs, I'm deducting a half point from the overall score due to their false cover ads.

Menus: The main menu blends the boxcover with a bit of the action for a first impression that's a bit generic. The chapter menu shows some nice care. In addition to giving you a scene number, a clip of the action, and the name of the girl in the scene, it lets you choose where you want to go in each scene sexually.

The Feature

Things are kept nice and simple for this one. Each scene starts out with a touch of tease and the girls chatting with Chris before a guy is brought in to get it on with them. Each scene is then finished up with the girl taking an internal pop shot.

Scene 1 Roxy DeVille and Mr. Pete

Dark haired Roxy starts out in a transparent black bra with a matching garter belt and stockings showing off for Chris and his camera and stripping off her top. Mr. Pete slides under her to start tonguing her from behind as she bends over a table and then gets up to give her great ass a few slaps. Roxy kisses and strokes his cock a bit before leading him across the room by it, and after letting him slap her extremely spankable ass a few more times goes back to work sucking and stroking his cock and balls. Pete fucks her from behind against the wall and talks softly with her as he spins her around and puts a leg up for some bow and arrow fucking. Roxy sucks him a bit more before they move to a couch fir a cowgirl ride where Pete surprises Roxy with a bit of a finger in her ass. She gives him a little more head before taking it doggie style and even lets Mr. Pete spoon her before she gets back up for a little more cowgirl fucking. Finally, Roxy lies back for some missionary work and has Mr. Pete cum in her pussy. She lets the camera see it start to run back out, and then gets down to try pushing the rest back out with limited results.

This is a truly great scene that far exceeded the very high expectations I had due to Roxy being in front of the camera and Chris Streams being behind it. Roxy looks fantastic and there's amazing chemistry between her and Mr. Pete. They're both nicely vocal without ever seeming like they're pushing it and Mr. Pete keeping his vocals so low that Roxy's the only one who will be able to hear them clearly. There's very nice energy throughout the scene and I love Roxy's little laughs as they play around. Of course, this scene is as much about the cream pie as everything leading up to it, and it had nothing to make me doubt its authenticity. This is a great scene to start off the movie.

Scene 2 Savanah Gold and Marco Banderas

Bottle blonde Savanah starts her scene out in white porno shoes with a bustier style top and an artistic jean skirt showing off for Chris and his camera. She plays with her pussy while chatting with Chris and then goes right to sucking and stroking Marco when he arrives with a hard cock. Savanah sucks it, slaps it, and titty fucks it before the action cuts to Marco fucking Savanah from behind while standing up. She sucks him clean before riding Marco in both cowgirls, and mixes in a bit more cocksucking as Marco fucks her doggie style. Finally Marco nuts in Savanah's snatch and lets her push it back out on the floor.

This is another extremely well done scene. Once again there's great chemistry and cream pie that doesn't leave me with any doubts as well as Chris showing off a fantastic eye behind the camera. Savanah has a wonderfully dirty mouth to go with a nicely augmented body and a pretty face, and takes it all extremely well. I really liked how Chris Streams altered the look of this scene a bit by using a lot of natural light and having it near a patio door rather than giving it the same look as the previous scene, and as so often happens when he's behind the camera, I'm not sure there was a single bad shot in the scene. This is another very well done scene with plenty of heat and a great cream pie finish.

Scene 3 Sophia Lynn and Erik Everhard

Bottle blonde Sophia walks up to a patio door in a little turquoise dress that shows off the full package and shows off a bit for Chris outside. She strips down to her throng before coming in and letting Chris admire her ass. Erik moves in to worship her ass from behind and tease her with his cock, and he keeps admiring her ass as she sucks his cock. He fucks Sophia standing up in a bow and arrow as well as picking her up to fuck her in mid air as he takes her over to a bed to eat her pussy and fuck it missionary style. They mix in a little more oral as they work through both cowgirls, and Erik pops in Sophia's pussy after fucking it missionary style. Afterwards Sophia pushes it all back out and plays with it a little as well.

This is a good scene. Sophia looks great and there's great chemistry between her and Erik. The camera work is very well done again, but for some reason this scene seemed a lot shorter than the ones preceding it (although it isn't). Finally, there's the cream pie, which is one of the best in the movie. Sophia takes it very well and it flows out looking good and creamy while not giving any reason to doubt it beforehand. This is another great cream pie scene.

Scene 4 Alexis Texas and Mr. Pete

Chris chats with Alexis while admiring her ample ass-ets as she leans over a pool table as she talks about fucking one of the most fun people in the world as well as shooting her first cream pie. She moves over to a couch and sits on Mr. Pete's face while leaning forward to suck and stroke his cock. Alexis lets Mr. Pete fuck her doggie style while giving her ass several slaps before getting up to ride him reverse cowgirl style. She lays back and takes it missionary style before letting him fuck her doggie and style again. They finish it up in missionary, where Mr. Pete plants his population pudding in Alexis' pussy.

It comes as no surprise that this is yet another great scene. Alexis has put out some very hot scenes for Chris Streams in the past, and his camera completely devours her body. Throw in some great chemistry and energy with Mr. Pete and a nicely done cream pie and you have a definite winner. I had high hopes for this scene going in, and it did not disappoint.

Scene 5 Chelsea Rae and Lee Stone

Chelsea starts out the penultimate scene in a hold bikini and belly chain showing off her great ass for Chris and his camera and oiling herself up a bit. She lies back on a couch before Lee walks in with a hard cock for her to suck, and takes it into her throat as well as giving him some nice eyes. Chelsea even lets him pick her up and flip her upside down for a standing sixty-nine before he lays her back down and starts fucking her missionary style. Chelsea gets up to ride Lee cowgirl style before sucking him clean and sliding her shitpussy over his shaft reverse cowgirl style. She sucks his cock clean before letting him spoon her ass and having on her side and letting him fuck it a bit more. Lee pops in her ass, but doesn't appear to have left enough in Chelsea's ass for her to push out.

This is the weakest scene in the movie for one reason, and that's a weak cream pie. I don't doubt that Lee popped, as there was just a little drop of cum appearing at the end of his cock as he stroked it after pulling out, but with how it looked I couldn't help but wonder if he really came or not. Up until that point, everything about this scene is just as good as the rest. The camera work is great, and I love Chelsea's tease to start out the scene. There's great chemistry between Chelsea and Lee, and she takes his oversized cock up her ass with ease turning it into a true thing of beauty. This could have been a great scene, but with the small pop it's just a very good one instead.

Scene 6 Rebeca Linares and Marco Banderas

Dark haired Rebeca starts out the final scene opening up a door and showing off a very nice smile as well as a hot body as soon as she gets inside. She sucks on a finger to tease Chris and shows off her pussy and ass as she continues the show on the foyer floor as well as on a couch. When Marco arrives wearing only a pair of jeans Rebeca greets him with a kiss and gropes her way around his cock before sucking it. Rebeca lets Marco fuck her doggie style, and then sucks him a bit more before riding him cowgirl style. She also gets in some reverse cowgirl for each of her holes before getting on all fours for Marco to fuck her ass doggie style. Rebeca lets Marco have a bit more oral action before having him spoon her ass, and sucks him clean again before he fucks her pussy missionary style and pops inside it. Marco squeezes out a little cum after pulling out, and then Rebeca gets down to help the rest flow out of her pussy and onto the floor.

This is another hot scene. Rebeca and Marco have great chemistry and put out some nice energy. There's also the same great eye from Chris behind the camera and a cream pie that gives you no reason to doubt it. That said, the editing does interfere with the scene a little as there's always a break to kill any thought of Rebeca taking a true ass to mouth in the scene. On a personal note, I was also a little disappointed that Rebeca didn't take an anal cream pie to finish out the movie. This is a hot scene, but the editing holds it back a notch compared to some of the earlier scenes.

Internal Cumbustion 12 is an amazing cream pie movie. That shouldn't be a surprise when one looks at the cast here, but so often when you get a cast this good your expectations go a bit too high for the movie to reach. I'll admit that I had very high expectations for this one, and as high as they got Chris Streams easily blew them away. In addition to his great eye behind the camera to capture the action, Streams has a cast here with no shortage of chemistry in any of the scenes. The action always moves along at a nice pace, and the cream pie is nicely captured and never gives even the hint of a thought that it might have been faked. I think Roxy's opening scene was my favorite scene here, but there really isn't a bad scene in the movie. Internal Cumbustion 12 is another great movie from the extremely reliable Chris Streams.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for the Zero Tolerance website, Fishnets 5, Ass Cleavage 8, Girlvana 2, Strip Tease then Fuck 8, Double Decker Sandwich 8, Cum Hungry Leave Full 2, Face Invaders, Grand Theft Anal 9, and Who's Your Daddy? 9. The photo gallery lasts about seven and a half minutes with about eight seconds per good looking snapshot. There's the ability to watch just strip teases from the movie and a cumshot recaps.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, cream pie (vaginal and anal), titty fucking, rimming (male > female), anal, and ass to mouth

Raincoat Factor: Borderline extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Zero Tolerance's releases can be found online for between about $16 and $25 with a few stores offering them near the low end. If you're a fan of cream pies, this one's going to be well worth the money. They all appear real and there's some very nice chemistry in each of the scenes. The technical aspects show some very nice care, but as usual with Zero Tolerance the DVD doesn't deliver all of the extras it claims. This is a hot movie on a DVD that could have used a touch more effort and a little more honesty.

Note to Zero Tolerance: It's now been a year and a half you've been lying to consumers on your covers. That's pretty sad when one considers how good your movies normally are and how well they should stand on their own.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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